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Caging A Dangerous Beast To Show Off To The World

  1. Caging a dangerous beast to show off to the world
    Author Kenzie Mori

    When you read that what is it that you think of? The Zoo, or a Circus act right? Not here, no sir. This was more like King Kong, tossed in with the Might Joe Young.

    The Tower criers had announced, “Rumors abound of an ancient Minosian beast captured! “ and for all to meet at the EM hall, located just wee bit from the Britain Moon gate. Due to the timing of the request to attend there was not a lot of folks around. Guilds that I did see were a few members [GIL], all of [Hi5], and a few members [TDO]. I also saw individuals from, I assume, family guilds or not in a guild.
    During our short wait, we were entertained by the Hi5 people as they ran here and there and all over the area of the Hall. Being inside and not a member of the VvV was a factor I was very happy about this event.
    Finally, someone calling himself, “Slick Augie the Sleezy” arrived in the Hall. Now picture the Minstrels and Traveling Shows, those Carnivals that travel town to town, there is one that always stands to the front shouting and pointing to get the growing crowds attention, this was Augie job this evening to get our attention to see this 8th wonder of Ultima Online.
    And he did his job very well, luring all towards a huge logged pen to the North East of the Hall. While there he was trying to get several to pay him 5 million gold to see this beast and let say had some had that much on them he just might have sucker them right out of it. He was that good of a talker.
    Now sometime during this time where he is trying to get someone to pay to peek is when disaster strikes. Several poles of the Pen are knocked down and this monster from a world other than ours is free. An accident you say? Maybe, maybe not, could it have been someone out to get Augie? Hard to say, last we saw of Augie was his tail as he was running toward Blackthorn’s Castle, no doubt to beg for protection.
    Now I can only say that there is going to need a lot more folks “Working Together” to bring this monster from the cow’s pasture to the King’s butcher shop. After a three hour tour of the Britain wheat fields, it was still awaiting for those wranglers to wrap it up. I also hear there is a 3-week time limit on it. I sure hope so as I was loving this monster more and more with each passing minute.

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