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City Elections December 2016

By Drakelord, Nov 28, 2016 | |
  1. City Elections

    December 1st is the start of a new Election period. When asked Governor Dezerai said with a smile on her face that she will be running once more for the office of Moonglow and ask that all her citizens once more vote for her.

    Below is information regarding the election
    • City Elections begin on the first day of June and the first day of December.
    • The Nomination period beings on the first day of the listed months and lasts for 1 real world week.
    • Players wishing to nominate themselves can visit the City Stone located near the banks of each of the Loyalty Cities.

    Nomination Requirements
    1. Not be on a trial account
    2. Not be a young player
    3. Hold citizenship to the City they wish to nominate themselves
      Be at least adored
    4. Only 1 character can be nominated per city per account
    At the time of nomination the stone will track how much love and hate a character has from the City. A nominated character must be endorsed within 24 hours of their nomination by another citizen of the city. Failing to receive an endorsement will require a character to re-nominate themselves. There is no limit to the number of times a player can nominate themselves.

    Endorsement Requirements
    1. Not have already offered an endorsement with the same account in the same City
    2. Not currently be on an account that is nominated for the ballot
    3. Not be on a trial account
    4. Not be a young player
    5. Hold citizenship to the city they wish to offer an endorsement
    6. Players that have been successfully endorsed will be placed on the ballot for a 1 week voting period at the conclusion of the nomination period
    Voting Requirements
    1. Not have already voted with the same account on the same shard.
    2. Not be on a trial account
    3. Not be a young player
    4. Have citizenship to the city they wish to vote
    5. Be at least respected
    6. At the conclusion of the 1 week voting period a winner will be chosen based on the character who has received the most votes
    Current governors at last roll call, Yew Lady Miri, Trinsic Lady April Showers, Jhelom Lord Galahad, Vesper Lady Lavendar, Minoc Lady Cinderella, Skara Brae Lord Clym Of Clough, Britain Queen Mum, New Magincia Lady Magrathea, Moonglow Lady Dezerai.

    Governor Dezerai also said that anyone seeking to vote for her and is not a citizen of Moonglow to contact her and she will help with the requirements of voting in her city. Hope to see you at the city stone.

    Be sure to vote!!

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