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Arrr....there Be Pirates!

Pirates, RBG, and a new commander...oh my! The RBG is in for some changes with a new commander in charge!
  1. There was a sense of anticipation in the air as the Royal Britannian Guard and concerned citizens assembled. The King himself was to be in attendance with an announcement that was sure to be worthy of his presence.

    Ozog the Goblin, AKA the self-proclaimed General Ozog, called the troops to order and tried his best to line them up. It wasn't long before the King appeared and addressed the crowd. His announcement was worth the wait, the RBG finally had a new commander. He wasn't much to look at, but Commander Tyr Folkvar had a confident, no-nonsense air about him.


    Commander Folkvar quickly introduced himself and assured his followers that even though there would be some change, it would not be significant. He went on to discuss his goals for the upcoming months, with a lot of emphasis on reigning in some areas that have been supposedly over-run with a possible pirate presence.

    Commander Folkvar was quick to act and advised his troops of tonight's mission, a scouting mission of Jhelom. He led his guard out of the meeting hall into an open moongate. Quickly his troops entered and came out near the Jhelom Moongate. He advised everyone to try and blend in as they were about to infiltrate a possible pirate nest.

    After a quick lap around the main island of Jhelom, there was not much to be seen. A brief discussion was held and it was decided to scout the island to the North. Rumors in town led him to believe that there was a possible ship moored off the island and was currently unloading ore, granite, and other goods on the North-East end of the island.

    The ship was quickly found and Captain Reann was approached.

    captain reann.jpg

    She quickly saw through the thin disguise and ordered her pirates to attack. The RBG made quick work of them and questioned a possible victim that was shanghai'd and forced to work on the crew. He spoke of a camp near Destard and died shortly after.

    Travelling full throttle, the RBG headed to Destard and quickly found the encampment. Percy the lookout seemed to be sleeping on the job and Commander Folkvar ordered the RBG to break down the barricade and enter the encampment. A battle quickly ensued in which the RBG was once again triumphant.


    After assessing the battle and conversing with the citizens of Cove who had been freed from slavery to the pirates, Commander Folkvar ordered reinforcements for Cove and will request extra troops and supplied from the major cities. The RBG was then dismissed for some much needed rest and relaxation.

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