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Citizens In Minoc In Protest

  1. Citizens in Minoc in Protest
    As you all know Governor Vixen Petition the King to Annex Barter Town into the City of Minoc and to change the name of Minoc to Barter Town. To encouraged the King to sign this petition, a ballot box was placed on the City Stone. Currently that Box has four votes, two Aye and two Ney. Tie breakers are the King’s final vote. Governor Vixen has stated that the ballot box will be removed to await the King’s Vote. Since there is a six day timer to this box, the topic was changed during the posting of this article to a reminder to Vote.
    At present there are a few Protesters around the Minoc bank and one very concern Citizen selling locks. It seem the protests are about thieves, here are some quotes from those Citizens.
    Azikea the protester; Protect the citizens and the workers of Minoc! My husband was robbed and killed by a thief, we sure don’t need them to run our Town!

    Mellinio the protester; Say no to the thieves!

    Cador; Want the thieves out of homes? Buy my locks! Only 500 gold and it comes with installation.

    Mellinio the protester; Free the mines! Minoc is our home, not thieves! We already have to put up with the Gypsies, and now this!

    One Protester ask, “Does this Governor know what he is doing”? Governor Vixen’s reply, “She is doing all she can till the next Council meeting where “SHE” will address the King and the council on the current matters in and around Minoc and Barter Town. In the mean time the Governor ask that all Citizens return to your homes and await the council meeting on the 29th of May to voice any protest they may have at the Council Meeting.
    When asked “What do you intend on doing Governor”? Her reply, “To serve the people of Minoc, His Royal Majesty is the tie breaker on this vote and the King will have the final word, and his word will determine what action we will take that day”.

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