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Body Found 2-18-16

By Drakelord, Feb 18, 2016 | |
  1. Body Found 2-18-16

    A body was found washed ashore near the Trinsic Library and the Warriors guild. Coors are 94‘ 55“S 49‘ 25“E. It is believed that it is the missing Bloodstone. There was no clothes or belongings found with the body. Strongly suggest that the Imposter Bloodstone is responsible for this death and all should consider the Imposter to be very dangerous.

    Image2.jpg Image3.jpg
    The Royal Guard is requested to watch for this Imposter Bloodstone, see our previous report concern this subject still at large within our kingdom. As stated within that report the Royal Guard was sent by HRM to meet and escort the Healer Bloodstone to Blackthorn Castle, however the Guard was sidetrack by said Bloodstone for a mission to Ilshenar for the unicorn horn of the Mystical beast named Mattasse.

    Thus ends this report

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