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Death Of A Monster

By Drakelord, Apr 21, 2016 | |
  1. Death of a Monster

    Luna Bank:
    Drakelord: Hello Mikael
    Mikael the Royal Guardsman: I am here for official business
    Drakelord: business
    Mikael the Royal Guardsman: Yes, there is a meeting tonight
    Drakelord: tonight
    Mikael the Royal Guardsman: Yes at the usual place
    Domanos: PLACE
    Mikael the Royal Guardsman: Pass it on to the other guards
    : Some of the latest news!
    : ((whispers)) event tonight. Talk to Mikael in Luna!

    Serpent’s Hold War room:
    Commander Cameron: Greetings Guards
    OTO: Hail
    Mufasa: greetings
    Beastslayer: Hail!
    Beo: hail
    Charly Dont Surf: hail
    Fisner: Hail
    Tizzle: hello
    Demonix: *hail*
    Anguis Domitor: Hail
    StinkyPinky: Hail
    Commander Cameron: I am pleased word got out
    Edward: Hail
    Commander Cameron: I apologize for the short time warning but there's no time to lose
    Drakelord: welcome back Commander
    Commander Cameron: Thank you! I am pleased to be back Drakelord!
    Commander Cameron: I do hope you all are feeling as well as I
    Drakelord: aye we are
    Commander Cameron: We will need full forces to defeat this imposter once and for all!
    Commander Cameron: I have been given full permission to kill on sight
    Commander Cameron: No more trying to capture this man. His crimes to the world are more than enough to warrant
    Commander Cameron: his immediate disposal
    Anguis Domitor: Let's take him down!
    StinkyPinky: ahhh the smell of blood in the air
    Commander Cameron: I have the location our spies have found evidence
    Commander Cameron: I need you all to search out this imposter.
    Commander Cameron: Keep the communication open
    Commander Cameron: We are in channel "General" tonight
    Commander Cameron: All communication from here on out will be through channels as to not tip him off!
    Commander Cameron: I am prepared to make a gate to his general location
    Commander Cameron: You are to seek out the imposter but please save some killing blows from me!
    Drakelord: you better beat us there first
    Commander Cameron: If you see him give general location be aware he has learned to summon... creatures
    Commander Cameron: these creatures are dangerous we will need to dispatch them
    Commander Cameron: then we take him. Preferably his dead body!
    Commander Cameron: Are we all ready?
    Kara: aye
    StinkyPinky: yupppps
    Drakelord: aye
    Clym of Clough: yes
    Commander Cameron: My blade is sharpened. Let us go then! No time to lose
    Moxxi: Let's do this!
    You see: Commander Cameron
    Commander Cameron: casts a gate to the hidden location

    The Imposter Bloodstone may have not known of this attack but he was well prepared to received any visits from the Royal Guards. He had Summons awaiting us from the gate to his hidden camp deep inside the hidden circle.

    You see: Bloodstone The Imposter
    6DL4-20-16.jpg 7DL4-20-16.jpg
    I caught a glimpse of Bloodstone, but with the constance movement of pets, warriors all around me it was hard to track him. Dismounting from my Mare I order him to follow the Imposter.

    Bloodstone The Imposter: *prepares a potion* I will soon be indestructible! Come on in guards!! *laughs*
    Again we faced his summons, I spent a lot of time rezing others as well as healing those around me. My Mare stuck like glue to the imposter so I was able to track his location during these battles.
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs maniacally*
    Dreadnaught: Commander Cameron we have found Bloodstone
    Dreadnaught: From where we gated in you go south then east then south and find a tiny ladder and go up it
    ((ooc its the opening that looks like a circle on your mini map)
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: Wait until you all see my power!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: hahahaha!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: BOW BEFORE MY POWER!!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: hahahaha!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *PREPARES ANOTHER POTION*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *grabs a vial*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *it is obvious he is a madman*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *his eyes dart side to side*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs madly*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: I have learned MIND CONTROL!!!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: Soon you will all be under my spell!!!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: Get this beast off of me!
    Here was when he was very upset with my Dread Mare being on top of him.

    Bloodstone The Imposter: *casts exorcism spell*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *stabs horse*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs*
    Dreadnaught: nobody has slit Bloodstone’s neck yet? what are we waiting for?
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *laughs*, you can’t kill me!!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: Hahahahaha
    Bloodstone The Imposter: HAHAA MY POWERS ARE SO STRONG!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: I challenge anyone to summon such creatures!!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *continues to summon*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: *prepares a potion*
    Bloodstone The Imposter: You may have me out numbered! But not outmatched!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: I have one more trick up my sleeve!
    Bloodstone The Imposter: PREPARE TO BE ASTONISHED!

    You see: The Imposter Transformed
    With those words he tranformed himself into a HUGE monster, big mistake on his part as while he was in his human form his spells protected him from our attacks, we could not attack him till this very moment, and that is what happen, every guard, every pet immediately attack this evil from hell with only one thought in mind, to send it back.

    (OOC A reward of tapestry has been placed in your backpack.)

    With the death of this evil a gate was opened for the royal guard to returned to Serpent’s Hold, our mission to seek and destroy this imposter had been completed
    EM Willow: is everyone off of the ledge that was stuck?
    There was a drop of 200 tonight;
    EM Willow: It plays a song when its locked down
    Kara: o nice
    EM Willow: So that ends this arc
    Kara: was great
    Drakelord: *smiles*
    Clym of Clough: I wish to say, that to give 200 out is wonderful, it makes us all feel a part of the story and event
    Clym of Clough: sorry to the rares folks (I’m not, glad to see so many get it)
    Drakelord: aye I agree
    EM Willow: That was the intent
    Clym of Clough: thank you for that
    EM Willow: But the other half of the tapestry might be a while
    Dreadnaught: next piece later
    Drakelord: yes indeed
    EM Willow: *winks*
    Charly Dont Surf: thanks for event
    EM Willow: I requested 200
    Dreadnaught: ya that should be everyone
    EM Willow: So if you hit the boss I hope you got one
    EM Willow: I will go lock this down in the reward hall.
    EM Willow: So we can all hear the lovely music

    And with those words I close this report, the Imposter Bloodstone is gone from this world, yet there are questions still to be asked. what of the Orc’s that helped him, will we be seeing more of them? Only time can tell us.

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