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Developer Meet And Greet~ Baja June 26th 2017

By Larisa, Jun 27, 2017 | |
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  1. emobs.jpg

    [Mesanna]: shall we start?

    [Ancient One]: Greetings Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Ancient One]: I wish to thank you first for all you have done and now we beseech you and your minions to conjure the return of Varsuvious, the legendary sea dragon, his skills as stable master are sorrily missed at the Moonglow Mage tower (Trammel side) on Sonoma. 72' N 133'W

    [Mesanna]: the stablemaster?

    [Ancient One]: yes, the sea dragon stable master, he has vanished.

    [Mesanna]: send me an email with the info and and I will replace it tomorrow

    [Ancient One]: thank you!!!

    [Ashley]: hail

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Ashley]: 3 things, frist went u took chops hoems on atl why did u nto tack the 3 arcoss the street he handed then ar as soon as he loged in and he sold for him all 3 were chops he got by selling fake em items

    [Mesanna]: Clops I took all the homes in the data base

    [Ashley]: well he had 3 more aress stree lol but went eta to u give the ones u took away int he give a way

    [Ashley]: any eta yet

    [Mesanna]: on what?

    [Ashley]: the homes u took

    [Mesanna]: when we publish the tool

    [Ashley]: ok

    [Ashley]: 2nd can we get shard shields int he uo store in token from so we can sell and trade them

    [Mesanna]: deco shields?

    [Ashley]: liek soulstone full tokens shard shields

    [Mesanna]: or the actual vet rewards

    [Ashley]: be nice if there were in the store even at 100-150 $ per people woulnd buy them

    [Mesanna]: doubt we will sell those

    [Ashley]: i know i woulnd

    [Ashley]: want i get for serving the army and not payign for my acct lol

    [Mesanna]: I will talk to the team and see

    [Ashley]: ever at 100-150$ per the a cash cow for u guys. last thing u looking for any new ems

    [Mesanna]: I do not have any openings at this time

    [Ashley]: i see a lot of bad evens and woulnd love to do a better job then 80% of them lol ok lol disable army vet so lots of time on my hands

    [Mesanna]: easier said than done

    [Ashley]: well have a good one thanks for your time

    [Mesanna]: thank you and good evening

    [Ashley]: and really look in tot he shard sheilds for store lots of $$$ for u guys

    [Bailey]: evening

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Bailey]: I have a fire beetle that jumped a lvl now won't train

    [Mesanna]: we are trying to fix this issue but have not been able to as of yet, we are working on it

    [Bailey]: whats going on with castle design

    [Mesanna]: the designs turned in though creative are not easy to reproduce

    [Mesanna]: so

    [Mesanna]: we are going to build a tool for you guys

    [Mesanna]: to make a customized castle on tc1

    [Mesanna]: so we could copy it

    [Bailey]: will this beetle ever be usable

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Mesanna]: I have faith in Bleak

    [Bailey]: lol

    [Bailey]: its on GL if you or him want to see it

    [Mesanna]: email me info to contact you then

    [Bailey]: don't have your email

    [Mesanna]: [email protected]

    [Bailey]: ok ty

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Cinderella]: Good Evening

    [Mesanna]: Evening

    [Cinderella]: Can you create a Pet Hue ID for EC? tamers in the EC have a hard time "seeing" some of them

    [17/06/26][20:17:12] [Mesanna]: umm we can look into it

    [Cinderella]: ok, Also I was wondering how many hues are there of the frost dragons? they are so beautiful!!!!

    [Mesanna]: I honestly don't remember off the top of my head

    [Cinderella]: ok Thanks for all your hard work love the content

    [Mesanna]: Kyronix is looking it up

    [Kyronix ]: There are 2 hues of the frost dragon

    [Cinderella]: Have a great Evening

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Mrs Bug]: aarp

    [Mrs Bug]: ok no goblin tolk, I've got 2 things to ask about. One, will you be fixing the gauntlet so we can do it?

    [Kyronix ]: Can you be more specific?

    [Mrs Bug]: maybe only one dark father at a time, you can spawn one more after, but for a small shard it's hard for us to do it

    [Kyronix ]: It currently scales to the number of players and pets present

    [Mrs Bug]: but we have 2 at this time in there that we can't do

    [Kyronix ]: We can take a look at how that calculation is getting figured. How big is your group?

    [Mrs Bug]: about 4

    [Kyronix ]: And how many pets?

    [Mrs Bug]: and if someone comes in to steal while we are there another will spawn. We used to do the dark father every sunday, now we can't, it stopped our event.

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it

    [Mrs Bug]: thank you, second, are you taking the threat to the 20th annv. serious?

    [Mesanna]: we always take threats serious

    [Mesanna]: and if anyone says it in game they will be losing their accounts

    [Mrs Bug]: thank you, noted, it was seen but nothing was done.

    [Mrs Bug]: ok thanks

    [Mesanna]: next time put in a harrassment page

    [Mesanna]: so we have a record

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Bob]: Hello

    [Bob]: Is it possible to look at the relationship between provo and protection scrolls?

    [Kyronix ]: In what context?

    [Bob]: When I provo stuff onto the champ, it doesnt give me the right amount of scrolls, isn't giving me credit for the monster damage from provo.

    [Kyronix ]: It something we will have to look into

    [Bob]: No problem, that is all I ask

    [Kyronix ]: If you have additional details please email us as much detail as you can so we can try to reproduce it.

    [Bob]: Ok will do

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [SHE-MAN]: hello

    [SHE-MAN]: i was woundering why my pets are now able to attack other peoples pets, in other guilds? pets with the new stuff in tram. I think possibly the goo but not exactly sure.

    [Mesanna]: you are talking about the new AI's

    [SHE-MAN]: yes

    [Mesanna]: like AOE attacks?

    [SHE-MAN]: yes

    [Mesanna]: thats a bug

    [Kyronix ]: Are the other guilds at war or allied?

    [SHE-MAN]: other guilds pets, no

    [Mesanna]: it used to happen with talisman

    [Mesanna]: its a bug we did not consider to be honest

    [SHE-MAN]: my ww with goo and my mystic cu have both attacked other or taken damage in tram while training.

    [Mesanna]: not good

    [SHE-MAN]: not really

    [SHE-MAN]: also, once a pet hits GM poison, why is it only lesser? Can it be raised?

    [Mesanna]: you mean the poison they use?

    [SHE-MAN]: yes, even at gm

    [Mesanna]: Lesser instead of greater

    [SHE-MAN]: its only lesser

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [SHE-MAN]: it not what i thought it was gonna be

    [Mesanna]: will have to confirm that one tomorrow

    [SHE-MAN]: ok cool

    [Mesanna]: it should be higher

    [SHE-MAN]: it be nice

    [SHE-MAN]: and the pavers we are able to create, any chance they can be stacked?

    [Kyronix ]: No, they cannot

    [SHE-MAN]: ah, recycled back into ore?

    [Kyronix ]: Kinda hard to turn a paver from stone back into a big piece of granite

    [SHE-MAN]: well, I mean

    [Kyronix ]: You would presumably smash it to "recycle" it

    [Kyronix ]: And then it'd be little bits

    [SHE-MAN]: we can to other craftable things, we don't get full amount, but I can cut clothes back into cloth

    [Kyronix ]: Cloth is a little different than rock though, but we can consider it

    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [SHE-MAN]: i know new castle layouts are comming

    [Mesanna]: a contest yes

    [SHE-MAN]: i cant wait

    [Mesanna]: me either

    [SHE-MAN]: but i was curious if at all possible if in classic homes we could say have some cutom options

    [Mesanna]: the designs should be nice

    [SHE-MAN]: like water tiles

    [Mesanna]: no sorry

    [SHE-MAN]: ok ty :)

    [Mesanna]: night

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Ronan]: hi

    [Kyronix ]: Hello!

    [Ronan]: The description for poison breath is lethal poison on the upgrade menu but it doesn't do lethal poison

    [Kyronix ]: It's something we can investigate, could be something wonky going on with poisoning

    [Kyronix ]: Based on what the other questioner asked

    [Ronan]: ok also any more thought on forfeiting left over weight points that can't be spent?

    [Mesanna]: we are looking into something to do with them

    [Mesanna]: its been brought up several times

    [Ronan]: I was wondering, if there was a way to get Bleak's email?

    [Mesanna]: nope

    [Ronan]: for more taming questions

    [Mesanna]: we do not give out emails

    [Mesanna]: email [email protected]

    [Ronan]: oh okay, so ones to you might get passed on?

    [Mesanna]: the team reads those

    [Ronan]: would you be able to dye a mesanna mask after?

    [Mesanna]: I will come back probably

    [Mesanna]: not tonight

    [Ronan]: come back?

    [Mesanna]: a special trip later to dye

    [Ronan]: oh okay

    [Ronan]: oh one more. Why not make castles customizable like you are doing on test for contest?

    [Mesanna]: you mean on reg shards?

    [Ronan]: yes

    [Mesanna]: can't

    [Mesanna]: you will get to pick your design but not customize it yourself.

    [Ronan]: okay thank you again

    [Mesanna]: unless you are a winning entry of course

    [Ronan]: hehe

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: good evening ma'am

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: I have 4 items I'd like to adress tonight, 2 "bugs", 1 improvement and 1 "tool" The first bug is an old one, but it seems to either been missed or couldn't be fixed, peerless boss room keys that should stack

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: example, grizzle thesis notes can be made to be "unstackable"

    [Mesanna]: but that is not a bug

    [Mesanna]: wait

    [Mesanna]: are you saying they did stack

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: yes

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: no, they should stack

    [Mesanna]: we can look at that

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: but if I log out and keep doing more thesis note runs
    the notes I collected before logging out will not stack with the ones I collect after
    [Mesanna]: send a list of all the ones you are aware of

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: will do

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: next issue is newer, It pertains to the Myrmidex Queen room. pets get stuck to the nest when sent to fight the queen

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: users are unable to call them back, the user must use the "insta-log" trick to free pet from the nest

    [Kyronix ]: Can you send in a bug report with more details? As in where the pet is getting stuck and What you are doing to get them stuck And we can see what's going on

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: sure, but it's exceedingly simple, just send a pet to attack the queen, after a few hits, try to call it back

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: next on my list is an improvement to the stable system

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: we're still using the original stable UI, but we have a great new UI system with pet vendors

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: I'd love to see the pet vendor UI adapted to the stables with the number of pets some of us have

    [Mesanna]: we will discuss it after its reviewed

    [Mesanna]: no promises

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: it can get quite daunting to find the right pet just by name
    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: my last request is a bit more challenging, and I'm honnestly not sure if it can be done

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: It a tool for EMs/GMs/Advisors

    [Mesanna]: they all have different powers and tools are not that easy to come up with

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: I call it an RMG

    [Mesanna]: takes alot of time to tie it with the client etc

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: a Random Monster Generator

    [Mesanna]: nice name

    [Mesanna]: what would an advisor need with that

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: I spoke of my idea with Falcon and while easy from my standpoint, it might not be so simple

    [Mesanna]: trust me its not

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: My goal what to have an EM/advisor at an event (in my case, a gladiator challenge)

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: the EM would simply sepcify a number of monsters to spawn, and the tool would generate random monsters in the number specified

    [Mesanna]: EM's do not spawn mobs for player events, thats why we have a PEC

    [Mesanna]: please contact them

    [Mesanna]: Anything else?

    [Taeara Mi'Aken]: that is all, thank you

    [Mesanna]: have a great evening

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Meez would curtsie but meez hab no kneez

    [Mesanna]: oh god you. I remember you!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez dat wesome :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: AARP Great Ones! Meez nooz yooz buzy wit da party and all but once all dat dones

    [Mesanna]: if you ask about knees I am going to kill you on the spot

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez hab a wish. meez hopez yooz can unglue dis D*%^ fishing pole out meez hand!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Poor Wizzy hab a ring glued too himz finger - eben peein on it didn't get it off

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: iffn yooz could find a way to unglue dis and mee still be bootiful meez lub yooz

    [Mesanna]: ahh we can see what we can do

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: GIRKLE!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez not peez on yooz agin den

    [Mesanna]: Thank you

    [Mesanna]: the smell was horrible last time

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: meez okiez wif no kneez iffn meez can get da poel out meez hand :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: wabes

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Cotton Candy]: hello

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Cotton Candy]: when will the castle tool be ready for test

    [Mesanna]: I do not have a date right now

    [Mesanna]: as soon as I do I will let you guys know

    [Cotton Candy]: ok thank you

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Cheng I Sao]: Hello Messana

    [Cheng I Sao]: I want to thank you for all of the hard work you are doing. I love Sosaria

    [Mesanna]: the team works hard to make it enjoyable, and thank you from all of us.

    [Cheng I Sao]: You may also know me as my alter ego Lord Cortez of Avalon

    [Mesanna]: I have seen the name =)

    [Cheng I Sao]: Yes...Pacific: a Dock

    [Mesanna]: yep

    [Cheng I Sao]: Many thanks for that from the past

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Cheng I Sao]: My only question is to bring Counselors back to help new players, it is hard to get an advisor

    [Mesanna]: we can't

    [Mesanna]: we are not allowed to have counselors

    [Cheng I Sao]: Legal issues?

    [Mesanna]: yep

    [Mesanna]: from long ago

    [Mesanna]: they still haunt us

    [Cheng I Sao]: Ah -- ok thats understandable

    [Mesanna]: getting more advisors are doable though

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Cheng I Sao]: Keep up the awesome work, we love you for it

    [Mesanna]: total team effort trust me

    [Allen]: Greetings My lovely Queen

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Allen]: What a bout BODs

    [Mesanna]: can you give me a little more, what about them?

    [Allen]: Will the ones that do noy work be fixed?

    [Mesanna]: umm which ones are not working now?

    [Allen]: most of the carpentry tinker Bods do not upgrade

    [Mesanna]: ok we will look into that

    [Allen]: and the tinker rewards are lacking

    [Mesanna]: any more specifics would be great, please email them

    [Allen]: there are only 3 BODs that work and no reason to do them

    [Allen]: ok Pet revamp. There are many pets that are not viable. Skree, Bake, Tsuki wolf. they do not have enough points. Can those pets be given more points?

    [Kyronix ]: We do not have any plans to adjust point calculations at this time

    [Allen]: so there is no reason to even tame those. There is no viable Necro pet. Ram is too weak also Ram and Tsuki. the Nightmare would work if the cost for Necro is 500

    [Mesanna]: points are based on skills , stats, resists and AI's currently

    [Allen]: any chance of getting a Viable necro pet?

    [Mesanna]: we are not changing anything for these at this time

    [Allen]: So, no Necro pets

    [Mesanna]: what do you consider a viable necro pet

    [Mesanna]: are you talking adding skills or taming

    [Allen]: a pet that near the same HP and Str a Cu can get

    [EM Obsidian]: Grizzled mare!

    [Mesanna]: so you want a tank, we will consider it

    [Allen]: The Necro pets do not have enough points, lower Necro on Nightmare to 500. There are no Necro pets being used now

    [Mesanna]: ok we understand

    [Allen]: You are doing stealth changes on pets, it is ruining pets that are made

    [Mesanna]: Allen

    [Mesanna]: right now we are not working on any pet changes

    [Allen]: mana costs are changing

    [Mesanna]: we can look at some changes in the future but not right now

    [Allen]: aura of nausea now costs 100 Mana, thats too much

    [Allen]: Ok easy one

    [Mesanna]: last one

    [Allen]: Is Explosive Goo Fire damage or energy?

    [Kyronix ]: Fire

    [Allen]: there are 2 energys if it is

    [Allen]: Says energy on Description but I thought it was Fire

    [Kyronix ]: It's a typo, we can fix it

    [Allen]: Thank you for the Pet revamp

    [Kyronix ]: You are most welcome!

    [Allen]: Good day

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Dar]: 1st ? = One of ur 1st Promises was for a New Acct Mgmt System. When will it Exist?

    [Mesanna]: lol next question

    [Dar]: oops ok moving on

    [Dar]: the ANkh for neck slot

    [Mesanna]: the ankh necklace?

    [Dar]: may it be an alternate piece for Virtue Suits and could ankh be worked into neck slots with mods

    [Kyronix ]: It's a possibility for a future publish, but its pretty low priority

    [Dar]: may we increase its priority Smiles

    [Mesanna]: not at this time

    [Dar]: Thank YOU & Team for 20 Amazing Years

    [Dar]: May we please have 20 More

    [Kyronix ]: You are most welcome!

    [Mesanna]: Most welcome

    [Kyronix ]: Thanks for playing!

    [Mesanna]: and all the great players

    [Dar]: oh wait 1 last thing

    [Dar]: you remember I wrote you about Char Statue Bug?

    [Mesanna]: ok?

    [Dar]: I think Rank Guard or Town Guard in names may be causing it

    [Dar]: please check that

    [Mesanna]: woot rabbit is next

    [Rabbit]: patters feet happily

    [Mesanna]: Good evening Ms. Rabbit

    [Rabbit]: Thank you thank you for the pet revamp!

    [Mesanna]: You are welcome

    [Rabbit]: I'm only sad that my pretty purple cousins can't be super 5 slot killer rabbits!

    [Mesanna]: dread rabbits

    [Mesanna]: we thought about it

    [Rabbit]: :giggles

    [Mesanna]: grins

    [Mesanna]: they were just to cute though

    [Rabbit]: I was hopping that you could add some things to the housing menu...

    [Mesanna]: such as?

    [Rabbit]: There are some very pretty wall tiles that are not included.

    [Rabbit]: Tiles of the paper from japanese stuffs

    [Mesanna]: ahh

    [Rabbit]: I can give you # exacmple

    [Mesanna]: email them so I can share with the whole team please

    [Mesanna]: pictures would be great

    [Rabbit]: I would love to do that!

    [Rabbit]: I want to use them they are very pretty...

    [Rabbit]: And I am wondering about Lions...

    [Rabbit]: Thats it! They are not in house menu!

    [Mesanna]: lol will make a nice addition

    [Rabbit]: Yes please!

    [Rabbit]: Lions sometimes have healing sometimes don't. Will this be fixed? I would like one with healing

    [Kyronix ]: Healing skill you mean?

    [Rabbit]: Yes.

    [Kyronix ]: Something we have to look into

    [Rabbit]: Please do...It would be nice to have a pet not a dog with healing

    [Kyronix ]: Ahh, have an answer, it is currently random

    [Rabbit]: Yes, And it is hard to find one with healing

    [Kyronix ]: At 1 in 6 currently

    [Rabbit]: Ok

    [Kyronix ]: So keep searching!

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Megilwyn]: I'm sure you can't hear thank you too much so thank you again for all the hard work!

    [Kyronix ]: Don't say it too often, you'll be brandished a cheerleader, but it means the world to us

    [Kyronix ]: grins

    [Mesanna]: lol we do appreciate it

    [Megilwyn]: what is the process for getting historical status for a house

    [Mesanna]: email me, give me house name and location and shard

    [Megilwyn]: ok 2, can the ore carts be made to give both kinds of gems when set to gems

    [Kyronix ]: Is there a specific issue with the type of gems it is giving?

    [Kyronix ]: Like they don't work elsewhere or something?

    [Megilwyn]: it only give the small gems

    [Kyronix ]: Ahh, you mean the rare gems?

    [Megilwyn]: yes

    [Kyronix ]: We would need an upgraded ore cart, capably of handling the extra weight of said gems

    [Kyronix ]: Perhaps look for it in a future publish, great suggestion!

    [Megilwyn]: ty and 3, would it be possible to give access to the grass area in a keep somehow?

    [Mesanna]: we have talked about this

    [Megilwyn]: oh that's good to hear

    [Mesanna]: we need to change the keep so there is a door outside

    [Megilwyn]: that would be awesome!

    [Mesanna]: next

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: helllos

    [Mesanna]: evening

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: me wants to tollk tu kyrnisx

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: mes wants to know

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: cann wees gets pet dyess?

    [Kyronix ]: Next

    [Kyronix ]: grins

    [Mesanna]: no!

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: sees,,,she meanns

    [Kyronix ]: Before the pet revamp we revisited the last time that was attempted. It was not pretty.

    [Mesanna]: shoo

    [Kyronix ]: So no pet dyes, however we will add carefully curated new hues that spawn naturally

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: can we getts a dreadwolf....likens a windrunner thingy

    [Mesanna]: no

    [Zif Barfnfarts]: thanks you all for being great ppl

    [Mesanna]: lol have a good evening

    [Magnus]: IM A slow typer so plz be pacent i been on free shards using razor on baja i use UO assist but

    [Magnus]: ITS OLD


    [Mesanna]: uo assist is not ours to update

    [Magnus]: make it like razor'

    [Mesanna]: as a team we will look at razor

    [Magnus]: thx

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Tomahawk]: greeting, its a pleasure to meet you all. my question was is there any way we can increase the number of healers in the tarining areas

    [Tomahawk]: Like the Troggs areas and the exit at Ice cave?

    [Kyronix ]: We can have a look at the spawn areas for the wandering healers

    [Tomahawk]: I concure however, miost of the time the waNDERING HEALERS LKEAVES

    [Kyronix]:Well, they do wander...

    [Tomahawk]: please place a dedicated healers outside caves

    [Tomahawk]: is that doeable?

    [Mesanna]: or ankhs

    [Tomahawk]: yes, or ankhs

    [Tomahawk]: my next question/ request, is there any way I can reset my training? my dread reached 100 and locked

    [Kyronix ]: Not at this time

    [Tomahawk]: uh okay

    [Mesanna]: we can come up with a way in the future

    [Mesanna]: right now we do not have a way

    [Tomahawk]: next and last q

    [Tomahawk]: I understand, thank you ill wait to that

    [Tomahawk]: is there any time I hope soon, that a castle can be built on Ilshenar regions?

    [Mesanna]: no ever in Ilsh, sorry

    [Tomahawk]: lots of vacant lots at Ilsh

    [Tomahawk]: or Luna or anywahere at malas?

    [Mesanna]: We were told originally the land could not handle castles in Malas

    [Tomahawk]: Got it

    [Tomahawk]: Well... thank you very much, its been a fun 18 years of playing

    [Mesanna]: there is alot of land but remember alot of it is for advertising

    [Mesanna]: such as contests etc

    [Tomahawk]: My family extends their heartful thanks to the staff

    [Mesanna]: Thank you Baja we have enjoyed talking with everyone this evening

    [EM Obsidian]: May I ask a question?

    [Kyronix ]: Thank you Baja!

    [Mesanna]: sure

    [EM Obsidian]: Any plans to add the "pile of treasure" as a house-add on?

    [Mesanna]: no

    [EM Obsidian]: Aww o

    [Mesanna]: something we can look at for a future gift

    [EM Obsidian]: Would be pretty nice =D

    [EM Obsidian]: Vet reward perhaps

    [EM Obsidian]: Thank you again guys! You rock

    [Mesanna]: OH OH

    [Mesanna]: how about this

    [Mesanna]: you can buy the treasure and once a month it will give you a random treasure

    [Mesanna]: maybe good

    [Mesanna]: maybe useless

    [EM Obsidian]: I like!

    [Mesanna]: and

    [Mesanna]: we are making 3 different types of ponds with animated fish

    [EM Obsidian]: Nice!

    [Mesanna]: as a house add on

    [Mesanna]: we have vet rewards

    [Mesanna]: one is a rideable dragon

    (Disclaimer - I edited out a lot of fluff and frivolity, the full transcript will be put into the wiki at a later date.)

    (Disclaimer - The mention of programs normally not allowed is included in this transcript and will be allowed to be discussed in this thread only, please me mindful of that)

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