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Council Meeting 4-10-16

By Drakelord, Apr 11, 2016 | |
  1. Roll Call:
    HRM Blackthorn
    Governor Lavendar
    Governor April Showers
    Governor Clym of Clough
    Governor Galahad

    Governor Yew
    Governor Moonglow
    Governor Minoc
    Governor Magincia
    Governor Britain

    King Blackthorn: Please let us be seated
    Lavendar: More of us made it to the other meeting
    King Blackthorn: So after being asked to change the date this turnout makes me a bit grumpy
    King Blackthorn: *glances around the table*
    Lavendar: I fully understand and I actually preferred the other time.
    April Showers: Agreed

    King Blackthorn: Governor Lavendar How is Vesper?
    Lavendar: Vesper is just thriving, Your Highness.
    Lavendar: Spring flowers abound
    King Blackthorn: Wonderful
    Lavendar: We are enjoying the exceptionally fine weather.
    King Blackthorn: Have you or your citizens had anything that I need to address?
    Lavendar: No, Your Highness.
    Lavendar: All is well, and we have nothing to petition your Highness
    Lavendar: Thank you.
    King Blackthorn: Good good things moving smoothly then!
    Lavendar: Yes, thank you.

    King Blackthorn: Governor Showers tell me about Trinsic!
    April Showers: Trinsic is doing great now that Spring is approaching
    King Blackthorn: Good! Do you or any of your citizens have anything that needs to be addressed?
    April Showers: I have heard of no issues sir

    Kupoking: Governer, glad to see you made it
    Clym of Clough: Pardon our tardiness
    King Blackthorn: Thank you for deciding to join us
    Galahad: Thank you sir
    Clym of Clough: We were in the middle of protecting the kingdom
    Galahad: Our pleasure king

    King Blackthorn: Governor Clym do you or any citizen of Skara Brae have anything that needs to be addressed?
    Clym of Clough: All in Skara seems to be situation normal nothing I have seen to be alarmed about.
    King Blackthorn: Very well good to see things are running smoothly

    King Blackthorn: Governor Galahad how is the fair city of Jhelom?
    Galahad: The citizens are thriving as is the city itself thank you for asking your highness.
    Galahad: How are you Highness?
    Galahad: It has been awhile
    King Blackthorn: Do you or any of your citizens have anything that needs to be addressed Governor?
    Galahad: Not at this time M'lord
    King Blackthorn: Very well.

    King Blackthorn: *shuffles some papers*
    King Blackthorn: Our Commander Cammeron should be back in action soon
    Galahad: that is good news indeed
    King Blackthorn: In no small part to the Guards
    Lavendar: Excellent news.
    Dezerai: swoom

    King Blackthorn: Also we have gotten a tip on where to find that Imposter’s latest hideout. More on that as soon as our stealthers can confirm his location.
    Galahad: ahhhh
    King Blackthorn: Keep an ear to the ground we will not be announcing our arrival this time.
    Galahad: Ok
    King Blackthorn: Word will come through the Royal Spy chain and we will make each citizen aware soon
    Galahad: Good Good
    King Blackthorn: We will raid him with our full fire power
    Galahad: indeed
    Galahad: and it will be a surprise attack
    Galahad: no time for the scoundrel to get away
    King Blackthorn: That is the plan
    Dezerai: wonders for whom?

    King Blackthorn: I have commissioned something special to offer for reward and capture of this individual
    King Blackthorn: Although it he will remain as Kill on Sight to our higher ranking guards
    Galahad: Well I am sure you will have great masses then to capture or kill him
    King Blackthorn: *shuffles more papers*
    King Blackthorn: That seems to be all I have to announce at this time
    Galahad: I have one thing
    King Blackthorn: Is there anything else that needs to be addressed Governors?
    Galahad: of a personal note if I may
    King Blackthorn: Yes please
    Galahad: M'lord as you have noticed I am sure I have been away for some time and if the meetings change back to during the week it will be the same again. I just wanted to let you know that during the week I am not able to make them, my hours are long, that's it, sorry I have been absent.
    King Blackthorn: Let me reiterate.
    King Blackthorn: The rules are
    King Blackthorn: When someone takes office they are committing time and effort to that city
    King Blackthorn: This is not just supposed to be for the title

    *OOC* I will leave a bit of this chat out as it did not belong within this world's role play.

    King Blackthorn: If you cannot make meetings you are expected to send message to me explaining this
    King Blackthorn: If another wishes to take the place of a governor they must prove they are reliable and prove that the elected official is not. I am speaking generally Galahad, I am repeating the rules for everyone here. *waves hand over the table*
    King Blackthorn: It was voted upon last month
    Galahad: and the verdict was?
    Dezerai: *sigh*
    King Blackthorn: And all agreed we would now have meetings on this day and time
    Galahad: ok
    Galahad: I can make this
    King Blackthorn: Once per month
    Galahad: As evidenced by my being here now
    Galahad: I was only trying to be polite
    King Blackthorn: Should we find the need we shall revisit the issue
    King Blackthorn: Galahad you are speaking to me the King of Britannia
    King Blackthorn: I am speaking to all in general not just you
    King Blackthorn: As you see several seats are open
    King Blackthorn: *waves hand again*
    King Blackthorn: If you feel you cannot fill the seat to which you were elected
    King Blackthorn: For whatever reason
    King Blackthorn: Feel free to step down
    King Blackthorn: There are very few requirements to office
    King Blackthorn: But the people have elected specific people to take seat
    King Blackthorn: My wishes are not even in consideration at this point Galahad
    King Blackthorn: If someone steps forward and requests the seat of Jhelom
    King Blackthorn: We will discuss the merits then
    King Blackthorn: Until then you are who the people have elected
    King Blackthorn: I do not see what the problem is Or why this foot stomping is going on
    King Blackthorn: I am simply explaining the rules so that you understand them
    King Blackthorn: Everyone here knows what the rules are
    Galahad: I'm good
    King Blackthorn: I have gotten messages from governors when they were unable to attend
    King Blackthorn: and their abscense was excused
    King Blackthorn: Tis' only once a month
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head wearily*
    King Blackthorn: Anyone have any questions?

    Lavendar: Your Highness
    King Blackthorn: *glances around*
    Lavendar: I would like to bring up a small matter which is that next meeting is scheduled on Mother's Day I will be unable to attend and I will send you a message.
    King Blackthorn: May the 8th is Mother's Day?
    Lavendar: I would also say that we had more people attend on the other time.
    Lavendar: We changed it for Galahad.
    Lavendar: I hope people can still make it.
    Clym of Clough: and Galahad is here
    Lavendar: May 8 is Mother's Day and it might be a problem for more people than just myself.
    Lavendar: But I will be leaving my home and traveling by ship to see my mother.
    Lavendar: I will not be able to be here.
    King Blackthorn: Perhaps it would be best if we moved the May meeting to the 15th then
    Lavendar: For myself,
    King Blackthorn: I am sure you are not the only one here with a Mother!
    Lavendar: I will be on a ship traveling home that day
    King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
    Lavendar: and still will not be able to be here.
    Lavendar: However other folks might find that a help.
    King Blackthorn: Ahh I do love to travel by ship!
    Lavendar: I am back home that evening.
    Lavendar: Ah, yes, the salt air
    King Blackthorn: Please use care that you do not run into any pirates!
    Lavendar: I shall take good precaution.
    Lavendar: Thank you.
    King Blackthorn: I will take the date into consideration when making the schedule for May
    King Blackthorn: Anything else we need to cover?
    King Blackthorn: *glances around the room*
    King Blackthorn: I will call this meeting closed! Back to protecting Sosaria everyone!
    April Showers: have a great night
    Lavendar: Fare thee well, Your Highness.
    King Blackthorn: Good evening
    King Blackthorn: It was pleasant seeing you all
    Lavendar: Very good to see you.

    King Blackthorn: Good evening

    Thus ends this report.

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