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Antimatter And The Portal 1-26-17

By Drakelord, Jan 28, 2017 | |
  1. Antimatter and the Portal

    The town criers had shouted the news. The RBG was to meet the Commander this evening. A Plan of Battle was in the wind. Being sure to arrive early I awaited the arrival of our Commander.
    1-26-17 EM Event.jpg
    Commander Chimaera: *nods head* Good evening. I'm happy to see such a large turnout of the Royal Britannia Guard. As tonight, we embark on what I hope to be the final battle of chaos... created by the nefarious alchemists.
    1-26-17 EM Event1.jpg 1-26-17 EM Event2.jpg
    As you can see, antiparticles have spread across Britannia. It feeds off our energy, and therefore, collects in areas we congregate most, towns, moongates, here. And there have been sightings of this element becoming hostile. A citizen of Vesper was absorbed completely by the antiparticles. And many citizens of Moonglow and Luna have reported similar accounts.
    Gasps of shock could be heard from those presented when learning of this news.

    Commander Chimaera: *nods* I'm not sure if they are gone forever. Before I speak further, do any of you have information on this matter? No pun intended. smiles

    A voice from the guard asked about Moonglow, the portal, and the Dark Town.

    Commander Chimaera: The hole in Moonglow? Ahh, yes, to the dark town. I was able to summon a portal for a limited time to access this void. Though it must be linked to the alchemical rift created by alchemists. Was anyone able to communicate with the citizens? I was unable to communicate with any of its inhabitants, myself.

    Several shouts of “no”

    Commander Chimaera: *nods* We will investigate that further... But now the gate seems to be closed. We need to find a way to reopen it, as it must hold the secret on how to defeat this force.
    Any suggestions?

    Someone shouted, “The Void Dragon?”

    Commander Chimaera: Ahh the Void Dragon! Yes! Though, we have been unable to communicate with him, as well. Any further. Should we make one last attempt? It could be our last option... *nods* Alright troops are we armed and ready for battle. Let's try to communicate with the dragon. Onward! I'll open a moongate.

    We enter the gate arriving at the last known location of the Void Dragon only to see he was missing and Antiparticle were in mass all around the area. Almost as if they were trying to stop us from seeking the Dragon.
    A battle was fought, and it was not until the last of the antiparticles fell that we found the dragon, or he found us.

    Commander Chimaera: The antiparticles must have driven him away. Wait Do you hear that? Something is coming!

    The Void Dragon: I had to flee. I was banished from the darkness. And I have no power over the darkness in your realm. You need access to the dark realm? It feeds off elemental worlds the darkness... but I can take you there. But it is surrounded by antimatter. You’ll need to clear the area first before I can approach the portal. Go to the rift with the portal to darkness. Destroy the antimatter. I will follow. Be careful, friends!
    1-26-17 EM Event3.jpg
    It was a hard fight at the gates of Moonglow. Then to the Governor Office where the Portal had been we met more of the Antiparticles.

    The Void Dragon: Thank you, friends! Is it all destroyed? I will open the rift Before I do I must warn you all The darkness... Don't let it consume you!

    With those words, a rift was made and all started to enter it, I turn to give the Void Dragon one last look, a look of concern met my stare, and with a nod to it I turned to follow the rest of the RBG into the rift and Dark Town once more.

    Within the Dark town, we met what can only be called “the Darkness”.
    1-26-17 EM Event4.jpg
    The Darkness: You are not welcome here! Why have you come? What is it that you seek?

    Several there shouted answers at this Darkness.

    The Darkness: You want to defeat the antimatter? Even if you destroy it, the rift will remain open. You would need to close the rift on the other side. Otherwise, your dimension will have the same fate as all the others. It will be absorbed by the darkness completely. But I'll make you a deal. You let the darkness in. Into your soul, your being. If you do that you stand a fighting chance of beating what you call antimatter. Agreed?

    Here is where we took a fork in the road. Some agreed, but some did not. Other questioned why about letting the darkness into our souls. But the Darkness was not one to listen as he had the ONE answer he wanted, and for several minutes we had one fight after another with copies of the Darkness;

    The Darkness: All right then. As you wish. Let the darkness in! *The Darkness looks ill.*
    I can grant life, and I can sap it as easily. I can grant life, and I can sap it as easily. You'll go nowhere, unless I deem it should be so. *The Darkness looks ill.* *The Darkness looks ill.*
    Don't run from me. Let me in You'll go nowhere, unless I deem it should be so.
    I can grant life, and I can sap it as easily. You'll go nowhere, unless I deem it should be so.
    You'll go nowhere, unless I deem it should be so. You'll go nowhere, unless I deem it should be so. Your power is mine to use as I will. I can grant life, and I can sap it as easily. My end of the agreement!

    With those words “The Darkness” was gone. The RBG had had one hard fight, warriors, mages pets had fallen in this battle, it took several minutes of resing, regrouping to get all back to Serpent’s Hold war room.
    Tonight Drop: I am not sure of the number on the drop. I was one of those that had fallen in the final battle, only to be tossed from that Dark Town dungeon to an Inn out in the country side of Malas, in Ghost. With no healers anywhere around I remember our commander’s words. If you need help ask. I asked and was telelported back to SH where I was able to get a resing, a gate back to Dark Town and my body. Once it was found I sought the whereabouts of my Dragon, he had died as well and was able to res him quickly. I stayed in Dark Town helping others to retrive Bodies for several minutes before returning to SH War Room. There I saw the Drop for tonight events. I am not sure if there is a special sound or not from it. Others will have to answer that one.
    1-26-17 EM Event5 the drop.jpg
    Thus ends this report.

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