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Dev Meet And Greet Europa - June 28th 2016

By Larisa, Jun 28, 2016 | |
  1. devss.jpg

    [Mesanna]: good afternoon everyone, shall we get started?

    [EM Emile Layne]: Ready when you are

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Abraham

    [Abraham Lincoln]: Good evening Lady Mesanna, and thank you for
    journying to the distant land of Europe, home of Tea, mushy peas, and bad techno music. I have just a few questions

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Abraham Lincoln]: the exploit with shadowguard roof that you can afk it with pets, could that be fixed?

    [Mesanna]: yes it can. We have that issue written up

    [Abraham Lincoln]: cool. it would be great if that couldnt be afked anymore.ok, and i know theres been talk of brittle on barbed runics going to 255 dura. I think thats a bad idea because barbed kits are scriptable and no one would hunt anymore

    [Kyronix]: We are talking about all the various balancing concerns and ramifications. Since the issue was brought up at the Drachenfels meet & greet

    [Abraham Lincoln]: thanks, yes its a tricky situation

    [Kyronix]: Nothing is finalized and we are still a ways off from any kind of implementation plan So we thank you for the feedback!

    [Abraham Lincoln]: welcome ! Ok, last question. are there any plans for an official UO forum?Stratics is getting bad, and now its not even a matter of losing your stratics account now theres an administrator who can see everyones IPs, and this person lets just say should not be able to see that.

    [Mesanna]: Yes we are looking at building our own forums but you will only be able to post if your account is active

    [Abraham Lincoln]: i really fear for my personal Real Life information now on that site

    [Abraham Lincoln]: is this thing on?

    [Mesanna]: yes I heard you fear that stratics will get out info they should not

    [Abraham Lincoln]:yes, i dont feel my real life information is safe there anymore

    [Mesanna]: I will not talk bad about stratics, I can only control what is under me. Stratics is not.

    [Abraham Lincoln]: you bring people there by posting

    [Mesanna]: Anything else sir?

    [Abraham Lincoln]: all im saying is, i feel without official forums this game has little time left. Happy Fourth of July !

    [Mesanna]: and I said we were looking into developing our own forums

    [Abraham Lincoln]: I beg of you to support Freedom

    [Mesanna]: and privacy

    [Abraham Lincoln]: thankyou, it just helps to know you listen and care

    [Mesanna]: just be patient

    [Abraham Lincoln]: ok ive taken enough of your time

    [Mesanna]: when we have a final decision we will tell everyone

    [Abraham Lincoln]: thanks again

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Wraith]: hiya

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Wraith

    [Wraith]: couple of questions :) ill try be quick

    [Wraith]: 1. current legendary armour situation has wiped out much of crafting, could runics and imbue system be given a buff ? also only 2-3 spots you can hunt for legendaries anyway and, i hate random armour property, and the fact you even created brittle etc :)

    [Kyronix]: This came up at the Drachenfels Meet & Greet

    [Wraith]: i didnt see that sorry i dont read stratics :)

    [Kyronix]: Crafting, in all its forms, allows you to select which properties you want to a certain degree. Some systems more so and others, but at the end of the day you have a choice in building a suit Or a weapon or whatever

    [Wraith]: its become obselete, you need to see that.

    [Kyronix]: The randomly generated loot is just that, random

    [Wraith]: youve got so many good and bad systems in this game

    [Kyronix]: If you are going for an absolute min/max situation, sure but obsolete is a strong word

    [Wraith]: its the right word ;) ill leave it at that, that point.

    [Wraith]: 2, personal favourite of mine, ever since i started playing, in 98 or whatever, the whole avatar concept was a favourite of mine. is there, could you introduce a bonus/something for achieving knight of all 8 ? :)

    [Kyronix]: It's something we talked about when we finished the last two

    [Wraith]: i know ive been watching for a long time :)

    [Kyronix]: But didn't want to rush getting all eight so we are still concepting it

    [Wraith]: no worries.

    [Kyronix]: Also we need to rebalance some of the exisiting ones, it's written up in our backlog for a future publish

    [Wraith]: re some of the virtues, some are very template specific honour i guess, based around samurai skills. anyways, moving on ;) ill stop there tbh, 2 of my main points :)

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Wraith]: np :)

    [Mesanna]: If you want to go any deeper then email me your thoughts

    [Wraith]: ah ha ! would love to :)

    [Mesanna]: have a good afternoon

    [Wraith]: thank you :)

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Mesanna]: Good afternoon Anna

    [Anna Goodward]: Good day guys

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Anna Goodward]: Everyone was talking to you so I guess I do that too GRins

    [Anna Goodward]: Well. First thing I wanted to ask is whether you guys had any chance to look into this weird targetting bug in EC for player houses. It renders decorating in EC a nightmare. We talked about that by email if you recall, Mesanna

    [Mesanna]: We did talk about letting a ghost image show up

    [Anna Goodward]: Huh?

    [Mesanna]: but there were issues that needed to be fixed. you are talking about placement of items right

    [Anna Goodward]: Yes

    [Kyronix]: House addons or other items?

    [Anna Goodward]: When there is a container under the cursor on floor beneath it is jinxed. As if it tries to drop the item through the floor into that container. Same happens to addons like deed carpets. They might just appear on the floor below in worst case

    [Mesanna]: we are aware of this issue and it is written up. Bleak will have a look at it and see if he can fix it

    [Anna Goodward]: Well, that's something at least. This bug was in KR client, then it was gone in SA until the high seas been patched into If that helps anything

    [Anna Goodward]: Another question would be if you have in mind to bring more "craftables" in. Like for a winery or even making juice or such

    [Mesanna]: we have talked about more liquors etc

    [Anna Goodward]: Sorry, for the rather non combat related questions :D

    [Mesanna]: I think bringing in wine would be nice

    [Mesanna]: its ok not everyone likes fighting

    [EM Emile Layne]: Any more questions Anna?

    [Anna Goodward]: And at last a question out of interrest: Is there anything in the pipe regarding the governor system?

    [Kyronix]: Not right now. One of the more prevalant topics regarding Governors is a request that they be able to decorate within the city, placing items and such and sorry, but that's just not going to happen

    [Anna Goodward]: Ahh well. Was just curious

    [Kyronix]: We have the library of various addons that is still available. We've got a few items in there, but it's not robust enough to put more development into. If you've got suggestions though, feel free to send them in!

    [Anna Goodward]: Shall do, thank you. That be all then. Have nice day

    [Mesanna]: have a great afternoon

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Petra

    [Petra Fyde]: greetings lady and minions :D

    [Mesanna]: evil grin

    [Petra Fyde]: the pet re-vamp is getting closer

    [Mesanna]: Yes it is getting closer

    [Petra Fyde]: Will there be a way to convert our existing pets to the re-vamped stats, or will we need to tame and train all new pets?

    [Mesanna]: You know that it will not be this year right? It is one of the top things on the list for next year though

    [Petra Fyde]: I'm patient :D

    [Mesanna]: alot of planning has to be done to balance these and make the old new again. Personally I can't wait to see Nightmares used and WW's of Old

    [Petra Fyde]: in the past changes to mob stats meant only new ones were affected

    [Mesanna]: the revamp is exactly that old and new will be reviewed it will effect existing pets also yes

    [Petra Fyde]: I remember when squirrels were fixed poor opfasta stayed broke :(

    [Mesanna]: poor baby but it will not happen this time

    [Petra Fyde]: thank you, that is my only question tonight

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Petra Fyde]: thank you for your time

    [Mesanna]: have a great evening

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Lien

    [Lien Ragus]: greetings Milady and Mylords. no real new questions but still old ones if i may. as far as Powder of Fortif is concerned would it be possible to allow the use of either 1 charge or the full pot at once ?

    [Mesanna]: we can talk about putting in a slide bar after its stacked

    [Lien Ragus]: ah they should stack then ? good news :)

    [Mesanna]: yes we are talking about it

    [Lien Ragus]: great !

    [Mesanna]: it might not be a slide bar but you could put in a number

    [Lien Ragus]: my poor hand is thinking you in advance then

    [Mesanna]: we have not come up with a final decision but we understand and we have talked about this several times

    [Lien Ragus]: yes i know sorry for that

    [Mesanna]: its ok

    [Lien Ragus]: but really need to allow my right hand some rest

    [Mesanna]: understand

    [Lien Ragus]: i d like to ask (again) if you could consider adding water tiles as rare drops from some bosses

    [Mesanna]: nope, I would consider adding a pond deed

    [Lien Ragus]: ah nice

    [Lien Ragus]: and my last question is about sailing. would you consider creating an item like a magic wheel or such to shorten the sea travelling not like a recall

    [Kyronix]: So power boats?

    [Mesanna]: isn't that called recall or gate

    [Kyronix]: Basically

    [Lien Ragus]: i meant when sailing to or from the emporium or finding a mib and such

    [Mesanna]: we don't have power boats!

    [Kyronix]: Steamships!

    [Lien Ragus]: it s often asking big time to sail back and forth

    [Mesanna]: yes but we are trying to give your hand a break =)

    [Lien Ragus]: hehehe

    [Mesanna]: with the sailing between locations

    [Lien Ragus]: fair enough okie okie i deserve it i guess lol but would be nice anyway

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it but really no promises

    [Lien Ragus]: yes of course and nothing urgent there just a thought

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Lien Ragus]: thanks for listening and answering

    [Mesanna]: welcome that is what we are here for

    [Lien Ragus]: wish you a nice day

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Hoarse Whisperer]: good evening :)

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Hoarse

    [Hoarse Whisperer]: quick couple regarding the pit. if not in a group takes a long time to complete. is there anything can be done to reduce time for this? not easy to find ppl at times to do it with

    [Kyronix]: We have no plans to change it at this time, it's a fairly straightforward fight even if you are going at it alone

    [Hoarse Whisperer]: is not the difficulty, just the time taken. can be a long encounter solo

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback, we can take another look at it

    [Hoarse Whisperer]: 2nd point, with the 2nd and 3rd waves, the amount of disarm and parry too high even with 120 weapon and lvl3 primer

    [Kyronix]: Something we can also take a look at

    [Hoarse Whisperer]: ok thank you for your time :)

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Livingstone]: Evening all

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Livingstone

    [Livingstone]: I will be quick about it although I am not known for a lack of words. I managed to reinstate 3 of 4 accts after 12 years which is impressive the 4th remains empty. What does one do when [email protected] does not answer?

    [Mesanna]: email me and I will find out what is really going on

    [Livingstone]: ok

    [Mesanna]: in some cases I get that complaint and when I speak to them the email sent to the players has not been answered so just email me and I will look into it

    [Livingstone]: We had a lively conversation then at acct 4 it just stopped. ok then q2

    [Mesanna]: btw I have had Junk mail eat a few of my emails =)

    [Livingstone]: when will tailor bods get some love? They seem pretty useless nowadays....5000 clicks to get...nothing..

    [Misk]: seriously....

    [Livingstone]: I am sure she binned them Misk..but shht..

    [Mesanna]: when we get to the bod revamp

    [Livingstone]: which is...soon? ;D

    [Mesanna]: not this year

    [Livingstone]: heh, ok ;-)

    [Mesanna]: When we get to this point we are in holiday mode to be honest

    [Livingstone]: Well then, rests me to thank you for keeping the game alive while I was erm..sleeping

    [Mesanna]: between halloween, thanksgiving etc we have alot to get done for you guys

    [Livingstone]: and thank the community for all the help on returning ;-)

    [Livingstone]: this is Europa, whats thanksgiving :p

    [Mesanna]: lets get Halloween first

    [Livingstone]: Well, I wont keep you, thanks for keeping it alive

    [Mesanna]: you can't tell me you don't eat turkey

    [Livingstone]: and have a great Halloweengivingthingy

    [Mesanna]: welcome. Thank you

    [Double Tap]: Evening

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Double

    [Double Tap]: i got a few questions ill try be quick. Steam? ever goin to happen? it would save the game

    [Mesanna]: I can't answer that, it was sent to EA for next approval we have not getting it as of yet

    [Double Tap]: well it would be nice

    [Misk]: agreed!

    [Double Tap]: and another, could you add the fill from bag to bod system? as in trade quest pretty please

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it yes, its doable so we will see

    [Double Tap]: aye just copy the code simple. thats all thank you for your time

    [Mesanna]: lol Just is a dangerous word with UO

    [Double Tap]: i know

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Double Tap]: fix something there break something else

    [Mesanna]: exactly

    [Double Tap]: take care

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Climax

    [Climax]: hello. If an item spawns / drops that cannot be POF'd, could you please add the "brittle" tag to these. This way it keeps everything consistent with the current loot/crafting system or allow non-brittle items to be POF'd

    [Kyronix]: Are you talking specifically about rings and jewelry?

    [Climax]: anything. Artifacts, jewels, etc. I can powder my mace and shield glasses for example, but not my newer items they dont say "brittle" its not consistent

    [Kyronix]: It seems like adding an additional item property to do the job the failure message from the PoF already accomplishes

    [Climax]: yes sure but if i sell an item the player wont know this

    [Kyronix]: That's a fair point. It's something we can talk about finding a solution for

    [Climax]: thats what we like to hear :) also in the video "What's New for UO in 2015" you said the new account management was coming in mid May 2015, can we expect it soon?

    [Mesanna]: So we do have an engineer still working on the changes. As you know its a PITA for the players. And its also a PITA to change it safely, but I can tell you that we are going to try to roll out a few changes at a time. One of the first will be linking and unlinking your own accounts

    [Climax]: nice, its so confusing

    [Mesanna]: I agree

    [Climax]: also how about a few items on the new store, dyes etc (like the cleanup ones) btw great job on that

    [Mesanna]: I can't deny any thing said about the account management page, its horrible

    [Climax]: one more quick one about justice virtue. Its hard to find red players to keep my justice up. How about killing an OJ in a town can add some?

    [Kyronix]: This goes back to the question regarding Virtues

    [Climax]: and i would LOVE to see VvV in dungeons

    [Kyronix]: Justice is one of a few that needs a tweak to bring it up to speed with the rest of the PvP climate. Thanks for the suggestions, will add those to the list!

    [Climax]: I would also like to say the new currency system and vendor search are amazing additions to the game recently, thank you for these and last I :heart: KYRONIX ty for your time

    [Kyronix]: Hehe, you gotta thank Bleak for those

    [Misk]: we all :heart: Kyronix!

    [Kyronix]: Although i will be happy to take his karma

    [Climax]: LONG LIVE UO!

    [Tinkerbelle]: Hello Ladies & Gents. I was wondering if its possible to adjust the seed boxes a little and have it so we can select how many seeds we want, not just 1 or all

    [Bleak]: We can look into improving the UI flow

    [Tinkerbelle]: Ui flow? yes as it is tiring having to dig them out 1 by 1 and some times i cant hold all, maybe a slider? to select

    [Bleak]: allowing you to remove a specific amount

    [Mesanna]: Tinkerbell we will look into fixing this

    [Tinkerbelle]: yes please

    [Mesanna]: we have talked about it alot since it takes forever

    [Tinkerbelle]: Thank you! yes indeed it does appreicated

    [Mesanna]: no worries

    [Tinkerbelle]: Thank you have a nice day

    [Mesanna]: You also Tinkerbell

    [Itron]: Hallo Madames and Sirs

    [Mesanna]: hi Itron

    [Itron]: i got 3 topics. first would it be possilbe to have a look at the guild interface it would really kind if we can leave offline message to guild members and can look in alliances who is online and who not. I can see that for my guild.. but not for alliance there might be more topics on that f.e. message from counsellors to GM. could you put some effort in that? hard to see, who is online in alliance

    [Mesanna]: we can look into seeing if it would be worth the time to make this change

    [Itron]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: if it took Bleak 1 month not really worth the change

    [Itron]: second topic, if you go down in dungeon and kill mass monsters, you get lots of message spawns about loyality raising. I would love to switch that message off. loyality to town i mean,my journal gets mass spammed by that, hard to read other messages

    [Mesanna]: that is probably doable

    [Itron]: great

    [Itron]: third question, the new armor you can craft from eodon, and which drops, why cant i enhance it. its studded armor, i got a nice tiger pelt collar

    [Mesanna]: we had addressed this at an earlier Meet and Greet

    [Itron]: ups sorry ok think thats all for now thank you

    [Anonymous]: Here I am again, asking the same thing on All
    Meetings!Can We please get the POF to be stackable

    [Mesanna]: and we answered it earlier I thought

    [Anonymous]: any eta?

    [Mesanna]: that we would look into that when we do the bod revamp

    [Anonymous]: ohh sweeet, so I guess this will be my last time asking

    [Mesanna]: I do not have the specific time at this time

    [Mesanna]: is that it?

    [EM Emile Layne]: Yup, that's all we have I think

    [Mesanna]: Please help me congratulating Bleak. He is our latest newlywed!!

    [EM Emile Layne]: Congrats Bleak!

    [Mesanna]: Thanks for showing up today in such short notice and please accept my apology about yesterday, totally my fault. Email if you have any other comments and watch for the newsletter.

    [Mesanna]: Thank you Europa for having us

    [Kyronix]: Thanks Europa!

    [Bleak]: Thanks Everyone!

    [Misk]: goodbye guys!

    [EM Emile Layne]: Thank you all for coming!

    [Kyronix]: Goodbye!

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