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Chimaera Ready For Battle

By Drakelord, Nov 7, 2016 | |
  1. Chimaera Ready For Battle
    Author Cat Musique

    Arriving at the Serpent’s Hold War room she is quickly allowed to pass, those famous guards, Kirk, Picard, Cisco, Archer, Pike Janeway, all know her well, all tossing a small nod or salute her direction. She is early, so takes a seat to await the arrival of the rest.
    Cat Musique: *waves at Cindy*
    Cinderella: *waves*
    Cat Musique: so what do you think? undead , demon, reptile?
    Cat Musique: *checks over her bag of flutes and harps*
    You see: EM Chimaera
    Cat Musique: Hail
    Fisner: Hail
    Clym of Clough: Greetings
    Cinderella: Hail
    EM Chimaera: How is everyone doing
    Cat Musique: our town cryer we had here is AWOL
    Tamakon: good
    Fisner: excellent
    EM Chimaera: there was a town crier here?
    Fisner: you ?
    Cat Musique: yes
    EM Chimaera: I'm doing well
    Cat Musique: over at the fireplace

    And just like that Griffith was back

    Fisner: news
    Griffith: Some of the latest news!
    Griffith: Sunday 11/6 @ 1pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl with Chimaera! Meet in Serpent's Hold!
    Cat Musique: ahh
    EM Chimaera: Newly hired
    EM Chimaera: :)
    Fisner: nice
    Cat Musique: he must have stuck out for a brew or two

    Maybe it was the comment of a brew or two, but Griffith sure put the news out after that.

    Griffith: Sunday 11/6 @ 1pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl with Chimaera! Meet in Serpent's Hold!
    Griffith: Some of the latest news! EM Chimaera's sash dispenser is in front of the EM Hall in Britain. Swing by to claim a sash!

    Hatshepsut: hello :)
    EM Chimaera: Thanks, Griffith
    EM Chimaera: He's a good crier
    Cat Musique: yep
    Fisner: indeed
    Cinderella: very informative
    Cat Musique: heheh

    EM Chimaera: So I love dungeon crawls. But I wanted to spice it up Tonight's dungeon is Deceit, so get your silver weapons ready.
    Cat Musique: are you coming as yourself or are we to meet our commander someday *hint*?
    EM Chimaera: For these it will be me...
    Cat Musique: ahh undead, *ready her harp
    EM Chimaera: But I need to grab my armor, thanks for the reminder, brb
    Cat Musique: hehe
    Cat Musique: I like him he is funny
    Hatshepsut: yeah
    Cinderella: yep
    Hatshepsut: I like him too so far :)
    Fisner: hopefully very thick skin for the inevitable turds
    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg
    You see: Chimaera Ready For Battle
    Clym of Clough: very nice
    Fisner: nice armor
    Cat Musique: I think his skin is thick enough for the turd butts
    Fisner: nice
    Cat Musique: welcome back
    Cat Musique: Nice outfit
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: So deceit has been overrun by some pretty nasty undead creatures
    Hatshepsut: WOW
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Thank you...was a gift from the king.
    Hatshepsut: I love what you wearing !!!!!!!! kilt !!!
    Cat Musique: I love the colours

    Chimaera Ready For Battle: I'll leave a gate open here for anyone that needs a gate there. There are no healers in Deceit
    so be ready to heal your fallen companions
    Clym of Clough: Do we stick together or just do it Helter skelter?
    Hatshepsut: ok
    Cat Musique: I shall do my best to res any that fall
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: I'd stick together. But we can see how this goes
    Fisner: can't rez yet :-(
    Hatshepsut: i can
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: If needed, I'll res
    With a leap from the stage
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Is everyone ready?
    Hatshepsut: LETS ROCK !!!
    Cat Musique: yes
    Fisner: aye
    Clym of Clough: Ready Sir

    With a wave and some very quiet words of magic a gate appeared before. All quickly enter to see that they were now standing before the entrance of Deceit .
    There was nothing special about this romp through Deceit, just a walk in the park it was.
    Image12.jpg Image14.jpg
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Lets go left!
    And it was left they went.
    Image16.jpg Image18.jpg
    Of course, we did not stop to smell the roses, far to many of the dungeon’s citizens were wanting to be sure of that, and if you linger too long you were given noticed to move along or else.
    Finally, after which seems to be forever we returned to the War room.
    Fisner: can it be a garg armor drop one
    Hatshepsut: hehe
    Cat Musique: hehe
    Fisner: *-)*
    Hatshepsut: hard to get good garg armor tho
    Fisner: aye
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Thank you, friends
    Fisner: thank you
    Cat Musique: thank you
    Hatshepsut: thank you
    Cinderella: thank you, was fun
    Tamakon: it was fun
    Cat Musique: it was fun
    Hatshepsut: you are brave leader !!!
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: If you enjoyed this, I am happy to exterminate the powerful creatures of another dungeon...next month
    Cat Musique: *nods*
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: let me change back into my robe... this armor is heavy...
    EM Chimaera: Thanks for coming
    Cat Musique: thanks for the fun
    EM Chimaera: Any more questions, I'll answer at the town hall
    Cat Musique: *waves*

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