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Community Moderation

  1. communityModerationFeature_jul2015.jpg

    Welcome to Community Moderation!

    Members of the community now have a direct effect on moderation!
    This will require some sort of action on your part.

    To make this work, YOU have to use the "Report" link at the bottom of a post...

    Fill out the popup form:


    Then hit the "Report Post" button to send it off.

    That's all!

    The only people who will be aware of who is reporting what will be the Moderators, and Admins (if necessary). This is a strictly private feature to everyone else, so have confidence in your actions without worry of retribution from those you are reporting.

    When the post reaches a certain level of Reports, it will then be hidden from public view. Posts are not being "deleted", but moved out of view until the Moderators can look over the situation and do what they do best, moderate!

    Moderators will not actively go around the boards "hunting" for issues "just because". Nor will the Admin be actively moderating all the time anymore. All of the Admins and Moderators are volunteers, spending their "free time" here on the boards and by adding content for everyone to enjoy. This is not a "job", but a source of pleasure and enjoyment where all gain satisfaction from helping the UO Community. These volunteers are players, just like you. They have families, outside interests, jobs and more that may keep them from seeing something right away. They do not go to every board and every thread every day - there's just so much!

    So yes, everyone has the power to do something!

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