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Chimaera Roasted And Stuffed

By Drakelord, Nov 26, 2016 | |
  1. Chimaera Roasted and Stuffed
    (The aftermath of too much turkey)

    Arriving at the Serpent’s Hold War room we were met by a large green turkey, yep I said Green! Don’t believe me? Here is proof from a scribe that was there to recording this strange event. A Large Green Turkey who said its name was Chimaera. What kind of green you ask? I think it looked more lime to me but others could say it was green apple color? Who know, why are you still asking me the color of this turkey? Just believe that it was a Large Green Turkey! Would I lie? Shh, Don’t answer that!

    Seem some sort of curse was affecting Chimaera and only we could help with this problem. Looking under his wing, (yes wing!) he found a gate scroll and open a gate for the valley of the Orcs. Of course when we got there every orc within 100 paces was after all of us. After regrouping from that mess we found a strange glowing moving disturbing of the air. This we found was a rift through space, time and dimension, one way to our side. lucky for us as if you were to fall in there you may never return.

    This curse was a weird one, not only was Chimaera a giant green turkey, there were colored turkeys appearing from the rift. And these birds of a different color were strangely upset with any and all presented, including me.
    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg Image10.jpg Image14.jpg Image16.jpg Image18.jpg Image20.jpg Image22.jpg
    They seem to appear in waves, three to four birds, different colors for each wave, each waves of birds seem to get harder and harder till finally we were able to defend the very last bird and the rift closed with a “POP” and at the moment the rift closed there was EM Chimaera in his purple robe. His movements were like, “Checking to see if all was well”.

    With a wave of “ARMS”, EM Chimaera opened a gate to the war room, there he once more thanked us for our help this evening. He also discussed the up and coming deco project for the cities, more will be posted on this as soon as it is known.

    Thus ends to report.

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