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Deep Sea Fishing With Petra

By Drakelord, Oct 16, 2016 | |
  1. Deep Sea Fishing with Petra

    One: Get the Beer, check
    Two: Bring snacks for the dragon, check.
    Three: Remind the entire shard it is time for the monthly Net tossing party, sponsored by Vesper Governor, the Lady Lavendar, check!
    net toss.jpg
    A special note about this lovely lady above, she went across several shards buying and transferring these white nets to Sonoma, to bring we citizens of Sonoma FUN!
    net toss1.jpg net toss3.jpg

    It was time for another adventure with the Legendary Lady Petra. And she did not fail us this evening. On the very first white net, the Scalis pops, and he is upset at poor Petra for awaking him from his slumber party. He was so angry at her that he chased her to the steps of the Magincia Docks like a spoiled child awaken from its nap, he was having a tantrum and like any two years old he was not going to take a no no or a time out, no sir, no way.
    net toss4.jpg

    Lady Petra luck was very good with the nets this evening, and all had a very good time with the fishing expedition. There were a few deaths, but they were quickly resurrected and back in the fight.

    Petra: on Magincia docks, please come, all are welcome.
    Petra: ready for another?
    Drakelord: ready for another she says
    Petra: throwing more nets be ready, moving to next area

    This went on for a few nets, sometimes we get the normal spawn, but over all we had really good luck getting the Scalis.
    net toss5.jpg
    Now I did say her luck was very very good. On the very last Scalis we got, and I can testify to how excited she was in Vent, she got a Small Soul Forge, her very first arty drop while doing these net tossing parties.

    I am not sure if anyone else had a drop this evening, but they had fun I am sure. To our legendary fisher, I salute you.

    Thus ends this report.

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