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Attack Of Holiday Spirits

I was surprised when Peter Rabbit ran into the hall. He was clearly upset. After asking for carrots, he finally told us of a strange,,mean...
By Tamais, Jan 15, 2016 | |
  1. A small group: Lady Angel, BalzDeep, Brigid, Lady Calley, Grea, Havoc, Hydra Shock, Jackie Coaster, Skadi, Lord Toto,Zippy Bubblelips and I had gathered in the hall to discuss the Weld War. When out of the side of my eye, I saw a movement. Turning, I saw an out of breath, Peter Rabbit.


    "It's...terrible...All the carrots are sold out!" He shouted.

    "What?" I asked in shock? Why would any one buy all the carrorts? Did you check all the farms?"

    Peter Rabbit sniffed the air...not smelling carrots his ears drooped.

    We looked around at each other. "Any one have carrots?" Hydra Shock asked?

    "I think I do at home." I replied. "Peter shall I get them for you?"

    He shook his head no. "Actually that isn't the problem. I was just hungry." "Then what is the problem? I asked impatiently.


    He hopped closer, "There is a mean rabbit trying to destroy our lovely New Year's Homes."

    I frowned. "New Year's Homes? Show us where that rabbit is and we will stop him."

    Peter jumped up and down. "I knew you would help, I just knew it."
    Peter began to scratch his ear. "I tried to stop him, but he just laughed and told me the season is on his side."

    "Hum, I wonder what he meant." I said concerned. "Show us where you saw him last."

    Peter shivered...looking around, he whispered " He was at the chamber with all the virtues. Its in the east."

    Nodding, Lady Angel told us "I know where that is...come along Peter."

    "Noooo, I don't want to go back there. That mean rabbit threatened to bite off my lovely fluffy tail." Peter protested and hid behind me.

    I gently picked him up. "Peter, you know you are safe with us." I put him down at the door. "Come on along now.

    Arriving Peter took one sniff of the air...ears standing up...quickly burrowed into the ground.

    At first, we couldn't find the other rabbit. Then he popped up out of the ground.


    Studing him, he seemed familar. "What houses? And who are you?" I asked.

    The bunny began preening . "I'm the Good Luck Bunny. You can tell since I'm made of gold.

    Not sure what Gingerbread things he wanted, Skadi suggested gingerbread cookies."

    The bunny looked at him and stamped his foot. "How can you live in a cookie."

    "Ah, a gingerbread house?" BalzDep suggested.

    The bunny hopped over to BalzDep, "Yes, thats them...where are they?"

    Frowning, I remembering how scared Peter Rabbit was. "Why do you want to see them?" I demanded!


    The Bunny sniffed the air. "This way....ahhh" he began to sneeze...gold dust filling the air. "I should have covered my face. Then put on the dust." he said to himself. He began hopping down the road again.

    We followed closely. There was something strange about that bunny. Suddenly he stopped and yelled at us! "Stop following me, you are too noisy! "

    Skadi shook his head no. "We are only trying to protect you."

    The Bunny tilted his head. "Protect me? No, maybe you are wanting some of my holiday spirit." He stood up, "I'll sing you my special holiday song."


    Shivering, I knew that the song could only mean one thing...trouble. I prepared to cast spells. Others had the same idea. We were ready when Holiday Spirits skeletons appeared.





    Rubbing his paws together, the bunny cheered on the Holiday Spirits. "Kill them, Holiday Spirits... my favorite time of year." He turned and hopped off. "Now they can't follow me.

    We quickly dealt with his Holiday Spirits. Then looked around to find him,

    Jackie Coaster started laughing. "He has left a golden path for us."

    Following the path we quickly caught up to him. A fit of sneezing had stopped him.


    A light rain began to fall washing the gold off. "Nooo, I should have used paint. Now I'm going to have to hurry." he hopped off as fast as he could through the forest.

    Close behind him, we entered a large glade. To our surprised there was a wonderous village made of gingerbread houses.


    The Good Luck bunny hopped over to the village before noticing we had followed.

    "You wanted to hear me sing again?" the Good Luck Bunny stood up to begin.

    Lady Havoc laughed. "No we have had enough of your singing."​

    "What I sing wonderfully...since you don't appreciate it, enjoy more Holiday Spirits,"





    Between casting summons and heals, I watch the Good Luck Rabbit. He was running around the village placing strange candy cane sugar rods and compact chocolate cocoa mix. laughing to himself.




    The Good Luck Bunny stamped his feet in frustration. "The village should have teleported away. I'm sure my design is correct." He hopped from object to object mubbling while he counted them. "Didn't I use enough power modules?" he stopped rubbing his ear. "Oh! of course tigger switches, how could I forget." With them placed, he moved away from the village. I did it right this time....bye bye New Year village.

    Unable to stop him, all we could do was watch.


    Nothing happened. Brigid giggled. "Where are the fire works? We always have fireworks for the New Year."

    His gold glitter washed away, theTraversis Rabbit glared at her.


    "Wait this isn't my power rod...not even my bag." he glared at us. "Who took my bag!"

    Lady Calley winked at him. "Now why would we do that."


    The rabbit began pointing at each of us. "I paid a lot for those. Do you know how long it took to find phase conversion stones. How many teleporters I had to break?"

    "No, but I'm sure you will tell us, " Zippy Bubblelips replied grinning.








    "Might as well give up." Lord Toto said to The Traversis Rabbit. "Again we have defeated your Holiday Spirit."

    Lady Grea began laughing. "No Holiday Spirit for you this year pesky rabbit." We all began to laugh with her.

    "Stop laughing you fools. This is all your fault....I'll be back...just you wait!" The Traversis Rabbit began running from one pile of cocoa to another.


    While we watched he dug a hole,still sneezing from the cocoa dust. Jumping in, he turned and looked at us. "You haven't seen the last of me!" sneezing again he fled down his rabbit hole.

    After clearing the village and most of the forest of the last Holiday Spirits, we returned to the village. Besides the new chocolate and candy cane additions, the village looked undamaged.

    "You did it! Oh thank-you, thank-you." said a small rabbit voice. Peter Rabbit hopped out from behind one of the houses. "Now we can have our party."
    Peter Rabbit clapped his paws in joy. "Please come to our party....lots of games with prizes."

    With nods from the others, I smiled at Peter. "Of course we would love to come. When is it?"

    "It will be Saturday, February the 13th. I'll meet you at the hall and take you to the party." Peter Rabbit was hopping in excitement. "Good bye until then, I really must find carrots for supper." Then he jumped in his rabbit hole and was gone.

    The walk back to the hall was full of excited discussion of the party to come. "Has anyone been to one of Peter's Parties? I asked. Everyone told me no. "Then it is sure to be full of surprises."

    "Just hope Peter leaves the Holiday Spirits behind." BalzDeep laughed.

    Back at home, I wondered what kind of games do rabbits have? Who can dig the fastest? Perhaps a race? Too bad I had to wait. Saturday, January the 16th seemed so far away.

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