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Darkness Defeated?

Evidias had not been this way before a battle...cold and distant. The news she had shared was dire. No long was the darkness satisfied with...
By Tamais, Sep 5, 2016 | |
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  1. The meeting began as usual...hushed voices and worried looks. None of us knew the terrible news this day would bring.

    When Evidias arrived, she was without her normal smile and warm greeting. Instead this Evidias was stern and cold.

    "Good evening, all. Time Without Dreams and Agaris, have helped me put the spell into place. But it will not hold forever." she began.

    "Are you ok now?" Lady Thalia asked interrupting.

    "I am fine." She replied with a serious tone, one she normally lacked.
    Demoss shouted "THEN LETS GO!"


    She explained in a grim voice, "Right to the throne room. They aren't just after all of us, now they are after the King. Because they believe, it is the King's will that keeps us all united... and I dare say for the cities it may be true."

    Startled at first, the room was silent, then it erupting with Sippin Coffee yelling, "Long Live the King!" The cry quickly picked up until the room shook.

    Evidias held up her hand. "We know what it was like before Blackthorn, even though many of your kind had doubts."

    Shivering with dread, "Who are they?" I asked.

    Evidias shook her head at me and continued. "This will be more dangerous than anything before, if we fail... you won't lose lands. Or wealth, or things, you will lose yourselves.
    They will strip away your thoughts, your needs, your desires. Until all you are is a mindless thing that moves like a machination. They've done it to Umbra, and Papua, to Delucia. Almost to Trinsic."

    "They did it to us, and we were ready for them. Evidias' eyes saddened, "I remember now. We did not choose to bond with the Weld, we shouldn't have. But it saved them, and we began helping the others.

    "We being the Weidt," Lady Thalia asked?

    Evidias nodded...shrugging off the sadness for now. "Dahlia was supposed to lead this, but now I must."


    Her tone shocked me. This wasn't the Evidias we knew. Looking around, I saw others were also. Lady Thalia looked at her with concern.

    "Do not look concerned friend." Evidias stared at Thalia thoughtfully, "There is a time for niceties. And a time to get things done. This is no time for niceties."

    Lady Thalia nodded respectfully to her.

    "Your King and your people are in danger. We will remove it." Evidias looked around again. "Know that, if they get into your mind, you will harm the rest of us. If you cannot handle that, then leave now. Otherwise, come with me." She walked to the door, knowing we would follow.

    "Together we shall conquer this foe." Sippin Coffee said as he walked with me. I nodded in agreement.


    Following her through a gate, we arrived in a small valley connected to another by a narrow passage. Strange elementals were waiting for us. The Battle for every thing dear had begun.




    We were quickly pushed back into the other valley...forced to try to protect the healers who had hid there.



    I had just visited a healer, when I noticed a Weld, dark as a moonless night, watching the battle. Knowing that curiosity often kills the cat, I slowly approached him.

    "Yes, more death." the creature said cheering on the elementals. "For every life you steal, I will you give yours. A thousand times over, until you never die. If you do this."


    "Excuse me," I said with a bow. "But those are our lives you are stealing."

    The Dark One glanced down at me. "You do not deserve them, you cannot see reason."

    "And what reason is that?" I asked a little braver.

    "You cannot see the need to let go of your foolish desires...to work toward unity." The Dark One replied studying me. "Then you do not deserve your time. It is not long now...first you, then your King...then your cities."

    I stepped back wondering if now would be a good time to hid and sneak away. But still the information could be useful. "We are united against the dark."

    The Dark One smiled, "But I have the sun as well." Staring up at the sky he whistled. "Teach them. Do your Worse. They deserve no better." he commanded the blazing white dragon that answered the whistle. "Yes, more blood spilled."







    The battle field cleared, we surrounded the Dark one. "I offered freedom from your sorrows. Now you will choke on them. "He growled at us.

    "We will resist you. I stand with the Blue one! " Lady Thalia declared.

    Governor DarkLotus shouted, "NEVER !!!!!!" With the rest of us shouting in agreement.

    "All of the dead you sent to their graves, instead of helping them, befriending them. I shall bring them to your doorsteps. Let them have your lives." The Dark One replied, summoning an army of lichs and skeletons.


    Nothing it summoned could defeat us. Slowly the field became littered with bodies other than our own.

    Glancing over at the Dark One, I saw that he was bleeding. He had been wounded and not noticed.

    "Spirt of the Dark, you life force is fading." I pointed to the wound.

    "You now what you speak of. You cannot harm me. You cannot touch me. "He replied defiantly.

    Bending over I touched the blood pooling beneath him, then held out the finger. "No, I can see you blood draining."

    Seeing the blood, The Dark One hurried into the larger valley. At last the passage way was open. We rushed through following him.

    There we found Evidias had joined us. "It should become safer now, it's retreating. I think it realizes we can wound it."


    "We have, not beautiful one. Well...not yet. "La Femme replied. "But you have hurt us so very badly."

    I nodded in agreement. "I told you we are united."

    "How?" The Dark One asked puzzled. "With no need for us? We unite...we control...we decide. He shook his head, "You listen, no thinking. Just like the others."


    "You attacked us first. " I said sadly watching as the Dark One moved toward the mountain.

    "You cannot be allowed to do this." He told us as he climbed to the top of the mountain.
    "This cannot be the end...What magic. What magic is ..this.. the same as before...the blue magic.
    He shuddered as the shroud protecting him from harm began to slip. "No, you. You again. Not again, not this time!"

    "Go Evidias!" I shouted, while Lady Thalia hurried to Evidias side to support her.

    With a roar the Dark One leapt down from the mountain...summoning more Sun's Glories.



    After the battle, I returned to Evidias. She was frowning at the body of the Dark one.​


    She turned to us. "There is more...new of sorts.

    "My lady?" I asked puzzled.

    "But King Blackthorn wanted to speak of it on his own." She explained, "So I will let him be the bearer of it."

    "That is never good. " I muttered.

    Still frowning Evidias nodded. " It is...mixed at best. We will take care of this area until the magic lingering can be dealt with. You all should return to Britain Hall. The King wishes to speak with you."

    "I'm not sure what really happened there. It seemed a battle of darkness but not really sure." Lady Thalia commented studying the field.

    Evidias looked up at the sky. "Without the light, there are no shadows."

    "I will keep this place safe, to Britain Hall please." Evidias opened a gate for us. Then motioned for us to go through.

    I couldn't help but notice her sadness. Hesitating, I started to say something but her look told me no. I went through the gate with dread. A meeting with the King, did not sound promising.


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