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Council Meeting 2-10-16

By Drakelord, Feb 11, 2016 | |
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  1. Image2.jpg
    Arriving early Cat and another Citizen of the Land took seats behind the council table to await the arriving of the Council. Our wait was a short one.

    Roll Call Council Meeting
    HRM King Blackstone
    Governor Lady Miri Yew
    Governor Lady Lavendar Vesper
    Governor Lady Queen Mum Britain
    Governor Lady April Showers Trinsic
    Governor Lord Clym of Clough Skara Brae


    *King Blackthorn* “Greeting Governors and Citizens! I am pleased to see you all. Let us be seated so we may begin.”
    “There has been a bit of chaos here in the castle.”
    There was looks of shock and gasps could be heard as all the governors quickly looked at HRM.

    *HRM* “The man Bloodstone was an imposter. The real Bloodstone is still missing. The other..unidentified man. Well we are under the theory that he used the guard to aquire the rare unicorn horn. And plans to sell it on the black market. Commander Cameron is listed as critical. We simple MUST fine the real Bloodstone.
    Governors Miri and Lavendar both expressed sadness and concerns along with prayers.

    *HRM* “The fake Bloodstone is at large. We have a composite drawing of the man we begin to post wanted posters. I want him taken alive for questioning if at all possible. This does not bode well for our commander.”

    *Clym of Clough* “Won’t be alive if I fine him, Hmmmpfff.”
    *HRM* “But Royal Guard promotions will go as planned in his absence next week. Please inform your citizens thusly and also have them be on the lookout for EITHER Bloodstone.”
    *Lady Lavendar* How shall we tell them apart?

    *Lady Queen Mum* Aye as you wish.

    *HRM* I hope some of the guard and citizens will have gotten a good look at the man. Who we here are calling Fake Bloodstone, for lack of a name Imposter!

    *Lady Miri* Just arrest them both and sort it out later I guess.

    *Clym of Clough* Is he using an alias now?

    *HRM* Its is unknown. No one has heard or seen him since that day. We still haven’t seen the Bloodstone I sent for. I worry he may be in trouble.. If he is even alive. The hunt should begin as soon as possible. Retrace your steps. Ask around. See if anyone has seen hide or hair of him.

    *Clym of Clough* Has the Royal Guard been alerted and summoned or are all supposed to do it on their own?

    *HRM* The town criers were updated that Bloodstone was missing but we will have a search for him soon. Officially I mean. I am hoping to organize a well armed search party!

    With a shuffle of papers the King took another course.

    *HRM* Let us discuss any other official business. Governor Queen Mum do tell us about Britain please.

    *Queen Mum* The city is doing well and the weather seems to be changing, not as cold now. Our lumberjacks did manage to cut wood for all the local merchants stoves. We look forward to the first air of spring.

    *HRM* So the town is warm and toasty now?

    *Queen Mum* Aye and they have been wise enough to stock up on winter supplies.

    *HRM* Any who are not are welcome to take refuge in the barracks. The people must be protected from the elements.

    *Miri* Yew would be glad to help out with supplies should you need them Queen Mum.

    *Queen Mum* Thank you Sire, I will pass the invitations along. And thank you Governor Miri as well.

    *HRM* Very good! And yes wood is plentiful in Yew for sure! *Miri* Indeed! *Queen Mum* Aye!

    *HRM* How fare our Yew city Governor Miri?

    *Miri* We are doing well,, hunkered down for winter. Although the forest is not the same without a blanket of snow. We are missing it.

    *HRM* Curious how some seasons we are covered in snow and some it is just cold. *Miri* Aye.

    *HRM* Lady Lavendar are you still with us Governor?

    *Lavendar* Yes, your Majesty. Greeting from Vesper. *HRM* Wonderful do tell us about our city of bridges.

    *Lavendar* All is well with us. Like the others, we have been hibernating somewhat with the cold. Luckily none of the bridges were affected by the ice on the waters.

    *HRM* Cannot blame people for not wanting to travel in the cold. *Miri* Nods

    *Lavendar* We should have a celebration for Spring once the weather warms, in March. I thank you for your concerns.

    *Miri* That would be welcome I am sure.

    *HRM* Springtime in Vesper is always nice! Splendid idea Governor!
    Governor Clym of Clough any activity in Skara Brae this month?

    *Clym of Clough* None to speak of Sire, we have been all been hunkering down dealing with the cold also and missing the snow. Our farmers are getting restless in the long winter.

    *HRM* We will be grateful for some warmer weather soon here at the castle as well.

    *Clym of Clough* But all in all, the City of Spiritually is doing very well.

    *HRM* Very good

    *Clym of Clough* We shall keep watch for any foreigners arriving in our town and notify the King if we see suspicious activities.

    *HRM* Governor April Showers what of Trinsic? I hear this is where the imposter Bloodstone arrived?

    *April Showers* Yes, not long ago..

    *HRM* Are your people safe? Do you feel extra guards are necessary? I know we have the Paladin barracks there as well.

    *April Showers* The Paladin and fighters are keeping the city safe.

    *HRM* Are there any other news to discuss? Looking around HRM continued. No news is good news I suppose. Does anyone have any announcements?

    *Lavendar* I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    *HRM* Ah yes the day of lovers. It will be a welcome break from all the death and troubles afoot. Does anyone have special plans for Valentines day in their respective cities?

    *Lavendar* I am hoping to give out gift baskets, I will be in the town square that evening.

    *HRM* Very generous Governor Lavendar. Sounds like the festivities will be in Vesper then! Back to serious business we will be calling to arms for the arrest of the imposter. And I will be sending out search parties to fine the real Bloodstone. I hope to find both alive.

    *Miri* We will have a nice cozy cell waiting for him!

    *HRM* Although I know Governor Clym of Clough will have the mans head should he get ahold of him first.

    *Clym of Clough* You can bet on that!

    *Miri* Make sure it is the right one Governor.

    *HRM* Yes he will be kept in Yew prison other wise.

    *Clym of Clough* I will be careful, I don’t pull the string hastily.
    *HRM* We trust your judgment Governor that is why you have a seat of honor here at the table. If there is nothing else I will call this meeting to a close. Very well. Good luck and may the wind be at your backs! But a warmer wind! chuckles

    Thus ends my report
    Sergeant Drakelord

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Great up date of the King's council.
    CONS - None
    It is fun seeing how involved your King is. What a great way send to all of you off to protect the lands and to gather grey robes
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