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Defeat Of The Emerald Dragon

Worried about Harriet's health, I sat in front of the fireplace. Taking another sip of wine, I wondered has the love potion infected her. We...
By Tamais, Apr 4, 2018 | |
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  1. Once more orcs attacked us at the hall. This time with a human hostage. The guards, with our help, quickly dispatched them. Governor Mylene escorted their capitive, Shannon, home to Minoc.
    1.jpg 2.jpg

    "What is the mess?" Harriet asked arriving at the hall. "This is a disgrace."

    "We had visitors again." I explained.

    "They were scared." Elear added.

    Harriet looked at the orc body. "It's not even part of the Jade clan. What is happening?"

    I nodded. "This group had a human captive. Governor Mylene rescued her."

    "I got the hostage safely to Minoc where she desired to go. "Governor Mylene confirmed.

    "All except two." Harriet added.

    Which two?" I asked.

    "There is a dragon that spawns once a year apparently. It carried on it a gemstone of great power...very, very rare." she shook her head. "It could be a lost cause. We aren't even sure exactly where it spawns."
    "Ah, yes. Elon told us about the Emerald Dragon." I told her. "He said it would spawn close to the Ilshenar ancient wyrm nest."

    With a worried look, Harriet opened a scroll, "And the first rose of spring? How are we to know which rose is the first rose?

    "No, clue where to find that one." I shrugged, "Ooo maybe one of the roses from the Tokuno garden...the one frozen in time."

    "We will have to call upon our friend Rose the florist. If anyone can help us she can and she owes us a favor." Harriet nodded. "This could come in handy. But first lets see if we can even obtain the crystal from the Emerald Dragon on March."

    Val smiled. " I'm at least armed with my crossbow just in case."

    Harriet rubbed her eyes, "Meanwhile we also have to look into the Orc thing...with humans you said."

    "Are you getting enough sleep?" I asked

    Harriet rubbed her head.

    Worried Elear asked her, "Are you ill?

    "No, no I am fine," she straightened her robe. "So you say the ancient wyrm nest, yes? Just outside of Compassion."

    "Yes, that is what he said. " I replied.

    "Let's meet there perhaps have a word with old Elon." Harriet suggested. "Come everyone lets see what is happening."

    "Sounds good." Elear said getting up.

    "Can someone gate us to a moongate?" Harriet requested. "Meet at Compassion gate.

    We had just started regouping when a small group of orcs burst from the trees."
    "More orcs!" Harriet shouted.

    4.jpg 5.jpg

    " Ignotugduggaa faughthu!" Wuglat the orc shouted. "

    Varbuk shouted back, "Bosgba! Faughfuplug hokgh."

    "Does anyone here speak orcish?" Harriet asked after the battle.

    "To the dead ones?" Ronan winked.

    "Hrm," Harriet looked over at him. "Lead on let's travel to the Nest!"

    A small group had scouted ahead. Soon Ronan rode back shouting, "Spawn in the mountain pass!"

    Hurrying to the pass, we found the group under attack by Jade Orc Clan Mages.


    7.jpg 8.jpg

    "Lets hurry, we don't wan to miss it spawn. "Harriet urged after the last orc was slain.

    We found Elon still hiding in the ancient wyrm nest. "Elon." Harriet greeted him.


    "Yes we are back of course we are back." Harriet told him. "We are here for that Emerald dragon."

    "Emerald dragons spawns soon. I just hope I'm in the right place!" Elon looked around.

    "This might not be the right place?" Harriet asked.

    "Well, yes it should spawn in this radius outward for a few clicks...but not far." Elon assured her.

    "How far exactly?" Harriet questioned.

    "The orcs should give me enough time to tame it before you can kill it." Elon muttered.

    "He wants to tame it?" Ronan asked in disbelief. I nodded.

    Harriet looked at him in shock. "Orcs! who mentioned orcs? Do you work for the orcs? "


    "They're not so bad really." Elon replied.

    Moving out of his hearing, Harriet motioned us over. "Hmm, I don't think we can trust anything he says. We may be on our own here."

    "We must let him tame it?" Elear asked worried.

    "He said last week he wanted the eggs to become rich and famous." I said.

    "Is there a way to get the crystal it holds without killing it?" Harriet wondered aloud.

    "Tame it," Elear suggested. "Ask it to spit it out?"

    Before we could discuss it more, Jade orcs appeared with an ancient wyrm. Slowly we fought our way out of the nest.

    11.jpg 12.jpg

    13.jpg 14.jpg

    "Let's find that dragon." Harriet said.
    Several of us began to search. I went up towards the gyspy camp then back down around the mountain.

    Finding no sign, I return in time to hear Harriet shouting "Jade Orcs north! They will try to prevent us from killing the dragon and getting the crystal!"

    North we found a large encampment of orcs. Once again they had human captives.


    Hoping to save the captives, we divided into groups and attacked the orcs. We were able to rescue a few before the Jade Orcs released their pets.


    17.jpg 18.jpg

    The battle seemed endless as Jade Orc Clan captains and scouts appeared. Out numbered, our dead began to litter the field.

    20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg
    24.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg

    I was by the river when the Emerald Dragon appeared. At first it stood there looking at the battle. Then with a roar it leapt to shore and began killing all before it.

    28.jpg 29.jpg
    30.jpg 31.jpg
    The Emerald Green dragon defeated, Harriet was able to retrieve the crytsal and returned with us to the hall.


    We still have not see a prince but many Jade Clan Orcs are being sent."
    "A lot of them." I shivered remembering the battle. "And it seems others have joined in.

    Harriet nodded, "It is concerning that not all the orcs are from the clan though. I fear we may have to battle again before this is over. She paused gazing into the crystal. "I will take this crystal to the Royal Alchemist and schedule a meeting for us to meet with Rose. The sooner the better."

    "Good. " several of us said.

    Harriet smiled. "Until then keep your eyes and ears open for more Orc news. I must go report to the King immediately. Safe Travels."
    Before we could respond she was gone.

    *Tonight's reward*


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