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"commander Cameron In Deep Coma! Clings To Life!"

By Drakelord, Mar 24, 2016 | |
  1. "Commander Cameron in Deep Coma! Clings to life!"

    Icarus, the Ancient was our point of contact this evening at the Serpent’s Hold War room. Scouts had reported that a very rare plant had spawn in Eodon and only the Royal Guard could handle such a mission to retrieve this plant to cure the Commander.

    Image3.jpg Image4.jpg
    Icarus directed us to make our way to the Eodon Moon gate, from there we would follow him to our next contact, a Pixie deep within the Valley.

    The long march down the narrow area of the valley was not without danger. Forces sought to stop us from reaching the area where we would meet the Fey Rei.
    Image8.jpg Image10.jpg
    At first it look as the Fey Rei would have nothing to do with this group of Warriors that had invaded her home. But after saving her from the hydra she was willing to speak to us and we voiced our concerns about a cure for the Commander.

    Image12.jpg Image14.jpg Image16.jpg
    Rei spoke of evil monster that guarded this plant deep within the mountain and only a strong force would be able to secure this plant from that evil. There were its minions as well, creatures able to copy us, so at times we were in battle with ourself. Only when they were no more did this Boss finally appear, a Minger. The Guard wasted no time with attacking this evil creature as they had a mission this evening to save a man life.

    Image18.jpg Image20.jpg Image22.jpg
    Once The Minger had dropped a quick search of the area and the plant was found. An Ancient Cure Mushroom.
    (Note) There was a drop of 10 tonight!


    Thus ends this report.

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