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Dev Meet And Greet On Sakura 3-21-16

This is a summary of the meeting that was held on March 21, 2016 in Sakura.
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  1. This is a summary of the meeting that was held on March 21, 2016 in Sakura (Japan shards)
    NEWS - [UO.Com] New Dev Meet and Greet Schedule

    Japanese player ⇔ EM Asiantam (Translation for both) ⇔ Bleak · Kyronix · Mesanna · Misk

    Mesanna: good morning
    EM Asiantam: Good morning
    EM Asiantam: let me know when you're ready Devs :)
    Mesanna: we are ready
    EM Asiantam: k

    Player: morning
    Mesanna: morning
    Player: wanted to ask for new items for the community collection areas
    Player: vesper museum and
    Player: brit lib

    Mesanna: we have not added any in a while
    Mesanna: are you asking if we could?

    Player: and the loot changes
    Player: made most very weak

    EM Asiantam: sorry one question please
    Player: yes please
    Mesanna: we will add it to our list and see what we can do for a future publish
    Player: ty vm

    Mesanna: welcome
    Player: Hello!
    Player: about 'Honesty' Virtue System.!!
    Player: when i buy item from NPC vendor, it Honesty is Automatically low down,
    Player: so, i can't keep my Honesty Virtue, i can't go Knight of Honesty.
    Player: i want b apply choice my self.like sacrifice Virtue, not auto use.
    Player: hope build up my Honesty Virtue. can change it plz?

    Kyronix : That's a good suggestion, we hope to address the virtues as a whole
    Kyronix : Now that we have all the virtues in

    Player: hehe nice
    Kyronix : For a future publish
    Player: ok understand
    Player: ^^

    Kyronix : Thanks!

    Player: morning
    Player: following up from 2 weeks ago q&a
    Player: i asked about running old events for 20th anniv
    Player: i saw you poseted on thread on stratics

    Mesanna: yes and we have been reviewing the events listed
    Mesanna: some are possible some would not be

    Player: did you need me to do anything more for you to get suggestions
    Mesanna: alot of them are invasions
    Player: yes because you can do them anytime
    Player: and shard wide

    Mesanna: we understand
    Mesanna: any suggestions of the events you enjoyed would be good

    Player: i loved the generals
    Mesanna: just remember the way they were written in the past might not be exactly the sane
    Mesanna: because the story is completed

    Player: and the halloween one with the book
    Player: understood

    Mesanna: remember also
    Mesanna: some areas are redone
    Mesanna: so we would not be abl;e to do them exactly the same

    Player: :)
    Mesanna: but giving you the feel of the past
    Mesanna: yes we could do that

    Player: yes but ty for considering doing them
    Mesanna: most welcome
    Player: cyas

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: Good evening Devs and EMs
    EM Asiantam: I have a one request
    EM Asiantam: Blackthorn artifacts
    EM Asiantam: can you add Dragon Helm to Blackthorn Artifacts
    EM Asiantam: that's all :)
    Kyronix : Sure we can add that to the backlog
    Player: thx
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I have a request
    EM Asiantam: about Magery
    EM Asiantam: can you make it stronger
    Mesanna: we have made adjustments
    EM Asiantam: I think nowaday what useful is Armor Ignore only
    Mesanna: so please define stronger
    EM Asiantam: so do you mean Mastery?
    EM Asiantam: what we've done?
    EM Asiantam: for magery skills?
    Mesanna: they are all in the patch notes
    Mesanna: what does she think she would do to make magery stronger

    EM Asiantam: she says they are not really useful
    Mesanna: is an armor ingore stell something they are asking for
    EM Asiantam: no she's saying
    Mesanna: then she should write up what they would like to see and send it it us for evaluation
    EM Asiantam: Armor Ignore is only what useful nowaday
    Mesanna: are you more into pvp or pvm?
    EM Asiantam: PvMer
    Mesanna: remember this guys
    Mesanna: we have a hard enough time putting mobsters in the game that you can not one shot
    Mesanna: now you would like for us to give you a way to kill what we put in even faster?
    Mesanna: thats a vicious circle

    EM Asiantam: yes she is requesting for Magery Skills
    EM Asiantam: not about Boss Mobs
    EM Asiantam: but she says their resists are too high
    EM Asiantam: so escept for Warriors
    EM Asiantam: except for warriors
    EM Asiantam: Mage has no chance to fight
    EM Asiantam: I suppose many mages are feeling same
    EM Asiantam: can you please think about it?
    EM Asiantam: please?
    Mesanna: we can discuss it more
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I'm a VvV player on Sakura
    EM Asiantam: there are many players using illegal tools
    EM Asiantam: Especially
    EM Asiantam: the guild
    EM Asiantam: Zody
    EM Asiantam: they are running twice a faster than us
    EM Asiantam: can you look into it?
    Mesanna: what client do you use?
    Mesanna: classic or ec>

    EM Asiantam: Classic
    Mesanna: ok the EC is faster than the classic
    Mesanna: just so you know
    Mesanna: but yes when you see this you need to page into the GM
    Mesanna: for them to try to observe it

    EM Asiantam: yes she understands
    EM Asiantam: but
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: she supposes
    EM Asiantam: that you have already been received many complaints
    EM Asiantam: so please read them
    EM Asiantam: have you seen it?
    Mesanna: I do read them when I get them in
    Mesanna: and I also forward them to the correct people to address them

    EM Asiantam: but I can't see you are actually doing something with it
    EM Asiantam: are you working on it
    Mesanna: thank you I will pass it along
    EM Asiantam: so are you working on it?
    Mesanna: no we are not
    Mesanna: that is the responsibility of the GM's
    Mesanna: but first you should try the EC and see the difference in the speed
    Mesanna: write [email protected]

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I have a request
    EM Asiantam: I want a mount
    EM Asiantam: that two people can ride
    EM Asiantam: is that possible?
    Mesanna: lol umm it would talk a whole lot of work
    Mesanna: alot of issues to resoive
    Mesanna: like who controls etc

    EM Asiantam: I was thinking to take out my friends for sight viewing
    Mesanna: Kryonix says a 2 hump llama
    EM Asiantam: around Britannia :)
    Mesanna: ahh ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: thank you
    Mesanna: we had added it

    EM Asiantam: cute suggestion

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: can you change soul stone
    EM Asiantam: I'd like to use it inside my pack
    Mesanna: how so
    EM Asiantam: is that going to happen?
    EM Asiantam: inside the backpack
    EM Asiantam: possible?
    Mesanna: no then you create a big mess
    Mesanna: people changing skills on the run
    Mesanna: that would not be fair

    EM Asiantam: thank you
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Asiantam: understood
    EM Asiantam: :)
    Mesanna: most welcome
    Mesanna: thanks for understanding

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: about RB
    EM Asiantam: simple question
    EM Asiantam: why did you change their colors?
    Mesanna: the issue was to enhance the art ankh and the outer edgings like the newer books
    Mesanna: to make them when you dye then they are the same hues as the newer runebooks
    Mesanna: it was not to cause isses with the older books

    EM Asiantam: she is saying that she used to sort RB by colors
    EM Asiantam: like
    Mesanna: I get that
    EM Asiantam: for Dull she added town runes
    EM Asiantam: but
    EM Asiantam: as you can see
    EM Asiantam: they are now
    Mesanna: and we all understand the old colors do not match the new ones
    EM Asiantam: very hard to identofy
    EM Asiantam: identify
    Mesanna: you can dye those books
    Mesanna: they will just be a different hue than the older ones

    EM Asiantam: she is saying
    EM Asiantam: this is worse in Classic
    EM Asiantam: than EC
    EM Asiantam: can you look into it?
    EM Asiantam: so her question is
    EM Asiantam: can you revert for Classic
    EM Asiantam: not EC
    Mesanna: we can look at the hues to see if they line up but we are not removing the art change
    EM Asiantam: thank you
    EM Asiantam: :)
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I like the new quest
    EM Asiantam: thank you very much!
    EM Asiantam: are you going to close it?
    EM Asiantam: or still going on?
    EM Asiantam: valley of one quest
    Kyronix : No, it will exist forever
    Kyronix : As long as we are around at least :)

    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: we have pretty much stopped doing quests that only last a month
    Mesanna: to much work for a small group to do that

    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: ;)

    Mesanna: greetings
    EM Asiantam: I'm a crafter
    EM Asiantam: about Stone crafting
    EM Asiantam: I'm EC user
    EM Asiantam: I can't use stone engraver
    EM Asiantam: like this one
    EM Asiantam: from EC
    EM Asiantam: are you realized of it?
    EM Asiantam: can you fix it?
    Mesanna: oh sure
    Mesanna: we will add it to our list
    Mesanna: of things you can engrave

    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: this issue is
    EM Asiantam: particular to EC though
    Mesanna: we will look into it
    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I like the cards we can get from Chocolate nuts crackers
    EM Asiantam: but now we only have 4
    EM Asiantam: are you going to add more in the future?
    Mesanna: we can
    EM Asiantam: If so
    EM Asiantam: Dawn, Blackthorn and British
    EM Asiantam: I want their cards
    EM Asiantam: if possible
    Mesanna: There are several we can add
    Mesanna: good suggestion

    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    Mesanna: welcome
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: Valley of One quest
    EM Asiantam: I'm a animal tamer
    EM Asiantam: I take my Greater Dragon with me
    EM Asiantam: oplease be advised
    EM Asiantam: that
    EM Asiantam: sometime my Greater Dragon is captured in the newly spawned cage
    EM Asiantam: now I try to solve the issue by logging
    EM Asiantam: but
    EM Asiantam: is there anything that you can do?
    Kyronix : That's a bug we will have to fix
    Kyronix : Thank you for reporting it

    Mesanna: Greetings
    EM Asiantam: I have a request
    EM Asiantam: there are many titles
    EM Asiantam: like Veteran titles
    EM Asiantam: but as we can't show more than one of them
    EM Asiantam: how about adding badge or soameting alternative to titles
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?
    EM Asiantam: or a trophy that we can place at home
    EM Asiantam: with our titles
    EM Asiantam: you know we cant wear more than one of them
    Mesanna: we will have to think about this
    Mesanna: you want to display all your titles earned?

    EM Asiantam: right
    Mesanna: let us think about that
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: hi
    EM Asiantam: about small soul forge
    EM Asiantam: I cant combine Runic Tools by small soul forge
    EM Asiantam: can you change this?
    EM Asiantam: when I try this I get a message that I need to stay near the soul forge
    EM Asiantam: can you fix it?
    Mesanna: we can make sure that is added to be recognized
    Mesanna: thats a pretty simple fix

    EM Asiantam: so are you going to add it into the list?
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: thank you
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    Player: My English is not good, soeey.
    Mesanna: its ok
    Player: in Formosa pieces
    Player: We do not have EM
    Player: So no activities
    Player: Can you help us?

    Mesanna: on which shard?
    EM Asiantam: Formosa
    EM Asiantam: Taka is gone
    Mesanna: yes I am looking for a new EM
    EM Asiantam: :(
    Player: yes
    Mesanna: EM Taka had to leave because of RL issues
    Mesanna: If you know of anyone that would like to join our team please have them contact me

    EM Asiantam: hope we can get one soon :)
    Player: oh ok thx
    EM Asiantam: thank you
    Mesanna: most welcome

    EM Asiantam: done
    Mesanna: Thank you Sakura
    Kyronix: Thank you Sakura!
    Mesanna: and watch out for the next newsletter
    Mesanna: Have a great evening Sakura!!

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    PROS - Great information.
    CONS - None
    Nicely done. The way you organized the questions makes it easy to follow. Nice to see new questions.