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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Europa, August 28th 2017

By Larisa, Aug 29, 2017 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    [Shandara]: good evening

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Shandara]: Lets talk about BODs

    [Shandara]: Is there plans to make the BOD Books usuable locked down and only counting as one unit?

    [Mesanna]: not at the time

    [Mesanna]: I will say this

    [Shandara]: Thank you for your time

    [Mesanna]: if its locked down I do not have an issue but its different if its in your pack

    [Mesanna]: Hi Anna

    [Anna Goodward]: 'ello. Long time no see

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Mesanna]: tis true

    [Anna Goodward]: I got 4 topics to address at this time

    [Anna Goodward]: If you don't mind

    [Mesanna]: ?

    [Anna Goodward]: Yep

    [Anna Goodward]: So 1st thing is about the targettting bug in EC in regards to player housing

    [Anna Goodward]: I wonder if you got this still on your list

    [Mesanna]: need a little more information

    [Mesanna]: there are several issues we are aware of

    [Anna Goodward]: Well, when you target for like decorating house addons or placing items the check will go through down to the bottom floor

    [Mesanna]: the floors issue?

    [Mesanna]: that is an engineering issue

    [Anna Goodward]: instead of checking against the item or floor targetted

    [Mesanna]: but yes

    [Mesanna]: it is still on our list of things to do

    [Anna Goodward]: Oh good. It really is a bit annoyance in EC

    [Anna Goodward]: 2nd there are those signs we got with Christmas gift tokens

    [Anna Goodward]: The ones you can put on 3 custom lines

    [Anna Goodward]: I wanted to ask if it would be feasible to tie the editing of those signs to the house security settings of the sign rather than..

    [Anna Goodward]: having it in your backpack and stand in your own house to edit them

    [Mesanna]: you want to have to stand in the house to use it?

    [Mesanna]: I am confused as to your meaning

    [Anna Goodward]: No no. At the moment you need to have the signs in your back pack and stand in your own house to edit them

    [Anna Goodward]: It would be really good if you could tie the editing permission to the house security settings of the sign instead

    [Mesanna]: that will not be changed in the near future

    [Anna Goodward]: so we nay need to take them off for editing

    [Mesanna]: we have alot of other pressing things to put in first
    [Anna Goodward]: Righto. Please take it into consideration though

    [Anna Goodward]: I got two more points I like to address or ask about

    [Mesanna]: Oh wait you are just asing us to change it to make sure you don't have to have it in your pack?

    [Mesanna]: we are getting a line

    [Anna Goodward]: Yes

    [Anna Goodward]: Am sorry but this is important dear highness

    [Mesanna]: so are their questions

    [Anna Goodward]: arches a brow

    [Mesanna]: next question please

    [Anna Goodward]: Fine. If you say my question are of lesser importance so I will retreat

    [Mesanna]: that is not what I just said

    [Mesanna]: I said theirs are as important

    [Anna Goodward]: Some time ago I asked you about if it is possible to empower EMs to do something against event disturbing behavior

    [Anna Goodward]: Like squelching area spells and the likes maybe

    [Mesanna]: and I told you no they will not get any more powers than they have

    [Mesanna]: there is a procedure they have to follow

    [Anna Goodward]: nods

    [Mesanna]: only chance is

    [Mesanna]: if you disrupt an event you will be suspended for 24 hours

    [Mesanna]: first time

    [Mesanna]: no more warnings

    [Anna Goodward]: Lastly I wanted to ask if it is possible to get a citizen index about the town citizens and maybe a way to pass messages to them

    [Anna Goodward]: Am aware of the townbaord at the bank but people nay seem to read it or know about it if they are new

    [Kyronix]: We have no plans to implement a citizen index, however you can use the town board

    [Anna Goodward]: Nods

    [Anna Goodward]: Well, thank you for your time then

    [Kyronix]: We are also looking at ways to make the chat experience better, so stay tuned for that

    [Anna Goodward]: Let's play some games again soon

    [Mesanna]: have a great afternoon

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Cala'n]: ello!

    [Cala'n]: simple question!

    [Cala'n]: well sort of anyway

    [Cala'n]: the bods points system

    [Cala'n]: seem to be odd

    [Cala'n]: example

    [Cala'n]: 15 rotworm stew give 0.5

    [Cala'n]: but this miso soup give 4.5

    [Cala'n]: I would say it is harder to get the rotworm ingredients

    [Cala'n]: than the fishsteak and water for the miso

    [Cala'n]: one has noticed such odd points in other bods as well

    [Mesanna]: we understand and will review it again

    [Cala'n]: ah goodie

    [Mesanna]: and yes you do have a point

    [Cala'n]: been bothering me for a long while

    [Cala'n]: well that was all I had to ask about

    [Kyronix]: Thanks!

    [Mesanna]: hi Brian

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Brian DeSpell]: Hail lords and lady :)

    [Brian DeSpell]: Re the signs, I think he was referring to the fact that you have to be owner and it in your pack to edit.

    [Mesanna]: yes I understood that =)

    [Brian DeSpell]: But my question is, can you up the ambusher spawn rate and drop rate?

    [Kyronix]: We have no plans to make any adjustments, its working as expected given the length of the event

    [Brian DeSpell]: It is painfully slow, to a very discouraging degree

    [Brian DeSpell]: I spent over 2 hours the other day without even 1 ambush

    [Kyronix]: how many trades did you complete in that span?

    [Brian DeSpell]: 3

    [Brian DeSpell]: Britain to Trinsic, Trinsic to Britain, Vesper to Trinsic

    [Kyronix]: There are number of exceptions as to where they will spawn

    [Kyronix]: For example, you cannot be near housing, server lines, a previous location you were ambushed

    [Brian DeSpell]: well, I walked the whole way, and followed the road the entire way

    [Kyronix]: Certain mountain passes and such, to prevent issues

    [Kyronix]: After a while ambushers will also not spawn on a single trade mission

    [Brian DeSpell]: anyhow, frustrating to the point I've given up on week 1's content.

    [Kyronix]: So you can't just run in circles ad infinitum expecting to farm it out

    [Kyronix]: It's a very small piece of the overall event

    [Kyronix]: Meant to introduce the story through the narrative pushing items

    [Brian DeSpell]: well, froim various reports, certain items seem to be quite low drop

    [Brian DeSpell]: so one trip, a friend and I walked the same trip; she got 7 ambushes, I got zero.

    [Brian DeSpell]: anyhow, if you can consider looking at it.

    [Brian DeSpell]: Thanks :)

    [Mesanna]: Kyronix is checking something

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Hello M'Lady

    [Kyronix]: One of those restrictions is also not being near other ambushes, so that is likely the cause of

    [Kyronix]: what you observed

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I must say I love your boots...

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: If you could drop those in my collection of boots....

    [Mesanna]: these boots?

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: It's on GL's just south West of the Moongate a bit can't miss it

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I have a horde of boots there.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Would go great there...

    [Mesanna]: and I have a bedroom full of shoes

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Those are beautiful boots.

    [Mesanna]: thanks =)

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I have a boot fetish...

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: As anyone on GLs...

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: smiles

    [Mesanna]: grins

    [Mesanna]: how can we help you today

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Anyway.....

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Dot and I have a question about the EC

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Could we get [summoned] appended to magery, mysticism and necromancy summons please? The EC can't properly filter them out of the mobiles bars.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: So they interfere with real targets.

    [Kyronix]: Yes, that is something we can look into for a future update

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Also on that same note... so do things people bring back to life with necromancy

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And that changes the corpse so ctrl+shift no longer brings up the corpse

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Making it difficult to loot things at events

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: When people do that to the Boss corpse and it's buried under 60 people

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Can't open it

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Extremely annoying

    [Kyronix]: It's something we would have to look into to find a solution

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: We would appreciate it

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Thank you so much...

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And seriously love the boots...

    [Aur]: Ah hello!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Aur]: It's not really a big issue, but I was wondering, I do those quests from Axem the Curator quite

    [Aur]: regularly and one thing irks me.

    [Aur]: Why do the small gems which come as a reward all come loose in the bag?

    [Aur]: Is it possible have those stacked when they are handed out? If not too much trouble?

    [Kyronix]: Not sure off the top of my head, will have to take a look at how that reward is dispensed

    [Mesanna]: we will be looking at redoing the zoos and contribution system in the future

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it at that time

    [Aur]: Ok, thank you

    [Sunshine]: Good afternoon (although evening here hehe).

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Mesanna]: this is true

    [Sunshine]: Apologies if this has been asked before,

    [Sunshine]: I have a question about the paragon drops, of a sweet nature.

    [Sunshine]: Could cocoa liquor + cocoa butter become stackable like vanilla or sacks of sugar?

    [Kyronix]: Unfortunately not, I've tried in the past and it is not possible

    [Sunshine]: Ah, pity... But thank you

    [Sunshine]: Nice to see you all here!

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Dewi Putri]: Hello

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Dewi Putri]: I was wondering when filling BODs,

    [Dewi Putri]: how come some items like black staffs and pickaxe do work both ways.

    [Dewi Putri]: But shovels and cleavers donĀ“t? for example

    [Dewi Putri]: Then the BOD refuses to accept if they are turned the wrong way?

    [Mesanna]: If you can forward us a list of items that do not work we can take care of this issue

    [Dewi Putri]: Okay, thank you

    [Dewi Putri]: Where to best send this?

    [Mesanna]: welcome, this is an easy fix

    [Mesanna]: [email protected]

    [Dewi Putri]: Okay, thank you

    [Mesanna]: and I will make sure we get it in to the right people

    [Dewi Putri]: Good day to you!

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Totally Esbe]: Hello!

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Totally Esbe]: Ehm, my question might be a bit far fetched, but I have to try

    [Totally Esbe]: As a T-hunter I wonder,

    [Totally Esbe]: Would it be possible to make some sort of a Key Ring for Skeleton keys?

    [Totally Esbe]: Perhaps as a Tinker BOD reward?

    [Totally Esbe]: Maybe similar in style to PoF Kegs? Since PoF also come with 10 use.

    [Mesanna]: good idea

    [Mesanna]: we like it

    [Totally Esbe]: Yay!

    [Totally Esbe]: That would help a lot, they pile up fast

    [Mesanna]: aye

    [Mesanna]: we all like that idea

    [Totally Esbe]: That's nice to hear, I will allow the next to take the stage heh.

    [Totally Esbe]: have a nice day!

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Cronus]: hi all =)

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Cronus]: do u know about issue with gumps on some resolutions with last publish?

    [Cronus]: all menus have another size, this kills my eyes and my game

    [Cronus]: i have 1600*900

    [Mesanna]: we are aware of it

    [Mesanna]: Bleak will have to fix it

    [Cronus]: i wrote about it on stratics

    [Cronus]: and people too have this troubles

    [Cronus]: and no one answer from devs

    [Cronus]: about this =(

    [Mesanna]: we do not answer on stratics often

    [Cronus]: may be u can this as in pinco

    [Mesanna]: our forums will be up and running soon

    [Cronus]: toggle scale mode

    [Cronus]: can work in pinco on this gumps

    [Cronus]: and still little question

    [Mesanna]: Bleak is on vacation at this time

    [Mesanna]: but he is aware of the issue

    [Cronus]: may be time for change bribe system?

    [Cronus]: now we have so much new bods

    [Mesanna]: not touching it at this time

    [Cronus]: and recall to each vendor

    [Mesanna]: way to many other irons in the fire

    [Cronus]: very bad variant

    [Cronus]: my variant 0/1000 points for each account

    [Cronus]: and every day u can get 100 points

    [Cronus]: for each skill on bribe

    [Cronus]: so u can collect 1000/1000 and bribe bods on any vendor

    [Cronus]: without many recalls ty

    [Mesanna]: If you have a suggestion on redoing the system

    [Mesanna]: write it up and send it in

    [Mesanna]: the team will review it

    [Cronus]: and i will be wait fix for resolution

    [Cronus]: ok ty

    [Mesanna]: gump resolution

    [Cronus]: yes

    [Cronus]: insure menu

    [Cronus]: bod

    [Mesanna]: that will be looked at when Bleak returns

    [Cronus]: bank menu

    [Cronus]: ok ty

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Cronus]: and good luck

    [Mesanna]: thanks

    [Aze]: Good afternoon all!

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Kyronix]: Good evening!

    [Aze]: Although I myself am a tamer, I have wondered often

    [Aze]: Why does the Flame Slayer Talisman have no effect on Fire Ants and Fire Daemons?

    [Aze]: they seem like, made for that

    [Mesanna]: I like this question

    [Kyronix]: Depends whether Fire Daemons are more fiery or daemony

    [Mesanna]: Kyronix =)

    [Kyronix]: We would have to bring them in for close inspection

    [Kyronix]: chuckles

    [Mesanna]: *coughs* BS coughs

    [Aze]: But especially those pesky ants!

    [Kyronix]: Ants are icky

    [Kyronix]: Especially when Mesanna puts bread on the balcony. We get ants

    [Mesanna]: I did it for the birds!!

    [Kyronix]: Uh huh

    [Aze]: hahaha

    [Kyronix]: but we can add these creatures to the list

    [Mesanna]: just because someone put sugar on your desk when you were away

    [Mesanna]: and you blame me

    [Kyronix]: for fire slayers

    [Mesanna]: jeeze

    [Aze]: that would be very helpful, thank you!

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Aze]: have a nice day!

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Torch]: Greetings and i'd like to thank you all for taking time to answer our questions.

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for asking them!

    [Torch]: i have a couple quick ones to ask

    [Torch]: 1st is there any ways to maybe implement the journal in 2d to be transparent

    [Torch]: it is sooo hard to read light colors or yellows

    [Mesanna]: I think we have that on our back log

    [Torch]: the backdrop i mean

    [Mesanna]: right

    [Mesanna]: it has been requested before I believe

    [Mesanna]: at a different meeting

    [Torch]: the other question i have is not of greed but curiosity

    [Torch]: on EM events, the drops are based on damage only?

    [Torch]: or how is that factored?

    [Mesanna]: no top attacker related, damage, healing and tanking

    [Mesanna]: plus

    [Mesanna]: no only do the EM's state the amount to be given but

    [Mesanna]: each shard has a specific guaranteed number given out in addition to the set number

    [Mesanna]: the players that go x amount of times and do not transfer are likely to get one also

    [Torch]: right but lets say a healer that resses and heals has a good chance as well

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Mesanna]: ok sooo

    [Mesanna]: I am being told that once a person dies

    [Mesanna]: the healer that rez's the player and heals it up will not get credit

    [Mesanna]: but

    [Mesanna]: if the healer heals someone that is taking damage

    [Mesanna]: they get those 20 points of healing

    [Mesanna]: if the player days after that

    [Mesanna]: does this make sense

    [Mesanna]: I will verify all this and put it in the next newsletter

    [Mesanna]: how about that

    [Torch]: yes, i just wasnt sure if you get credit by rezzing people as well

    [Mesanna]: just to make sure I have not given you any bad info

    [Mesanna]: you don't

    [Torch]: yes that would be great news.

    [Mesanna]: I will do that

    [Mesanna]: it has been changed a few times

    [Mesanna]: so even we get confused at times

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Torch]: and on Brian despells comments, i too have spent 3 hours of trade quests turning in 13 and not one drop

    [Torch]: it is pretty low drop rate on those.

    [Torch]: thank you all for your time.

    [Torch]: safe travels

    [Mesanna]: thank you for coming out

    [Torch]: and Kimmie does a excellent job at EM events

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [The Best]: Good Evening!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [EM Kimmie]: smiles

    [The Best]: Lol

    [The Best]: In regards to the Ambusher items.

    [The Best]: Even if these are just deco, many are trying to collect a full set.

    [The Best]: As it is, you have about 10x the odds of getting a daemonic amulet, and phylactery.

    [The Best]: Unless the Demonic amulet, Phylactery, and Gorget have more significance than the human ones.

    [The Best]: Can we make it so all the monsters have a chance to drop each item, up the humans %.

    [The Best]: Or an Npc to trade multiple for a random one during a later phase

    [Kyronix]: We have no plans to change anything related to those items at this time

    [The Best]: Ok, one more quick one

    [Kyronix]: You have until Part V goes active

    [The Best]: With the new loot system more or less killing high end Reforging.

    [The Best]: 14 Mod Armor and whatnot

    [The Best]: Are there any plans to up imbuing and High end reforging.

    [Mesanna]: We have not made any specific plans

    [Mesanna]: but what you stated is true

    [Mesanna]: and we should put it on the list to look at it for a future project
    [The Best]: Please consider it :)

    [Mesanna]: we are a small team of 5

    [The Best]: Take care!

    [Mesanna]: we have to pick what we are going to do carefully

    [The Best]: That is all though, Thank you for your time

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [O'Morale]: hello!

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [O'Morale]: as a tamer I write all my pets stats and skills

    [O'Morale]: and noticed

    [O'Morale]: even fully trained pets maxed skills

    [O'Morale]: still gained barding difficulty

    [O'Morale]: my LH gained it from 125.8 to 126.1 in a hour

    [O'Morale]: is there any invisible skills

    [O'Morale]: we not see even after pet updates

    [Mesanna]: We have an idea but are not positive as to what it is based off of

    [Mesanna]: so that is a question that will have to be answered in the newsletter

    [Mesanna]: so we can give you correct information

    [O'Morale]: ok and one more question

    [O'Morale]: few years ago I asked about keyboard problems in EC for not latin text

    [O'Morale]: any eta?

    [Kyronix]: Which language?

    [O'Morale]: russian

    [O'Morale]: you say asian have same problems

    [Mesanna]: yes we do have it recorded but no we do not have an eta as of yet

    [O'Morale]: aww

    [O'Morale]: thats all, thanks anyway

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Myesha]: Hello.

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Myesha]: I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you guys do.

    [Myesha]: Its appreciated.

    [Mesanna]: that is sweet of you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Myesha]: The taming patch is amazing

    [Myesha]: and my friends and i have had more fun the past four months with that and the anni stuff

    [Myesha]: than some of the fun we had when we originally played years ago

    [Mesanna]: good =)

    [Myesha]: so thank you again.

    [Myesha]: thats all

    [Mesanna]: smiles

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Good Evening

    [Morty]: Hello!

    [Morty]: I see Bleak escaped his chains.. I hope you reinforced Kyronix' before he too escapes

    [Mesanna]: Everyone is entitled to some vacation now and then
    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: its use it or loose it around here

    [Morty]: I have a request about test center

    [Mesanna]: Yes?

    [Mesanna]: wipe it and start over?

    [Morty]: Would it be possible to add a command similar to modifying player skills, for pets?

    [Morty]: such as set pet wrestling 120

    [Morty]: would make it so much easier to test pets

    [Morty]: or even a portal to walk through that would cap them out

    [Mesanna]: good suggestion

    [Mesanna]: will look into it

    [Morty]: ok thank you

    [Morty]: and i was just joking about Bleak, glad to see he is getting some vacation :)

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Morty]: Take care, thank you all for what you do!

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Ramses]: good evening

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Ramses]: mine is a question of houses

    [Ramses]: i think veterans should get the chance to place houses / castles in places where others can't

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: and what would you suggest the cut off be?

    [Ramses]: i've been playing 18 years and have never managed to place a castle

    [Mesanna]: 17.6 but close enough =)

    [Ramses]: someone with loads of money can come in and own a castle straight away

    [Mesanna]: well I have never been able to place a castle either and I have played since Aug 97

    [Mesanna]: on my play account that is

    [Nebula]: Good evening all

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Nebula]: i have a question about the doom drop rate

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Nebula]: when im there with my sampire and a friend

    [Nebula]: only 2players

    [Nebula]: the drop rate is extremely low

    [Nebula]: lower then before

    [Nebula]: the overhaul

    [Nebula]: is something changed ?

    [Nebula]: or can that be fixed ?

    [Kyronix]: We didn't adjust the drop rate with the doom revamp

    [Kyronix]: Only the creatures inside the gauntlet

    [Kyronix]: We can take a look at it though

    [Nebula]: its like on europa doom is practically empty

    [Nebula]: never see anyone

    [Nebula]: so rate is normal ?

    [Nebula]: at this moment

    [Kyronix]: Yes

    [Nebula]: ok well ty had to ask that

    [Nebula]: am done

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Nina]: hello everyone

    [Nina]: :)

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Nina]: a friend wanted me to inquire about www.uo.com

    [Mesanna]: what about it

    [Nina]: something about it not being updated?

    [Nina]: no clue asking as he had to go to bed

    [Mesanna]: does it mean myuo?

    [Nina]: yes i think so

    [Mesanna]: because uo.com is updated all the time

    [Mesanna]: me too

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it

    [Nina]: thank you

    [Nina]: and also

    [Nina]: i wanted to know

    [Mesanna]: I don't have an answer but we will check it out tomorrow

    [Mesanna]: and get it running again

    [Nina]: indeed

    [Nina]: thank you

    [Nina]: also

    [Mesanna]: dang hamster went on strike

    [Nina]: lol

    [Nina]: i wanted to ask if mayhaps

    [Nina]: i was doing something wrong

    [Nina]: during trades

    [Nina]: 4 days no items

    [Nina]: so not sure if i was doing it right

    [Kyronix]: Are you looting the corpses?

    [Nina]: yes

    [Nina]: 11 items i am looking for .. no?

    [Crystal] Lady Nina says: 11 items i am looking for .. no?

    [Kyronix]: That's about the extent of it

    [Kyronix]: If you so desire them

    [Nina]: lol

    [Nina]: so am i doing it wrong?

    [Nina]: or is it just not a

    [Kyronix]: Doesn't sound like it

    [Nina]: ok

    [Nina]: so slow rate thing?

    [Nina]: do we NEED

    [Nina]: all the items?

    [Kyronix]: Like for future parts of the event?

    [Nina]: yes

    [Nina]: i just want to know

    [Nina]: lol

    [Kyronix]: They serve to provide clues for who the ambushers may be

    [Nina]: oh

    [Kyronix]: You do not need to use them for anything, those items are marked as "quest items" in Part II

    [Kyronix]: With the exception of certain reagents

    [Nina]: ok .

    [Nina]: reagents we need then

    [Nina]: ok

    [Nina]: thank you so very much

    [Nina]: thank you all

    [Kyronix]: Those will not be marked, but they should stand out to you

    [Kyronix]: You are welcome

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Nina]: much thanks for the answers

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Dewi Putri]: Hello again, not sure if it is allowed to go for a second round, but here I am

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Mesanna]: of course

    [Dewi Putri]: I forgot my other question just now, felt the pressure of the long line i guess heh.

    [Dewi Putri]: I was just wondering,

    [Dewi Putri]: Could the Vampire Bat be an option to become tamable one day? They're kinda cute!

    [Mesanna]: its a familiar isn't it?

    [Dewi Putri]: I mean those who float around in Malas

    [Mesanna]: we will talk about it

    [Dewi Putri]: Thank you,

    [Msanna]: welcome

    [Dewi Putri]: Another question, after what Kyronix told Lady Nina, it reminded me of some talk on Stratics

    [Dewi Putri]: Is it possible to stack the reagents without repercussions? Some people mentioned

    [Dewi Putri]: it might be better not to stack things from the event arc

    [Kyronix]: There's a current issue with stacking some of the clue objects, would advise not to stack them

    [Kyronix]: at this time

    [Kyronix]: It's two items i think off the top of my head

    [[Dewi Putri]: But those reagents can all be stacked? like blackmoor and Pumice?

    [Kyronix]: Will not impact their functionality

    [Dewi Putri]: thank yoouuu!

    [Kyronix]: Most welcome

    [Dewi Putri]: Oh! Btw, I drop breadcrumbs for birds too! ;)

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: see

    [Mesanna]: Have a good evening

    [Dewi Putri]: Maybe the hamster went on strike since you fed his food to the birds? lol

    [Mesanna]: grins

    [Dewi Putri]: see ya!

    [Cain Discordia]: Hello! Thanks for all your hard work, UO feels really good atm. It seems ppl love the new event.:)

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Cain Discordia]: I love how accessible T-hunting is atm in PT II. My question:

    [Kyronix]: Thank you - wait till we get to Part IV muwhahahah

    [Cain Discordia]: Do you think there is any change for seeing some major overhaul for Classic Client? I'd love to -

    [Mesanna]: probably not

    [Cain Discordia]: - see improived version of it, a very loyal one. Rather than an " enhanced" rediscovery of wheel:p

    [Mesanna]: not on our radar at this time

    [Cain Discordia]: Ahh, here's hoping it appears as a dot there sometime

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: never know, most did not think we would get to 20 years

    [Cain Discordia]: Imho it unfortunate how things such as UOAM-like map, or some of the UO Assist functionality

    [Mesanna]: and look at us now

    [Cain Discordia]: isn't in game

    [Cain Discordia]: Indeed, UO looks great still. Both game and community

    [Cain Discordia]: But CC needs some love:p I dream of it getting a --rehaul, where a 1:1 version of current UO is-

    [Cain Discordia]: rewritten with bit more modern code

    [Mesanna]: lol have a good evening

    [Cain Discordia]: bit unrealistic I guess. Just, would be great

    [Mesanna]: we need more than one eng for that

    [Cain Discordia]: Hehe. Yeah. Indeed. :/

    [Cain Discordia]: Situation with 2 clients is tragic..you guys have SO much work as it is..to have

    [Cain Discordia]: 2 x clients to run on top of it all:/ my sympathies:p

    [Mesanna]: so true

    [Mesanna]: it used to be 5 clients 2 is much better

    [Cain Discordia]: shame nothing manages to kill the CC. tho it speaks more of quality of CC and nature of gamers-

    [Cain Discordia]: less of EC being bad as such. But ay,

    [Cain Discordia]: Enough idle daydrreaming. happy birthday to you, me and all:p remember the CC! And thanks for you

    [Cain Discordia]: hard work

    [Cain Discordia]: UO is GREAT atm.

    [Mesanna]: We agree and thank you

    [Cain Discordia]: issues? sure..but what doesn't have em

    [Cain Discordia]: bows

    [Mesanna]: bows

    [Mesanna]: good night

    [Tarkarn]: greetings

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Tarkarn]: i have brought with me some props

    [Tarkarn]: now who can tell me

    [Tarkarn]: what is missing from this armor description?

    [Tarkarn]: what is written on the armor i mean

    [Tarkarn]: any takers?

    {I might interject here that Tarkarn stood there silently for a good 2 minutes not speaking until someone spoke up in Gen Chat}

    [Brock]: you might wanna give them a hint they don't have all night you know

    [Mesanna]: Just spit it out please

    [Tarkarn]: the studded leather gives you +3lmc ontop of your lmC cap

    [Tarkarn]: why is this not in the description?

    [Tarkarn]: maybe you didn't even know yourself

    [Kyronix]: Until we find a more elegant way to display item properties on an item

    [Tarkarn]: how are new players supposed to learn of this?

    [Kyronix]: So that it is not a wall of text

    [Tarkarn]: oh come on

    [Tarkarn]: surely it is more important to know

    [Kyronix]: Which is often criticized, it displays in your character status window

    [Kyronix]: Does it not?

    [Tarkarn]: it does, but then why not say

    [Tarkarn]: okay lets remove ALL mods

    [Tarkarn]: and just have it display on char status?

    [Tarkarn]: your argument is futile

    [Kyronix]: And your example is a strawman

    [Mesanna]: ok guys

    [Tarkarn]: i am only thinking of new players

    [Mesanna]: we have discussed this and we did not come up with an agreement

    [Mesanna]: we are not disagreeing with you

    [Mesanna]: you do have a valid point

    [Tarkarn]: ty

    [Mesanna]: but we need to come up with a good way to display all the information

    [Mesanna]: or walk away

    [Mesanna]: nm

    {At this point, Tarkarn walked out of the speaking area before Mesanna could finish so hopefully we'll hear more about this in an upcoming newsletter!}

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Pervyn]: hi

    [Pervyn]: i would like to discuss again the auto pet stable log in/out

    [Pervyn]: i got annoyed at responses last time and left

    [Mesanna]: same answer as last time it was asked =)

    [Pervyn]: i was not quite correct

    [Pervyn]: Correct with the 4th exploit

    [Mesanna]: ahh

    [Pervyn]: i misdiscribed it

    [Pervyn]: so the Question is, if you're going to tame a Najasaurus

    [Pervyn]: how would you tame it and get it to the stables?

    [Pervyn]: or let me rephrase maybe, how are you supposed to get a fresh tamed

    [Pervyn]: najasaurus to the stables?

    [Mesanna]: I would tame it and either take it to the stables or log out

    [Pervyn]: oh okay, so part of the game is to log out?

    [Pervyn]: i thought that was used to

    [Pervyn]: stop peoples pets from

    [Pervyn]: being lost at Con loss

    [Pervyn]: but even You would abuse it?

    [Mesanna]: it is to keep pets from being lost and how is that abuse

    [Mesanna]: ok not going to argue that

    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [Pervyn]: yes there was a 5th exploit with

    [Mesanna]: oh and btw

    [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: oh and btw

    [Pervyn]: auto log out

    [Pervyn]: stable

    [Pervyn]: sorry Continue

    [Mesanna]: this is the only thing we are going to say on this matter

    [Mesanna]: first off

    [Mesanna]: using kindling after you have tamed a pet

    [Mesanna]: when not trying to run away from something or exploit something toget a pet in the stables

    [Mesanna]: is not an exploit

    [Mesanna]: and last time I looked

    [Pervyn]: using kindling?

    [Mesanna]: I think we *points to the team* deem what is an exploit and what is not

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening sir

    [Pervyn]: i did have

    [Pervyn]: a 5th

    [Mesanna]: next

    [Ramses]: I didnt mean to run out earlier, my wife was typing and hit the wrong button,

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: no worries

    [Ramses]: What I was trying to say is. could there be a chance of vet's getting houses that newbees cant?

    [Ramses]: as a reward for there service .. a bit like the ethy rides

    [Mesanna]: but those can be sold

    [Mesanna]: no way would I let a vet place a castle then sell them

    [Mesanna]: just because they have special rights

    [Mesanna]: there are always two sides to look at for issues like that

    [Mesanna]: thus the reason I am giving away castles for our anniversary =)

    [Mesanna]: so make sure you sign up

    [Ramses]: smashing

    [Ramses]: did i say you were looking very nice this evening

    [Ramses]: lol

    [Mesanna]: lol not sure

    [Mesanna]: but thanks

    [Ramses]: wink wink

    [Mesanna]: lol not going to help

    [Ramses]: many thx

    [Mesanna]: laughs

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Anonymous]: :)

    [Anonymous]: Hello There! You guys are probably very excited for Next Month Party!

    [Mesanna]: we are

    [Kyronix]: Can't wait!

    [Anonymous]: 2 things that I want to ask:

    [Anonymous]: The new Dyes at the UO store haochi's pigments,

    [Anonymous]: Cool colors BUT If I try to use the Original haochi's Token,

    [Anonymous]: the new colors are Not there??

    [Anonymous]: isnt the token supposed to give you all colors available?

    [Mesanna]: thats correct

    [Mesanna]: they are not supposed to be there

    [Mesanna]: those colors are sold separately

    [Mesanna]: than the original colors

    [Anonymous]: ok

    [Anonymous]: 2nd: it is a suggestion, How about give us a REPAIR BOOK, so we can add 50

    [Anonymous]: tailor, Smith, Bow and so on...at 1 book, instead of carry 100+ deeds

    [Mesanna]: repair deed book

    [Mesanna]: good idea

    [Anonymous]: :)

    [Mesanna]: great present for a new player

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Anonymous]: yep

    [Anonymous]: btw

    [Anonymous]: I want Kyronix TUX

    [Mesanna]: you can buy one also

    [Anonymous]: haha

    [Mesanna]: from the store

    [Mesanna]: or do you just want to see him naked?

    [Anonymous]: you all have a good day

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Kyronix]: chuckles

    [Mesanna]: Barth

    [Mesanna]: are you in line

    [Mesanna]: if not

    [Barth]: Looks around

    [Barth]: Uhm...

    [Mesanna]: Goat man

    [Barth]: This is unexpected

    [Barth]: Good evening!

    [Mesanna]: did you have a question?

    [Barth]: Yes

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Barth]: Smiles

    [Barth]: Two actually

    [Mesanna]: last question of the evening

    [Barth]: One

    [Barth]: Are there any plans to make stealing useful again?

    [Mesanna]: we want to yes

    [Mesanna]: anything solid no

    [Mesanna]: but we would love to

    [Kyronix]: Very tough to do in the current rulesets

    [Barth]: Shame

    [Barth]: Brings me onto the second question I guess to finish with

    [Barth]: Is everything in your packs insured?

    [Barth]: Peeks

    Mesanna]: will never be like standing around the bank and having your house keys taken

    [Mesanna]: try it

    [Mesanna]: you would die faster than you can say jack rabbit

    [EM Kimmie]: ut oh

    [Barth]: Need about 240 snooping

    [Barth]: Sighs

    [Barth]: Worth a try :)

    [Mesanna]: can't eat you only say no =P

    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [Barth]: That's all from me :)

    [Mesanna]: Thank you Barth

    [Barth]: Bows

    [Mesanna]: Thank you for having us Europa

    [EM Kimmie]: Thank you for coming!

    [Mesanna]: Have a great evening and we will see you soon!

    [Kyronix]: Thanks everyone for the questions!

    [Kyronix]: Enjoy the evening!

    [Kyronix]: waves

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