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Breaking News, Cities Under Attack

I shook my head. Will the troubles never end. Both Skara Brae and Vesper had been attacked by strange rabid CuSidhes. The town criers given a...
By Tamais, Sep 5, 2016 | |
  1. Quickly, I read the message that had just arrived. Vesper had been attacked. My friends, Royal Spies, had heard and responded to the desperate call from Vesper citizens. When they had arrived at the bank, they were attacked by Rabid CUs. Vicious and deadly creatures, the three had battled it. At first it ate their greater dragons like candy, but at last they were able to kill it.

    With luck, one of the Vesper painters was able to paint the events.



    After clearing the one by the bank, they found another on the eastern bridge. It too proved to be a deadly challenge.​




    One more was found and defeated on the Bee Keepers Island. While shaken the Bee Keeper and his family were unharmed.


    The Royal Spies reported after the island had been cleared, a disembodied voice spoke to them. It told them even though they defeated the CUs here, more would be attacking the other cities. They could not tell where the voice came from or even if it was human.

    I had no longer finished reading the message when another arrived. Skara had just been attacked.
    Again the brave Royal Spies had responded and cleared out the rabid CUs.
    They reported that the town crier had told them other cities would be attacked. When pressed for more information, Carlin the Town Crier told them that he had been given a message by a robed figure. But he couldn't see under the robes.

    Worried about the safety of other Britannia animals, I conferred with several vets of the lands.​
    They are not sure if the sickness can be passed on or what animals could be infected. Their advice is avoid any contact with the pups and let the Royal spies and city guards deal with the problem.

    Vesper and Skara should be safe now? But be warned all cities are in danger. If you see one of these strange Rabid CuSidhes run and call for help.

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