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Blackness, Town Hall, Dungeon Crawl, New Dungeon, New Questions

By Drakelord, Jan 21, 2017 | |
  1. Blackness, Town Hall, Dungeon Crawl, New Dungeon, New Questions

    It was a new day in the lands of Sonoma. What started as a nice day turns into one of discombobulating when citizens of the land found areas of blackness at key locations within the cities. The largest of these was sitting right outside the Governor Office on Moonglow.
    Gov Dezerai surveys.jpg Gov Dezerai surveys1.jpg
    Governor Dezerai Surveys the area.

    Later was the Town Hall Meeting at the Hall of Commons, location is near the Brit Moongate. Citizens were invited to attend. A few of our Governors were in attendance during this meeting with our EM. As people arrived Governor Dezerai notice and remarks; Dezerai: really need a stable master here at the Hall of Commons, protect the weaker pets.
    EM Chimaera: I'll put one in. Remind me if it's not there by next week.

    As more people arrived, Van Horn: Hello all, what is this place? Dezerai: the Hall of Commons. Van Horn: meeting here for the event? Dezerai: Our meeting place this evening for the Town hall. Van Horn: OK cool :)
    Town Hall meeting.jpg
    EM Chimaera starts the meeting.

    EM Chimaera: Hello friends
    Kara: hi
    EM Chimaera: How is everyone, this evening? Moxxi, I want to apologize for the crawl on Wednesday. The monsters were too powerful
    Moxxi: oh you mean where I almost lost everything on me?
    EM Chimaera: but there were only 4 people, so the mobs overtook players very quickly
    Kara: lol
    EM Chimaera: Even 4 on 1 was tough at times. Tonight is a bit more tame.
    Dezerai: oh? where tonight?
    EM Chimaera: It's cold and been raining all day, so I decided to go with a cold theme, Ice dungeon.
    Dezerai: Always a good place to die, be sure to wear your long johns
    EM Chimaera: Also, I have a special secret after the crawl. I'll discuss it a bit later.
    Moxxi: someone is going to have to share that secret with me!
    EM Chimaera: I have two things on my agenda, then we can discuss whatever you'd like. First: the RBG, If you haven't yet heard, I've reinstated it
    Moxxi: w00t w00t
    Dezerai: *nods*
    EM Chimaera: If you have a lantern from Willow's system that you'd like modified I can do that, this evening, or after the next event. I will be tweaking the monthly point system a bit. Both dungeons crawls towards gaining marks. I want this to count for two points, as well, but...
    its not RP... at all. But I want to give Sonoma players a bit of an advantage.
    Dezerai: *nods*
    EM Chimaera: The max number of marks you can gain per month is still 15
    Clym of Clough: so getting max should be a cakewalk
    EM Chimaera: but with added mini events and this, you could miss a full event and still hit the cap
    Clym of Clough: and without submitting a book, hot dang for that!!
    EM Chimaera: Also, I'll be taking advice from the GL EMs. I'll place a book with recorded names. It will confirm you were at the event. So books will be locked down with names if your name is missing. I'll double check my screen shots and journal. If I don’t find you, I'll give a pass once. if its a theme of me not seeing you... make a better effort to show yourself :)
    Also... this doesn't apply to any of you. But players that show up to events at the very end to fight the boss won’t be counted.
    I know things come up and people are late. But I'm pretty organized and will spot a trend.
    Dezerai: so no points for them unless they been there from the beginning
    EM Chimaera: I have decided that the ceremony items will remain shard bound, Mesanna agreed, Just the lanterns, not the normal drops.
    Clym of Clough: I tell ya what, I'm likin' you more all the time Chimaera, you doing' good in my opinion
    Kara: will we get spell channeling on lanterns?
    Moxxi: *nods*
    You must be in stealth mode to use this ability.
    Clym of Clough: Thank you for helping our residents
    Dezerai: I agree with Governor Clym
    EM Chimaera: That I haven't asked yet. I'll let you know about spell channeling when it gets closer to the ceremony. But, as of now, I've been taking 10-15 screen shots thought the events
    with all names and I compare that to my journal. It doesn’t take that much time now. I have a spreadsheet with most names so far. maybe takes 10 minutes to add in names. If it gets to be too much, we can reevaluate.
    EM Chimaera: If you know the names of any missing items, let me know
    Moxxi: cat nip!
    EM Chimaera: or screen shots
    Moxxi: cat nip was just a renamed black pearl reg we also had cat pillow and the multi-colored painting
    EM Chimaera: If you can email me a list
    Moxxi: for when the doors were locked only way to leave the building click the painting
    EM Chimaera: I'll try to recreate it
    Dezerai: aye I remember that now
    Moxxi: Mesanna herself placed that
    EM Chimaera: That sounds like something Mesanna would have to place
    Moxxi: a few em sashes from past em's and visiting ems
    EM Chimaera: I don't have the power to create that
    Clym of Clough: Perhaps she would do it again?
    EM Chimaera: I do have all the sashes
    Dezerai: oh you do??
    Moxxi: renamed gift boxes
    EM Chimaera: They were left in my house
    Dezerai: ahhh
    Clym of Clough: that's great
    EM Chimaera: after I took it over from Willow
    Moxxi: I petition we remove the willow parrot from Luna!
    Dezerai: aye
    EM Chimaera: Where is it?
    Moxxi: tailor shop
    EM Chimaera: Can it just be a Chim parrot?
    Dezerai: aye
    Moxxi: yes :)
    Cinderella: yes
    Blood Rayne: NO!!
    EM Chimaera: lol
    Blood Rayne: lol
    Moxxi: and I’m throwing this out there now.. awesome deco you’ve done for the live event right now! I love all the towns
    EM Chimaera: Thank you, I like to deco
    Dezerai: yes indeed that some nasty looking stuff I was scared to touch it
    EM Chimaera: It will run through May
    Blood Rayne: all is dark around here
    Dezerai: wow?
    EM Chimaera: Alchemy event has... 6 more episodes
    Moxxi: sweet
    EM Chimaera: We will be doing a few Doom dungeon crawls once the patch is in
    Moxxi: yes!
    Cinderella: *claps*
    Dezerai: ooo NICE
    Moxxi: will we be crossing the river in doom?
    EM Chimaera: oh no... we are going to collect daemon bones.
    Be sure to email Mesanna folks, we got ourself one hell of an EM, and she trained him, so be sure to tell her. I know I will.
    Tour before the Crawl.jpg Tour before the Crawl1.jpg Tour before the Crawl2.jpg Tour before the Crawl3.jpg
    Tour at Moxxi:

    During the meeting Moxxi ask about armor set that were never completed by previous Ems. A quick tour was suggestion.
    Dezerai: I love the idea of the singing ball and the time gate. thank you for the tour
    EM Chimaera: Thanks for showing this to me Moxxi.
    Dungeon Crawl Cat.jpg Dungeon Crawl Cat1.jpg Dungeon Crawl Vixen.jpg Dungeon Crawl Vixen1.jpg
    Dungeon Crawl, Ice Dungeon: Cat Musique/Vixen:

    Commander Chimaera: *nods* It seems... that every now and then, a powerful being has taken over a dungeon. Two days ago, it was an evil demonic pair. Tonight, It's a very old and powerful white wyrm has decided the Ice Dungeon is hers. Be prepared for a cold adventure, I hope you dressed warmly. And after the dungeon crawl. Please stick around.

    I was not presented for the Crawl two nights ago, and I understand from the Town Hall it was somewhat one-sided but tonight crawl was a bit better as the RBG did far better with this evenings event. I had started with Cat (The Bard) but soon found that the monsters in the Dungeon could not be disco or provo even when using magical musical instruments. So I changed to Vixen an Archer/Mage for the rest of the event.

    Once we had dropped the White Wyrm, Commander Chimaera had a few more words with us concerning the darkness and a secret to reveal.

    Commander Chimaera: I have one more matter to address. Next Thursday, we will attempt to destroy this antimatter. That is a plague on our lands. But I have something to reveal.

    A quick trip to Moonglow;

    I've found a way to enter... the darkness. I can not communicate with it. I haven't found a way... The Void dragon may be of assistance. But... I wanted to show you what we are likely dealing with to prepare you for Thursday.
    Exploring New outside entance.jpg Exploring New.jpg Exploring New1.jpg Exploring New2.jpg Exploring New3.jpg
    A new dungeon and questions:

    We all at first had a problem with getting in but found that once you knew where to step you could enter this blackness. Go to Moonglow, look for the opening center of a huge area of blackness next to the Governor’s Office, explore it, seek clues and report all you can to the Commander at our next meeting.

    Thus ends this report:

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