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Bloodstone Ship Found Adrift

By Drakelord, Feb 24, 2016 | |
  1. Bloodstone Ship found adrift
    off the shores of Trinsic.

    2-24-16-DL (1).jpg

    As reported last week, the body of the missing healer know as Bloodstone had been found washed ashore near the Trinsic Library and the Warriors guild. His body had come ashore far quicker then the ship. After sighting the ship within the waters near the location where the body was found, the Royal Guard had been summon to investigate the area for clues for the whereabouts of the Imposter Bloodstone.

    2-24-16-DL (2).jpg 2-24-16-DL (3).jpg

    While searching the ship and shore area, the Royal Guard came under attack by unknown forces aboard the ship, forces on the shore were also attacked. It was found that these forces were from the Orc pirates that had attacked the ship killing the Healer Bloodstone. The Royal Guard as well as the City Militia was able to repeal these so called pirates from the shores of Trinsic.

    2-24-16-DL (4).jpg

    2-24-16-DL (5).jpg 2-24-16-DL (6).jpg 2-24-16-DL (7).jpg

    The Imposter Bloodstone is still at large, and the kingdom may see more of the Orc pirates as they were promised a huge payment to murder The Healer Bloodstone by the fake one. All citizens are urge to be careful of any strangers in town and to alert the Guards if any are seen.

    2-24-16-DL (8).jpg
    Note: There was a drop of 15 on tonight event.
    Thus ends this report

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