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Britain Attacked: No Guards?

"Help! The city is under attack." breathless Pelegrin, a city guard shouted. The Royal Spies stopped their discussion in surprised. "Where are...
By Tamais, Dec 12, 2015 | |
  1. The Royal Spies were at the hall discussing the recent events. When suddenly a city guard rushed in.

    Pelegrin, a city guard, shouting . "Help the city is under attack."

    Those present gathered around him to find out more. "Who is attacking." Lord Demoss asked.

    "I don't know. They came ove the West Bridge and started attacking citizens," Pelegrim paused to catch his breath. "You must hurry!" he shouted as he ran out of the hall.

    Without pause, the Royal Spies rushed after him. Arriving at the Jewlery shop, they found it under attack by strange Followers of the Havadri.

    Madelina, a citzen was calling for the guards. "Guards...help they are killing people" Pelegrim hurried to protect her, while the others attacked the beast.



    It seemed that the city had been over run by them. As soon as one was dispatched two took its place.

    Pelegrin stood fighting by Lord Demoss's side. "What are they...where did they come?

    "I don't know, but boy they are mean." Demoss replied as he killed another one. "Where is Captain Corian and the Royal guards? He asked, attacking another.

    Pelerin paused. "Since the city was quiet, they are off training in the woods."
    "Under control, I'd hate to see the problem out of control." Demoss grimly laughed, "The guard should have shorn up the city."​


    Pelgrin looked around for more. "What is that!"

    Looking where the guard was pointing, Demoss saw a huge dragon type creature... a Weld?

    "Just when I thought it couldn't get worse." Demoss shook his head and lead the attack against the new foe.







    Different groups searched the city...moving from one Twisted One to another...defeating the invaders they found.
    At last the city was cleared.

    "Next time the Captain will listen." Pelgrin commented. "And they looked at me like I was drunk....I only drink off duty... I'm not a drunkard!"

    The Royal spies who had gathered around him, looked at each other. "Aye," Demoss agreed, "This proves you are worth your halberd."
    "Now that the city is safe, I should tell you I saw something suspicious in the grave yard..sa dark tentacle thing." Pelegrin told them.

    Where is this suspicious something?" Rasesar Wej asked. "Can you lead us to it?

    "Yes" and he ran towards the graveyard...to be greeted by a strange creature."

    Without hesitation, the Royal spies attacked.


    16.jpg  ​

    Back and forth the Royal spies battled. Slowly pushing the Devoted and followers back...only to have more Twisted ones join.




    "I've found something strange Weld," Bridgid yelled.

    "Where?" Spuflasath asked moving towards her.

    On the other side of the tombs, they saw a huge Weld guarding something.

    Puzzled Pelegrin asked"That can't be...the Weld are friendly?"

    Lady Thalia, a friend of the Weld, carefully approached the Weld and eggs. "This could be one that Evidias told us about. Those who refused to come."
    Approached the eggs, the Weld didn't respond. Looking carefully, Lady Thalia found deep gashes in its side. "I fear this one died defending the eggs."

    21.jpg  ​

    "But how did they get here?" Demoss asked looking at the eggs.

    "Good question," Lady Thalia replied, "We need to get these to Marouk, Evidias,or Time Without Dreams. They will know what to do."

    Pelegrin carefully picked up an egg. "We should take these to the King?"


    A small group lead by Pergrin returned to the hall. He carefully placed the satchel on the ground.


    Lord Demoss took a small group to assist Pergrin.

    Governor Rowan took the eggs to the council chamber and sent word to the King.​

    "What is I hear that Britian was invaded. Who would like to explain." the King scowled at the small group.

    Quickly Governor Rowan explained what had happened. When the King heard where the guard were, all present were glad she not to be Captain Corian.

    "I could have his head for leaving the city unguarded." The King growled.

    "He better have a good reason for his failure to protect the city."

    Before he could say more, Lord Demoss raced into the council room. A Twisted one close on his heels.

    The Govenors quickly gave Demoss help and defeated the Twisted one.

    With more discussion, the King agreed that Evidias would be the best choice to keep the eggs

    "Go to the hall and I will summon her. Now to make sure the city is safe." the King turned to leave. Then stopped and smiled.​
    Lord Demoss picked up the satchel and carried it to the hall.

    Lady Thalia joining the small group that were guarding the eggs.

    They didn't wait long before Evidias arrived. She stopped in shock when she saw the eggs.

    Lady Thalia told Evidias about the Weld that had been guarding the Eggs.

    "I would like to see it. Can you show me where it is?" Evidias asked.

    The group lead her to it. Seeing the body, Evidias touched it sadly.

    She shook her head in memory. "Later I will tell you more...but now I must take these eggs to Marouk." Carefully picking up the precious eggs, she left.
    With the eggs in Evidias's care, Lord Demoss looked down at his blood soaked robes.
    "I must leave you now." he said. "I need a bath and a good ale."

    With a bow, he was gone.

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