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Creating An Event With Player Event Coordinator Wraith

You want to hold an event with the help of Wraith, our PEC. This is a step by step guide showing how to set up an event, what you need to provide...
By Escaflowne, Aug 31, 2015 | |
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  1. This guide will provide you with information on how to arrange an event with PEC Wraith for your shard to enjoy.

    Firstly when you come to emailing PEC Wraith about your event you will also need to add GM Mesanna into that email so she is kept in the loop. The Emails for them both are as follows:

    Secondly you will need to know about what PEC Wraith can do for you and the limits to her powers.

    PEC Wraith's Powers

    • She WILL NOT under any circumstances create items to be dropped by monsters. This includes giving her items to be dropped by monsters. There is NO item drops whatsoever.
    • She CANNOT supply you with special items to wear with a decay timer on them, she will not supply players with any items.
    • She cannot spawn any boss type monsters such as Peerless bosses, Champions, Slasher of Veils etc.
    • She can spawn normal monsters and Buff them to tough levels.
    • She can rename the monsters that she spawns for you.
    • She can spawn monsters as guardians in guardzones so they do not get killed by town guards.
    • She can spawn static yellow named monsters for effect.
    • She can place static yellow Oracles with different monster skins that say lines of speech when someone around it says a keyword.
    • She can lock down decoration that YOU yourself must supply her with.
    • These lock downs will remain locked down for a week.
    • In certain circumstances she can place decorations that players cannot obtain, but you will have to discuss and clear this with her first.
    • She CANNOT open gates to different locations for you for the event.
    • She can in certain circumstances lock an item down that will act as a teleporter to another location when double clicked.
    • She can only host events for you in locations that are accessible by players, she CANNOT take you to EM made dungeons or places that cant be reached etc.

    Now I may have forgotten to add some things or there will be other questions you are unsure about. All you need to do is email Wraith and she will supply you an answer as soon as she can.

    Arranging an event and Planning

    First all you need to do is think of an event idea and develop it. You can email Wraith with any questions while you do this.
    When you think your event is ready to be hosted and you have created a plan for it; you can email it to PEC Wraith along with the dates you want to host it.

    Make sure you give PEC Wraith plenty of notice! Theres no point emailing her 3 days before you want to host an event. You can book an event up to a month in advance. This gives plenty of time to work out any details and make adjustments if something cant be done. Again make sure you email your plan to both Wraith and Mesanna so Mesanna can see it too.

    Now you want to create a good plan for this event to send to Wraith that lays everything out clearly. In your plan you need to include:
    • The Dates you want to host the event on.
    • Make sure the plan is in chronological order.
    • The locations of your event.
    • Any deco you want locking down and where.
    • If you need any special deco locking down such as a teleporter and where.
    • What monsters you need spawning, how many monsters you need spawning, where you need those monsters spawning and what names you want them monsters to have.
    • Any other details you feel need adding, a good plan allows you to make sure everything is covered and the event goes smoothly.

    Carrying out the Event

    It is YOUR job to advertise the event and get everyone together at the start.
    Before the event takes place you and PEC Wraith will usually meet up, go through the plan and head to all the locations.
    On the day of the event PEC Wraith will usually meet up an hour before to have a quick chat with you and make sure everything is alright.
    During the event PEC Wraith will usually sit in party with you if she is able to attend the event, she will let you know otherwise. This allows you two to be in constant contact if anything should go wrong or something urgently needs changing quickly.

    My Personal Feedback

    I've now worked with PEC Wraith a number of times and hosted events for Europa. I have nothing but good things to say about her. She is very kind, polite, easy to get in contact with and very helpful. She was right there with me to fix a problem during one event that really saved the event that day and made it even better.

    Concerning bosses for your event. Since Wraith isn't allowed to spawn boss type monsters you will have to have a buffed normal monster renamed for a boss. My advice to you is to pick a normal monster that has special abilities and skills that will make it very tough when buffed up.
    For my shroud of shadows event I had a buffed Khaldun Shadow Fiend that has an AoE life leech. This thing was even tougher than a peerless boss i tell you, took us a good 30 minutes to kill and was slaughtering everyone.
    Some other examples of what could make tough bosses are buffed up Satyrs, with their bard skills they could be pretty challenging. Succubus with her aura abilities and double damage to men could be very deadly. A buffed up Hydra would be crazy, even strong than Abcess probaly, hitting multiple people with their firebreath attack. You get the idea though.

    Since PEC Wraith cannot give item drops i've started giving out my own rewards at the end of my events, little goody bags for everyone that took place. I also gave gold rewards to people who solved my riddles or found clues during some of my events.

    Lastly you have to be respectful of PEC Wraith as well. She has alot to do and events to host on all shards. When you arrange an event with her please give plenty of notice. I always book mine a month in advance.
    Also make your instructions clear to her with your plan, I always draw up a clear plan with pictures and such to cover all the details.

    I hope this guide helps :) I will leave you with one of my past event plans that I sent to Wraith for you to use as an example.

    Minoc Shakedown

    Thursday 9th July
    Tuesday 14th July
    Thursday 16th July

    7pm UTC/GMT - 8pm BST/UK - 9pm CEST Start on each day.

    A Yomotsu mining expedition has tunnelled under Minoc and began harvesting the areas resources.

    Step 1

    Tremors and mini earthquakes are being reported throughout Minoc. 5 decorative clues will be placed around Minoc for players to find.Can you please place these a few days before hand.

    Clue 1 - Beetle Droppings (Horse Dung Graphic or something similar)
    Clue 2 - Miners Helm (One of the Tokuno Helms)
    Clue 3 - A hole (Emotes *Drilling and sounds of labour can be heard from below*)
    Clue 4 - Half eaten Green Gourds (The Green Gourd vegetable)
    Clue 5 - Miners Pickaxe (Pickaxe)


    Step 2 & 1st Event Thursday 9th July

    Big hole appears in middle of Minoc and Yomotsu mining force emerges from it and begins attacking the town. We gather and fight them off. Afterwards we fence it off and place guards there (Bit of Deco and I can supply steward deeds/Mannequins).

    Monster Spawns:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Miner" (Spawned in groups of 5)
    Yomotsu Priest named "Yomotsu Supervisor" (One spawned with every 5 miners)
    Yomotsu Elder named "Yomotsu Foreman" (Just one spawned as a mini boss)
    Ant Lions named "Yomotsu Tunneler Beetle" (5 or so buffed and spawned at hole entrance)


    Step 3 & 2nd Event Tuesday 14th July

    A number of yomotsu mining groups have escaped to the surface and are mining the surrounding mountains. We must gather and eliminate these 5 groups.

    Location 1:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Engineer" (Buffed as a sort of mini boss)
    Exodus Minion named "Mark 2 Mining Golem" (3 Spawned)
    Exodus Overseer named "Mark 1 Mining Golem" (5 Spawned)

    Location 2:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Miner" (5 Spawned)
    Yomotsu Priest named "Yomotsu Supervisor" (1 Spawned)

    Location 3:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Miner" (5 Spawned)
    Yomotsu Priest named "Yomotsu Supervisor" (1 Spawned)

    Location 4:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Miner" (5 Spawned)
    Yomotsu Priest named "Yomotsu Supervisor" (1 Spawned)

    Location 5:
    Yomotsu Elder named "Yomotsu Beetle master" (1 Spawned Mini boss)
    Yomotsu Priest named "Yomotsu Beetle Trainer" (5 Spawned)
    Iron Beetle named "Yomotsu Drilling Beetle" (3 Spawned)
    Rune Beetle named "Yomotsu Heavy Duty Beetle" (3 Spawned)
    Giant Beetle named "Yomotsu Transport Beetle" (3 Spawned)
    Fire Beetle named "Yomotsu Smelting Beetle" (2 Spawned)
    Deathwatch Beetle "Yomotsu worker Beetle" (10 Spawned)


    Step 4 & 3rd Event

    We enter down the hole to a cave that can be accessed by players. Will need make the hole able to transport us down there at this point. Down there we will fight the boss. If possible decorate the area a little bit with mining stuff.

    Monster Spawns:
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Mine Manager" (1 Spawned and buffed, this is the big end boss)
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Miner" (Groups of 5 Spawned)
    Yomotsu Warrior named "Yomotsu Engineer" (3 Spawned)
    Exodus Minion Lord named "Reinforced Mark 2 Mining Golem" (4 Spawned)
    Exodus Overseer named "Mark 1 Mining Golem" (7 Spawned)


    Step 5 Debrief and reward

    We gather back in Minoc for a debrief and I will hand out goodybags as a reward for people to keep for memories and such. The goodybags will contain:
    Miners gloves engraved with "I Stood My Ground During The Minoc Shakedown July 2015"
    Pickaxe Engraved with "Yomotsu Miner's Pick - Minoc Shakedown 2015"
    1 Powder of Fortifying.
    1 Green Gourd.

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