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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Catskills ~ March 25th, 2019

By Larisa, Mar 26, 2019 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    Mesanna says: shall we begin

    EM Faine Morgan says: *looks to Mesanna* ready?

    Mesanna says: yes please

    a cat says: Meow!

    Mesanna says: greetings

    a cat says: First I wish to thank you very much for fixing the bamboo tile bug!

    Kyronix says: Good evening Catskills!

    a cat says: Makes me very very happy....

    Mesanna says: the fix has helped with lag

    Mesanna says: which of course was the purpose

    a cat says: And my owner wishes to ask if you could please pretty please make a Lumbermill... which will turn logs to boards.

    a cat says: Where she can drop a whole pile on it

    Kyronix says: We have that! Kinda...

    a cat says: And even if it takes a while to cutthem all she would like that very much

    a cat says: Right now you ahve to put them in your pack

    a cat says: Which weaklings can't carry much in their pack

    Kyronix says: You can get an axe from the Huntmaster's Challenge that will magically transform

    Kyronix says: Logs to boards

    a cat says: And it takes forever and a day to cut up a pile of 60k lumber

    a cat says: Logs

    a cat says: yes well that only works if you are gathering them

    a cat says: But if they are on a ship or something you get stacks and stacks taht are too heavy

    a cat says: REally would like a lumber mill to turn huge piles of logs to planks

    Mesanna says: thanks for the suggestion

    a cat says: Have so many hugs stacks...

    a cat says: It would make my owner very pleased.

    a cat says: Thankyou your Goddessness

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: have a good evening

    a cat says: *rubs against her legs

    Mesanna says: scratches ear

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Nyre Lars says: Hello Everyone

    Nyre Lars says: Thank You for having this opportunity

    Kyronix says: Greetings

    Nyre Lars says: I would first like to thank you for the last publish I am having so much fun

    Mesanna says: wonderful

    Nyre Lars says: But my question for tonight is

    Nyre Lars says: Is there a way that the team can get rid of that avatar guy advertisin [[illegal third party sales site]] on every shard

    Nyre Lars says: I tried banning

    Nyre Lars says: But he keeps coming back

    Kyronix says: ?

    Kyronix says: We may have missed some part of your question...

    Mesanna says: I think we are missing something

    Nyre Lars says: The guy Avatar

    Nyre Lars says: The guy who advertises [[illegal third party sales site]]

    Nyre Lars says: Anyway the team can stop that

    EM Faine Morgan says: Nyre, I think part of your question got missed

    Nyre Lars says: Hmm

    Mesanna says: one sec

    EM Faine Morgan says: just saw Banning and Coming back

    Mesanna says: you are talking about chat?

    Nyre Lars says: Yes

    Mesanna says: we missed some of what you said

    Nyre Lars says: in General Chat

    Mesanna says: so we are piecing it together

    Nyre Lars says: Avatar Guy

    Nyre Lars says: Who advertises [[illegal third party sales site]]

    Nyre Lars says: can the team do something about it

    Mesanna says: we recently added something to try to combat this

    Mesanna says: and we will continue to do this

    Nyre Lars says: okay Thank You

    Nyre Lars says: Sorry for the confusion

    Nyre Lars says: trying to type fast

    Mesanna says: no problem at all

    Mesanna says: its ok

    EM Faine Morgan says: smiles at Nyre

    Nyre Lars says: well Thank You again

    Nyre Lars says: and btw

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: sorry for the confustion

    Nyre Lars says: Faine Morgan here is awesome

    Mesanna says: I know

    EM Faine Morgan says: blushes

    Mesanna says: I thought you guys might like her

    Mesanna says: lol

    Nyre Lars says: Thank You

    Nyre Lars says: hugs

    Mesanna says: have a good evening

    EM Faine Morgan says: hugs

    Urge says: Greetings! I have a couple quick questions.

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Kyronix says: Greetings!

    Urge says: Are there any plans on increasing crafting to become on par with loot?

    Mesanna says: We are aware that crafters need a pirpose again and if you have any suggestions

    Mesanna says: we would love to hear them

    Urge says: Ill send some in.

    Mesanna says: feel free to email me

    Mesanna says: and I will make sure the team reads them

    Mesanna says: wonderful thank you

    Urge says: Also since Blackthorns isn't new is there anyway to look at the health regin of the captains?

    Kyronix says: We have a task in our system to take a look at blackthorn's in general

    Kyronix says: No timetable on when that's scheduled though

    Urge says: Great!

    Kyronix says: But it's on our wishlist

    Urge says: That's all i have.

    Urge says: Thank you.

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Good evening. I have a couple questions...

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Kyronix says: Hello!

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: First... is is possible to fix the issue with the packing crate?

    Mesanna says: can you be more specific

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: It used to be the strongboxes would fill three rows in the crate before stacking on each other

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Now they simply all stack in the corner. Like 8-9 on top of each other

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: It's impossible to find anything

    Mesanna says: we will look into it

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Second, I was curious about the decision to add aethetic options to the store teleport tiles

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: but not the vetern ones?

    Mesanna says: we are not going to change the vet rewards

    Mesanna says: they will stay as they are now

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: I find that slightly unfair, but alright.

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: And... I just forgot the last question

    Mesanna says: lol

    Kyronix says: Donuts!

    Mesanna says: it happens

    EM Faine Morgan says: lol so glad that's not just me!

    Mesanna says: cheese

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Oh!

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: I remember

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: I was curious if there may be some issue client side with Classic. I lag horrendously

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: in areas with large numbers of players or monsters

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: and I've updated everything on my end to no avail

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: I makes a good portion of the game almost unplayable

    Mesanna says: dungeons?

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Like EM events

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: or champion spawns

    Mesanna says: thats to be expected

    Mesanna says: depending on the mobs

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: I never used to lag as I do now

    Mesanna says: is it more than EM events?

    Mesanna says: more info so we can reproduce it the better

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Yes

    Mesanna says: email me more details

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Em events, champion spawns, occasionally even player events if there's fighting

    Mesanna says: so we can try to reproduce it

    Faeryl Tyr'athem says: Alright. Have a good evening

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Sklls says: Hail

    Kyronix says: Hail!

    Sklls says: 2 quick quesstions

    Mesanna says: yt?

    Sklls says: the cannon balls are just one kind now but the crafting menue stiloff 2 using 2 different amounts of resources

    Sklls says: are these the same

    Mesanna says: are you using Pinco's UI?

    Sklls says: dont have it

    Mesanna says: ok

    Kyronix says: Are you talking about cannons or cannonballs?

    Sklls says: all 3 cannons balls and powder

    Kyronix says: The only one of those with multiple versions is the cannons

    Kyronix says: Which were renamed to Carronade and Culverin

    Kyronix says: from Light/Heavy

    Sklls says: OK that is that then one more question

    Sklls says: the nfew vet reward repair table

    Sklls says: i was wishing to make that public but

    Sklls says: if you make it for anyone they can remove all charges

    Mesanna says: they can use them

    Mesanna says: not remove it

    Sklls says: so if it make it a public repair station then only house owner or co owner can remove charges

    Kyronix says: Yes

    Sklls says: OK that I did not know

    Kyronix says: House owner and person who placed it

    Kyronix says: Only they can use the "delete all" function

    Sklls says: Well 2 accounts and it offered to remove on both accounts so thanks

    Kyronix says: Thanks for the questions!

    Sklls says: if your not sure ask is all i can say.

    EM Faine Morgan says: good policy

    Sklls says: thank yu for your time

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Darth Plagueis says: greetings

    Kyronix says: Greetings!

    Darth Plagueis says: Is there any plans for another tournement of champions

    Darth Plagueis says: for pvp?

    Mesanna says: Umm EM event?

    Darth Plagueis says: Well something even larger that teh staff would get involved

    Darth Plagueis says: every shard would host one

    Mesanna says: we have this whole year planned out already but we will keep the idea in mind

    Mesanna says: or we could do it on TC

    Darth Plagueis says: The force is weak in you

    Darth Plagueis says: Peace is a lie, there is only PASSION

    Darth Plagueis says: Thought passion, I gain STRENGTH

    Mesanna says: and put up a ladder plaque on the shards

    Darth Plagueis says: Through strength, I gain POWER

    Darth Plagueis says: Through power, I gain VICTORY

    Darth Plagueis says: Through victory, My chains are broken

    Darth Plagueis says: somethign to apease pvp players

    Darth Plagueis says: and also i would like a SC light saber for christmas

    Mesanna says: lol

    Mesanna says: wouldn't we all

    Darth Plagueis says: that works with wrestling

    Darth Plagueis says: :)

    Mesanna says: lol

    Darth Plagueis says: ok take care

    Darth Plagueis says: more pvp

    Darth Plagueis says: plz

    Mesanna says: you also

    Mesanna says: kk

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Tanager says: Greetings!

    Tanager says: First, I just want to thank you guys for the whole High Seas thing

    Mesanna says: good your enjoying it so far

    Tanager says: It's been a blast without a ton of grind, my favorite kind!

    Mesanna says: more to come

    Kyronix says: Glad you are enjoying it!

    Tanager says: And thank you for the bamboo comprimise ;)

    Tanager says: For my question

    Tanager says: I was wondering if there might be a way to add a 'make quantity' for crafting repair deeds?

    Tanager says: 3500 deeds One. At. A. Time. is murder

    Kyronix says: It's likely something we can do, would have to look into it and set appropriate limits

    Kyronix says: So you don't accidentally make 1000 repair deeds you can't hold

    EM Faine Morgan says: oh!

    Tanager says: I would imagine the backpack limit of 125 would stop it

    Mesanna says: good suggestion

    Tanager says: oh would it drop them?

    Tanager says: Anyway, thanks for everything :) Have a great evening!

    Mesanna says: you also

    Kyronix says: Thanks for attending!

    Mesanna says: thanks for the suggestion

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Lord Bytor says: Good Evening

    Kyronix says: Hello!

    Lord Bytor says: I wanted to Thank You for EM Faine Morgan. She is awesome !

    Mesanna says: Most welcome

    Kyronix says: Hooray Faine!

    Mesanna says: just happy she wanted to come back

    Mesanna says: She was actually part of the original group of EM's

    Mesanna says: 10 years ago

    EM Faine Morgan says: smiles

    Lord Bytor says: Is there an eta on the Kitchen set or the Triton ?

    EM Faine Morgan says: (she's saying I'm old)

    Lord Bytor says: heh

    Mesanna says: next month I believe

    Lord Bytor says: excellent

    Lord Bytor says: The dungeon Khaldun

    Lord Bytor says: i thought reading the notes long ago

    Lord Bytor says: that after the Halloween Event I thought the dungeon was

    Lord Bytor says: supposed to redone

    Lord Bytor says: things only for Tram and things only for Fel.

    Kyronix says: Like a revamp?

    Lord Bytor says: yes

    Kyronix says: Not at this time...no plans to revamp Khaldun

    Lord Bytor says: okay. The Halloween masks kinda make it not worth it now

    Mesanna says: hrm need to find where that was posted

    Mesanna says: and recheck it

    Lord Bytor says: is there any point price for the Trton ? I am being asked by many.

    Lord Bytor says: *Triton

    Kyronix says: All rewards from the Black Market cost doubloons

    Lord Bytor says: aye

    Lord Bytor says: any doubloons for it ?

    Lord Bytor says: how many

    Kyronix says: Have to wait and see!

    Lord Bytor says: heh

    Lord Bytor says: okay

    Mesanna says: patience

    Mesanna says: lol

    Lord Bytor says: are you doing a Scalis rework also ?

    Lord Bytor says: later this year

    Kyronix says: Not the base encounter

    Kyronix says: If anything some new loot, our main focus will be on Charybdis

    Lord Bytor says: okay good. Running the net toss for 4yrs now, I wanted to know if I need to expect something new

    Lord Bytor says: good, I like hunting Charybdis also

    Mesanna says: think you are good

    Lord Bytor says: aye, thank you for your time tonight

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Adrian Monk says: good evening

    Adrian Monk says: a couple of fishng questions

    Adrian Monk says: the lobster traps i put out and pick up 60 at a time

    Mesanna says: wow

    Adrian Monk says: the crab and lobster combine but the empty trap do not

    Adrian Monk says: they come to the front of the back packa and have to be moved

    Adrian Monk says: to see the full ones

    Adrian Monk says: could not the empty ones be stacked automatically too

    Mesanna says: hrm we will look into it

    Mesanna says: I honstly don't have an answer for you

    Adrian Monk says: ty also the oppisite question

    Adrian Monk says: it is a pain to move all the empties around

    Adrian Monk says: second question the reward bait right now it will stack

    Adrian Monk says: but it will not unstack

    Adrian Monk says: when it is time for a fishing contest I like to give guilies some of my bait

    Adrian Monk says: it would save house space it i could stac and unstack bait

    Mesanna says: we will look into it

    Adrian Monk says: thank you that is all have a good evening

    Sergio Jarrett says: Hello

    Mesanna says: greetings

    Sergio Jarrett says: I actually have a bit of a list now

    Mesanna says: no

    Sergio Jarrett says: some people who couldn't be here

    Mesanna says: we have to many people in line to do a list

    Mesanna says: pick 2

    Sergio Jarrett says: But my main question involved blackthornes

    Sergio Jarrett says: Right now we can turn in 100 artifacts to get epaulettes that are equal to the luck conjuror robes

    Sergio Jarrett says: And also get belts equal to crimsons and tangles

    Sergio Jarrett says: I wondered if we couldn't have a turn in systems say ten artifacts and a tagle get a tangle belt

    Sergio Jarrett says: and let us convert the robes free

    Sergio Jarrett says: I understand the belts add something but A lot of Rper's would like to not wear robes

    Sergio Jarrett says: Along these lines

    Sergio Jarrett says: The parrots apparently take a robe slot?

    Sergio Jarrett says: and a few friends are kind of irked by that

    Sergio Jarrett says: Also while those books out there are jokes

    Sergio Jarrett says: One is actually pretty legit

    Kyronix says: Yes the parrots occupy the robe slot

    Mesanna says: yes they take a robe slot

    Kyronix says: Same as the epaulette, since it sits on the shoulder

    Sergio Jarrett says: I know

    Sergio Jarrett says: I would like to see a conversion chest

    Sergio Jarrett says: Like with robes and the gargolye stuff

    Mesanna says: we are not doing that at this time

    Mesanna says: it has been brought up before

    Sergio Jarrett says: so I could turn one of my like 7 conjuror robes into epaulettes

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Sergio Jarrett says: As you ahave probably also heard farming these on anywhere but atlantic is grueling

    Sergio Jarrett says: and until recently I've worked 50 hours a week

    Sergio Jarrett says: I just have no time to grind for something i technically already have

    Sergio Jarrett says: It seems a simple fix

    Mesanna says: smirks

    Sergio Jarrett says: since there is already a chest to convert things

    Mesanna says: nothing in UO is simple

    Sergio Jarrett says: just lety us turn in the robes for 100 points

    Mesanna says: we appreciate your input but we are not doing that at this time

    Sergio Jarrett says: so we could trade it out since that is technically their worth

    Sergio Jarrett says: I also have a question about useless skills

    Sergio Jarrett says: Many have brought up that we have skills that literally do nothing

    Mesanna says: there are several

    Sergio Jarrett says: Some suggestions i've heard would really make them fun

    Sergio Jarrett says: Like camping being an alternative to recalling and adding bag space

    Sergio Jarrett says: or taste id Increasing poisoning

    Mesanna says: that one makes sense

    Sergio Jarrett says: just a suggestion

    Sergio Jarrett says: And back to the books

    Sergio Jarrett says: I'd like to see poisoned food again

    Sergio Jarrett says: It might not be practical but it was hilarious

    Sergio Jarrett says: Some of those books are good ideas

    Sergio Jarrett says: I'm sure i have more but there is a line

    Sergio Jarrett says: Also

    Sergio Jarrett says: Greg you looked better in a jester hat

    Mesanna says: good evening

    Mesanna says: Hi

    Deraj says: Hail devs.

    Deraj says: Once again welcome to the premier, official roleplaying shard of Ultima Online

    Deraj says: Catskills, the shard that is taking its place in the Global Leadership of RP among the other pretenders

    Mesanna says: Thanks for having us

    Kyronix says: Whoa there

    Kyronix says: Trying to start a war!?

    Deraj says: the names of which I can barely even remember anymore, as they have fallen to total irrelevance

    Deraj says: The war's already over my friend

    Deraj says: All that's left is for the other RPers to bend the knee.

    Deraj says: But I digress.

    Deraj says: I come before you in these simple, brown, tattered robes...

    Deraj says: With a humble but most necessary request

    Deraj says: It has always been the case that players have the ability to perform two particular actions

    Deraj says: To bow, and to salute

    Deraj says: But I want more

    Deraj says: I'm not asking for *new* animations, I'm asking to be able to perform other animations that already exist

    Mesanna says: we have talked about that

    Mesanna says: looks at some of the animations and discussing the best way to deliver it

    Deraj says: nods

    Deraj says: Please consider it.

    Mesanna says: we are

    Deraj says: Since this is a two for one question night it seems, I'll tcontinue with my other request

    Deraj says: Imagine, if you will. You're a Britannian citizen, just trying to do their civic duty.

    Deraj says: You go to your King's council meeting to keep up on the latest going's ons.

    Deraj says: You enter the room.

    Deraj says: But what's this?

    Deraj says: Where are all the governors?

    Deraj says: It seems the chairs are sitting on the governor.

    Deraj says: So you must twice-tap the governors to see them once again.

    Deraj says: How irritating.

    Deraj says: But it's not a big deal of course.

    Kyronix says: Most dubious sitting implements they be!

    Mesanna says: will talk to Bleak about fixing that

    Deraj says: You leave the meeting, to retire to the tavern

    Deraj says: But where are your comrades? And why are these benches sitting on them?!

    Deraj says: nods

    Deraj says: Thank you kindly, and I will see you again next time.

    Kyronix says: Farewell and safe travels friend

    Mesanna says: thank you

    asha says: oh hi

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    asha says: 2 things

    Mesanna says: hi

    asha says: 1, i really need to talk to you about a banned account and one that was stolen and unlinked from me

    asha says: i have emailed you several times,you responded once in december last meet and greet you said to email you again

    asha says: i did, and still no response.

    asha says: so if you could please respond to email i would greatly appreciate it.

    Mesanna says: because I send it to Customer support

    asha says: they don't send me anything.

    asha says: is there anything you can personally do?

    asha says: i haven't recieved an email back since december... so please see what you can personally do.

    Mesanna says: banned account is this the same account we talked about last time?

    asha says: well it's the only other one linked to me, because you guys got my main given away

    asha says: to another player

    asha says: and i sent an email showing the name of the account

    Mesanna says: we do not give anything away

    Mesanna says: someone had the information

    asha says: you unlinked it.

    Mesanna says: or we would never have unlinked it

    asha says: yes they did

    asha says: but i got no emails

    Mesanna says: ok anything else

    asha says: and i can't get it back now

    asha says: i was told "it's a civil matter"

    asha says: just see what you can do and email me directly please...

    asha says: please don't pass it along

    asha says: and 2

    asha says: on atl

    asha says: there are tons of guilds who use cams at all dungeon and t2a

    asha says: entrances

    asha says: that spam there guild chat when someone runs threw

    asha says: seVeral people page on them over and over.... nothing is ever done

    Mesanna says: we are following the conversation

    asha says: is there a reason why?

    Mesanna says: no I do not have an answer for you

    asha says: so you are allowed to have 16 ej accounts who run scripts at t2a entrances and dungeon entrances

    Mesanna says: Asha

    asha says: so they dont have to scout for spawns?

    Mesanna says: listen to what I am saying

    Mesanna says: We are following this conversation

    Mesanna says: and yes we will get together and try to figure out the best way to fix this

    Mesanna says: and

    asha says: alright, thanks.

    Mesanna says: GM's take calls/pages

    Mesanna says: NOT the Producer

    Mesanna says: when we come up with a solution we will make sure the GM's are involved

    Mesanna says: its an issue yes

    Mesanna says: do I have an answer right now no I don't

    asha says: i dont see why for now until you come up with something

    asha says: just move them to jail or let you exercise them

    Mesanna says: for standing there

    Mesanna says: ?

    asha says: they are ghosts, they aren't standing there, they are running sCripts that spam guild chat that says

    asha says: "mvp fire entrance"

    asha says: "mvp fire entrance"

    asha says: "mvp fire entrance"

    asha says: "mvp fire entrance"

    asha says: it spams it

    Mesanna says: ok lets move on

    asha says: or "asha fire/desert"

    asha says: or "asha fire/desert"

    asha says: or "asha fire/desert"

    asha says: so yeah, should be able to excersize there 16 ej accounts

    Mesanna says: you have anything else you would like to discuss?

    asha says: nope

    Mesanna says: Have a good evening

    Alie says: Evening, Love your new outfit, Misk is rusty already , he never change, Kyronix is "ok"

    Alie says: :)

    Mesanna says: Evening

    Mesanna says: lol

    Alie says: 1st thing

    Alie says: Trash Can inside the house

    Alie says: can we make a right click

    Alie says: option

    Alie says: to auto flush

    Alie says: no need to waitr 3 min

    Mesanna says: do you actually fill yours up

    Mesanna says: before it can flush

    Alie says: oh yea

    Alie says: that trash can

    Mesanna says: nice

    Alie says: and like 5 other flaps

    Alie says: lot of trash

    Alie says: :)

    Alie says: will b a safe

    Alie says: move

    Alie says: as u have to right click

    Alie says: at the can

    Alie says: and flush

    Mesanna says: we can look at the house addons

    Alie says: make a toilet at the store

    Mesanna says: LOL

    Alie says: :)

    EM Faine Morgan says: LOL!

    Alie says: also

    Mesanna says: that would be awesome

    Alie says: speaking of store

    Alie says: I understand that Ingame store is there to make some extra $ for the game

    Alie says: ow, can you make the dyes

    Alie says: that we purchase at the store Universal?

    Alie says: because we cant use them on books, cant use them on some clothes

    Alie says: the new colors are amazing

    Alie says: and we should be able to dye anything we want with :)

    Alie says: and we cant nowadays

    Mesanna says: if you want specific things send me a list

    Alie says: ok

    Alie says: i will

    Mesanna says: but we would rather not put universal dyes in

    Alie says: MIsk get a new outfit

    Alie says: bye

    EM Faine Morgan says: snickers

    Mesanna says: wow

    Mesanna says: harsh on Misk

    Shenzin says: Greeting to all you Dev's and thank you for keeping Ultima alive and making it new and challenging

    Mesanna says: greetings

    Shenzin says: Your hard work and long hours are trule appreciated

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: on behalf of the whole team

    Kyronix says: Thanks!

    Shenzin says: It was a pleasure to meet you all at the 20th Anniversary

    Mesanna says: We had a great time

    Shenzin says: you were all so helpful and kind

    Shenzin says: well, maybe with the exception of Mesanna

    Mesanna says: excuse me

    Shenzin says: killing our Choclolte Dragons

    EM Faine Morgan says: ducks and hides

    Shenzin says: hehe

    Mesanna says: lol well umm oops

    Shenzin says: but most of all

    Shenzin says: tonight

    Shenzin says: I will to thank you for gifting us

    Shenzin says: with an excellent EM

    Mesanna says: I agree with that

    Shenzin says: Fanie' is a great addition to our family on Cats

    Shenzin says: thank you

    Mesanna says: I agree

    Shenzin says: also

    EM Faine Morgan says: aw, thank you, I'm loving Catskills

    Shenzin says: the new ising Tide Event

    Shenzin says: is excellent! and we are all participating , long hours

    Mesanna says: thats great to hear

    Shenzin says: enjoying you creativity

    Mesanna says: looks at Kyronix

    Kyronix says: Yayyy!

    Shenzin says: than you Mesanna nd the whole team

    Shenzin says: many thanks

    Shenzin says: thats all

    Mesanna says: you are most welcome

    Mesanna says: we love our jobs

    Mesanna says: and working on UO

    Shenzin says: smiles

    Shenzin says: Nods

    Shenzin says: niters

    Mesanna says: Sweet dreams

    EM Faine Morgan says: smiles and waves

    Mesanna says: hi

    Mad Over Bamboo says: Hello Mesanna. Could you please revert the bamboo changes until the patch arrives so it doesnt hurt our shops in the meantime?

    Mesanna says: no

    Mad Over Bamboo says: players rarely come into shops

    Mesanna says: did you read uo.com today

    Mad Over Bamboo says: they cant see my safes

    Mad Over Bamboo says: yes

    Mad Over Bamboo says: but until then

    Mad Over Bamboo says: it hurts my shops

    Mad Over Bamboo says: very badly

    Mad Over Bamboo says: the safes etc

    Mesanna says: we are not reverting

    Mad Over Bamboo says: not even until the patch?

    Mad Over Bamboo says: how long for the patch? pls

    Mesanna says: the lack of lag people are experiencing

    Mesanna says: is what we were trying achieve

    Mad Over Bamboo says: how long until the patch comes?

    Mesanna says: we are going to put in an option

    Mad Over Bamboo says: yes I read that

    Mesanna says: but not till next publish

    Mad Over Bamboo says: which is good

    Mad Over Bamboo says: so summer?

    Mad Over Bamboo says: can you at least make safes visable until then?

    Mesanna says: summer

    Mad Over Bamboo says: pls

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i have over 30 safes

    Mad Over Bamboo says: no one can see them

    Mad Over Bamboo says: then one more other question after if you could answer on the safe question pls

    Mad Over Bamboo says: other question is something else

    Mesanna says: we are making a change to fix the safe

    Mesanna says: it will be in the next publish

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ok before the patch?

    Mad Over Bamboo says: so then summer again?

    Mesanna says: no sir

    Mesanna says: yes

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ouch this destroys my shops

    Mad Over Bamboo says: until then

    Mad Over Bamboo says: my other question

    Mad Over Bamboo says: a srs question

    Mad Over Bamboo says: you said before you would stop

    Mad Over Bamboo says: multiboxing

    Mad Over Bamboo says: most idocs now

    Mesanna says: thats true

    Mad Over Bamboo says: gargoyles

    Mad Over Bamboo says: show up

    Mad Over Bamboo says: with 20 packies

    Mad Over Bamboo says: one per side of house

    Mad Over Bamboo says: house falls

    Mad Over Bamboo says: they form together in middle

    Mad Over Bamboo says: and clean house

    Mad Over Bamboo says: like a hoover

    Mad Over Bamboo says: we cant stop them

    Mad Over Bamboo says: and they make away with most of the loot

    Mad Over Bamboo says: now that is very unfair and needs addressed

    Mesanna says: we can always stop idocs and go to an auction system

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i just want the multi boxing

    Mad Over Bamboo says: to come to an end

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ive done idocs since 2000 and enjoy that game play

    Mesanna says: if you see someone multiboxing report them

    Mad Over Bamboo says: but not to see it all scripted away with multiboxing

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i do

    Mad Over Bamboo says: nothing happens gm never responds or its way too late

    Mad Over Bamboo says: can someone

    Mad Over Bamboo says: monitor some luna idocs in town

    Mesanna says: GM's won't respond to you

    Mad Over Bamboo says: for a while

    Mesanna says: not for that

    Mad Over Bamboo says: all it would take

    Mesanna says: they will investigate the player

    Mesanna says: reported

    Mad Over Bamboo says: is to watch a few idocs for multiboxers

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ok ill keep reporting

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ty

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i wish this would be dealth with better

    Mad Over Bamboo says: yw

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ty for your time

    Mesanna says: I want you to report them

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i will

    Mesanna says: we ban them each month

    Mad Over Bamboo says: this guy

    Mad Over Bamboo says: is relentless

    Mad Over Bamboo says: hes on every server with gargs

    Mad Over Bamboo says: yes pls stop them

    Mesanna says: thats why I started reporting what we ban people for

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ty again

    Mesanna says: in the newsletter

    Mad Over Bamboo says: i hope so

    Mesanna says: to let you guys know

    Mad Over Bamboo says: everyone reports this guy

    Mad Over Bamboo says: he makes chars mocking

    Mad Over Bamboo says: pls ban me

    Mad Over Bamboo says: etc

    Mad Over Bamboo says: while he loots multi box

    Mad Over Bamboo says: ok ty again for your time

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mad Over Bamboo says: pls fix the tiles soon :)

    Mad Over Bamboo says: cheers

    Mesanna says: waves

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Mad About Floors says: hanks for todays Note about addressing the Bamboo floor issue

    Mad About Floors says: as you can see we got a nice gank of people that came here to protest

    Mad About Floors says: look around you

    Mad About Floors says: :)

    Mesanna says: I can see

    Mad About Floors says: about the fix - People are still crashing even after,

    Mad About Floors says: atl is crashing 4x a day so the bamboo had nothing to do

    Mad About Floors says: imo

    Mad About Floors says: so the preious guy idea was good

    Mad About Floors says: we lost 10000 of hours

    Mad About Floors says: customizing

    Mesanna says: I am sorry but this is not up for discussion

    Mad About Floors says: making stones

    Mad About Floors says: well, we have to wait til summer

    Mad About Floors says: thanks

    Lady Talina says: good evening, like to ask for some quality of life changes for CC and crate views

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Mesanna says: you know we are making them larger right

    Mesanna says: bookcases

    Lady Talina says: the opet trasnfer crate view is impossbile to seell all pets

    Mesanna says: crates etc

    Lady Talina says: they are stackerd atope each oterh and unmovable

    Mesanna says: same thing as already reported

    Lady Talina says: if i try to move them they turn into wall tiles i have to abort the transfer and go to stable to recheck

    Mesanna says: we have it on our list from earlier

    Lady Talina says: ah and one more crate quesry

    Lady Talina says: can we have large crate view in CC for Britannian ship's carg hold?

    Lady Talina says: lots of loot to sort and they are atop each oterh

    Mesanna says: I don't know why not

    Mesanna says: I will talk to Bleak and see if that was included

    Lady Talina says: thank you!

    Mesanna says: welcome

    Lady Talina says: also

    Lady Talina says: with brit cargo hold,

    Lady Talina says: can we have drop on lid and let it auto stack in the hold like old legacy ships do?

    Mesanna says: I can look into it

    Lady Talina says: now we have to open and peel to find item and place on the stack inside

    Lady Talina says: thanks

    Lady Talina says: gave a great evening!

    Mesanna says: see if it would be possible

    Mesanna says: you also

    Lord Mork says: Greetings!

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Lord Mork says: Are you planning on adding power scrolls to tinkeri

    Lord Mork says: and other skills

    Kyronix says: Like 120 tinkering?

    Lord Mork says: that do not have them?

    Lord Mork says: yes

    Kyronix says: We would have to build some additional functionality

    Kyronix says: For having it

    Kyronix says: So it's a large task

    Kyronix says: Not on the immediate radar, but its been brought up before

    Lord Mork says: Would make filling BODs easier

    Lord Mork says: Will there ever be customizable keeps & castles?

    Mesanna says: no

    Lord Mork says: :-(

    Mesanna says: thats why we did what we did

    Lord Mork says: Can you make bags/backpacks equipable so that whe will go into the bag/backpack?

    Lord Mork says: ge quantity, they will go into the bag/backpack?

    Mesanna says: umm

    Mesanna says: not following

    Mesanna says: sorry can you explain

    Lord Mork says: macro did not present that right

    Mesanna says: ask one more time

    Lord Mork says: if bags were equipable, then stuff we buy could go into the container

    Mesanna says: umm

    Lord Mork says: just more convenient

    Mesanna says: ok so your backpack is already equipped

    Lord Mork says: anywya

    Mesanna says: why are you wanting to make more?

    Lord Mork says: but if you are holding another bag, items would go into that

    Mesanna says: you can't have multi backpacks

    Mesanna says: hrm

    Mesanna says: right now I am going to say probably not

    Lord Mork says: ok

    Lord Mork says: Will there ever be another UO Worlds Faire li!!

    Lord Mork says: ack in 2000 & 2002? They were a total blast!!

    Mesanna says: I was there

    Lord Mork says: I went to both

    Mesanna says: me too

    Lord Mork says: I met you there also.

    Mesanna says: yeah?

    Mesanna says: small world

    Lord Mork says: yeah

    Lord Mork says: hehe

    Mesanna says: I doubt we will ever do it that large

    Lord Mork says: well, thats all. Thanks for all you do!

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Lord Mork says: Bummer

    Lord Mork says: hehe

    Lord Mork says: farewell

    Mesanna says: did you go to the 20th

    Lord Mork says: no

    Mesanna says: to bad

    Mesanna says: we had fun

    Lord Mork says: I bet

    Mesanna says: sorry have a good evening

    Lord Mork says: Bye

    Mesanna says: bye

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Harald Schmidt says: Hello everyone =) I know your probably worn out with everyone throwing a fit about bamboo so ill be quick!

    Harald Schmidt says: =P

    Mesanna says: LOL

    Harald Schmidt says: So the repair bench, wow thank you that thing is amazing

    Harald Schmidt says: definitely something we needed

    Mesanna says: nice

    Harald Schmidt says: So it had me thinking

    Harald Schmidt says: of a couple other quality of life changes

    Mesanna says: always open to good ideas

    Harald Schmidt says: Lets be honest, no one goes to prism of light to get a weaving circle

    Harald Schmidt says: And atlhough brit bank has the +1

    Harald Schmidt says: It would be nice to have maybe a house add on that gives the +1 bonus?

    Harald Schmidt says: Vet reward, uo store weaving circle

    Harald Schmidt says: something like that?

    Harald Schmidt says: Instead of having to go to britt bank

    Mesanna says: they already complain about not having enough people

    Mesanna says: wouldn't them in houses make it worse

    Harald Schmidt says: Well i dont know i never have that problem

    Harald Schmidt says: But reds for instance

    Harald Schmidt says: WOuld have to go to the dungeon which is quite the pain

    Mesanna says: actually

    Harald Schmidt says: Alot of shards do not have the circle at fel brit bank

    Harald Schmidt says: Only at tram

    Mesanna says: but since I added the one in Tram

    Mesanna says: I can put one in Fel for the reds

    Harald Schmidt says: That would be great

    Harald Schmidt says: Last thing

    Harald Schmidt says: Maybe a way to restart an auction safe if it ends without any buyers?

    Harald Schmidt says: Wel automatically renew, type of thing

    Mesanna says: we will talk to Bleak and see if we can do that

    Harald Schmidt says: That would be great

    Harald Schmidt says: Thanks for your time!

    Mesanna says: Thank you

    Nails Warstein says: Goodevening Mesanna, Kyronix, Misk and Faine Morgan!

    Mesanna says: Pawain is the last person tonight guys

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Nails Warstein says: Thank you very much for the Embroidery Tool Kit Veteran Reward.

    Kyronix says: Hello!

    Kyronix says: Most welcome!

    Mesanna says: that was a suggestion from a player

    Nails Warstein says: I wonder who ;)

    Nails Warstein says: I also like your Auction System in place of IDoCs idea a lot! Like Storage Wars!

    Nails Warstein says: Truly great gold sink idea. Perhaps if no one bids, the house still goes IDoCs.

    Mesanna says: exactly

    Mesanna says: only info you would get is the amount of items in the house =P

    Nails Warstein says: even better

    Nails Warstein says: that's fair

    Nails Warstein says: I still await the addition of being able to hold musical instruments :)

    Nails Warstein says: but I digress

    Nails Warstein says: As you can see I like titles, I earned the Historian title through a new quest. Any thought given to adding new titles for High Seas?

    Mesanna says: we have not given up on the idea

    Kyronix says: The Black Market Merchant

    Kyronix says: Is selling some right now!

    Nails Warstein says: oh really
    Kyronix says: Yes!

    Nails Warstein says: I must check it out

    Kyronix says: It's in the Town Cryer

    Nails Warstein says: Cause I was thinking for Britannian Navy

    Nails Warstein says: Admiral Captain, Commander, Commodore, Quartermaster, First Mate, Boatswain, Master-at-arms, Petty Officer, Steward

    Nails Warstein says: then for those scallywags

    Nails Warstein says: pirates, privateers, bootlegger, buccaneers, corsair, freebooter, marauder, raider, swashbuckler

    Mesanna says: all good suggestions

    Nails Warstein says: I'll go see if the Black Market Merchant has any of those

    Mesanna says: you might be suprised

    Nails Warstein says: Will there been any thought given to Pirate Specific Clothing, Weapons and Armor this year as well?

    Mesanna says: yes sir

    Nails Warstein says: awesome

    Nails Warstein says: Now I am greatly anticipating this new vendor idea you have

    Nails Warstein says: Any chance when this vendor comes out, you'll be able to raise vendor caps above 175m and 2 billion total cap?

    Mesanna says: not sure about the cap because it wraps to a negative right now

    Nails Warstein says: I understand its technical

    Nails Warstein says: Well lastly I am grateful you have decided to restore housing loading to those who desire it

    Mesanna says: If everything goes as plan we will be working on the vendor changes for the next publish

    Nails Warstein says: Great even better, I can't wait for the next publish
    Mesanna says: seemed like a good compromise

    Nails Warstein says: People are asking me this one thing regarding this house loading feature you'll add

    Mesanna says: for those with a slow connection

    Nails Warstein says: They are wondering if when you go into felucca it you get the message like you do if you are sure you want to go into fel

    Nails Warstein says: a message that would ask if you want the toggle to turn off showing houses

    Nails Warstein says: like an automatic for felucca only

    Nails Warstein says: so that people who just want it off there, but no where else

    Mesanna says: no sorry it will be a global choice

    Mesanna says: all or nothing

    Nails Warstein says: That's fair enough, I don't venture into Felucca often enough for it to matter

    Nails Warstein says: That is all for now, keep up the great work. I am so very happy about all the new changes.

    Mesanna says: it will default to off though

    Mesanna says: you have to turn them on

    Nails Warstein says: Ah okay good to know

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Nails Warstein says: Thanks for coming

    Nails Warstein says: fond farewell for now

    Mesanna says: bye

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Adora says: Good Evening, Id like to firstly than you all for the new high seas and all the things you do for UO

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Adora says: 2 quick questions...

    Adora says: I agree the comprisise is great for the house loading feature.I may have missed this but id there going to be a vender search

    Adora says: for auctions safes

    Mesanna says: we have talked about that

    Mesanna says: we agree its a good feature to add but

    Mesanna says: I do not have a time frame for you right now

    Adora says: okay understand

    Mesanna says: but know we have talked about adding that

    Adora says: secondy would it ever be possible to add a vender seacrh style function to house sign to locate items?

    Mesanna says: that is a little harder

    Mesanna says: because we are horders!!

    Adora says: It was just a wish list =)

    Mesanna says: lol

    Adora says: exactly

    EM Faine Morgan says: looks innocent

    Adora says: well thank you again for everything and keeping us all entertained

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Adora says: have a great evening

    Mesanna says: you also

    Mesanna says: hi

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: First Good Evening and Thank you for all you guys have been doing.

    Mesanna says: thank you

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: I am a hoarder and after playing for many years

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: i have many many greeting cards from holidays

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: i was wondering if maybe we could have a holiday gift card holder

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: sort of like the scroll of transcendece books or recipe books or even the bod books

    Mesanna says: hrm a holder

    Mesanna says: not sure many would want it

    Mesanna says: but we can add them to the turn ins

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: i see so many cards get thrown away and yet i love my cards and collecting them

    Mesanna says: yes thats true

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: some of my biggest treasures are personalized items like that

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: just a thought

    Mesanna says: nods

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: that is all i thought i would ask

    CreepyStalkerGrl says: thank you for your time

    Mesanna says: oh thank you

    Mesanna says: have a good evening

    Anne Nomilly says: good evening and thank you for the change to the cannons - fantastic change! One quick question however,

    Mesanna says: Greetings

    Anne Nomilly says: we've noticed that occasionally, some of the cannons stop prepping and firing

    Anne Nomilly says: we have them fully loaded

    Anne Nomilly says: matches

    Anne Nomilly says: ramrods

    Anne Nomilly says: but suddenly they just won't prep or fire anymore

    Anne Nomilly says: what can we provide to help trouble shoot? or has it been reported?

    Kyronix says: The exact steps that you take to get them into the broken state

    Kyronix says: Ideally if you close the gump and reopen it, and click the PREP button it should restart

    Anne Nomilly says: *nods* we tried that

    Anne Nomilly says: tried unloading completely

    Anne Nomilly says: I will try to reproduce and send in steps

    Anne Nomilly says: but THANK YOU for the change overall

    Mesanna says: type of cannon also please

    Anne Nomilly says: so fun

    Anne Nomilly says: nods

    Anne Nomilly says: oh, and one more

    Mesanna says: question

    Anne Nomilly says: LOVE the repair deed table OMG

    Mesanna says: is it any cannon on a ship

    Mesanna says: or one specificially placed

    Anne Nomilly says: it seems to be random

    Mesanna says: ok

    Anne Nomilly says: I'll send what we are doing and see if that helps

    Anne Nomilly says: thank you for your time

    Anne Nomilly says: bows

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Pawain says: Hail My Beautiful Queen

    Mesanna says: Hi

    Pawain says: and her little minions

    Mesanna says: lol

    Mesanna says: knudges Kyronix and Misk

    Mesanna says: Minions =P

    Pawain says: Thank you. We have been having lots of fun

    EM Faine Morgan says: snickers

    Pawain says: with Rising Tide arr

    Mesanna says: we are glad you guys are enjoying everything

    Kyronix says: Yayyyy!

    Pawain says: Special Thanks to the minion called Kyronix for

    Pawain says: taking our opinions and request

    Pawain says: I have but one request

    Pawain says: can you place the High Seas on sale for a month at each publish cycle

    Pawain says: so I may get mor pirates to join

    Mesanna says: if we had control over that we would

    Pawain says: Thank you for your time

    Mesanna says: but Origin controls that

    Mesanna says: sorry

    Pawain says: ah

    Pawain says: no problem

    Mesanna says: Thank you

    Pawain says: glad you came to allow us to speak

    Mesanna says: We enjoy talking to you guys

    Pawain says: Have great evening.

    Pawain says: Minions also

    Mesanna says: you also

    Mesanna says: Thank you Catskills for having us tonight

    Kyronix says: Thank you Catskills!

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