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Ants And Friends

Shuddering, I looked at the blood and ooze staining my best party outfit. I had so looked forward the spring festival...food, wine, friends, and...
By Tamais, Apr 28, 2017 | |
  1. Reviewing my report for Yew, I noticed the King had become silent. Looking up I saw he was studing some bandages sitting on the table.

    "Was someone hurt?" King Blackthorn asked.

    Looking at each other, we shook our heads no. "Are they from the lost guard?" I suggested.

    The King picked one up. "That guard was under a sleeping spell. It seems the spell is akin to our own sleeping spell cast with mystic abilities."

    "Hum, then not his." So that is why we didn't find him in the graveyard, I thought.

    "I am having meetings with the pixies regarding a faster cure."" he added.

    I smiled. Perhaps spring was bringing quiet to the lands.

    Pleased, the King granted governorships to Lady E. Coli Minoc and Lady Minnie Tamer for Moonglow. Then dismissed us.

    Our new Governors.jpg

    I had begun reading the stack of reports on my desk when a messenger pigeon landed on them.

    Excited, I read the note from Harriet the Hag.

    You are invited to a party to celebrate spring. Met me at the Malas fairgrounds this Saturday. There will be food, drink, and an important announcement.

    Finally the day arrived, I hurried to the fairgrounds and found a goodly number of people already there.

    The fairground was decorated with spring flowers. Brightly colored bunnies and frogs were hopping around.


    To my horror, people began to attack and kill the poor little animals. I couldn't help but think. This is why we can't have nice things.



    One poor bunny ran over and hid behind me. Patting it, I handed it a carrot. Nervously it ate the carrot, then dug a tunnel.

    Harriet the Hag arrived in time to see another poor rabbit stumbling around in confusion and pain. "Oh my, wildfire? Against a bunny?

    Shaking his head, Firewalker joined us. "I think they all went crazy."

    "Wonderful." Harriet sighed. "I think everyone is here. I put food and drink at the picnic area, cake and wine. Lets all meet up there."

    "Rabbit stew and frog legs for dinner tonight." Zippy Bubblelips laughed.

    Waiting for people ,Harriet The Hag sampled a bottle of the spring wine I handed her . *hic* "Please come we have cake and cheese!!!" *hic*

    Arriving at the picnic area, Harriet jumped up on one of the tables careful not to break the bottles of wine. "Gather round friends I have some announcements."

    Trying to listen, I has candy frowned. "So noisy."

    Harriet The Hag sighed, "Listen to me friends! I have news from your King!"

    Slowly people gathered around. But seeing bunnies hiding in the tent, the killing began once more.

    I tried to grab the cake before it was knocked of the table.

    "Poor bunnies! Poor Horsies....Poor Cake!" I has candy shouted. "Brutes! The lot of em!"

    Harriet the Hag nodded. "The need to kill is strong in these people. It is a good thing."

    "Yes, killing is GREAT! Starlynn cheered, joining the bunny bashing.

    "Perhaps that energy could come in handy?" I has candy suggested.

    The last bunny dead, people finally gathered around


    "Please help yourself to beer and wine." Harriet the Hag encourage people before beginning.

    "I have had a meeting with your King to thank him for all you have done for me. I asked him...what could I do to replay such a large debt for you saved my very life."
    "It didn't take him long. " Smiling Harriet paused. "He offered me a job."

    At the silence, Harriet looked around worried. "I would be the one to meeting with you should the need arise. She stopped as a bunny hopped by.​


    Sighing I watched as once more Harriet was interrupted. Harriet, a liaison with the King. I wondered what what her duties would be.

    "I hope you all are glad to the idea. " Harriet said hopefully, "I would be spending time with you and reporting to both you all as citizens and His Highness on important matters."
    I looked around to see how people were reacting. I noticed I has candy giving her the stink eye. Others were talking in whispers and nodding. A few stood indifferent.

    Nervously Harriet continued. "He thought a royal guard would be well and good for the task, but thought perhaps not only them. Will you heed when I make a call on behalf of the King?"

    The silence was broken as people cheered and shouted they would. I added my voice to theirs. "I will come!"

    Relieve that we would accept her, Harriet jumped down. "Also I would like to invite you all to eat. Enjoy the food here...certainly delicious. And the ale is going down quite well."

    Picking up cheese to go with my ale, I had sat down when movement caught my eye, flammable goo filled the air! Picnic pests were invading the area...Giant ants.




    After a fierce battle, it seemed we had killed all of them. We rejoined Harriet at the tables.

    "Especially the wine!" Harriet added.

    Moogle pointed to me. "It's all Tamais's fault."

    I hid my plum wine keg. How was I to know ants loved it as much as I did.

    "There is another!" Shuddering, Harriet pointed. "Unpleasant beasts."



    "Mayhaps it is good the force was here after all. Hopefully they are gone."
    Harriet The Hag hopped on the table. "So as I was saying, I will be the go-between. To see how it goes, next week I have an important mission....eeek!!!"

    Harriet stopped... running to a wagon as the Queen Pest attacked.



    "Hopefully our last interruption!?" Harriet looked around for more ants. "Let's work our way to the reward hall. It may be safer there.

    At the hall, I was pleased to see stuffy blue welds had been placed in a circle around the front. I smiled.

    Harriet the Hag smiled. "The winner of the the March fishing contest...was..."

    "Drum roll please." FireWalker shouted.

    Harriet laughed. "The winner was DaMonk! He turned in a 186 stone Yellowtail!!"

    "Wow! that is huge." I exclaimed.

    Claps and cheers filled the air.

    Harriet held up her hand for our attention. "The next question I have is for our obstacle course. Lets us go take a look."

    Ah, I thought. The Golden Monks, perhaps the King has found a way to bring them back.

    "Too many have fallen to their deaths." Harriet looked sadly at the maze.

    "People kept killing them." I muttered.

    "I wonder if perhaps there are invulnerable Monks that would work better?" Harriet asked.

    "Give um better weapons," Adeliele suggested.

    Harriet the Hag nodded. What do you think?"

    "That could work," I agreed. "That way they get paid more and won't quit."

    Harriet shrugged, "Apparently death is a big deal to them!"

    Adeliele laughed.

    Harriet The Hag moved closer to the swamp water. "Also this swamp water has gotten pretty nasty. The gasses down here..."

    Harriet was watching Jack who had fallen in the swamp water. The water was beginning to bubble "What is happening?

    Holding my nose against the smell, I moved closer. I soon wish I hadn't...a horrible Primordial Ooze arose from the water...OooO.

    People ran hoping for a better place to stand and fight.




    The battle ended on the checker board. The beast dying on the last cake.

    "So," Harriet the Hag sighed. "As I was saying... next week we have a challenge. Usually I have to tell you pixie business is pixie business.

    There is a clan of Pixies that have convinced the King that our presence is needed in Ilshenar." She looked at the wraiths. "I am not sure what to say other than watch your karma next week."

    "Ack, I better hit Deamons," StinkyPinkyII laughed.​

    Harriet frowned at him. "These pixies do not play around. If they don't like you, they will let you know.
    And right now, from what I can gather... they don't even like each other."

    I looked at her surprised. "That doesn't sound like pixes...strange."

    She nodded. "I have created a spell to give you and idea of what it will be like next week. Do you want to see?

    "Yes!" Zippy Bubblelips, Moogle, and Ronan shouted.

    "Please," Sphinkter added.

    "Or shall we just drink and eat cake?" Harriet winked.

    "Spell." Ronan told her. "Then cake."

    "Share?" Silvara Stone asked.

    "Lets go." River urged.

    Sphinkter joined in. "Magic spell."

    Me, I moved back. I never trust the King's people when it comes to magic spells.

    "Alright," harriet began to concentrate. "Let me see what happens when I call this spell."


    Now this is a great spell I thought... No death. Others were also smiling .

    "I am impressed." commented FireWalker.

    Harriet the Hag woke , "Oh dear...did it not work?"

    "Unicorns are good." I told her with a smile.

    Sphinkter added. "they taste like chicken.

    "May haps I am too old." Tired Harriet stood up. "My spells are...ragged. Wait here."

    As she turned to leave, one vision unicorn shimmered... turning into a very solid angry Tainted Horn. Summoning mimics, it attacked.



    Killing a mimic , I knew I was right not to trust strange people and their spells.​

    The last nasty mimic dead, we rejoined Harriet.

    "Please meet me at the hall in Britain next week. We have to find out what is happening."
    Harriet seemed shook by what her spell had done. "The King will know what to do."

    "Sure he will," I muttered. "Send us to our deaths."​


    "Primordial Ooze??? and Mimics? In the mean time please enjoy what is left of the food." Harriet winked. "Good evening friends, until next time. " With a wave, she was gone.

    Hurrying to the picnic table, I grabbed a few bottles of wine and ale. Returning home, I pour a mug of ale and watched the door for ants.

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