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Annual Spring Bunny Bash

By Drakelord, Apr 18, 2017 | |

    Yesterday on the isle of Moonglow the Sonoma Community Coalition along with Eggstra special Friends held their Annual Spring Bunny Bash event at the cotton fields here on Moonglow. In attendance along with all the other guests were Queen Mum, Cinderella, Clym of Clough and Dezerai, half of the Governor’s council.
    BunnyBash_04_16_17 (1).jpg
    Along with all the rest that were there to bash bunnies you could not have had a better turn out unless the rest of the council and the King were presented. I know the invitations were sent out to all, maybe lost in the woods or ambushed by brigands, or far too busy with the affairs of state?
    Bunny bash party.jpg
    Still, it was a lot of fun, the posters for the event said to come with a nearly empty pack to haul off the loot err prizes. As we bashed the bunnies (after planting the green thorns) Queen Mum and others would be stealthing around dropping sweet goodies, across the fields, bless deeds filled, old checks, bags of armor, and jelly beans!!!
    Bunny bash party1.jpg
    Loot off the Bunnies was not to bad either, Dezerai managed to get three sets of color eggs, all different colors. For those that could not make it, there is always next year. But you can also have your on Bunny bash party with green thorns, I hear they had a lot of extra thorns, I think I will see if I can get a few extra for me.
    Bunny bash party2.jpg
    See you next time!​

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