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Developer Meet And Greet, Atlantic Shard Oct. 17th 2016

By Larisa, Oct 18, 2016 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    Mesanna: ok missing a few members, they will be here in a bit
    Mesanna: hi Gator
    Gator: hi. Wanted to tell you the granite comodity deed still not working and to ask if bods might get an auto fill function?
    Mesanna: can you be a little more specific
    Gator: the type does not show after you log in and out. all say granite not val or ver
    Mesanna: after you log in and out the name on the commonity deed goes away?
    Gator: yes
    Mesanna: ok let us look at that again. what was your other issue
    Gator: wanted to ask if we can get auto fill for bods
    Mesanna: one sec talking to bleak
    Mesanna: we might not get it in the publish coming out but we will look at it
    Gator: ok tyvm

    Mesanna: Hi Mike
    Mike: hi. I was wondering if the new bods skills will get runics
    Mesanna: the only ones are the new ones, fletching and carpentry
    Mike: still need to go to heartwood :(
    Mesanna: no
    Mike: oh
    Mesanna: you can get the current ones thru the bod system
    Mike: oh the other 4 no runics you meant
    Mesanna: for now yes
    Mike: ok ty was curious
    Mesanna: we have not added any additional ones like cooking etc
    Mike: ahh ok ty
    Mesanna: Hi Viper
    Viper: hi. I want to know if you had any chance to look at party loot and why it doesnt increase with the addition of party members
    Bleak: This is still underway. Once this next publish is out the door we can put more time looking into it
    Viper: ok ty

    Seraphim]: hello
    Mesanna: hi Seraphim
    Seraphim: need to cut and paste just a sec
    Seraphim: could you look at the SA dungeon the rat renown's Vitavi, Tikitavi and Rakktavi. They seem to have an inordinately high amount of hitpts
    Seraphim: most times people leave them undone and no one wants to bother and spwn gets left undone
    Mesanna: we will look at them
    Seraphim: ty vm

    Ora: hello
    Mesanna: Hi Ora
    Ora: thanks so much for the north and west fancy couch and loveseat, but i cant use a furniture dye tub on them
    Mesanna: oops, that is our mistake easy fix, thanks for letting us know
    Ora: can we have changeling costumes
    Ora: my pixie used to turn me into one but now it doesnt
    Mesanna: we can add it to our list, we will do it for next year
    Ora: and one more thing
    Ora: could you maybe let us unmount the mounted pixies for deco please
    Mesanna: lol nope, that would require new art for that
    Ora: well thanks for your time

    Steven: hail
    Mesanna: Hi Steven
    Steven: so idocs are falling at weird times not on the 5 10 15 mark, some times they fall early, why is this?
    Steven: osi are the worst. i seen a osi grealy just fall never go idoc
    Mesanna: OSI houses are not IDOC houses, if we get them they are way past the recovery stage
    Mesanna: they either have to be manually deleted due to the fact that some are bugged
    Steven: but some reg one still falling early
    Mesanna: are you saying they are falling maybe a day early? or is it hours early
    Steven: no hour to 2 some times
    Steven: like a 3pm go idoc should fall 8 and some time it falls at 6 or 7, its bugged
    Mesanna: so it is a matter of a few hours
    Steven: was told it was 5 10 15
    Steven: if u can look in to it be great
    Mesanna: sure but there are alot of variables, server maintenance etc
    Steven: ok
    Mesanna: but we will look at it

    Ice cold: hay hay
    Mesanna: hi Ice
    Ice cold: 2 things one can u dye my mask eheh
    Ice cold: and 2 can we get some thing for band-aids
    Mesanna: go away =P
    Ice cold: went u die then dont fall to ground
    Mesanna: wait
    Ice cold: when i play my dexr it blows dieing and then u cant heal
    Ice cold: like a thing in bag bless kinda like a quiver but for aids
    Mesanna: are you asking for a container that hold bandages so you don't have to pick them up?
    Ice cold: nope just to stay on your body
    Mesanna: we will talk it over

    Mesanna: hi Britannic
    Britannic: Good evening, Messana and all the developers.
    Mesanna: Good evening
    Kyronix: Hello!
    Bleak: Hello
    Britannic: First, as a fellow software developer, thank you for all the hard work you do. I understand the position of trying to please everyone and not being able to do so. So kudos for all that you do do.
    Mesanna: *nods*
    Britannic: My question: Can you do something to address the graphical gliches in the enhanced client. Specifically, the bleedthrough of special effects from floors below to floors above.
    Mesanna: yes we can look into the special effects, that is actually something that bothers us also
    Britannic: And second can you fix the color of dragons in the EC as well? They are all "red" in the EC even through they may be red or brown in the CC.
    Mesanna: working on the dragons for the pet revamp
    Britannic: Awesome! Thank you.
    Mesanna: batting 100 so far
    Britannic: That was all for me. Again, thank you for your time. It is appreciated.
    Mesanna: most welcome
    Mesanna: we are happy to get the dragon fixed also
    Britannic: =) Me too as a tamer it drives me nuts
    Mesanna: agreed

    Mesanna: hi Nia
    Nia: Hail Developers!
    Kyronix: Hello!
    Nia: Also, I would like to thank you for all your hard work.
    Mesanna: thank you
    Nia: Would it be possible to make it so that unmarked recall runes can stack? It's a pain to have to move them around one at a time to the top level of your backpack if you working on runebook, etc.
    Kyronix: Perhaps. You wouldn't be able to mark a stack of runes
    Nia: No, but when you cast mark on a stack just pop one off and put in the backpack if there is room. If there is no room it drops to the ground.
    Kyronix: Targetting the stack could be problematic. Would have to look into it
    Nia: Just a thought. That was all.
    Kyronix: Thanks for the suggestion!
    Nia: Again, thank you for your time whatever comes of it. Have a great night.
    Mesanna: You also

    Drowy: Hi
    Mesanna: hi Drowy
    Kyronix: G'evening
    Drowy: I got 2 questions
    Drowy: First one: Will we ever see the gargoyle versions of the shadowguard artifacts
    Drowy: or at least a way to alter all of them, maybe except the hawkwinds robe because there wasnt a gargoyle version?
    Kyronix: Sure, this is something we can look into. There's an issue in our system already
    Drowy: ok
    Drowy: Second one: Can we get a better way to acquire Iron Beetle Scales? At the moment there is just one spawn of 3 and it takes about 5 minutes for them to respawn. The drop rate is about 25% and you need 200 of the scales if you want advance from tier 2 to tier 3 from Zosilem quest. This takes like forever and there should be some tweak to it, please. Ty.
    Mesanna: that seems like a lot, we will look at it
    Drowy: tyvm
    Mesanna: welcome
    Drowy: Thats all for today :)
    Mesanna: thank you

    Silent Bob: Hail Lords and Lady of Broadsword!
    Mesanna: Hi Silent Bob
    Kyronix: Well met!
    Silent Bob: With the advent of new BODs, has any thought been given to their storage?
    Silent Bob: I am terribly concerned about how much BODs already impinge on storage.
    Silent Bob: And is it legal to store BODs on books on vendors?
    Mesanna: yes it is, you can store them on a vendor
    Silent Bob: I worry with the proliferation of bods that my house will be full of nothing but. Will the new bods have their own books?
    Mesanna: we are not going to be changing the storage at this time, we want people to turn them in not horde them
    Silent Bob: aye but if u get a new one fore each u turn in you end up with alot of bods
    Mesanna: we have not come up with a good solution to be honest
    Silent Bob: thanks for your consideration, have a great evening

    Noah: hi
    Mesanna: hi Noah
    Noah: i have a question about account age
    Mesanna: ok
    Noah: could we pay to age an account that was lets say started in 98 but only gets vet rewards for 4 years paid
    Mesanna: we have talked about it, just have not come up with a fair solution as of yet. not really fair to the vets
    Noah: can you buy a token to age your acct?
    Mesanna: as stated we have it on our discussion board but have not come up with a good solution
    Noah: thx for your time
    Mesanna: welcome

    a tiger: *hi there*
    Mesanna: hi Tiger, sorry didn't mean to pass you up
    a tiger: *i just came back from 14 years off and i wanted to say thanks for keeping the game alive*
    Kyronix: Welcome back!
    a tiger: *no worries. i do look like a pet*
    a tiger: *thanks*
    a tiger: *i dont have a question. just wanted to say hi and meet you guys*
    Mesanna: ahh nice to meet you
    a tiger: *thanks everyone*
    Mesanna: and hope you are enjoying being back
    a tiger: *i am fun so far* *thanks again*
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Mesanna]: hi Muchi
    Muchi Muchi Munn: Hello my Queen, I wanted to ask two small things about pvp.
    Muchi Muchi Munn: 1) will you make a mastery for alchemy ?
    Mesanna: how about this, right now we not have anything on the plate so why not do this for me. email me your ideas so we can have it when we start discussing it again. I have been getting a few great ideas in emails which really help
    Muchi Muchi Munn: Ok my Queen I will. My second question
    Muchi Muchi Munn: I wanted to ask if you have any plans to make town buff for reds to revamp the pkers again
    Mesanna: That is in discussion also
    Kyronix: It's something we've talked about, no concrete plans yet, Still in the concepting phase
    Muchi Muchi Munn: great. Thanks a lot for your time and for all you do for uo

    Izaya: Good Evening!
    Mesanna: hi Izaya
    Izaya: I was wondering if EM bosses could have a more lethal skillset implemented into them
    Mesanna: the bosses are set up per the EM's and can have alot of scripts on them
    Mesanna: I will say this, they have made them harder and I got a call to come debuff them
    Mesanna: are you talking about on Atlantic? or a different shard
    Izaya: yea... some of the bosses just die in like 15 seconds and that's due to the unattended macroing just having a free ride on them...
    Izaya: I'm not just refering to atlantic
    Mesanna: you are mistaken, if you do not hit the mobs they do not get a reward or a chance at one. Healing also of course
    Izaya: I understand but there's a lot of throwers just following after one character at these events lately so I figure if everyone is dead at some point at least it will be a much fairer playing field
    Mesanna: so you want stomp on every mob, thats a good way to die every time
    Izaya: I wouldn't say stomper but an opening stomp wouldn't be to bad
    Mesanna: lol what shard, are you talking this one or all shards
    Izaya: well I can say for example lake austin on saturday that must've died in less than a minute
    Mesanna: I will talk to the EM's, thank you for the feedback
    Mesanna: remember some of those are new EM's also
    Izaya: I'm not faulting them
    Mesanna: they have to see what works and what doesn't
    Izaya: I just figured for future bosses to make it more fairer it would be nice if they were harder
    Mesanna: I will talk to my EM's and get their feedback also
    Izaya: =) thank you for your time, have a good evening
    Mesanna]: thank you, you also

    Hysteria: Greetings, I have two questions for you.
    Mesanna: hi Hysteria
    Hysteria: Are any of the changes that are written on stratics finalized regarding archery finalized?
    Hysteria: err I mean are any of the changes set in stone*
    Mesanna: We do not control Stratics
    Hysteria: Any confirmation?
    Mesanna: we do have our own Wiki though
    Hysteria: It's been said that swing speed would be capped at 1.5 now instead of 1.25?
    Bleak: That thread is only a discussion, nothing is final
    Hysteria: Also, coke or pepsi? I'm more of a pepsi kind of guy myself.
    Mesanna: I like coke
    Kyronix: Definitely coke
    Hysteria: Hm thx
    Mesanna: pepsi is sweeter =P

    Mesanna: hi Return
    Return of Ron: Howdy :)
    Return of Ron: I just returned and transferred here becasue there was no pvp on Sonoma, Do you have any plans to entice former pvpers to return? Obviously there are still alot of pvm players :)
    Mesanna: yes we do
    Return of Ron: Can you get into specifics?
    Mesanna: yes we do have plans so keep an eye on the newsletter for more details
    Return of Ron: Thank you

    Ma Nerva: hi
    Mesanna: hi Ma
    Ma Nerva: i have concerns over mibs, seems its getting worse, i can open a hundred and get no white ancient sos. We used to get 5 ish per 100 opened
    Mesanna: we can look at it
    Ma Nerva: thank you
    Mesanna: but we have not made any changes to the delivery rate
    Ma Nerva: it got worse around hi seas
    Ma Nerva: also can we get a pie dispenser turned
    Mesanna: lol no
    Mesanna: wait a pie dispenser?
    Ma Nerva: its hard to host a pie fight with no pies, this would of been perfect for a pie fight
    Mesanna: your EM's can make them
    Ma Nerva: ill ask him thank you
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: hi Kozilek
    Kozilek: Hello can we get a mouseover display for pets that has age/owner & a craftable spittoon deco & can we get more health healed when a wondering healer res's us
    Mesanna: the pet request for age/owner, we have had a request to hue something on the pet to show its theirs like a blanket, saddle, something along those lines, is that what you are talking about?
    Kozilek: i mean like just move the mouse over it and it has it where it shows the name
    Mesanna: we will look into it but it would depend on the owners to display it
    Kozilek: how about spittoons added to tinker menu & more health when resed by a healer
    Mesanna: not sure about the spittoon and we will talk about the healer
    Kozilek: thank you all for everything
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Blessed: *removes hat* Hello Mesanna
    Mesanna: Greetings Blessed
    Blessed: I wanted to ask two fast questions if possible
    Blessed]: 1) can we get on the uo store somekind of machine that we put in the house and it searches the items we have in the house. something like vendor search but for houses
    Mesanna: we have talked about that. Bleak is trying to see if we can do that
    Blessed: I would buy many
    Blessed: nice nice
    Mesanna: like where something is etc
    Blessed: aye, it would be amazing I would deffo buy some
    Blessed: and last question
    Blessed: will you ever make a world tour again?
    Mesanna: I don't know, it got a little out of hand, first few were alot of fun then I started getting cussed out, not worth it for me
    Blessed: I see :(
    Mesanna: to be honest if I could figure out a way yes I would love to do them
    Blessed: great let's hope, thank you
    Mesanna: Atlantic would be hard I think lol
    Blessed: ya atlantic is a beast
    Mesanna: but atleast I would get to kill everyone
    Blessed: aye, do a felucca event! we will be ready
    Mesanna: Oh god lol
    Blessed: hehe
    Mesanna: might have to, only the strong will survive
    Blessed: aye we are prepared
    Mesanna: I will see
    Blessed: old vet pkers :) thanks again
    Mesanna: *hugs* anytime
    Blessed: have a good evening everyone
    Mesanna: you also

    Mesanna: hi ISIS
    ISIS: i just want to thank you guys for all you guys do and that is it :_). will it be uo in Russia server?
    Mesanna: oh a Russian server
    ISIS: yes
    Mesanna: I will talk to our IT person and see what he says
    ISIS: Thanks and have a Blessed night :)
    Mesanna: you also

    Pink Dragoness: I have to announce to you Master Ivesters arrival, your biggest fan!
    Mesanna: ok thank you
    Pink Dragoness: will you ever add the primers to the clean up points pls
    Mesanna: we might down the road, they are still pretty new
    Pink Dragoness: will you tear down Nujelm, we need more rubble
    Mesanna: lol no it stays
    Pink Dragoness: *grins*
    Mesanna: lol you mean destroy a city
    Pink Dragoness: Moonglow
    Mesanna: thats funny
    Pink Dragoness: yes like the great house fall we had and the maggy city. tear something down let us have some of it
    Mesanna: lol
    Pink Dragoness: :]
    Mesanna: we will talk about it, but its not on our list
    Pink Dragoness: thank you

    Merlin: Hello. Thank you for coming to Atlantic. I hope you and the development team can get to this shard more often.
    Mesanna: hi Merlin
    Merlin: First question for you… something I would ask you add into the next newsletter.
    Merlin: Can you give an official explanation of how the Eater properties work on armor and gear? Something that has a formula and example possibly?
    Mesanna: yes I can do that
    Merlin: The publicly available examples on the internet are few and far between and not quite clear or concise.
    Mesanna: I can do that
    Merlin: Comment for you: Thank you for allowing some developers, like Bleak and Kyronix, to reach out to Stratics for comments, such as those regarding changes in PVP. It has been a hot topic of discussion lately. I hope your team finds the feed back from the Stratics crowd to be valuable.
    Merlin: Next question... regarding Shadowguard roof encounter. Will you be adding bosses to the roof encounter any time soon? so that the final four bosses would always be different rather than the same four?
    Kyronix: Not in the immediate future, but Shadowguard was built to be expanded on So the oppurtunity is there
    Merlin: Ah. Thank you.
    Merlin: Last question… any sneak peak or new information you can share about upcoming publishes, specifically the pet revamp ? =) Alot of people are buzzing about it .
    Mesanna: I promise as soon as we get final details we will give more information. I will say that the first big publish of next year is a pet revamp
    Merlin: Good to know. thank you for the confirmation.
    Mesanna: specific details will be released at a later date
    Merlin: Well thats all I have. I hope you enjoy your time on Atlantic and plan to return soon.
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings
    WarbrosNumberOne: Good evening
    Mesanna: long name =)
    WarbrosNumberOne: I had a question about the upcoming steam integration release, will there also be Any exclusive promotional bonuses either granted for logging in through the version client, or otherwise sold as downloadable content
    Mesanna: Steam is not going forward until EA allows it and they have not given permission
    WarbrosNumberOne: Also will the Animal Taming Mastery book bonuses from eodon still be as significant after the pet system revamps?
    Mesanna: yes it will be. we are not going to step on what we just put in
    WarbrosNumberOne: Sounds good, thank you
    Mesanna: thank you, good night

    Mesanna: Greetings
    Amythis: hello, are there any events for crafters?
    Mesanna: Yes there is
    Amythis: thank you
    Mesanna: we are working on one for xmas actually
    Kyronix: HUUUGE Holiday Crafting event!
    Mesanna: I think you guys will enjoy it
    Amythis: oh, very nice, thanks
    Mesanna: Kyronix has been working hard on it
    Amythis: have a good evening
    Mesanna: you also

    Ivester: hi my beautiful queen of many moons :)
    Mesanna: hi Ivester
    Ivester: i had a question about luck
    Ivester: my luck suit is currently at 2050
    Ivester: and i was wondering if it was high enough to have a succesful chance of asking you out to dinner :)
    Mesanna: *spits tea*
    Mesanna: Ask my husband first
    Ivester: omg :(
    Mesanna: psst Misk is his luck good enough?
    Ivester: ok well he is a lucky lucky man
    Misk: I will go to dinner with you!
    Ivester: omg
    Mesanna: *laughs*
    Ivester: my apoliges my lady
    Mesanna: Thank you for the invite
    Ivester: yes :)
    Mesanna: Have a good evening

    Julieanna: => Hi Mesanna Hello all
    Mesanna: Greetings
    Julieanna: hey i just have two ques
    Julieanna: are we ever gonna get to ride that greater or just keep dragging him about ?
    Mesanna: well if we are good you might see a version for 20th
    Julieanna: nice
    Julieanna: and last will they ever make luna as nice as other banks on the Uo shard? make it pretty
    Mesanna: well I have decorated alot of the luna banks
    Julieanna: they are beautiful
    Mesanna: I don't want to create more lag no matter what, I can add a few things here
    Julieanna: just wished Luna in atl would get a lil update
    Mesanna: I can do that
    Julieanna: thank you, nice meeting you as well
    Mesanna: I just need some colors to work from
    Julieanna: well the ones u have done are really nice
    Mesanna: thanks
    Julieanna: just a lil color would be nice
    Mesanna: I can do something tasteful inbetween my other issues
    Julieanna: perfect thank you for ur time
    Mesanna: most welcome

    Patriarch: ello mah lady
    Mesanna: Greetings
    Patriarch: curious to know if we can make turn in points account wide like other currency
    Mesanna: this has been brought up before, we would have to rework the system
    Mesanna: so its time vs reward honestly
    Patriarch: is it possible to make a garbage can bigger then?
    Mesanna: ? explain?
    Patriarch: like more than 125 items at a time or one that can instantly delete items like at the bank that we can lock down at home
    Mesanna: well we have to protect people, we can toggle it to delete immediately but if someone puts something they want in there its gone, no way to get it back
    Patriarch: you can insert a menu similar to imbuing
    Mesanna: you mean a warning gump
    Patriarch: yep
    Mesanna: like are you really sure you want to delete this
    Patriarch: you are about to do something dumb do you accept?
    Mesanna: we will talk about it
    Patriarch: if they agree to it then its a done deal. cool thanks
    Mesanna: but we would not accept any responsibility for trash
    Patriarch: wouldnt expect you too, there are many ways to lose items in this game
    Mesanna: yes there is
    Patriarch: well thats all I have
    Mesanna: ok have a good evening
    Patriarch: thanks for letting us play another year
    Mesanna: anytime

    Mesanna: hi Hobo
    Hobo Joe : hello, so I got a couple for you. Some are related. I noticed a few bugs with ships. the powder charges when removed from deed but to 10 stones each you have to unstack and restack to fix.
    Mesanna: stacking issue what is written up was brought up earlier, we are going to look at that.
    Hobo Joe: the logs you get from ship loot dont show type on commodity deed and magincia vendors dont reconize them
    Mesanna: wait, they do not recognize the logs or the deeds?
    Hobo Joe: nope, not the ones from merchent and pirate ships
    Mesanna: which one
    Hobo Joe: they reconize normal logs from the ship but any other type they dont show wood type just says logs
    Mesanna: ok we will loook at it
    Hobo Joe: not ash or oak and magincia vendors wont take them
    Mesanna: ok we will look into it Hobo
    Hobo Joe: then want to know if we can get more custimazition on ships, not as crazy as house but things like decals for ship sails and sides.
    Mesanna: we will review that when we redo that system

    (I lost power at this point and did not get the rest of the questions asked, I know there were at least 5 or 6 more people in line so if anyone has those, that would be great!)

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