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Crown Of The Gods: A New Descendant Of The Ultima Legacy In Open Beta

A new game, Crown of the Gods (CotG) is in Open Beta testing. It is a fine addition to the games which owe their existence and inspiration to the...
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  1. One of the descendants of the game of Ultima in the gaming community was an alliance-based strategy browser game, called Lord of Ultima (LoU), run by Electronic Arts. LoU, suffering from a lack of mobile capability and somewhat aging, Ultima-derived, graphics, was shuttered in the Summer of 2014. In this “free-to-play” browser game, alliances of 100 persons each faced off with each other, or grouped together in strategic play, to win a crown on a world divided into multiple continents. Players of Ultima and Ultima Online felt quite at home there since the graphics, goals, and some of the story-line were shared with Ultima. Gaining a crown took approximately 6-9 months of rather intense game play, and required personal empires of hundreds of cities and literally billions of resources sent to build and defend alliance temples to the “Eight Virtues” of Ultima. The win simply gave bragging rights to the victors, and a small crown on the banner of your personal cities, but was something completely worn with pride and highly sought-after. A 'crowned player' with a crown showing before his/her name in the chat box, garnered immediate respect! I played LoU devotedly for about a year and and half, reveling in the rich social interaction in the game, and gained a crown in August of 2013 before taking a break for a round, and subsequently missing out on a triumphant return to play again. I have, along with thousands of other players around the globe, truly mourned the passing of LoU, despite its lack of mobile ease of use. I missed the friendships I developed in my alliances, and the adrenaline-surge I’d get when waking up to find my favorite castled-city had been overtaken and lost overnight!

    Electronic Art's "Lord of Ultima" Closing Announcement:

    To the lost lovers of LoU now comes this new offering from Gaming Addict Studios called, “Crown of the Gods,” which is in its open-beta stage. The game-play has all the beloved aspects of Lord of Ultima, now placed into a Roman-like setting called “Aschendal.” The game play has been updated with new game rules and additions to discourage LoU’s Achilles heel, “Pay to Win” versus “Play to Win.” The game is reasonably well-balanced already in monster weights, military type abilities, and player level increases. Crown of the Gods features a nice mobile platform so you can take your addiction with you everywhere you go without the need to lug around a laptop, as I did with LoU! I was building my first city within two hours of hearing of the open beta, and I’ve not been disappointed. I started my new adventure with numerous old friends and familiar names from LoU, and I’m already happily immersed in the strategy of developing my new empire!

    Gaming Addict Studio's "Crown of the Gods" Introduction and Login Screen: Crown of the Gods

    The new game is reasonably mobile-friendly, easy to use, and, with only a few system issues being shaken out in the beta play, works very well for game play. For both new players totally unfamiliar with its predecessor, and those of us returning to a well-loved format for social game play, it is a fine addition to the Free-to-Play browser game offerings and one I’d recommend highly! The open beta is working to shake out system load performance, and the few remaining glitches every new game experiences, which leaves us reloading the browser game from time to time, but is generally not an impediment to game play. It’s in fine shape to join up with and learn a new and exciting past-time!

    Crown of the Gods, or CotG, places new registrants into a small settlement in a random location, along a quiet river. The continent you are placed on is gradually being populated with other new arrivals on the latest-opened world. Each new settlement is protected for seven days from any nosy neighbor looking to plunder your resources, and allows you time to engage in learning a bit about the game, meeting other players in the active chat system, building up a first city, and connecting to an alliance group looking for members.

    Gaming Addict Studios' "Crown of the Gods" Region View:

    Players are surrounded by an environment filled with wandering multiple level boss monsters and three types of dungeons with varying degree intensities to satisfy differing levels of player development. Resources can be obtained by using your troops to attack the bosses, raiding dungeons, attacking other player’s cities, and developing the various resource nodes located within your own cities. As is standard in this type of game, there are normally 10 levels of development for each boss, dungeon, type of resource building, and other military and city-management buildings offered. The game allows for both land-based and sea-based play, and has a very satisfying naval component as well as a land military. Players can move and develop new cities on their home continents, or any other, as new cities are developed by creating and sending out “Senators” to settle new city locations on the grid. Temples and what Ultima players know well as “moongates,” or Aschendal Portals now, are scattered on each continent. These temples and portals give special benefits, and dangers, to player cities gathered around them.

    Gaming Addict Studio's "Crown of the Gods" City View Screen:

    Alliances win the game by militarily and economically conquering multiple continents in order to build to Level 10 eight temples, one per god, of the eight Gods of Aschendal. (God outlines are here: Crown of the Gods .) This is not an easy task as each alliance must send millions, then billions, of resources to build these temples in cities tasked with the deed, then defend the temples against many other alliances seeking to damage and destroy these same temples and advance their own.

    A sample building requirement for a Temple, drawn from the building tables at this link, courtesy Gaming Addict Studios: Crown of the Gods.

    All the Aschedalian Lore is related at this link: Crown of the Gods .

    I hope you share the same delight I do that the Ultima, and Ultima Online, legacy continues with this new offering in the game world, “Crown of the Gods.” Come try out a world and see how the legacy continues, and look me up when you get there!

    -- El of LA

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    About Author

    El of LA
    El of LA has volunteered in various positions with Stratics since 2004, writing articles, interviewing, podcasting, and performing Administrative tasks behind the scenes. El enjoys writing about online gaming culture as well as streaming events. She participates in Extra Life and other gaming-world events each year, trying to bring the gaming community, and gamers, together, and showing off our fine attributes to the world!

Recent User Reviews

  1. Kirthag
    PROS - well written pr piece for the game
    CONS - I don't see how this is tied to Ultima... it is just another alliance game. I've played Travian (perhaps the oldest of successful such games), Dragons of Atlantis, and so many others...
    Welcome back to writing! We missed you!

    However, this is more of a PR piece than an honest review. Considering the game is beta, what shortfalls are there?

    I don't see how this Roman-styled game is anything tied to Ultima.Yeah, the game play is similar to the fairly-stretched LoU, but so are all the other games of this genre. Being Free-to-Win or Pay-to-Win is just a monetization model, doesn't really make it kin of the Ultima Franchise.

    Kinda a stretch calling this a "descendant of the Ultima Legacy" without actually citing the link that would give it such status. Are developers tied to Ultima? Were they inspired by Ultima in some way?

    It is for this reason I didn't rate you 5-stars.

    From what I gather, it is just yet another alliance-strategy game despite the funding model.
    1. El of LA
      Kirthag, its not dishonest to actually like a game, and the job of beta play is to fix any bugs and difficulties present. Since it plays well and bugs are few, well... you do the math. I gave it the review I felt it deserved after spending some time playing it and creating a first city.

      You are welcome to write your own review if you wish the report to read otherwise. I look forward to reading it.

      Since the game is modeled after the game "Lord of Ultima" which was modeled after Ultima and even used Ultima Online's artwork, and since it is created by Lord of Ultima players, yes, I think it is a legacy game absolutely. Totally relevant.
  2. Tamais
    "Great game review"
    PROS - Good information about the game and how the game works
    CONS - None
    Great article. The game looks very interesting.
      El of LA likes this.