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Developer Meet And Greet Arirang ~ June 19th 2017

By Larisa, Jun 19, 2017 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    Mesanna: Welcome, shall we begin?

    Tionne: Morning, my only question is for you M'lady, when will we get the Sea Dragon Stable Master back on Sonoma? It is still missing from when the Animal Taming quest went live. The tower is in need of it. His name was Varssurvious and he swam just outside the gate area. And could you PLEASE turn the town criers off across Sonoma, we are so tired of hearing them reminding us that EM Chim is no longer with the program. Thank you.

    Mesanna: Greetings Sindala

    Sindala: Greetings, I have only one question today for you all. Will you restore the artwork of the Phoenix to the original? The new artwork has ruined the Phoenix and it's 18 years of history. A poll on Stratics is 70% in favor of it being restored as nobody asked for the artwork to be changed anyway, not PvP or PvM.

    Mesanna: Currently we have no plans to change it back.

    Sindala: Why was it changed?

    Mesanna: Because it looked like an eagle, and the phoenix is far from an eagle.

    Sindala: It makes it impossible to do the turtle spawn now, 400 phoenixes all looking the same. It had 19 years of looking like an eagle and nobody complained, now 70% want it changed back, it looks like pokemon now...

    Mesanna: We have good artist that are able to correct those issues, you are entitled to your opinion sir.

    Sindala: As are 70% of Stratics users, nobody asked for it?

    Mesanna: Do you have any other questions?

    Sindala: not at this time, just disappointed.

    Mesanna: Okay have a great morning.

    Cinderella: Greetings!

    Mesanna: Good Morning Cinderella

    Cinderella: Can you make the map show where our pets are? Many times my pets have teleported away and I have to run around to find them.

    Mesanna: This might be possible in the EC Client, probably not in Classic though.

    Cinderella: Okay thanks, thank you for all your hard work

    Mesanna: Welcome

    Mesanna: Morning QQ

    QQ: Hi, can you remove Simidar's hatred against male chars?

    Mesanna: lol

    QQ: 95% of pvm warriors are female because of this

    Mesanna: No, that's her personality, she hates males.

    QQ: It's been so long, she must have found her peace by now, can you check with her again?

    Mesanna: Not sure, you know how we hold a major grudge sometimes :)

    QQ: !!! I'll keep hoping! Thanks.

    Mesanna: She will go to her grave with the grudge

    Mesanna: Greetings Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy: When will we see the new castles?

    Mesanna: Oh, we have to build a tool for you guys to build a new design castle on TC! The drawings we got were just way too hard to figure out. I will let you guys know when the tool is available on TC!

    Cotton Candy: Okay thanks

    Mesanna: Most welcome

    Mesanna: Greetings Zero

    Zero: Wondering game today uses 4K resolution and we currenly have 1280, does UO have any plan for above 1280 screen resolution?

    Mesanna: That is a question for Bleak but we are limited due to client. We can ask Bleak and answer it in a newsletter though.

    Zero: Wondering I remember there was a Beakdu shard for Korea but it just disappeared for some reason, is there any shard merge planes for Korea shards?

    Mesanna: I am not familiar with that shard, when was this?

    Zero: Just wonders if Korean shards can merge into one but I think is not possible due to housing?

    Mesanna: Ahh there were not enough players it just closed in 2002.
    Merging shards in UO is harder because of housing.

    Zero: Thank you

    Mesanna: Most welcome

    Tm.Handlake: When will you be able to pay atime coupons in Korea Origin?

    Mesanna: I was not aware that you could not, I will address this and give you guys an answer later.

    Tm.Handlake: He killed like 20k Cu Shides but couldn't see gold one at all, and he heard that the number of rare colored creatures are shard limited, is this true or is it just by chance?

    Mesanna: They are shard limited, it's just random.

    Tm.Handlake: Forg, which was the only fansite left is now closed and it is now hard to communicate with UO players. Currently there is EM Website but does not support forum function so we are having community issue. Is there anything you could do for the community?

    Mesanna: Oh, well, I think that's the question I should answer as well....not sure I understand the question completely.

    Translator: I think he wants some forum function in uo.com or my website...EM website I mean.

    Mesanna: We do not support Stratics, we are currently working on getting our own forums and should be done in the near future.

    Translator: His last question recently one of Korea MMORPG Lineage launched Lineage M for Mobile, he wonders if there are any plans for mobile version or something app that interact with UO.

    Mesanna: We are not working on a mobile version but that would be awesome.

    Translator: He thanks you

    Mesanna: Greetings Jasmin

    Jasmin: Hello, pet slots, I have an issue with my frost mite. Apparently overnight he upgraded himself from a 4 to a 5 and my combat training bar is still there and it's red but he can't gain?

    Mesanna: One moment

    Jasmin: Ok

    Mesanna: Not aware of a reason why, but I do know that Bleak is working on pet issues.

    Jasmin: I was gonna finish him that night but got sleepy and did hit the button to start it then logged so he's a 5 slot with training bar stuck up but he had another round lol.

    Mesanna: We are working on this so be patient, we will try to explain better during a newsletter.

    Jasmin: Ok I also have some masks made by you on my home shard, do you still change the hue on these?

    Mesanna: sometimes when I have time, been pretty busy with the publishes and the party.

    Jasmin: I'd greatly appreciate it, I've had them for awhile and no meet and greet on GL for awhile.

    Mesanna: We have one every year.

    Jasmin: It's been awhile since GL hasn't it?

    Mesanna: It's on the list, I post every month

    Jasmin: ok also are we for sure getting new castle layouts eventually?

    Mesanna: I have already answered this question but yes we are going to pick 2 of the new designs.

    Jasmin: ok I'm sorry I try to keep up with the notes but I am guessing sometimes I miss it too.

    Mesanna: No worries, have a great day.

    Mesanna: Greetings Icehat

    Translator: I am not sure if I am understanding his question correctly as I don't use the EC, but he is asking about a backpack bug that when he is trying to drag backpack A, suddenly backpack B dragged. Is there any problem with backpack drag in the EC? Known bug or something?

    Mesanna: We have not heard of this issue, are you using Pinco's? And what are his backpack settings?

    Translator: No he don't use it anymore he used to but not now

    Mesanna: Is he using legacy containers?

    Translator: He just set legacy container

    Mesanna: One sec, Misk is trying to figure out what's going on. What backpack style is he using?

    Translator: Backpack style?

    Mesanna: Yes there are different designs

    Translator: He is using default

    Mesanna: Can he change it to a style and see if it still works or is broken
    Translator: Is there any plans for Korean GM who can speak Korean because they are having problem with speaking English and hard to get any support from GM's prehaps due to time zone?

    Mesanna: We have no plans at this time to add to the GM's but I do agree to you being supported. Hopefully in the future we can increase the numbers on the shards to justify adding a Korean GM.

    Translator: Thank you for the answers!

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Translator: Currently firehorn does fire damage only but is there any plan for adding different elements? Like poison damage, cold damage etc.
    Mesanna: No we have not come up with any plans for adding other types of damage.

    Translator: Understood, that's all he wants to ask.

    Mesanna: Oh okay have a great day.

    Lovely Bones: Good morning

    Mesanna: Greetings Lovely

    Lovely Bones: If you engrave a "Blessed" Dagger, does it lose it's blessed status?

    Mesanna: Yes it's still blessed

    Lovely Bones: I've accidently put one in a trade order quest and lost it, would hate to do that again..okay thanks, have a good day.

    Mesanna: We can check it out.

    Arin: Hello

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Arin: I was wondering if there are any plans to add the item bless deed back to the clean up points?

    Mesanna: No we do not have plans to add it.

    Arin: It would be nice to bless a cameo or slither!

    Kyronix: we want your insurance money!

    Mesanna: And if we do, it's going to cost way more then what was put in originally, it was way too easy to get which flooded the market.

    Arin: Yes I agree, thank you for your time.

    Mesanna: Thank you, and thank you for having us Arirang, any unanswered questions will be listed in the newsletter, have a great day everyone!

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