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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Baja ~ December 10th, 2018

By Larisa, Dec 11, 2018 | |
Average User Rating:
  1. DevsChristmas.jpg

    [Kyronix]: Good Evening everyone

    [Kyronix]: We'll begin in a few minutes

    [Kyronix]: In the meantime feel free to take this oppurtunity to silence your interdimensional communication spells

    [Kyronix]: As well as powering down any enchanted printing presses, steam powered blacksmithy presses

    [Kyronix]: Or other noise causing trade tools

    [Kyronix]: We would also like you to take note of the nearest exit

    [Kyronix]: Which may be located behind you

    [EM Obsidian]: <---

    [Kyronix]: In the event of a tsunami the Castle is equipped with flotation charms

    [Kyronix]: Which will propel all occupants into the sky

    [Kyronix]: Unfortunately the landing mechanism is still in development

    [Kyronix]: We should all be fine

    [Kyronix]: You lot, likely not so much

    [Kyronix]: At this time we would invite you to sit back and relax and enjoy
    the Meet & Greet

    [Mesanna]: Evening all

    [Mesanna]: shall we get started

    [Mesanna]: pull someone

    [In The Shadows]: Good Evening!, let me copy and paste pls

    [In The Shadows]: 1st) Congrats for you all for the latest publish!

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [In The Shadows]: 2) I am here to ask again, to you guys to listen Us the players

    [In The Shadows]: regarding idocs, we do have a Life outside UO, u know? and wait

    [In The Shadows]: 15 hours for a house to collapse 90% of the time is Hard and than

    In The Shadows]: wait 2 more hours to re place the house is even harder.

    [In The Shadows]: you do realize you are making this game for the scripters only

    [In The Shadows]: like the famous idocperson, so would you pls again look into

    [In The Shadows]: and have them falling at least 5-10 hours and to replot make random

    [In The Shadows]: from 20 min to 1 hour, instead of the current 20-2 hours

    [In The Shadows]: current system is very hard

    [In The Shadows]: :)

    [In The Shadows]: 90% fall at 15

    [Mesanna]: Thank you for your feedback

    [Mesanna]: we have it on the list to look at in a future publish

    [In The Shadows]: we asked b4

    [In The Shadows]: aand you said Bleak would look into 2 years ago

    [Mesanna]: and he did make changes

    [Mesanna]: several years ago actually

    [In The Shadows]: at least short the time

    [In The Shadows]: 15 hours to much and 2 hours to plot

    [Mesanna]: so we appreciate your feedback

    [In The Shadows]: thanks

    [In The Shadows]: and merry Xmas

    [Mesanna]: and we do have it on the list

    [Mesanna]: but we have alot of things on the list

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: evening and thank you for this chance to speak

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: I have a couple problems, mainly because of the small population of mine home

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: shard, Sonoma. I was a governor of one of the cities for a very long time and it

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: ended up on me making sure to keep a city trade deal going, but the cost of

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: 2million a week is high and even with running five items per trade is is not helping.

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: Then there is the Kampus runs, people are not doing the island runs mainly

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: because they have to take a boat if they wish to get credit for that run, taking the

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: moongate only nail the fact you will not see Kampus. I am not running this period

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: for governor and will accept any request to assume that mantel ever again.

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: Mine other problem is the EM events, for us to have 3 events a week one has to

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: *month

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: be a white net tossing, we have the governors meeting (1), The story arch event

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: (2) and a net tossing event, but all net are supplied by the players, I have donate

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: well over 100 nets for most of the year. I rather have a EM event that is a part of

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: the Story Arch then any more net tossings.

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: that is all and thank you

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Kyronix]: Well I just had a look at all the stones here on Baja, the lowest one is sitting at 6 million

    [Kyronix]: With the majority in the 12-15 million rnage

    [Mesanna]: You are talking about Obsidian right

    [Kyronix]: And some much higher then that

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: Nope Sonoma

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Kyronix]: That being said we are constantly looking at ways to increase city revenue

    [Mesanna]: so you came to Baja to complain about the sonoma EM right?

    [Mesanna]: what I want to ask first is

    [Mesanna]: have you spoken to him about this

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: well not really complaining as he is a good one

    [Mesanna]: before I do

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: I just wish to let the net tossing go as I am not giving up any more white nets as they are costing

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: a million per net to purchase across other chards and then to keep

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: a trade deal open

    [Mesanna]: thats fine, but I am sure he would listen to you guys

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: while governor there

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: I hope

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: as I feel he will be'canceling the Gov meetings there

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: as NO one will be coming'as only 3 city are running'

    [Mesanna]: I will be happy to tell Xanthus not to do them

    [Mesanna]: as long as you guys talk to him also

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: thank you

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: we shall'

    [Arwyn Sonoma]: Merry Christmas all

    [Mesanna]: constructive communication helps

    [Mesanna]: Merry Xmas

    [Kyronix]: Merry Christmas!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Amber Witch]: thank you EM OB

    [Amber Witch]: Greeting

    [Amber Witch]: Thank you!

    [Mesanna]: nice

    [Amber Witch]: two things if I may this evening

    [Amber Witch]: Gardening contracts

    [Amber Witch]: the cost is 10K+ for 2 weeks for one plant

    [Amber Witch]: the Maginicia garden has something like 150 plants

    [Amber Witch]: some of us like to tend them

    [Amber Witch]: and myself

    [Amber Witch]: but it would cost milions to do it regularly

    [Amber Witch]: I ask that the prices be reevaluated

    [Amber Witch]: for us non-platters

    [Amber Witch]: second is

    [Amber Witch]: Clothing design contest....

    [Amber Witch]: don't kill me

    [Amber Witch]: lol

    [Mesanna]: clears throat

    [Amber Witch]: but would it be possible for a contest to be held..

    [Amber Witch]: umm

    [Amber Witch]: never mind

    [Amber Witch]: get me out of here

    [Amber Witch]: seriously

    [Mesanna]: ok sooo

    [Amber Witch]: consider a contest similar to what housing contest is now happening

    [Amber Witch]: that's my 2 cents

    [Mesanna]: True but clothes are different

    [Amber Witch]: how so if I may ask?

    [Mesanna]: We can take suggestions

    [Mesanna]: and we can take concepts

    [Mesanna]: but we can't take the original art

    [Amber Witch]: so ideas.... and take it from there...

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Amber Witch]: that would be a lot of work for someone

    [Mesanna]: like first we would start with specifics

    [Amber Witch]: I imagine

    [Mesanna]: and any guidelines the artist might have

    [EM Obsidian]: This is one where you want to hand-draw your ideas

    [Amber Witch]: that's a good start

    [Amber Witch]: so it could be entertained

    [Mesanna]: it is an idea

    [Amber Witch]: ayup

    [Amber Witch]: it is that

    [Mesanna]: I would be really curious as to what you would like to see

    [Mesanna]: but you can email those

    [Amber Witch]: I think that is something for the forum

    [Mesanna]: just ideas that is

    [Amber Witch]: did you see the thread on UO.com?

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Amber Witch]: if not take a peak

    [Mesanna]: I have seen it

    [Amber Witch]: Maybe post something

    [Mesanna]: don't you like the boots

    [Amber Witch]: see what people come up with

    [Amber Witch]: I love these boots

    [Mesanna]: oh theme stuffs

    [Mesanna]: might be an interesting idea

    [Amber Witch]: ok. I don't want to take a lot of time

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Amber Witch]: I know others are patiently waiting

    [Amber Witch]: Merry Christmas aLL

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Shinzo Abe]: Hello, I would first off would like to say In The Shadows in dead on. Please Look into idocs.

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Shinzo Abe]: it's a big part of peoples game play and i know alot don't do them because of it.

    [Shinzo Abe]: my question is why is everyone forced into VVV and stat loss?

    [Shinzo Abe]: its like the old factons

    [Shinzo Abe]: i hated the system so we never joined.

    [Kyronix]: Stat Loss keeps battles from ending in stalemate, by providing penalty for defeat

    [Shinzo Abe]: now with the VVV you are forced if you want to fight to have stat loss.

    [Shinzo Abe]: ya i understand that but

    [Shinzo Abe]: what if there are three guilds

    [Shinzo Abe]: and two guilds vrs your guild you will lose everytime

    [Shinzo Abe]: just because of numbers and the system

    [Shinzo Abe]: we all enjoy the fights.

    [Kyronix]: Sometimes its a numbers game, sometime it's a tactics game - all depends on the situation

    [Shinzo]: i don't feel you should be forced to play in stat

    [Kyronix]: VvV is an opt-in system though - you aren't forced into unless you decide to join VvV

    [Kyronix]: or you engage other VvV players

    [Shinzo Abe]: you still have stat loss

    [Kyronix]: This was a huge problem with factions - i.e. the blue healer problem

    [Shinzo Abe]: they get the advantages of all the gear

    [Shinzo Abe]: but you get stat loss

    [Kyronix]: They too get stat loss

    [Shinzo Abe]: but why us if we don't want gear?

    [Shinzo Abe]: doesn't seem fair to me

    [Kyronix]: Because otherwise you can roll on VvV players without any penalties

    [Kyronix]: Which was a huge problem with factions

    [Shinzo Abe]: yes but you get gear benfeits

    [Kyronix]: The gear is nice, better stuff is available outside of VvV for sure

    [Shinzo Abe]: so say if your guild is disliked and the other guilds form a alliance.

    [Shinzo Abe]: then you have no chance of ever doing anything unless you have like a million people

    [Shinzo Abe]: because your always in stat

    [Kyronix]: You have definitely put a lot of thought this out, what I would suggest is starting a thread

    [Kyronix]: On the forums so we can open it up for discussion

    [Kyronix]: This way we aren't limited by time here or snippets of information

    [Shinzo Abe]: on uo.com?

    [Kyronix]: Yea forum.uo.com

    [Shinzo Abe]: ty. it has really affected our gameplay.

    [Kyronix]: Thank you for the feedback!

    [Shinzo Abe]: ty

    [Shinzo Abe]: when is

    [Shinzo Abe]: the bext ultima party?

    [Shinzo Abe]: next

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: no clue yet

    [EM Obsidian]: Roughly 1200 days

    [Shinzo Abe]: im ready

    [EM Obsidian]: For the 25th

    [Shinzo Abe]: we came to the 20th

    [Mesanna]: I think doing something every other year would be great

    [Shinzo Abe]: yeah

    [EM Obsidian]: !

    [Mesanna]: we will see

    [Shinzo Abe]: Kyronix said we can use his house

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Kyronix]: I'll have to get more dishes

    [Mesanna]: pitching tents in the yard

    [Mesanna]: these guys are beer drinkers

    [Shinzo Abe]: just have the bbq people bring some

    [Shinzo Abe]: i am going to post a thread

    [Mesanna]: ok Merry Christmas

    [Shinzo Abe]: i appericate everything you guys do. keep up the good work,

    [Shinzo Abe]: merry xmas

    [Mesanna]: we look forward to hearing from you

    [Kyronix]: Merry Christmas!

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Das Dreadstink]: aarp!

    [Das Dreadstink]: huggies Obie

    [Das Dreadstink]: sos mees habe a few tings

    [Das Dreadstink]: first ob all dod yoos tink dat yoos eber make da goblin a new race?

    [Mesanna]: we have not thought about it, what do you want a goblin to do?

    [Das Dreadstink]: ebery one is always tellin usins to sit down

    [Das Dreadstink]: can yoos gibes usins knees?

    [Mesanna]: lol not without a lot of work

    [Das Dreadstink]: usins no habe dem points

    [Das Dreadstink]: otay well mebbe sumting fr usins too ride

    [Das Dreadstink]: ?

    [Das Dreadstink]: usins gots bery short legs and dems get tired fast

    [Mesanna]: like a little pig?

    [Das Dreadstink]: a goat

    [EM Obsidian]: Goats!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Das Dreadstink]: Rosy lhers likes goats

    [Das Dreadstink]: goats bees bery goos fer usins

    [Mesanna]: mounted goblins really do sound funny

    [Das Dreadstink]: mees habe to go into hummy form to ride mees doggy

    [Das Dreadstink]: iffin mees want to get to da fights and keel sum ting

    [Mesanna]: but not sure there are enough to support such a big task

    [Mesanna]: little saddles on miniture horses

    [Das Dreadstink]: *grins* yerg dat bees bery nice iffin dat could bees done

    [Das Dreadstink]: and last ting

    [Mesanna]: yes sir?

    [Das Dreadstink]: noboddy eber can seebs mees cause mees like yoos and mees blend in wiff da floor

    [Das Dreadstink]: can mees bees purply?

    [EM Obsidian]: Ohh, new color for goblins?

    [Das Dreadstink]: nerg just fer mees fer today

    [Das Dreadstink]: sos mees can go runnin awound and nobody steppin on mees

    [Das Dreadstink]: fer once

    [Das Dreadstink]: mees like cheesie too

    [Das Dreadstink]: iffin yoos eber habe some to share

    [Das Dreadstink]: grins

    [Mesanna]: lol let me test first before I would dye you

    [Das Dreadstink]: laffs otay

    [Das Dreadstink]: tank yoos fer wistening to mees

    [Das Dreadstink]: ooo

    [Kyronix]: Gah!

    [Das Dreadstink]: deres a goblin bing bing

    [Kyronix]: It burns the eyes!

    [Das Dreadstink]: nerg hims purty

    [Das Dreadstink]: hims a step

    [Das Dreadstink]: laffs

    [Das Dreadstink]: like da step melty on da floor

    [Das Dreadstink]: christmassy colors is purty

    [Das Dreadstink]: ooo

    [Mesanna]: I can't it will mess you up because its a uniform

    [Mesanna]: we will look at color for you later

    Mesanna]: how about that

    [Das Dreadstink]: oh otay tank yoos bery much

    [Das Dreadstink]: dat bees goos

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas little one

    [Das Dreadstink]: Merry Chrismassy to yoos too

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: YAY

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: ARRP Big Hummiez

    [Kyronix]: Ho Ho Hollo

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez jus ahb uh kouiple ob questions to clarify tingz

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: kause hummiez tell meez difernrnt liez all da time

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: MISSING STRING

    (Here it seems the comm crystals glitched out and I missed what SweetPeez asked but I am assuming it has something to do with Governors votes)

    [Kyronix]: I don't know off the top of my head what will happen

    [Kyronix]: If you are running unopposed

    [Kyronix]: And do not get any votes

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yerg

    [Kyronix]: But it is best to at least have 1 vote

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: umm den betta safe den sorrie

    [Kyronix]: Surely you can convince one citizen to vote for you!

    [Mesanna]: true

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: hehe meez wuz hoping to keep da vote to help da firendz

    [Kyronix]: Every good politician votes for themselves

    [Kyronix]: Just sayin

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez dooz all da time :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: MISSING STRING

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: (meez gunna test it but jhelom at da end dis year )

    (Again comm crystal glitch, asking about the Artisian Festival Tree and # of points needed to grow the tree)

    [Mesanna]: one sec looking into it

    [Kyronix]: It should be the whole value of the turnin, not the banked value

    [Kyronix]: Then when you reach enough the tree grows

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: okiez so da instant reward value

    [Kyronix]: yes

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yerg but meez try uns dsabe enuff fur tree so meez wonder how many iz enuff?

    [Kyronix]: When the star is on top of the tree

    [Kyronix]: That is a reward for everyone

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yerg

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez wuz jus hopin fur uh solid number so once meez sabe dat meez kuld help wif udder treez

    [Kyronix]: The different stages of growth are the indicators of completion

    [Kyronix]: More tree = greater percentage of rewarded percentages

    [Kyronix]: *participants

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yerg meez nooz dat but wuz hoping fur 5k pointz fur stage one 10k fur strage 2 etc

    [Mesanna]: sorry we are not giving those numbers out

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: okiez datz wut meez wuz wondering

    [Mesanna]: true

    [Mesanna]: Have a Merry Christmas

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yooz too

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: hope da fat hummie passes fur yooz all

    [Kelly Kelly]: Good evening, I have two questions for you...

    [Kelly Kelly]: First, thank you for coming up with the new type of vendor

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Kelly Kelly]: It's something many of us have wanted for quite some time and we are looking forward to the option

    [Kelly Kelly]: In regards to that, has a commission rate been decided and if so, what is the planned rate?

    [Mesanna]: No we don't have the specifics

    [Mesanna]: at this time

    [Kelly Kelly]: ok

    [Kelly Kelly]: Second, would you consider adding the ability for governors to add the old faction style vendors to a city as a way

    [Kelly Kelly]: to increase a cities funds?

    [Kyronix]: I don't know that is something in the scope of what we are planning

    [Kyronix]: But like I said earlier, adding city revenue tie-ins is always under consideration

    [Kelly Kelly]: Understood

    [Kelly Kelly]: Thank you for your time!

    [Kelly Kelly]: Happy Holidays to you all!

    [Kyronix]: Happy Holidays!

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [TON]: evening all

    [TON]: my question is about treasure hunting

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [TON]: seems that there has been

    [TON]: a change to looting chest

    [TON]: use to pick up and drop items in chest

    [Mesanna]: to create mobs

    [TON]: long as they stayed in chest your fine

    [TON]: yes

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [TON]: now move an item it falls to ground

    [Mesanna]: we did not make any specific changes to looting chests

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [TON]: cant get mobs to spawn

    [Mesanna]: ok we can look into it

    [TON]: all chests i do now are like that

    [Mesanna]: we did not make a change on purpose

    [TON]: k so maybe its just me lol

    [Mesanna]: yes it is

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it

    [TON]: long suspected game hates me

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [TON]: 1 other thing

    [Mesanna]: ?

    [TON]: could you possible mark all the shard bound items?

    [Mesanna]: mark them?

    [TON]: drives me nuts tring to visit another shard and keep getting that message

    [Mesanna]: we are not makling everything shardbound if thats what you are asking

    [Kyronix]: Everyting that is shard bound should have "Shard Bound" in the item property

    [TON]: i was trying to visit another toon here

    [TON]: and everytime i

    [Mesanna]: it could be several things

    [TON]: tried using vet xfer token

    [Mesanna]: that might be preventing it

    [Mesanna]: not just shard bound items

    [TON]: i got that message

    [TON]: i had a few items marked

    [TON]: so banked them

    [TON]: then it is still a guessing game

    [TON]: which i have still gotten wrong

    [Mesanna]: I can meet you if you are going to be around tomorrow

    [Mesanna]: I can look at it

    [TON]: its a toon on atlantic

    [TON]: i sent request

    [Mesanna]: email me a time after 11

    [TON]: but couldnt wait

    [TON]: kk

    [TON]: thats all for me thx much nite all

    [Mesanna]: night

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [luc]: Hi and Merry Christmas

    [luc]: my question is an add on to peez about the tree..

    [luc]: i wonder if we could get a counter.. may double clikc tree or elf

    [Mesanna]: um

    [Mesanna]: trying to figure out your question

    [Kyronix]: As an indicator of progress?

    [luc]: aye

    [Kyronix]: to the next tier?

    [luc]: yes

    [Kyronix]: That's something we can look into for next year, giving an indicator similar to a loom

    [luc]: ok ty :D

    [luc]: good night and good bye :D

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Greetings and Happy Holidays!

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Thank you for the Krampus event, its been great fun and I am loving the new frost drakes

    [Mesanna]: great

    [Rai'na Leafe]: My question is

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Since patch 97 there have been several new animals added

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Rai'na Leafe]: however none have been mountable, are you opposed to adding new mountable fully trainable animals?

    [Rai'na Leafe]: even if just rehues with different abilities

    [Rai'na Leafe]: not new artwork

    [Mesanna]: we do not have any specific ideas right now for new art tameables

    [Mesanna]: but what would you like to see added

    [Mesanna]: we are always open to ideas

    [Rai'na Leafe]: And I have plenty of ideas~

    [Mesanna]: email

    [Mesanna]: please

    [Mesanna]: having it in writing helps

    [Rai'na Leafe]: will do... but you might regret it

    [Mesanna]: maybe =P

    [Rai'na Leafe]: thank you

    Mesanna]: You also

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: weee!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: aarp magik lady

    [Mesanna]: scratches ear

    [Mesanna]: what can we do for you

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: okies mees habs da future presnt and past questions like the ghosties fer da scroogie guy

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: *purrrs

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: fer next year..christmassy gifts

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: can yoos make penguins (like da snowmen years back) wiff colored hats?

    [Mesanna]: We are always out for ideas

    [Mesanna]: Penquins

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: my friend really lubs da penguins

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: yerg

    [Mesanna]: that would be cute

    [Kyronix]: Although most species of penguins prefer warmer climates

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: yerg very cute!

    [Mesanna]: little feet!!

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: dey bees special one fer here

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: and da scarves and hats can bees differnet colors

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: it bees cute

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: ;)

    [Mesanna]: it would be

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: mees said mees would ask fer herz

    [Mesanna]: you are very kind

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: den swcond question

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: mees habbing a casting problem..where mees dood it like 4x and still no makes da spell

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: is dis a buggie? cause mees been takin many dirt naps cause ob it

    [Mesanna]: what are you casting

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: heal

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: lass

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: invis

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: it wil take several times and it does "go"

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: gift ob life...

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: greater heal cure

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: das habs a problem sometimes too

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: can yoos looky into it?

    [Mesanna]: what is your skills?

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: ober 100s 120 in spellweaving

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: it stalls den mees die.

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: uhoh

    [EM Obsidian]: (shell brb)

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: whew

    [Mesanna]: ok so

    [Mesanna]: what do you mean by 4 x

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: I have to cast da spell..

    [Mesanna]: you have the skill to cast

    [Mesanna]: and your fizzling?

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: hit me to inheal..den nothing..

    [Mesanna]: or being interrupted

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: nope nerg no fizzing

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: just nuffin

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: do it again

    [Mesanna]: it would be something we would have to see

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: click on me to heal..

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: nuffin

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: okies

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: not an all a time tingy

    [Mesanna]: are you using a macro?

    [Mesanna]: ec or classic?

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: sometimes yes sometimes no so

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: no werking boff ways

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: classic

    [Mesanna]: ok contact us with a time

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: nods

    [Mesanna]: and we will try to meet up in game so you can show us

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: nods

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: Last question bees fer

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: Kyronix

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: mees cousin ..

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: PITA

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: was wondering where da lubs ob her life

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: Em Dudley wents

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: wiffout sayin bye yes

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: herz heartbroked

    [Kyronix]: He has rejoined the EM ethereal plane

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: glares

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: and a hermir in da cabe

    [Kyronix]: From whence all EMs are born, it's like the silk of the galaxy

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: mmhmm

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: and himz dere

    [EM Obsidian]: Its true

    [Kyronix]: The magic lives on in memories only

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: growls

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: dat bees all...

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: hugz magik lady

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: Happy Santer Clausy holidays

    [Mesanna]: hugs

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: grins

    [Mesanna]: Night little one

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: purrs

    [Rosy Roundbottom]: hugz8

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Bastion]: Greetings

    [Bastion]: Thank you you for your time

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Bastion]: I love the new polymorph totem

    [Bastion]: One question about it though

    [Bastion]: When you use another form while the totem is activated, you lose the costume and take on the form

    [Bastion]: like wraith form, etc

    [Bastion]: i may be mistaken, but I believe this was corrected for the Goblin statue

    [Bastion]: could this be done for the polymorph totem as well, so the cosume overrides other forms?

    [Mesanna]: hrm one sec

    [Mesanna]: Thanks for letting us know

    [Bastion]: Ok, it would be appreciated :)

    [Mesanna]: no problem thank you

    [Bastion]: Thank you very much, Happy Holidays to you all

    [Mesanna]: You also

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas

    [Shyanne]: wonders if there might be a way to inlarge chat writing for the growing number of senior citizens in birtania

    [Mesanna]: we are making a change that the text can be black

    [Mesanna]: some of the greens I can not read in the journal

    [Mesanna]: asking bleak

    [Shyanne]: bigger would be good too

    [Mesanna]: about the size

    [Mesanna]: He will look into it

    [Mesanna]: and see if its possible

    [Shyanne]: sounds good ty:}

    [Baja]: Hello

    [Baja]: The recent updates to the CC have been real nice

    [Mesanna]: Hello

    [Baja]: Could we get things like: disable spell particles, disable field animations, disable words of power

    [Baja]: etc?

    [Baja]: and the large reaper animations from the mastery could be toned down a bit in the cc

    [Baja]: oh cool. some features to reduce lag would be cool! thanks

    [Baja]: Happy holidays

    [Mesanna]: Merry Christmas Baja

    [Mesanna]: thank you for having us tonight!!

    [EM Obsidian]: Kill me a few times?

    [Kyronix]: And Happy New Year!

    [Kyronix]: Get to Krampusin!

    [Kyronix]: Good night!

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