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Dev Meet And Greet On Mugen 9-26-16

This is a summary of the meeting that was held on September 26, 2016 in Mugen.
By spin, Sep 27, 2016 | |
  1. This is a summary of the meeting that was held on September 26, 2016 in Mugen (Hardcore shards)

    Japanese player ⇔ EM Asiantam (Translation for both) ⇔ Bleak · Kyronix · Mesanna · Misk

    Kyronix: Good morning!
    Kyronix: Or evening as I should say!

    Mesanna: good morning
    Mesanna: shall we begin?

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: good morning
    EM Asiantam: about EM event
    EM Asiantam: it's laggy because of players using illegal tools
    EM Asiantam: here's the name
    EM Asiantam: seems 10 accounts multi boxing
    EM Asiantam: and because you leave them as they are
    EM Asiantam: they are increasing
    EM Asiantam: my client carsh everytime
    EM Asiantam: I get magic storm
    Mesanna: we do because we have no way to catch them except for macroing
    Mesanna]: do you mean telestorm?
    EM Asiantam: he is asking you to add penalty to them
    EM Asiantam: yep
    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: we check them for macroing
    Mesanna: thats the only way we can try to catch them
    EM Asiantam: so you leave them as they are?
    EM Asiantam: no penalty?
    Mesanna: unless we can catch them macroing
    EM Asiantam: then why do you ask us to page GM
    EM Asiantam: we do page them
    EM Asiantam: if it is not a macroing
    Mesanna: thats all you can do , let them do their job then
    Mesanna: nothing we can do
    EM Asiantam: you allow them to use illegal tools?
    EM Asiantam: can you let EM or GM send them to jail?
    EM Asiantam: I got client crash everytime
    EM Asiantam: and telestorm
    Mesanna: NO the GM looks to see if they are there
    Mesanna: then we need to look at your client
    Mesanna: or your system
    Mesanna: Bleak can maybe give some reasons why you crash
    Mesanna: when you teleport
    Mesanna: do you do it when you recall or gate?
    EM Asiantam: not only me who crash
    EM Asiantam: I have evidence
    EM Asiantam: pictures or movies
    Mesanna: we are done with the multi boxing issue
    Mesanna: I am asking about your crashing
    EM Asiantam: everytume I get crashed
    Mesanna: which client do you use
    Mesanna: classic or enhanced?
    EM Asiantam: classic
    Mesanna: how often do you get telestormed?
    EM Asiantam: every event
    EM Asiantam: he gets crashed
    EM Asiantam: and sometimes
    EM Asiantam: he gets 3 times crashed in 1 event
    EM Asiantam: he is insisting this is because of the multi boxers
    Mesanna: No its not
    Mesanna: if that was true it would be happening on many shards
    Mesanna: its something else causing it

    Mesanna: good evening
    EM Asiantam: Housing menu
    EM Asiantam: there are owner, co-owners are shown
    EM Asiantam: can you make change to the menu gump to show is this account is active or not, with the date?
    EM Asiantam: that we applied game time to the account
    Mesanna: of the owners/co-owners?
    EM Asiantam: yes when did they apply game time codes to their accounts
    EM Asiantam: so she won't miss to pay :)
    EM Asiantam: for game time codes
    Mesanna: thats alot of work to do on our side
    Mesanna: most just use a spreadsheet
    Mesanna: if they have multi accounts to pay for
    EM Asiantam: she is asking because many players left UO when they lost their houses
    Mesanna: I understand
    Mesanna: but what you are asking for is not an easy task
    Mesanna: and we are already tasked out for all next year
    EM Asiantam: she is sad to see many players left UO because of this
    EM Asiantam: and lost many valuable items
    Mesanna: so are we but that is not anything we have in our schedule for now
    Mesanna: I will keep it as an idea
    Mesanna: but no promises at all
    Mesanna: =)
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: about peacemaking
    EM Asiantam: he is a bard and always cooperating with other players
    EM Asiantam: however
    EM Asiantam: he never gets points
    EM Asiantam: when he does Zipactriotl or Void pool
    EM Asiantam: can you fix it?
    Mesanna: peacemaking is not an aggressive act
    EM Asiantam: he sings for 11 hours at void pools
    EM Asiantam: but he was out of the ranking
    Mesanna: we have spoken about this several times
    Mesanna: it doesn't seem fair you are assisting others to get their rankings imo
    Mesanna: we will talk about it again
    EM Asiantam: thank you for looking in to it

    Mesanna: gretings
    EM Asiantam: about pub 95
    EM Asiantam: can you add Medusa scale as resources?
    EM Asiantam: so we can create armors?
    EM Asiantam: how about adding stmina +8 bonus
    EM Asiantam: do you like this idea?
    Mesanna: for medusa scale armor?
    EM Asiantam: yep
    EM Asiantam: adding scales as resources
    EM Asiantam: we know they are hard to obtain
    Mesanna: I got that part
    Mesanna: we do not have time to come up with new armor
    Mesanna: but I like putting the useless resources
    Mesanna: as something useful
    Mesanna: you can use them now for the lenses
    EM Asiantam: how about near future?
    EM Asiantam: is that going to happen?
    Mesanna: lol its not in our plans at this time
    Mesanna: but we will add the idea
    Mesanna: to our list of suggestions
    EM Asiantam: okay
    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I am EC user
    EM Asiantam: there are many English instructions
    EM Asiantam: I can't get them
    EM Asiantam: do you have a plan to translate them into Japanese?
    Mesanna: can you give me an example
    Bleak: What sections are you refering to?
    Mesanna: of something that is not translated?
    EM Asiantam: Bride Vendor
    EM Asiantam: toggle
    EM Asiantam: how about ask him to send some pictures?
    EM Asiantam: if he send those pictures
    Mesanna: we have gotten alot of it translated
    EM Asiantam: would you mind if he send it to Mesanna?
    Mesanna: if you send me screenshots we will look into it
    EM Asiantam: [email protected]
    EM Asiantam: he will send them
    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: thank you its just an oversight

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: good morning
    EM Asiantam: do you have a future plan to add mastery to Blacksmithy or other crafting skills?
    EM Asiantam: for example
    EM Asiantam: adding bonuses to repairing or reinforcing
    EM Asiantam: I want something interesting to crafting skills
    Mesanna: no we are addressing those in other ways in the future
    EM Asiantam: ok
    Mesanna: we are adding alot of new skills to the BOD system
    Mesanna: where you will be able to get useful rewards
    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it
    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: about new quest
    EM Asiantam: they are expensive imo
    EM Asiantam: particularly on Mugen
    EM Asiantam: can you look into it?
    EM Asiantam: to make them same as other shards
    EM Asiantam: for example
    EM Asiantam: anchors
    EM Asiantam: they cost about 3 times
    EM Asiantam: from other shards
    EM Asiantam: please look into it
    Mesanna: same as siege
    Mesanna: which Mugen is fashioned after
    Mesanna: except you guys have a trammel
    EM Asiantam: so it won't be changed?
    Mesanna: This is automatic because of what Mugen is
    Mesanna: no it will not change
    Mesanna: unless we change the rules of Mugen completely
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Good evening
    EM Asiantam: we can move our skills by soulstone
    EM Asiantam: but how about out status?
    EM Asiantam: STR DEX INT
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?
    Mesanna: Hrm
    Mesanna: we would have to talk about that one
    EM Asiantam: are you going to add it to the list?
    EM Asiantam: :)
    Mesanna: yes we will
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: good evening
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: congrats to 19th anniv!
    EM Asiantam: about crafting skills
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: In the latest newsletter
    EM Asiantam: you mentioned about the new skills to be added to BODs
    Mesanna: thats correct
    EM Asiantam: do you have a plan to increase the max skills to 120 for those 6 skills?
    Mesanna: not at this time
    EM Asiantam: in the near future?
    Mesanna: no we are not going to be increasing those 6 skills
    Mesanna: above 100 at this time
    EM Asiantam: she means the max 120
    EM Asiantam: exceeding GMs
    Mesanna: not at this time
    EM Asiantam: not going to happen?
    EM Asiantam: ok
    Mesanna: we are not adjusting it
    Mesanna: never said we would not be doing it
    Mesanna: just not right now
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Player: hi
    Player: Regarding the bug of "Fortune Teller" on Enhanced client,
    Player: This bug is that
    Player: When I use "Fortune Teller" on Enhanced client,
    Player: I can not see the fortune-telling result by putting a cursor on the cards like Classic client.
    Player: I received your reply that "the issue is known and bleak will have to fix that" on 28th July 2015.
    Player: But, it is not yet fixed.
    Player: Bleaaaaaaaaaaaak!
    Player: One year passes!
    Player: I seem to transform to Super Saiyan for anger!
    Mesanna: lol
    Player: When is it fixed?
    EM Asiantam: you're already Saiyan
    EM Asiantam: your hair
    EM Asiantam: lol
    Bleak: So the tooltip is not updating?
    Player: I can not use fortune teller here.
    Player: k
    Bleak: I will look into this issue more
    Mesanna: thank you
    Player: ok. thx.

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: congrats to 19th anniv!
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: I have a plan to hold an event on TC 1 soon.
    EM Asiantam: do you have a plan to wipe out TC 1?
    EM Asiantam: and also,
    EM Asiantam: is that restricted to PEC event to be accnounced in Event calendar?
    Mesanna: we do not have any plans to wipe it at this time
    Mesanna: why tc1?
    EM Asiantam: he wants to hold housing design contest
    EM Asiantam: so he wants to invite players all over the world
    EM Asiantam: and he has a plan to connect each house by house teleporters
    Mesanna: thats alot of teleporters
    Mesanna: so it would be better for you if it was wiped
    EM Asiantam: not he wants it stayed
    EM Asiantam: after players build houses on TC1
    EM Asiantam: he will copy teleporters from his shards ;)
    Mesanna: have fun
    EM Asiantam: he will send you details by email

    Mesanna: greetings
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: I often page GM in game
    EM Asiantam: but no responses
    EM Asiantam: am I doing something wrong?
    EM Asiantam: I sent email to support
    EM Asiantam: but because it was in English
    Mesanna: What time of day are you paging?
    EM Asiantam: he is not answering your question but
    Mesanna: I will fix this
    EM Asiantam: he is insisting because he need your fix for potion issue
    EM Asiantam: he learnt certain recipes however he can't create them
    EM Asiantam: and on the other hands
    EM Asiantam: he can create one he hasn't learnt
    EM Asiantam: can you please fix it?
    EM Asiantam: he came from Asuka
    EM Asiantam: I assume he is talking about his char on Asuka
    Mesanna: page a GM on Asuka he can fix you
    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: about BODs
    EM Asiantam: I am looking forward to it
    Mesanna: great
    EM Asiantam: because there will be 6 new skills
    EM Asiantam: I suppose there will be many BOD to collect
    Mesanna: not really new skills
    EM Asiantam: yep
    Mesanna: but yes
    EM Asiantam: newly added
    EM Asiantam: sorry
    Mesanna: new things to do with the skills =)
    EM Asiantam: my bad translation
    Mesanna: its ok
    EM Asiantam: so I suppose we cannot manage them all by current BOD books
    EM Asiantam: I mean storange
    EM Asiantam: storage
    Mesanna: right we have not gotten to the books yet
    EM Asiantam: so you have a future plan to add some changes? :
    Mesanna: yes we have plans to do this
    EM Asiantam: he is looking forward to it
    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: wonderful
    Mesanna: will give us more to do

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: apart from PVP is there any way to earn virture of Justice?
    EM Asiantam: for crafters
    EM Asiantam: please
    Mesanna: why on your crafter?
    EM Asiantam: I am doing various things and crafters are most useful on Mugen
    EM Asiantam: when I returned to UO
    EM Asiantam: everyone was glad to see me as a crafter
    Mesanna: Can I ask you why you would want justice on a crafter?
    EM Asiantam: because he wants be an Avatar
    EM Asiantam: he wants his virture gump all colored to show he is an Avatar
    Mesanna: we have talked about how the virtues need an update
    Mesanna: but we have other things to do before we touch that system
    EM Asiantam: sorry about that
    EM Asiantam: but I understood
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Player: hehe Evening!
    Mesanna: hi
    Player: hmm
    Player: 14th Year Rewards (Shard Transfer Shields) Mugen is Nothing.
    Player: so, just need other "14th Year Rewards" in Mugen.
    Player: (Not want Shard Transfer Shields).
    Player: :p
    Mesanna: we put in new items every year
    Mesanna: we are not going back to add an item for one shard sorry
    Mesanna: for Siege and Mugen
    Player: so, Nothign Mugen?
    Mesanna: that was 2 years ago and we have added many choices
    Mesanna: so no we are not going back to add a special reward for Siege and Mugen
    Player: cry!!!
    Mesanna: sorry
    Player: OK
    Player: cry..

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: I am enjoying lockpicking treasure box in dungeons
    EM Asiantam: at Exodus Dungeon
    EM Asiantam: I am enjoying it and appreciate about this new additions
    EM Asiantam: but there is only one problem
    EM Asiantam: I think it is too difficult to lockpick
    EM Asiantam: for example I can open lv 3 treasure box by magery
    EM Asiantam: but when I use lockpicking
    EM Asiantam: I need a bunch of lock picks to open one box
    EM Asiantam: and those lock picks all have differenc charges
    Mesanna: have you tried the special lock picks
    EM Asiantam: we cant stack them
    Mesanna: that help with this
    Mesanna: that you can find in treasure chests
    EM Asiantam: yes he is using
    EM Asiantam: but it ends up soon
    EM Asiantam: how about let us craft skeleton keys?
    EM Asiantam: that special lock pick
    Mesanna: then people would stop doing treasure chests
    Mesanna: lol
    EM Asiantam: skeleton keys
    Mesanna: defeats the purpose of putting useful items in them
    EM Asiantam: according to him he get it broken more often than before
    EM Asiantam: when you did revamp of treasure chests
    EM Asiantam: and then how about make it lighter?
    EM Asiantam: they are too heavy
    EM Asiantam: we need your aid
    EM Asiantam: for lockpicking
    EM Asiantam: please
    EM Asiantam: let us craft them or make lock picks lighter
    Mesanna: we will look at the skill but doubt we will change the weight on the fishing chests
    EM Asiantam: they are too heavy
    EM Asiantam: not a chest, lock picks
    EM Asiantam: they are too heavy
    Mesanna: we will talk about it
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    EM Asiantam: last
    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: in Mugen
    EM Asiantam: many people loves deco items
    EM Asiantam: especially rubbles
    EM Asiantam: it is very hard to obtain rubbles in Mugen
    EM Asiantam: because we don't have many other valuable items
    EM Asiantam: do you have any future plan to bring rubbles back?
    EM Asiantam: craft, replica, or any other way
    Mesanna: no no more rubble
    Mesanna: you can craft walls and floors now
    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Thank you for having us this morning Mugen
    EM Asiantam: thank you Mesanna!
    EM Asiantam: :D
    EM Asiantam: and devs!
    Mesanna: anytime
    Mesanna: thanks guys!
    Mesanna: waves

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