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All Shard Scalis Hunt

By Drakelord, Jul 17, 2016 | |
  1. All Shard Scalis Hunt

    Our guide for tonight’s event was none other then the Legendary Petra [PAS]. The Lady Dezerai met the her at the Buck Den’s Bank. The Lady Petra was getting her nets from the bank vault and had high hopes of drawing the Scalis to the shore line where all could fight it.

    The Harbor Master Henry was ringing his bell, and at eight bells we knew it was time to begin. The Lady Petra step out to the edge of the dock and with a mighty heave tossed the first net to the deep dark waters just off the Buck Den Docks.

    Our first net, got us a Leviathan, three Deep Sea Serpents and a water Elemental. All were quickly taken care of by the skilled warriors, mages, bards and battle pets there.

    Our second net nab us Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer, quickly we all moved to the shore line being sure to lure this monster from the deep dark waters to the shore where all could reach him with attacks.
    This battle took a bit longer, as the Scalis is one hard monster to beat, that and the parasitic eels were a royal pain in the rear. A few of our brave group fell to them while battling the Scalis.

    Our luck with the nets was very good, out of all of the nets tossed we managed to pull Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer three times. Each battle was almost a carbon copy of the last. Each battle took almost 18 minutes, not counting the small fights with the Leviathan and its spawn.

    Dezerai: Petra did good tonight, she pulled more then we did during a PAS event

    As for Drops we know at least two of the people there did get Bracers as a drop during the battles, Congrats to them for a job well done tonight!

    Lucifer Daystar: bracers
    Clym of Clough: my 3rd pair
    I am not sure if any others got drops as all did not remain once we finished with the last net for the evening. The Lady Petra says that she will be doing this again next month and that it will be open to the entire shard, date and time will be posted at Sonoma Stratics.

    Thanks to all that came, and I hope we see you next time folks!

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