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Caddelite ~ A New Crafting Experience!

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  1. Publish 101 has brought us many new and exciting things, one of which is a material called Caddelite.

    What is it? You ask? According to Ultima Lore , it is a very powerful substance found only on meteors.

    With Publish 101 comes the ability to gather and use this special material to create powerful weapons to use in the newly re-furbished Khaldun Dungeon, information on this can be found Here ,

    Crafting with Caddelite:

    There are several different items you can create using this special material, but first we must gather the needed resources.

    Spellbooks, Caddelite infused:


    To create one of these special spellbooks, you first need to collect bark fragments infused with Caddelite. To achieve this, head to the camps just outside of the Khaldun entrance to purchase the special tools that you will need.

    CampTools.png CampTools2.png

    Equip the hatchet and go chop some trees! With the hatchet equipped, you will gather wood and bark fragments infused with Caddelite.


    Once you have gathered enough bark fragments, (for reference, you need 1 bark fragment for 1 wood pulp, 1 wood pulp makes 5 blank scrolls and 10 blank scrolls to create one spellbook (!00 scrolls for a scrappers) so make sure you gather enough bark!) you need to create wood pulp.

    Cooks can create wood pulp out of the bark fragments. Get yourself a few empty pitchers and head back to the Khaldun Camp. You MUST use the special water in the trough there to make infused wood pulp.


    Once you have your water, use a cooking pan to create the pulp, you MUST be inside the crafting tent and standing in the corner near the flasks as shown in the picture below:


    Now that you have created the pulp, it's time to make blank scrolls! Remember you need 10 blank scrolls to make 1 spellbook (100 for a scrappers) so make a lot in case you fail and lose some of your materials. A scribe can make the blank scrolls.

    After creating enough blank scrolls, a scribe will be able to create the infused spellbooks. Now you are ready to equip the spellbook and go battle the creatures down in the Khaldun dungeon!

    Caddelite-infused Weapons:

    The procedure for all other weapons is the same. Get your caddelite pickaxe or hatchet and go mine until you have enough ore or wood to make enough ingots/boards to craft some caddelite-infused weapons. (Remember you can ONLY get the special Caddelite-infused material in the Lost Lands)

    Craft these weapons in the crafting tent near Khaldun. These weapons can then be imbued and enhanced.

    (Note: Using the soulforge inside the crafting tent will give you a 30% boost)

    Don't fret though, tamers are not excluded from this event! You can also create Caddelite-infused tasty treats to give your pets a boost!

    Get on your fisher and grab yourself a Caddelite fishing pole from the camp near Khaldun, then head out to the waters in the Lost Lands and go fishing! You need 40 fish steaks to make one tasty treat so you are going to want to catch a LOT of fish!

    (I went just outside of Papua and fished from the banks)


    Once you have enough fish (Remember to cut them into steaks) head back to the camp and stand in the crafting tent near the BBQ grill to craft the tasty treats.

    Once your pet is given a treat, it will be infused with Caddelite for 30 minutes. You will get a notice when the effect wears off.

    Now you are ready to fight the hoards down in Dungeon Khaldun!

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