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Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, And Blitzen.

By Drakelord, Dec 23, 2016 | |
  1. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.
    Santa’s Famous Team of Deer kidnaped by Evil Elves.​

    An urgent call for assistance went out all over the land, ever city’s cryer voiced the same message, urgent need of people to search for missing Reindeer. All were to meet at the War Room on Serpent’s Hold. As you know there is no Moon-gate to the island of Serpent’s Hold so unless you are a mage and have a marked rune there is no way to the island unless you have a boat or swim, but wait, there is a way for any nonmagery using fool to get to the War room. Where do you ask?

    Go to the Skara Brae bank, easy to get there as there is a moon-gate on the island. Next to the bank is the Meeting Hall and inside in the back room is a special suit of armor, tap this suit twice and you will find yourself on Serpent’s Hold inside the War Room. Of course, our EM cheats and puts out a few special gates at Key Points like Luna etc.
    Enough chit-chat, back to the News. Arriving at Serpent’s Hold I awaited the arrival of our leader to brief us concerning this kidnapping of Santa’s team. The wait was short, our briefing swift.

    Chimaera: Tonight... I have some news. Santa's reindeer have run off.
    Even Rudolph. In addition... Some nasty elves have revolted and are stealing all the gifts.
    We will have to find them and take care of them. I'm afraid they are too devious... they must be... taken care of. So here's the problem with the reindeer. They are scattered throughout Britannia. And only one knows where another one is. So in order to round them up... We must find them one-by-one. Also, they are stubborn types. They eat very specific foods so be prepared to feed them, there is nine total.
    You'll have to ask them, I suggest a formal greeting.

    Cola was the first to seek and find all of the missing Reindeer and for his reward, a special plaque with his name will be hung in the Reward Hall for all to see, Congrats Cola!
    We also had a brief battle with the Evil Elves just outside and inside the War Room after all the Deer were found. It seems they were a bit upset with us for spoiling their plans to stop Christmas. We made sure to tell them of our disapproval of their plans by planting them six feet under.
    Below are snaps of the locations of the deer, they will be available for anyone to search for the rest of the week, here a hint for the first one, bring a carrot and say hello.
    Image4.jpg Image6.jpg Image8.jpg Image10.jpg Image12.jpg Image14.jpg Image16.jpg Image18.jpg Image20.jpg Image22.jpg

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