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Attention, Warning Order Citizens Of Sosaria

By Drakelord, Nov 16, 2016 | |
  1. Attention, Warning Order Citizens of Sosaria

    Citizens of Sosaria danger walks across our lands this day. Scout reports there are four evil monsters of Alchemical Energy in four of our cities. Dezerai (Moonglow;s Governor) found the first while looking into the situation of there being no guards to handle the Moonglow pest, the nasty evil Mongbat. While searching for her city guards she came across this creature sitting on the lawn near the docks. Any attempts to move it are ignored but one can feel the energy that this monster gives off and Governor Dezerai has put out a travel adviser for all crafters to avoid the city till this monster can be moved or destroyed.

    Other scouts report that came in that there are a total of four of these monsters, Each are location is cities where normal people of the land attend for the banking and crafting needs. So all Citizens must be prepared to run if you see any such creature near you.

    As for whom is responsible for this, all we can say is the reports from the Governor's meeting of an alchemist named Tomas may be the one that is doing this. Be on the lookout for this person. There will be a meeting of the RBG in Serpent's Hold this evening, (7pm PT). Since all four locations are within guard zones there cannot be any use of Summons, tamers bring your pets, archers you best bows, Warriors sharper thy blades and check your bandaids, mages be prepared to heal and res.

    Again all Citizens of the land are advised to avoid these locations, let the Royal Guard handle this, do not try to be the hero. Tailors, Smiths, all other crafters are to stay away from these locations this evening.

    Signed this Day
    Dezerai, Governor of Moonglow

    Image2.jpg Image4.jpg Image6.jpg Image8.jpg Image10.jpg Image12.jpg Image14.jpg Image16.jpg Image18.jpg Image20.jpg Image22.jpg

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