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Dev Meet And Greet On Izumo Summary 11.16/15

This is a summary of the meeting that was held on November 16, 2015 in Izumo.
  1. This is a summary of the meeting that was held on November 16, 2015 in Izumo (Japan shards).

    Japanese player ⇔ EM Asiantam (Translation for both) ⇔ Mesanna · Misk · Bleak

    Remark color :

    EM Asiantam
    Japanese player (Remarks Japanese omitted)
    Other EM

    Mesanna: good evening
    EM Asiantam: shall we start now?
    Mesanna: yes
    EM Asiantam: he is a wrestler
    EM Asiantam: about my armors
    EM Asiantam: do you have a plan to add knucles?
    EM Asiantam: in the future?

    Mesanna: cute idea but no
    Mesanna: increased damage was added from the masteries though

    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: he became stronger!
    EM Asiantam: thanks to Masteries
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    EM Uno: Next?

    player: Hello!
    Mesanna: good evening
    player: nice to meet you
    Mesanna: Nice to meet you also
    player: I love animation items
    player: However, recent items I think as the movement is too fast
    player: I think you want the animation speed of "animation item" to "more slowly"

    Mesanna: I will talk to the engineer about it
    player: Or the player himself, want to be able to set the speed.
    Mesanna: I tend to agree with some of the more recent sppeds
    EM Asiantam: she is glad to hear it
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    player: Please・・・!
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: hi
    EM Asiantam: thank you for taking your time
    player: sorry I'm too large
    Mesanna: he is a big guy =)
    EM Asiantam: according to him Whirlwind attack is not working properly on Bushido Mastery
    EM Asiantam: are you going to fix it?
    EM Asiantam: sorry not a mastery

    Mesanna: Can you tell us exactly what you mean but
    Mesanna: If you could send me the exact issue I would greatly appreciate it

    EM Asiantam: a char with Bushido skill must get damage bonus when he uses WWA
    EM Asiantam: to the all targets
    EM Asiantam: but

    Mesanna: ok
    EM Asiantam: it works on the main target only
    EM Asiantam: not to the all targets

    Mesanna: we have looked into this several times
    Mesanna: and are still trying to reproduce it
    Mesanna: so send me your weapon your using etc
    Mesanna: please

    EM Asiantam: Mesanna
    EM Asiantam: to your email address?

    Mesanna: yes please
    EM Asiantam: [email protected]
    Mesanna: yes
    Mesanna: Thank you

    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    player: thanks
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Mesanna: Hi
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    Mesanna: good evening
    Mesanna: what can we answer for you today

    EM Asiantam: he has a request
    EM Asiantam: about Blackthorn AF
    EM Asiantam: you added Bascinet

    Mesanna: aye that was requested
    EM Asiantam: how about close helm also?
    EM Asiantam: yep

    Mesanna: have no problem with that
    EM Asiantam: and if possible
    Mesanna: I will menition it to Kyronix
    EM Asiantam: how about tiger mask?
    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: now your just getting pushy =P
    Mesanna: no they till stay in Eodon
    Mesanna: not Blackthorn

    EM Asiantam: he is looking forward to it
    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: Good evening
    EM Asiantam: when we are wearing tiger pelt skirt
    EM Asiantam: shoes are not shown
    EM Asiantam: are you going to fix it?
    EM Asiantam: because it's cold in winter

    Bleak: I'm looking into this issue
    EM Asiantam: she is actually wearing it
    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: but you are wearing pelts cave man style =)
    Mesanna: Bleak has the answer

    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    EM Asiantam: she is looking forward to it
    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: next

    Mesanna: Good evening
    EM Asiantam: we cant cast spell in Blackthorn castle
    EM Asiantam: but

    Mesanna: that is on purose
    EM Asiantam: it's dark in the night
    EM Asiantam: can you light up?

    Mesanna: items work
    Mesanna: for this area

    EM Asiantam: you mean lanterns or torch?
    EM Asiantam: right?

    Mesanna: he wants us to place more artificial light?
    EM Asiantam: during Council Meeting
    EM Asiantam: he often fell in the dark
    EM Asiantam: and he cant cast night sight
    EM Asiantam: that's the problem
    EM Asiantam: it's pretty dark I understand that

    Mesanna: ahh so EM can place wall torches
    Mesanna: thank you

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Evening
    EM Asiantam: good evening mesanna and EMs!
    EM Asiantam: I asked a question previously about house customizing
    EM Asiantam: about the Castle
    EM Asiantam: and we get that this time
    EM Asiantam: I really appreciate that!

    Mesanna: You are most welcome
    EM Asiantam: thank you so much for the addition!
    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: welcome
    EM Asiantam: and he has a request
    EM Asiantam: he is asking for a larger lantern
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: for house decoration

    Mesanna: umm we will keep it in mind
    Mesanna: if he has a design he can send me a drawing

    EM Asiantam: he will send it to you
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: thank you
    EM Asiantam: and one more thing
    EM Asiantam: about the roof
    EM Asiantam: the shape of roof
    EM Asiantam: we currently have similar roof with the same angle

    Mesanna: yes and just different designs but you can make a roof in any style you want
    Mesanna: we just don't have rounded ones

    EM Asiantam: in Europe I have seen there are varied roof
    Mesanna: we currently do not have any plans to add new roofs
    Mesanna: but I can check them out for future publishes if we add any

    EM Asiantam: thank you for checking
    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: I will send you some pictues
    Mesanna: wonderful
    EM Asiantam: for your reference :)
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: Evening
    EM Asiantam: about vendor search and localize
    EM Asiantam: last year I asked you to fix some Japanese not shown properly
    EM Asiantam: and that is not yet fixed
    EM Asiantam: she has sent you an email with pictures

    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: I will make sure I get them to the person doing the translations then

    EM Asiantam: no not tha matter of translation
    EM Asiantam: the characters are not shown properly
    EM Asiantam: Japanese characters

    Mesanna: ahh ok
    Mesanna: I will give the email to Bleak

    EM Asiantam: ok
    Mesanna: please make sure you send a screenshot to me
    EM Asiantam: she will resend it
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: he is enjoying ToL
    EM Asiantam: Thank you!

    Mesanna: wonderful
    EM Asiantam: he is a crafter
    EM Asiantam: and he as a request with Shurikens
    EM Asiantam: Ninja Shurikens

    Mesanna: what kind of request
    EM Asiantam: we are able to create 2 at once
    EM Asiantam: but how about increase that to 10 at once?

    Mesanna: what client are you using?
    EM Asiantam: both
    Mesanna: you are talking crafting them right?
    EM Asiantam: yep
    Mesanna: so use the EC client
    EM Asiantam: even in EC
    Mesanna: you can make more than 2 at a time
    Mesanna: then we will check it out of you are saying you can only make 2 at a time
    Mesanna: in any client

    EM Asiantam: you know we need to use Ninja belt to stack Shurikens
    EM Asiantam: that's why I am asking for it
    EM Asiantam: he is saying even in Ec
    EM Asiantam: he can only creates 2 at once

    Mesanna: ok like I said we will have to confirm this
    Mesanna: we have not seen it

    EM Asiantam: so you're looking into it? :)
    Mesanna: yes
    EM Asiantam: ok
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: Evening
    EM Asiantam: About Izumo
    EM Asiantam: eveyone says there are not many ppl so Izumo will be deleted

    Mesanna: not true
    EM Asiantam: is that true?
    EM Asiantam: lol

    Mesanna: If that was true we would start with Mugen and Origin
    Mesanna: So not true
    Mesanna: Let me make myself clear
    Mesanna: we are not deleting any shards

    Mesanna: so since they are having their conversation let me say that tomorrow
    Mesanna: we are publishing out our holiday and vet rewards
    Mesanna: we hope you enjoy them this year

    EM Asiantam: and I think you need to tell them that you're going to cancel Mizuho Dev M&G
    Mesanna: Yes the Meet and Greets in December are canceled
    Mesanna: Mizuho and SP

    EM Asiantam: :(
    Mesanna: we will pick them up after the first of the year
    Mesanna: We hope everyone has a great holiday

    EM Asiantam: thank you Mesanna
    Mesanna: thats all the question?
    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: finish

    Mesanna: *hugs* Merry Christmas
    Mesanna: Please feel free to write up if you have any issues
    Mesanna: thank you everyone'

    Bleak: Thanks for coming out!

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