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Boreas Tenebrae Carthax Moriens

By Drakelord, Sep 21, 2018 | |
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  1. There are no spoilers here, just the facts ladies and gents.

    Brit - Boreas
    Yew: Tenebrae
    glow: carthax
    Vesper: moriens

    How did they do it? Caesar Cipher - Shift Cipher - Decoder, Encoder, Solver, Translator.

    Skills needed for this (ZERO) Inscription, Forensic Evaluation, Detecting Hidden, Spirit Speak.

    Special thanks to Dara and so many others for leading the way. I salute you all
    step one.jpg the quest.jpg
    Now What to do and how to to do it, seek your town cryer, the one in the Brit Common area is the best for this mission!
    Once you have taken the quest seek out Jasper over in East Brit area, right across from the banking area there. Office hours are 24/7.
    Grave Digger Brit GY.jpg Boreas.jpg skills used.jpg
    Now he is going to send you to the Brit GY. There you will see the grave digger, a wealth of information this boy is. Be sure to use Forensic on the (and all others GYs as well) damaged headstone

    Be sure to have your skills ready thru out the quest. Follow the bloodied footprints to the first building near the first damaged headstone. Inside your keen senses will detect something, use detected hidden to locate that, then use your forensic skill to found the trap doors, (again do this at all locations).
    tenebrea.jpg mysterious book.jpg
    Now once thru the trap door you are going to be in a small cavern, look for a mysterious book, and once more use those skills, here its inscription, do this at all four locations. Return to Jasper, where he will tell you to go to Moonglow, seek out Prentice the Cryptologist, a really down to earth gent he be. Not only will you feel like you back in school again you have to seek the book from the vast library they have here to help with your mission.
    Prentice the Cryptolgist.jpg Prentice the Cryptolgist.jpg Found the book.jpg recover text.jpg recover text return to Jasper.jpg
    Again detect hidden will be your friend once your keen senses kick in at a location. The book will move, I blame all of his students there playing tricks on us. So be prepared to search (walk up and down) every building rows and rows of books. Once found return to the Cryptologist. Then return to Jasper. Now here it gets muddy somehow after seeing Jasper we were sent to Papua to speak to a Ghost! Once more your skills will be needed.
    The Prophecy.jpg recover text return to Jasper.jpg
    Are you with me so far? Or are you as lost as I was during this entire event. Follow the clues, seek the trap doors use the code words at all the GY, copy the books seek Jasper multi times, travel to Moonglow Library, talk to a ghost, get a reward title from jasper and a necklace (badge) to get to the secret camp in the lost lands, buy the tools you need and chop trees, fish, and mine that ore, Good luck, I am sure I will see many of you running around in the lost lands and later inside the Dungeon next month.
    The end.jpg

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