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Developer Meet And Greet, Catskills, Oct. 16th 2017

By Larisa, Oct 17, 2017 | |
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  1. devss.jpg
    [Mesanna]: Good evening everyone

    [Mesanna]: let me gather the troops and we can begin

    [Mesanna]: waiting on bleak

    [Mesanna]: lets begin

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: Good evening.

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: I had two questions tonight.

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: The first... Are there any plans to finish the current housing tile sets?

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: You keep adding new ones, but there are many pieces missing from old ones that currently

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: cripple certain designs

    [Mesanna]: I agree some are not complete

    [Mesanna]: and the foundations are not complete etc

    [Mesanna]: I would like to finish them personally

    [Mesanna]: but if you have one or two sets that you would like to see done first shoot me an email

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: My major complaint really is the archways.

    [Mesanna]: I agree

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: Currently if you try to set up an arch a certain way, it overlaps wall tiles and leaves a huge gap

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: in the wall

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: nods

    [Mesanna]: not really sure why they were done the way they are to be honest

    [Mesanna]: and your second question

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: My second question is faily simple. Could you please add in a secondary Cu Sidhe spawn somewhere?

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: I'm fairly sure they're the only tameable with only one spawn location. Which makes little sense.

    [Mesanna]: we will look to see if it makes sense..can't have them spawning near dino's =)

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: grins

    [Faeryl Tyr'athem]: Thank you.

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Princess Tala]: Hello

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Princess Tala]: I have no questions tonight.

    [Princess Tala]: As a returning player, I just wanted to let you all know I appreciate all the new content.

    [Mesanna]: oh nice to see you then

    [Princess Tala]: I have these broken items, I hope you could possibly look at, maybe fix?

    [Kyronix]: What type of broken items?

    [Princess Tala]: they are all in my backpack right now

    [Kyronix]: Catch up with us after the Meet and Greet

    [Princess Tala]: ok

    [Princess Tala]: Many thanks

    [Princess Tala]: Welcome to Catskills

    [Kyronix]: Was there anything else?

    [Princess Tala]: No I just came back to the game, I am really enjoying it, and I just had these really old items with problems

    [Kyronix]: Welcome back!

    [Kyronix]: You can use the teleporter there to exit

    [Princess Tala]: I will stand over there

    [Kyronix]: Hello

    [ivan]: hello

    [ivan]: thank you for your time and effort

    [Kyronix]: You are most welcome!

    [ivan]: two quick things for consideration that do not require answers

    [ivan]: first, please consider adding an option in classic client

    [ivan]: to have chat show in journal and not in game play window

    [ivan]: there are times when a third of my screen is chat

    [ivan]: second, as a deco addict,

    [ivan]: please consider releasing server birth graphics as items that can be acquired

    [ivan]: different tag maybe to not mess with rares collectors

    [ivan]: but things like playing cards or a hair brush

    [ivan]: would really be nice to have

    [ivan]: or chessmen..

    [ivan]: that is all

    [ivan]: thank you again

    [Kyronix]: Thank you!

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Evening

    [Ezekial Roberts]: I have two questions, one of which I am not sure comes up often

    [Ezekial Roberts]: My first is about the magery skill, It's been pretty much the same since the game's creation.

    [Ezekial Roberts]: I've noticed when it comes to balance, Focused mages seem to get a bit of the short end of the stick.. in PvM I mean

    [Ezekial Roberts]: I was curious if there were any plans to work on that, to make straight mages effective without requiring alterior skills like Weaving, Necromancy, and Mystic

    [Mesanna]: No we are not in the process of altering the mage at this time...

    [Mesanna]: Magery is still the most powerful skill in the game

    [Mesanna]: we as a group we do not feel it has gotten the short end of the stick

    [Mesanna]: maybe you could enlighten us with your thoughts

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Ahh, definitely

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Well, When you look at a mage in most senses..

    [Ezekial Roberts]: These days you mostly see mages paired with other casting skills

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Which, Does of ourse give those skill use

    [Ezekial Roberts]: But at the same time, A mage without them is actually pretty limited in their damage output

    [Ezekial Roberts]: In events where damage is required to earn rewards, a mage cannot really match a fully geared warrior

    [Mesanna]: of course you can't

    [Mesanna]: you are not supposed to be a warrior

    [Mesanna]: you are a mage

    [Mesanna]: your damage varies also with summoned and casting,

    [Mesanna]: I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one =)

    [Mesanna]: mages have always been paper tigers =)

    [Ezekial Roberts]: I suppose so, My second question is just...When am I getting this scroll out of my pocket?!

    [Kyronix]: Did you finish that quest?

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Yeah, seems to be a glitch quite a few are dealing with

    [Ezekial Roberts]: We cannot take it out of our backpacks

    [Mesanna]: ok out of your pack now

    [Ezekial Roberts]: Haha... alright.... well that solves me at least

    [Mesanna]: lol have a good evening

    [Rotep]: Hello

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Rotep]: I have a few questions mostly on implimentation of endless journey

    [Rotep]: First while I understand the need to limit access to storage for free players

    [Rotep]: I read that boats would not be able to be placed

    [Mesanna]: this is true

    [Mesanna]: but this is not new

    [Mesanna]: trial accounts currently can not place a boat either

    [Rotep]: I have two friends I could see coming back with this implimentation but both were big into boats.

    [Mesanna]: Remember this

    [Mesanna]: the goal is to have people want to sub

    [Rotep]: And while they can not use boats they will be able to buy highseas? that make no sense

    [Rotep]: I understand

    [Mesanna]: to entice them back to the game

    [Rotep]: but for players returning because they can only play maybe ten hours a month a sub is not some

    [Rotep]: something they want but highseas may be

    [Mesanna]: they can have access to a ship

    [Rotep]: even if you were to add boats without holds

    [Rotep]: yes but they'd need a friend to place a ship

    [Mesanna]: thats not as easy as you think

    [Rotep]: I never said it was an easy fix

    [Mesanna]: rowboat is not the same really

    [Rotep]: just a thought

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Mesanna]: next question?

    [Rotep]: my second qustion involves the ability to use houses

    [Mesanna]: as a endless journey account?

    [Rotep]: they cannot be friends to a house to log out at a friends house

    [Rotep]: yes

    [Mesanna]: nope

    [Rotep]: a lot of RPers use houses for story development and some things can only be accessed by friends

    [Mesanna]: they will have to go to town

    [Rotep]: or higher which would limit another aspect of the game

    [Rotep]: I get that

    [Mesanna]: I am not going to take that away from the people that pay us

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Rotep]: It's just while getting more subscriptions from everyone would be great a larger player base is

    [Mesanna]: yes and that is why we are doing the endless journey

    [Rotep]: more likely to draw people back than just saying "Here is freeplay"

    [Mesanna]: but we are not going to give them housing or boats

    [Mesanna]: its not a complete free to play

    [Rotep]: But boats are a large part of UO

    [Mesanna]: its call endless journey not free to play

    [Rotep]: I understand

    [Mesanna]: this is true

    [Rotep]: and almost the only people who use boats are fishers and rpers

    [Rotep]: and while i get that you wont change your stance I will just go to my third request

    [Rotep]: During rp events where Our EM is trying to drive a story we often get aggrivators

    [Rotep]: or people that refuse to obey his requests

    [Rotep]: Would it be possible to give Our ems the aability to move people

    [Rotep]: or at least squelch an area

    [Mesanna]: no the EM's are not allowed to move people around

    [Rotep]: Dramar Tries hard to make events enjoyable

    [Mesanna]: we have the ability to set that up if they ask for it

    [Mesanna]: your EM never does

    [Mesanna]: but then again I have not seen your EM for a while

    [Rotep]: He never wants to have to but you have literally been asked to come take care of a griefer

    [Rotep]: on this very shard before

    [Mesanna]: they are not there for griefers thats a GM's job

    [Rotep]: during an event in Ilshenar

    [Mesanna]: if someone is distrupting an even they should call me

    [Rotep]: Okay

    [Mesanna]: we have set rules to handle this

    [Rotep]: I have more but there is a line

    [Rotep]: Thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Sger'zug]: Greetings, good evening all

    [Sger'zug]: My question is a follow up

    [Sger'zug]: It's a follow up on a previous meet and greet, you mentioned that RMT websites can only be investigated by EA Legal if they are were in the US.

    [Sger'zug]: Threee of the more popular of these webs sites are represnted by US companies in Arizona and Florida. Who can we send this information to so they can be sent a proper cease and desist?

    [Mesanna]: send me the web sites

    [Mesanna]: and I can forward them to our legal department

    [Sger'zug]: Thank you, I'll be sure to send them to you with the company registrars

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: you have my address right

    [Sger'zug]: [email protected] broadsword correct?

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Sger'zug]: Thank you again

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Pitr]: hello

    [Pitr]: I would like to start by saying thank you

    [Pitr]: love the new season of ultima

    [Pitr]: my question

    [Mesanna]: wonderful

    [Pitr]: At account management, we can add an unlinked mythic master account... can you explain how can

    [Pitr]: we move one account to another player

    [Mesanna]: currently only Customer service can do that

    [Pitr]: and have it linked at his master

    [Pitr]: nods

    [Mesanna]: I would love to get it changed so you guys can link and unlink your own accounts

    [Mesanna]: with the proper verification

    [Mesanna]: but that is a future goal

    [Pitr]: perfect

    [Pitr]: keep the great work... thank you all

    [Mesanna]: thank you Pitr

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Britannic]: Greetings!

    [Britannic]: First, thank you ask always for the often underappreciated hard work you all do for us.

    [Mesanna]: thank you, we all appreciate that

    [Britannic]: There are a lot of backseat developers out there.

    [Kyronix]: chuckles

    [Mesanna]: grins

    [Britannic]: My first question is regarding the disparity between the visuals between the Enhanced Client and

    [Britannic]: the Classic Client.

    [Britannic]: Especially for tamers when it comes to looking for the hues of various rares. You

    [Britannic]: cannot see them in EC like you can in CC. Can you fix that, please?

    [Mesanna]: that is a big art task

    [Britannic]: I know it's not an easy ask.

    [Britannic]: Second, regarding the Endless Journey drilling you received from a previous

    [Mesanna]: alot of them need partial hueing

    [Britannic]: petioner. Have you considered a lower subscription rate with limited game time per month?

    [Mesanna]: we have not at this time

    [Mesanna]: orignally we did talk about it when steam first came up

    [Mesanna]: we are not going thru steam so we dropped that idea

    [Britannic]: Just an idea that came to me while the other person was lamenting the EJ accounts

    [Mesanna]: right

    [Mesanna]: I understand the point of view

    [Mesanna]: as long as you guys try to understand ours also

    [Britannic]: Well, thank you for your time and anything you can do for those partial hues would be

    [Britannic]: so awesome. I will love you forever! :)

    [Mesanna]: it is a task that needs to be addressed

    [Mesanna]: we just need time to do it

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Britannic]: Trust me, I understand. I am a software developer.

    [Britannic]: I know what you have to deal with.

    [Britannic]: Thanks again for your time.

    [Mesanna]: x20 =)

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Pooky]: This is Shandara's alt from Great Lakes, it was awsome meeting you all in Virginia

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Mesanna]: You also

    [Kyronix]: The pleasure was ours indeed!

    [Mesanna]: we all had such a good time

    [Pooky]: First question is for Misk, did you get my email about the Master Craftsman Talis?

    [Misk]: yes, i have submitted both the bug as well as the clean up britannia points

    [Pooky]: Second question is when will we be able to copy over to the Test Center again?

    [Mesanna]: lol thats bleak

    [Mesanna]: tomorrow

    [Mesanna]: after maintenance

    [Pooky]: Thank you all again

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Killroth]: hail dark lady

    [Mesanna]: waves

    [Killroth]: me and my wife just came back and have been training our old tames

    [Killroth]: its fun thanks or the new content

    [Mesanna]: great

    [Killroth]: anyways i noticed switching to magery mastery

    [Mesanna]: thought you were going to cuss us for a sec there

    [Killroth]: has ruined my whitewyrms abilkity to bless and cure itself

    [Killroth]: it hardly ever does either compared to before

    [Killroth]: could u please give us the ability to switch back to regular magery on pets from mastery

    [Mesanna]: Bleak?

    [Killroth]: no no i cant cuss u out i might get cursed and never get rare drops at events

    [Mesanna]: just wait till you hit 105

    [Mesanna]: I would have cussed myself if I could have

    [Bleak]: We can possibly take alook at the AI

    [Mesanna]: like pulling teeth from a rabid bulldog

    [Killroth]: please

    [Killroth]: another question

    [Killroth]: sorry typing with 1 hand:p

    [Mesanna]: its ok

    [Killroth]: any possibility of return of dread mares and bane dragons? would be nice with the new taming options

    [Mesanna]: no we are not bringing those back

    [Killroth]: i didnt know they were limited and gave mine away :p

    [Killroth]: also

    [Mesanna]: you have the ability to make pets powerful

    [Mesanna]: ouch

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Killroth]: will there be any change to gargoyles multiboxing throwers at events

    [Mesanna]: Multiboxing will not be allowed after we publish Endless Journey

    [Killroth]: every event there is groups of like 5 in wraith form on top of each other

    [Mesanna]: not for long

    [Mesanna]: just giving everyone fair warning

    [Killroth]: good :)

    [Killroth]: one last thing

    [Mesanna]: if you are caught using it with an endless journey account you are banned

    [Mesanna]: no warnings

    [Killroth]: ive never been to your roulette always missed it .. are you coming to great lakes anytime soon:p

    [Mesanna]: I have not done one in a long time

    [Mesanna]: we will see =)

    [Mesanna]: always a pleasure t0 kill you guys =)

    [Killroth]: ok thanks any chance of mesanna cakes or flowers being dyed in future :)

    [Mesanna]: have not even thought of it

    [Killroth]: yeah uve never killed me and I wont let youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    [Mesanna]: never have dyed those

    [Mesanna]: just pumpkins

    [Killroth]: maybe in the future?

    [Mesanna]: maybe

    [Killroth]: ok ill leave thanks guys

    [Mesanna]: night

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Cymry DeDanu]: hello :p

    [Cymry DeDanu]: i only have 1 question you will be happy to hear

    [Cymry DeDanu]: several months back

    [Cymry DeDanu]: you had said you would bring in receipt books

    [Cymry DeDanu]: so we could store our reciepts

    [Cymry DeDanu]: not unlike the bod books

    [Mesanna]: recipe books?

    [Cymry DeDanu]: & said that would be on a Holday

    [Mesanna]: it is still a great idea

    [Mesanna]: we did the jewelry box first because people have asked for it for a long time

    [Cymry DeDanu]: for the diffferent receipes we get

    [Mesanna]: its still on our list to do

    [Cymry DeDanu]: could you take a bod book & make it a different color :p

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Cymry DeDanu]: like the new bod books we can get in store

    [Mesanna]: would rather have a unique design honestly

    [Mesanna]: if we are going to do it , we should do it right

    [Cymry DeDanu]: that was my only question

    [Mesanna]: ok thank you

    [Cymry DeDanu]: thank you & love your outfit!

    [Mesanna]: lol thanks

    [Jack]: hello

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Jack]: i was wondering if there was any plans to add new items as blackthorn artifacts

    [Jack]: such as halo mark of trav orc chief helm

    [Mesanna]: you can send us a list but its not on the front of what we need to do

    [Mesanna]: we do have a backlog though

    [Mesanna]: send us what you would like to see

    [Jack]: ok ty

    [Mesanna]: always interested

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Summer]: Hello

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Summer]: any Idea when you will have the castle design tool ready for test

    [Mesanna]: that is in bleaks hands

    [Mesanna]: so it will have to be after the endless journey

    [Mesanna]: we are not dropping it though

    [Summer]: Will EJ accounts be able to get and use scrolls?

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Summer]: thank you

    [Skett]: when are the robes going to be released in the store and can we get campfires added to the store

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Skett]: hello all

    [Mesanna]: campfire with some marshmellows

    [Skett]: sure

    [Mesanna]: good idea

    [Mesanna]: we can give you a bonus to the camping skill...lol

    [Skett]: the 5 robes cloaks

    [Skett]: yes

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Mesanna]: looking it up

    [Skett]: also

    [Mesanna]: they are going in for the month of January

    [Skett]: any fix coming for the died pets slow walking pace

    [Mesanna]: sorry we are talking

    [Mesanna]: dead pets are going to move slower due to the fatigue

    [Skett]: so no fix

    [Mesanna]: bleak made this change

    [Skett]: why

    [Mesanna]: he is checking his facts and he will talk to you

    [Skett]: ok tyvm

    [Bleak]: We capped all pet movement speeds with pub 98.

    [Skett]: why dead pets though

    [Skett]: very very slow now

    [Mesanna]: what pets are you speaking of

    [Skett]: anyways thank you all for a great year

    [Mesanna]: we can look at them to see if there is an issue that needs to be addressed or not

    [Skett]: all of them

    [Lost But Seeking]: I was just wondering how much longer we have to wait for a classic server

    [Lost But Seeking]: With endless journey coming give us a fresh start

    [Mesanna]: for a long time

    [Lost But Seeking]: no more stygian abyss please

    [Mesanna]: because we have not addressed this yet

    [Lost But Seeking]: please do ;(

    [Lost But Seeking]: anything buy stygian abyss thanks for your time

    [Lost But Seeking]: be a hero

    [Mesanna]: *nods* we know some of you would really like a server with just Fel

    [Deraj]: Hail devs

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Deraj]: And sorry for the connection problem earlier

    [Mesanna]: I lost connection also

    [Deraj]: But welcome back to Catskills, the *premier* and *official* Roleplaying shard of Ultima Online!

    [Deraj]: The shard that Atlantic and Great Lakes only wish they could be

    [Kyronix]: Uh oh!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Kyronix]: Throwing down the gauntlet!

    [Kyronix]: Great Lakes vs Catskills for the title of ultimate RP shard!

    [Deraj]: I only throw down the mightiest of gauntlets

    [Deraj]: Our RP is clearly superior, I am being objective in this.

    [Deraj]: But anyways..

    [Kyronix]: gasps

    [Crystal] Deraj says: I know you guys have 2018 all booked up

    [Deraj]: So I won't presume to ask what I am about to ask for this coming year

    [Deraj]: However, there is an old and potentially good system that needs some love

    [Mesanna]: which one?

    [Deraj]: Do you therefore have any plans, or desire, or vague notions or subconscious desires

    [Deraj]: to take another pass on the governor system?

    [Kyronix]: With regard to what?

    [Deraj]: First, voting is fundamentally broken

    [Deraj]: Or rather

    [Deraj]: Fundamentally flawed, I should say

    [Deraj]: There's only one thing that treasuries can be used for

    [Deraj]: Governor meetings on Catskills are always riveting experiences of course

    [Deraj]: But on other shards they can be rather dull and pointless

    [Deraj]: Not that I blame the EMs for this, it's just the conditions we live in nowadays

    [Kyronix]: Well, with Endless Journey we are going to be revamping the flow of information through a new

    [Kyronix]: Town Crier system

    [Kyronix]: That includes the current Governor bulletin boards

    [Deraj]: Yes, I am looking forward to that

    [Kyronix]: So the communication stream will get unified, from there we can explore other suggestions

    [Kyronix]: Send an email with what exactly it is you think/want to be able to do

    [Kyronix]: And we can look at it for the future

    [Deraj]: Well, I would be more than willing to send my long-winded verbose rambling

    [Mesanna]: please do

    [Kyronix]: And I would be more than happy to read such pontifications!

    [Kyronix]: T'would be my pleasure!

    [Deraj]: But if nothing else I hope the gov system will pop up in your mind for future updates

    [Deraj]: Thanks again for hearing me, and have a good evening to each of you

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Kyronix]: Godspeed and safe travels!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Britannic]: Hello again.

    [Britannic]: I had a follow-up question to something that came up.

    [Britannic]: You were talking about multiboxing and banning, what do you consider multiboxing?

    [Mesanna]: Multiboxing is using one computer to control more than one character

    [Mesanna]: there is a difference in multi client and multiboxing

    [Britannic]: So, if I am taming on one charater in EC but using another in CC to see the hues properly, do

    [Mesanna]: when you are able to have every charcter cast at once that is multiboxing

    [Britannic]: you consider that multiboxing and illegal?

    [Mesanna]: no

    [Mesanna]: are you having to mash more than one key to get them to do the same thing

    [Britannic]: Okay, good. I do that all the time and I did not want to be banned for it.

    [Mesanna]: that is not multiboxing

    [Britannic]: Just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules.

    [Britannic]: Thank you for clarifying.

    [Mesanna]: nope as long as you are there at the keyboard

    [Mesanna]: welcome\have a good evening

    [Britannic]: Yes, always at the keyboard when I'm playing.

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Uriah Heep]: Hiyas, y'all's #1 fan here =)

    [Uriah Heep]: grin

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Uriah Heep]: just a yes or no answer

    [Mesanna]: I am good at that

    [Mesanna]: =P

    [Uriah Heep]: will we ever have the ability to use BoD books locked down or in a container?

    [Uriah Heep]: I'm not talking about

    [Mesanna]: yes you should be able to use it locked down

    [Uriah Heep]: item count changes or any of that

    [Mesanna]: we are not sure why that was not done in the first place

    [Uriah Heep]: Last I tried it wouldnt let me

    [Mesanna]: and yes we have it on our list to look at

    [Uriah Heep]: okay cool

    [Mesanna]: we will be doing a bug push after Endless Journey

    [Uriah Heep]: whispers

    [Mesanna]: maybe we will have time to review it then

    [Uriah Heep]: how much gps to get it moved up a notch or two

    [Uriah Heep]: :p

    [Mesanna]: pfft gps?

    [Mesanna]: chocolate strawberries !

    [Uriah Heep]: okay I''ll wait patiently

    [Uriah Heep]: =)

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: HI Wild

    [Wild]: hello i thought stevie lost connection, was gonna let them go

    [Mesanna]: they have gone once

    [Mesanna]: you have not

    [Wild]: i just wanted to say thank you for everything yall do including this meeting

    [Mesanna]: Most welcome

    [Wild]: but it wouldnt be a proper meeting without at least one death

    [Mesanna]: you did mean you right

    [Mesanna]: =)

    [Wild]: ty

    [Mesanna]: there you go

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Wild]: love you guys :)

    [Mesanna]: love ya

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Hi!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Stevie the gypsy]: I would like some clarification about the upcoming multiboxing ban.

    [Stevie the gypsy]: You said a few questions ago that if you are caught doing it ON AN ENDLESS JOURNEY account

    [Stevie the gypsy]: that you would be banned.

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Does this mean that multiboxing on PAID accounts will be allowed?

    [Mesanna]: no paid accounts will not be allowed

    [Mesanna]: we are going to stop it across the board

    [Stevie the gypsy]: OK, good.

    [Stevie the gypsy]: That brings me to my next question.

    [Mesanna]: paid accounts will get a warning

    [Mesanna]: EJ accounts will not

    [Mesanna]: We are making it know well in advance

    [Stevie the gypsy]: So paid accounts will have to be caught TWICE?

    [Mesanna]: depends on the accounts

    [Mesanna]: if you have strikes you might only get one chance

    [Mesanna]: just know this

    [Mesanna]: Multiboxing is a bannable offense period

    [Mesanna]: As of EJ if you are caught you will be suspended/banned

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Okay... but you get a little more leeway on it with a paid account is what I'm understanding?

    [Mesanna]: yes you might get a warning

    [Mesanna]: depends on how many strikes you have against your account

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Okay

    [Stevie the gypsy]: So why wait until Endless Journey to ban it?

    [Stevie the gypsy]: It is negatively impacting gameplay now and has been for some time.

    [Stevie the gypsy]: How much warning is needed?

    [Mesanna]: We are giving fair warning

    [Mesanna]: that is our decision

    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [Stevie the gypsy]: I understand it's your decision, I'm just trying to understand it

    [Mesanna]: why are you confused

    [Stevie the gypsy]: People have been complaining about it at least a couple years now

    [Mesanna]: I am telling you

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Waiting until EJ is a LOT of warning

    [Mesanna]: we are giving you fair warning after x date you will be banned

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: I am not going to continue to say the same thing

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Can you please explain the rationale behind shard-binding Eodon and Blackthorn stealables?

    [Kyronix]: So you can't go to a lower population shard to farm them and then cart them off to a higher

    [Kyronix]: Population shard

    [Kyronix]: It helps to offer some protection to their value

    [Stevie the gypsy]: Then why aren't EM items also shard bound?

    [Kyronix]: It's an apples to oranges comparison

    [Mesanna]: Thank you Stevie

    [Kyronix]: EM Events are not stealables in persistent content

    [Mesanna]: Killroth is the last person

    [Katana]: hello

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Katana]: wanted to thank you for the ultima 8 event arc was great fun

    [Kyronix]: Glad you enjoyed it!

    [Katana]: wanted to say also that many of liked the enhanced raider for the trade missions

    [Katana]: would love to see those come back in some form

    [Katana]: maybe a fel side or something

    [Kyronix]: Always something to consider

    [Katana]: the other thing id love to ask is the newspaper was very cool addition

    [Mesanna]: yes it was a great idea

    [Katana]: and would like to ask is it posible to make that a part of the game on a ongoing thing

    [Kyronix]: It was a popular feature, we were very pleased with how it turned out

    [Kyronix]: To an extent we are

    [Kyronix]: The images we can't be as dynamic with

    [Katana]: and carry updates that are put on the uo.com page

    [Kyronix]: But you'll see newspapers are part of future events

    [Katana]: or even the news letter thats sent by email

    [Kyronix]: That complicates things a bit more, so it'll mostly be in-game stuff specifically

    [Katana]: so people can buy an ingame version of them

    [Katana]: anyways thats was all and ty again for all the work and great event line we did

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Katana]: and last the pagan spell books

    [Kyronix]: It means a lot to hear that, thanks for your kind words!

    [Katana]: they just deco now or will the be used again

    [Kyronix]: Right now just deco

    [Kyronix]: But you never know

    [Kyronix]: grins

    [Katana]: ok cool and ty for a fun set of events

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Katana]: i look forward to the endless journy

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Katana]: and have sent many text messages to friends that used to play

    [Mesanna]: wonderful

    [Katana]: so they know its comming

    [Mesanna]: we love hearing that

    [Katana]: anyways ty you and look forward to the new items

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Xavier]: Hello, thank you all for your efforts

    [Xavier]: Any plans for Water tiles for houses similiar to the Grass, Snow, Sand, lava, Swamp? or

    [Mesanna]: no sir

    [Xavier]: Waterfall tiles? Like the Lava Fall tiles

    [Mesanna]: we are doing ponds though

    [Xavier]: Very nice !

    [Xavier]: Will it ever be Possible that clean up points be account shared and not per character?

    [Mesanna]: we have talked about this several times

    [Xavier]: I wasnt there

    [Mesanna]: and I believe it is in the backlog of things we want to do

    [Mesanna]: when i say we have talked about it

    [Mesanna]: I mean we as the team

    [Xavier]: Awesome, stinks when you make mistake and dump on wrong character

    [Mesanna]: understandable

    [Xavier]: I have heard whispers of items being duplicated recently, has there been any moves

    [Mesanna]: it would make things much easier

    [Xavier]: recently to prevent duping and delete duped items? Also how do you dupe?

    [Mesanna]: lol we would never tell you how to dupe an item

    [Xavier]: I just wanna know so I can stop it

    [Xavier]: Like Batman

    [Mesanna]: sorry nice try

    [Xavier]: But seriously

    [Xavier]: Keep an eye out

    [Xavier]: whispers

    [Mesanna]: aye

    [Xavier]: Ty for your time

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Killroth]: hiya

    [Killroth]: i have a suggestion for vet rewart

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Killroth]: i think we should have a repair bench that u can either

    [Killroth]: a) charge with repair deeds and auto repair gear with click

    [Mesanna]: that is not a bad idea

    [Killroth]: or b) store 5k repair deeds

    [Killroth]: or both

    [Mesanna]: good idea I like it

    [Killroth]: its would def be a convenient item for reward

    [Mesanna]: do this for me

    [Mesanna]: come up with some kind of art

    [Mesanna]: and I will name it after you =)

    [Killroth]: really ok i will do it

    [Mesanna]: good

    [Mesanna]: it has to good enough for the game ok

    [Mesanna]: so send me an email

    [Mesanna]: sound good?

    [Killroth]: okie dokie

    [Mesanna]: sweet

    [Killroth]: also

    [Killroth]: are etheral cloaks still evil?

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Mesanna]: they are illegal

    [Killroth]: i found one in a idoc

    [Killroth]: ok also my wife wants you to kill me

    [Mesanna]: just for your wife

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Killroth]: happy now!?

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening Killroth

    [Killroth]: thanks bye

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: bye

    [Bleak]: Thanks everyone for coming out!

    [Kyronix]: Thank you Cats!

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