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Champion Altars Attacked

Corrupted wisp created by the Havadir have attacked the Ilshenar Champ spawns. Their magic has drawn a strange ghostly beetle.
By Tamais, Aug 19, 2015 | |
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  1. The lastest ranger's report was the first good news I had in a while. There was no sign of trouble caused either by Minax or the Fiery Lady. Leaning back, I picked up my pint of ale and studied my fishing pole. Perhaps I could take a much needed fishing trip.

    "Hail Governor Rowan." Sighing I turned to find the King's messenger. "The King has called a council meeting and requires you to attend." Not waiting for an answer, she recalled away. An unscheduled council meeting could only mean trouble. With a longing look at the fishing pole, I hurried to the meeting.

    Surprised to find the Council room empty, I sat down thinking about the Fiery Lady and our last battle. My thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the other govenors. We began discussing the Fiery lady. "Other than gating us to the Havadir, had she really helped?" Govenor Ariadne pointed out. "More and more it seemed as if she was using us to gain her revenge A cough announced the King's arrival. Accepting our greetings he sat down nodding at us to follow suit. "Captain Corain just sent word." Pausing he began coughing, " Corrupt wisps are attacking the The Champion Shrines,"

    "Sire, are you okay?" Govoner Apollo asked?

    "It is naught but a summer cold. So I am told by my physcian. I've sent word to Evidias to meet you at the hall. Summon your guards... meet... her...at the hall." his words accented by coughing.

    Arriving at the hall I found Evidias and the Royal Guards waiting. "Greetings Lady Evidias, I bring news from the King."

    She frowned as she greeted me, "What news is that Govenor Rowan? Good I hope."

    "I fear not my lady. Reports have reached the King that a Havadir escaped. The corrupted wisps are attacking the Champion Shrines," I paused. "He is also concerned that other magical creatures will be turned."

    Upon hearing the news the room grew silent...then erupted in shouts and questions. "How did one escape?" "That isn't possible!" "It's the fault of the Fiery Lady, she let one go!" "Magical creatures helping Minax... that must be stopped!"

    Evidias help up her hand for silence. "It doesn't matter how it happened. What matters is we prevent the Shrines and other magical creatures from being corrupted.

    People looked at each other and as one nodded in agreement. "Lead us and we willl follow my lady." Jason shouted.

    Evidias was quiet as she thought...where to begin. "Hum, the Spirituality champion altar is guarded by wisps and pixie. I feel that is where we
    should begin our attacks."

    chosing the shrine.jpg

    Evidias began to summon a gate. To her surprise, her spell failed, Evidias frowned. "This is... strange. My magic is being blocked."

    "Blocked?" Demoss asked, "Then we must hurry to the moongates." Jumping up he lead the way.

    Arriving at the altar, we found the field covered with the small bodies of pixies. Bravely they were fighting the corrupted wisp. The royal spies joined in the fray.

    pixes attack.jpg

    "Pull them from the Shrine, Evidias ordered, "We can't let them corrupt the Shrine. Who knows what would happen."

    Though we tried to pull them away, they quickly moved back toward it.

    spirt battle.jpg
    With the pixies help, the wisp were quickly defeated.​

    pixes helped.jpg

    Evidias bowed to Arielle, Queen of the Pixies thanking her for their help. Evidias looked sadly at the fallen pixes, "So many of the fair folks...still we must move to the other shrines. Magic is pulling me towards the shrine of Valor." This time she was able to open a gate.

    The Valor shrine was surrounded by Corrupted wisp and Corrupted dragons.

    corrupted dragon2.jpg

    A darkness shimmering around it. Again we tried to pull them away from the shrine. The forest hindering us... both the wisp and dragons using the trees as cover.

    wisp and dragon valor.jpg

    Groups of warriors, mages and tamers focused on the dragons.
    While other fought with Evidias at the Shrine. As the dead piled up, healers appeared to aid the mages resurrecting them.

    Slowly the wisp and wyrms were defeated. The darkness fading with each death until at last it was gone.

    valor almost lost.jpg

    Frowning in worry Evidias opened a gate to the hall. "Wait here, I will try to find us a way in, so we can cut them off this time, that last time was too close."

    We didn't have to wait long before a gate appeared. Stepping through, we found Evidiais waiting. Looking around I saw we were west of the Humility Shrine. "My lady the shrine is east of here." I asked puzzled.

    Nodding in agreement she looked around, "That is true...but the magical source... is directly north of us.

    "Could they be using the liches and undead to attack the shrine?" Mylene asked.

    Following the pull of the magic, Evidias seemed to not hear, "Strange...These are different... than the others...They seem to be using the Graveyard as a place to begin, to attack the Shrine.

    graveyard base.jpg

    Moving north we soon arrived at the Graveyard. There a Corrupted Wisp larger than the others greeted us. " Pathetic mortals! Fools, away with thee! " Seeing that we had no intention of leaving, it called to its army of undead and wisp, "Come, sweet death... embrace these mine enemies"

    Fighting both the wisp and residents of the Graveyard, our dead soon grew in number.

    battle at humilty 2.jpg
    People began to move the battle down south to a small clearing. I joined the other mages in healing both people and Dragons. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement. Looking around I found a strange ghostly green beetle barely visible as if behind a fog.

    stange beetle and dragon.jpg

    Making strange clicking sounds, it seemed to be looking for something. I watched as it passed through Alfred Barrett then Mystic Moon.

    strange beetle.jpg

    Curious I approached and stopping in front it. It didn't seem to notice me continued foraging the ground looking for something. Passing through Nails Warstein it began phasing in and out.

    Not paying attention, I was attacked by a Corrupted wisp. The world grew dark then a ghostly grey. Finding me in front of it...the beetle stopped and looked at me. Moving closer, it swiped at me with its claw...hissing a few times.

    notices me.jpg

    The name Tre'kli'klu appeared in my mind. "Are you Tre'kli'klu? I asked. It swiping at me again was the only answer.

    Then it began to fade even more. Looking around I saw that the battle was almost over...the wisp magic released. Could it be tied to their magic I wondered. Looking at me once more it made a strange hissing noise and disappeared.

    "What was that?" Asked Convi resurrecting me. "That thing was creepy."

    Evidias and the others gathered around us. "What...what was that thing?" she asked.

    "I don't know, " I replied. "But it didn't seem to be part of our world...rather a shade. It didn't notice us until I approached it as a ghost.

    strange beetle 5.jpg

    Evididas turned to Convi, "Did you see it also?"

    "Yes my lady," Convi answered. "It didn't notice me, but I could see Rowan talking to it."

    "I also saw it." Kanalit added. It seemed to fade when the corrupted wisp and dragons died."

    strange beetle 4.jpg

    Shuddering she looked around at the dead wisp and dragons. "The Shrine was almost completely corrupted. We almost weren't in time."

    "Did anyone see the Havadri thing?" looking around asked Catalyst. Everyone shook their heads no. "Darn then it must still be out there. What now Evidias?"

    "For now go and rest," I must write this down for the king." she looked around, "What was that strange creature looking for. I'm afraid we shall see it again. I could feel that it wants to be here." I will open a gate back to the hall. I must find Agaris."

    back to hall.jpg

    Upon arriving back at the hall, Evidias looked at her notes then speaking to herself, wandered off absent mindedly...almost as if she had been affected by the creature.

    "That is not good if Evidias was affected by that creature." I commented.

    Before we could leave the creature reappearded at the hall. It held up a strange object...gazing at it the faded away.

    "I must report this to the King. Be safe in your travels." I bowed at the gathering and hurried to the Castle.

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