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D'entraînement De La Garde Royale

By Drakelord, Jan 5, 2017 | |
  1. D'entraînement de la Garde royale

    The city crier had announced that there was to be a meeting at the Serpent’s Hold War room. I made sure to arrive early. As the time for the meeting got closer more and more folks begin to arrive.
    1-4-17 EM Event.jpg
    You see: Commander Chimaera
    1-4-17 EM Event1.jpg
    Kara: hi
    Beastslayer: Hiya Commander!
    Joyce: hi
    Commander Chimaera: Waves
    Commander Chimaera: Evening friends
    Cinderella: Good Evening

    Commander Chimaera: Good to see everyone, tonight. Our communication channel this evening will be EM Event. As always, if you are lost or need help, reach out. I hope everyone had an eventful New Years.

    Commander Chimaera: I had these fireworks suspended by a royal mage
    Purist: they are awesome!
    Drakelord: was quite where I live
    Commander Chimaera: I guess I'm a sucker for festivities
    Cinderella: the royal mage did good
    Commander Chimaera: smiles

    Commander Chimaera: King Blackthorn came to me with some news... A creature spoke to him in a dream. Though we thought the damage had been done by the nefarious alchemists, Eric and Tomas but the fight has only just begun. King Blackthorn thought that containing alchemical energy released by the rift would secure our safety. But, by doing so, we created alchemical radiation. A substance we found to be far more toxic.
    Again, we were able to overcome the toxic radiation. And again. The removal of one alchemical byproduct has left another... Antimatter. For now, the antiparticles are invisible. Undetectable to the naked eye... For now. But as the antiparticles bind together over time. They will form complex antimatter capable of swallowing Britannia into the void. One drawn out black hole

    That is what we need to prepare for... So today, On behalf of King Blackthorn, I'm formally announcing the reinstatement of the Royal Britannian Guard!

    The details of the Royal Britannian Guard ranking and logistics will be discussed at a later date, this month. Because today is training day one. I'm here to recruit new members to fight alongside the King. And to train any soldier that may be a bit rusty. We will need all of your participation to take on this massive endeavor of containing antimatter. So I will ask you all who will stand beside your King to protect your kingdom?

    A thunderous reply of all there met his question.

    Commander Chimaera: *lowers head* Today will be the first day of training out of several. As your commander, I’ve created three challenges for you. First You must fight RBG training golems on a desert beach, I asked the tinkers guild not to make them too tough to start... *grins*
    Once completed, we will move on to the second challenge. You will have to fight similar but more powerful golems in the snow... They will be camouflaged and difficult to see And the training ground will be full of wildlife. The final challenge for today will be to defeat a special golem. This one, I allowed the tinkers guild to use their imaginations. The wildlife is harmless. But it will be difficult to see the training golems through the snow and wildlife. For the final challenge, it will be in a civilian zone a town. You must keep casualties to a minimum! The civilians are all reanimated corpses. So do not worry I'm not asking you to slay townsfolk. *smiles* Any questions?

    Commander Chimaera: Thank you all for being brave... The King will be advised of your participation. So, are we ready for battle?
    1-4-17 EM Event2.jpg
    Once more a thunderous reply met his words, a gate was open and we find ourself in the desert facing our first training mission. Once finish there we moved on to a more wooded area that had snow and ice, somewhere near Vesper, her the golems were far harder to see as well as kill. Our last part was on Buccaneer's Den, here we faced the last of the golems. Once we complete this we all returned to Serpent’s Hold War room to ask questions of upcoming events.

    You see: EM Chimaera

    EM Chimaera: Thank you all for attending the first official RBG event since I became the EM here. No drop tonight, for those that just sat down. The RBG ranks will be posted on sonoma.uoem.net shortly. And a special RP event next week to discuss no combat. Just one announcement. If you want your current rank changed to the new system on your lanterns
    I will do that after the governors meeting, at the RP event, or at the town hall. After that, it stays the way it is.
    1-4-17 EM Event3.jpg
    Drakelord: *claps* oh ya I want my changed

    EM Chimaera: I'll post more details. Was good seeing everyone here tonight. It'll be posted on sonoma.uoem.net

    Thus ends this report

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