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Camio The Hag Report, 10-21-15

[IMG] Stolen!
By Drakelord, Oct 22, 2015 | |
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  1. The word was sent, Royal Guard to assemble at Serpent's Hold War room. I was not one of the first, others were there waiting as well.


    From the shadows she appeared. Her name was Camio the Hag, and she had been sent by Grizelda.

    (Camio the Hag)
    Hello Citizens

    *she looked around the room, when her eyes made contact with yours you felt her soul touch your soul.*

    Your commander will not be here tonight. I have come to inform you there is a tear in the Veil. Evil is getting into this world. The Veil is like a mesh that keeps the dead on their side. They are seeping through holes. Your help is needed. James Cameron is missing. Believed to be on the other side. I have been asked by Grizelda to come lead you. She is to old to travel this far. There a chance for great death. There is a chance to be sucked through to the other side. Keep an eye on each other. For the forest is dark and full of evil. I will create a gate. Jame Cameron needs your help. So he may return. This way please.

    *With those words the young lass leaps from the stage, marching with a purpose, her head held high, she walks outside near the stables and creates a gate. What awaits us, we know not.*


    *The forest*

    Again we found our self in the very same location of the mission of last week. The Commander had told us to keep an watchful eye on that area, I guess we did not keep enough of an eye on this area. From a rip, from no where, Walkers of the Veil appeared. Terror slices into your very being, destroying any chance of resisting the Walker of the Veil you might have had.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So many were on just one Walker that it was almost impossible to move without tripping over others all around us. A few stood back, trying to catch a glint of this evil, yet it was again impossible to see much of anything. So those on the outer edge sought to heal, or rez the fallen. Soon healers arrived to assist us, again many of us sought to see this evil.


    When the last Walker fell something else emerge from the veil. A Wanderer of the Veil! Again all sought to battle this monster. Next there was a Mummy! This one I had in my sights and set loose my War horse upon it. Next was Vortex of the Veil, another one I had the war horse attack. Next's was the Gate Keeper! The battle seem so one sided to me, all I could see were our people and battle pets falling, finally it looked as if we might win when a shout came out.


    (Camio the Hag)
    There is a tear in the mountainside!

    No sooner then that warning leaves her lips The Horseless Headman steps from this rip in the veil, there it stands on the mountain side, for only a moment, then it attacks! Again the ground shakes as dragons charge, archer and mages release attack after attack. Once more we were on the defense. Till, it falls.


    (Camio the Hag)
    Well Done! Your commander did not return upon the creatures death. Let us return to the meeting area.

    With those words a gate was created and those that could walked through it found them self once more back at Serpent's Hold. Stepping inside the hall, most sought seats as soon as possible, it had been a hard fight this night and we had not been able to retrieve our commander.


    (EM Willow)
    It seems our fearless commander is missing in the Veil. Next week we will try to rescue Commander Cameron.

    Thus end my report.

    Sergeant Drakelord.

    A short note. The drop was stolen tonight while EM Willow went to lock it down at the Reward Hall, it is sad that people are like that here in this world. When so much of it is in the real world. To the person that took it, I am sure you know how much you hurt our EM tonight. I wish I had gotten a drop tonight as I would drop it in the mail box of the Reward Hall this very evening to replace the one YOU stole!


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