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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Europa ~ February 25

By Larisa, Feb 27, 2019 | |
Average User Rating:
  1. Mesanna: good afternoon Europa
    Mesanna: shall we begin
    Kyronix: Hellllllllllllloooooo Europa!
    EM Sarah: Good evening !!
    Mesanna: pull them
    Ter Mur: Oh!
    EM Sarah: Hail Ter Mur
    Ter Mur: Hello dear devs
    Ter Mur: hello EM Sarah!
    Mesanna: Greetings
    Ter Mur: Thanks for being here!
    Ter Mur: My question would be:
    Ter Mur: Is there a plan where you
    Ter Mur: revise the collections?
    Mesanna: which collections?
    Ter Mur: Say, library, Zoo, museum
    Mesanna: yes
    Ter Mur: New points, rewards and stuff
    Lady Mesanna says: we have it on our list to revise those
    Ter Mur says: Thats good to hear, I am happy!
    Ter Mur says: Next year?
    Lady Mesanna says: good
    Ter Mur says: Next year?
    Lady Mesanna says: we don't have a specific date right now
    Lady Mesanna says: so I would rather not give bad info
    Lady Mesanna says: but it is on our list to redo
    Ter Mur says: Okay... thank you, that was all from me!
    Lady Mesanna says: thank you
    Ter Mur says: You just doing great, wtg, team!
    Ter Mur says: :)
    Lady Mesanna says: have a good day
    EM Sarah says: Thank you Ter Mur
    Cinderella says: Good Evening
    Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    EM Sarah says: Hail Cinderella
    Cinderella says: I wanted to thank you for the awesome content
    Cinderella says: that is coming up
    Lady Mesanna says: have you checked it out on tc1
    Cinderella says: love the vet rewards
    Cinderella says: yep
    Lady Mesanna says: sweet
    Cinderella says: its awesome
    Cinderella says: thank you
    Cinderella says: have a nice night
    Lady Mesanna says: most welcome
    Lady Mesanna says: you also
    Mesanna: greetings
    Ancient One: Hello Glorious one,
    Ancient One: I have a taming/lore/vet/magery/med/lockpicking/Cartography t hunter
    Ancient One: This chat at the forums worries me,
    Ancient One: will I still be able to use my tamer as mine t hunter
    Ancient One: Or am going to have to make another huge change like I did
    Ancient One: before
    Kyronix: We are still very much having an open discussion
    Kyronix: Nothing is set in stone
    Ancient One: *nods*
    Ancient One: thank you
    Ariel says: hi
    Lady Mesanna says: greetings
    Ariel says: could you seell us a token in the store for 50 or 100 to let us gt a castles we make on test
    Ariel says: on our shard
    Mesanna says: you mean beyond the contest we run
    Ariel says: yes if we want one that we make we could buy it on test for our shard
    Ariel says: from the store
    Lady Mesanna says: no
    Ariel says: ok last question
    Lady Mesanna says: its not that easy and alot or background work has to be done
    Lady Mesanna says: thats why we have the contests
    Ariel says: so 100 wouldnt pay for it
    Lady Mesanna says: I don't think it will buy the castle no
    Ariel says: i cant find anything different on test in how i raise items in my house
    Ariel says: i raise to chop items to make them look different
    Ariel says: that isnt going to change right?
    Lady Mesanna says: then you should be good
    Lady Mesanna says: whatever is on test
    Lady Mesanna says: is what will be published to all shards
    Ariel says: thanks for uo and all you do and come up iwth a price to let me change my castles
    Lady Mesanna says: lol
    Ariel says: how much time it takes
    Ariel says: its ok some will pay
    Ariel says: enjoy
    Herman says: good evening Dark lady. I was wondering if you and the team had been made aware
    Herman says: of the latest idoc annoyance?
    Herman says: there is now a script that allows you to auto load 20 packys
    Lady Mesanna says: would you like to be more specific
    Herman says: all containors
    Herman says: you can feed the scripters of this specific script
    Herman says: any containor
    Herman says: and plop
    Herman says: before you ca n blink
    Herman says: on the packys it goes
    Lady Mesanna says: what 3rd party program are they using
    Herman says: easy
    Herman says: im ok with them doing their thing
    Lady Mesanna says: I am confused
    Herman says: but loading 20 packys
    Lady Mesanna says: how is this filling up 20 pack animals
    : [Crystal] Herman says: is a bit much
    : [Crystal] Herman says: you friend 15
    : [Crystal] Herman says: packys to one toon
    : [Crystal] Herman says: plus your 5
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: each person has 5
    : [Crystal] Herman says: one person
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and everyone friends you
    : [Crystal] Herman says: had 5
    : [Crystal] Herman says: of their own
    : [Crystal] Herman says: then they take 3 toons
    : [Crystal] Herman says: buy 5 packys each
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hrm friends can't add to the animal
    : [Crystal] Herman says: and friend thos 15
    : [Crystal] Herman says: to the toon running the script
    : [Crystal] Herman says: yeah they can
    : [Crystal] Herman says: the latest idoc
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hrm
    : [Crystal] Herman says: there were 50 chest
    : [Crystal] Herman says: you could see in it
    : [Crystal] Herman says: before the secures
    : [Crystal] Herman says: could clear off my screen
    : [Crystal] Herman says: set at 10s
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: email me any more details
    : [Crystal] Herman says: they were gone
    : [Crystal] Herman says: 2 people
    : [Crystal] Herman says: with 20 packys each
    : [Crystal] Herman says: walked out of screen
    : [Crystal] Herman says: i sure will
    : [Crystal] Herman says: ive paged and paged
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Herman says: gms never show on time
    : [Crystal] Herman says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Herman says: hope this is resolved
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: most welcome
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will try =)
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: hello all, i have a question about legendary loot and conversation about "8 mods"
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: any clarification that can be given on this topic? some saying that loot with 10 or more mods
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: no longer spawn
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: and when they are saying mods, they are not including mae armor or resists
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: There is no 8 mod cap
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: ok, so no changes to what can spawn were made
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: just a decrease in the chances?
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: Loot rolls for properties and it can select as many properties that it has the budget for
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: No
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: so a gorget like the one being worn by Jinx (in line) can still spwan
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: Based on luck and what you are fighting
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: so a gorget like the one being worn by Jinx (in line) can still spwan?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: one sec
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we are talking
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: np
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Yes one like that can still spawn, but there is a cap
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: besides thats brittle
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: of course
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: a cap that has changed within the last few months or a cap that is the same as it has been?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: as it has been
    : [Crystal] Aaron says: fair nuff. thank you for your time and answers!
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you're welcome
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: Few topics...
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: First off, VVV artifacts
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: Overpowered, free to obtain, devaules content in the game
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: they run out of durability? no problem, leave vvv and rejoin get them free again
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: i would like to see VVV artifacts being distributed as a result of participation in vvv pvp
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: not just as a freebie to everyone
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: any thoughts?
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Part of the reason to do so was to allow players the ability to PvP effectively across multiple shards
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: To find the fight where it exists, as it were
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: There are a number of boxes we want to check off when it comes to taking another look at VvV
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Artifacts and gear are one of them
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: ok how about removing the free points for rejoining? or make them all non-repair?
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: in there current state there's no incentive for a pvp or pvm player to use the real ones
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Something we would consider when we took another look at VvV
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: ty
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: second question
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: Castle customization and voting. It's being extremely vote brigaded/bought to get votes
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: crappy designs are winning (fine, subjective)
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: but why not just scrap the idea and do customizable plots for all?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the players only vote on the top 3
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we select the second set of 3
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and I can tell you we can not be bought
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: ok
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: I also think referring to someone else's hard work as crap, whether you appreciate the design or not, isn't called for
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: as stated, subjective
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Just remember one mans trash is another mans treasure
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: of course ;)
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: but I think just giving us all purely customizable plots would be fantastic
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thats not going to happen
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: ok 3rd note: thank you for taking a look at the abused bamboo floor tiles
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: it's been getting out of hand
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we came up with this to give the keep and castle owners some choices

    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: and finally, just to add to what someone was mentioning earlier
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: IDOCs are a mess. it's 2019, no other game has such system. I understand UO isnt' every other ga
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: but the amount of abuse at IDOCS/cheating/etc. they really need to go
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: wait
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you want us to do away with idoc houses?
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: as far as houses falling and players get to free loot and place the plots, yes.
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we can delete everything when the plot disappears
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: honestly, deleting everything and having an auction for the plot is way better than what's in place
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: its an antiquated system that everything drops on the ground for scripters to loot and scripts to pla
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: -place the plt
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: *plot
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: anyways, the whole everything drops free for all and plot placing should be replaced
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: not something I would like to make a jump decision on
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: 21 years it has been that way
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: of course, I've been here for all of those 21 years
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: anyways, vvv items and idocs need a good rework
    : [Crystal] Monty Hall says: thanks for your time
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thanks for the questions!
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a good day
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: Hi, I am psycho tacos
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: I am cherry pancakes
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: a quick comment on past topic, IDOCs, I think you guys should do a couple of IDOCs and see in action
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I like cheese
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: now over to my question
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: Please see my cannon from an EM drop event, the art has changed in the recent patch to cannons. Is it possible t
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yep
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: to change the art back
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thats true
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: to origina
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: it used to be solid gold that cannon
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no we are not changing that art sorry
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: ok
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: but remember its not good to change EM drop art without notice, that people paid many millions for
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: Thats all, thank you
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I appreciate your opinion but we do not design around EM rewards

    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: the art changed with last publish
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: on boats fine,
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes sir because of the revamp
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: ya
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: next question?
    : [Crystal] psycho Tacos says: none, thank you
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: Hello Mesanna :), I wanted to ask ...if you ever consider to make a battle royal style shard for UO
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: greetings
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: where the pvp comes to you
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: and you don't have to look for it
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: small customized lands
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: only for pvp
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we had the halloween shard
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but we have not opened that for a while
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: similar to fortnite or pubg
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: The old Abyss shard was kind of a BR too
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Without the collapse
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: ever think about doing something like that?
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: with points on best pvpers etc
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: graduatories etc
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: maybe we can do it this year for halloween
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: I think uo pvp is pretty nasty and solid still
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: maybe we can keep up with the kills
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: Ok, I hope you consider doing one :)
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and post the one with the most kills
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: Ok give some love for pvpers too
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: :))
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yep
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will look into it
    : [Crystal] Ahnalemma says: thx :))
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and give you guys a heads up
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Hello :D
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Im over the moon about the changes coming\
    : [Crystal] Badger says: to high seas
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: wonderful
    : [Crystal] Badger says: I was wondering if you would consider
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Tillerman on boats being a healer
    : [Crystal] Badger says: But cost ya gold like vet healers
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we talked about something like that
    : [Crystal] Badger says: :D
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Next question
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Could we get a vet clean up system
    : [Crystal] Badger says: turn in old vet rewards fro new ones
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no sir
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the one with the most money would win
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: if we did that
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: since you can purchase them
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Aye
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Shields?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: would rather not get into that
    : [Crystal] Badger says: turning in your s for another shard
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: your own shard shield?
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Aye
    : [Crystal] Badger says: I picked one few years back
    : [Crystal] Badger says: by mistake
    : [Crystal] Badger says: wrong shard
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Im stuc with one i dont use
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: how long ago was this?
    : [Crystal] Badger says: About 3 years ago
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ahh see if you had just done this
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Legends shield
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and paged or emailed me right then
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I would have changed it
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: not 3 years later
    : [Crystal] Badger says: ok
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: if you make an honest mistake
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will try to help you
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Aye it was

    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: everyone fat fingers stuff
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we do understand
    : [Crystal] Badger says: Have a good day
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you also
    : [Crystal] Badger says: I love cheese too
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol

    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: greetings
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: evening
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: 1st
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: i would like to thx you since Broadsword startet
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: now my question
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: is it possible to show LMC on non mediable Armor
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: As in the item property?
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Or in the status window?
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: the Bonus
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: You've been hanging out with Mervyn
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: ?
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: He's brought up the idea of showing the LMC bonus on the status gump....quite vocally
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: when im creating armors
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: i dont know what i got
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: i hace to wear all first
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: to see
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: how much bonus
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: i get
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: It's something we've talked about in making the character equipment creation/building process easier
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: You may have heard us refer to it in the context of the advanced mannequin
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: ok
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Were we to dive into that, we would address the LMC bonuses there
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: nice
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: thx you
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: most welcome
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: another think
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: Herman got right with that Idoc Packhorse thing
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: do you have somethjing to add
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: check this
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thing
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: plz
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: no
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *nods*
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: nothing to add
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: ahh ok
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: i just
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: want to confirm this
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: they are so fast
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: not normal
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: check this plz
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: understand
    : [Crystal] Krupp Stahl says: thx
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Have a good evening
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: hello
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: is a great moment to me be here
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: iits the first time i come into a m&g
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: and i play uo sinte 98 :)
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: glad you could make it
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: ok, two things, first thank you for keep this game alive, i have some mental isues, and this game
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: help me a lot over the years
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: second, i read about the item mods thing, i usually do shadowguard like 5-10 times a day
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i never got a jewel with more then 8 mods + antique
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: based in what you said earlier, is possible get a 10, 12, 14 mods antique jewel ?
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: for example, jinx neck have 10 mods, i have a shield in atlantic with 14 mods, and some jewels
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: with 13-14 mods
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: but all this items i need buy with gold, since ever doing a lot of shadowguard i never saw a jewel
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: with more then 8 mods, is it just a bad rng? or is intended? maybe another boss give that stuff idk
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: sorry for be so rude, english isnt my native language, but looks like i need do 1000 shadow guard
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: to sell 100 items to buy 1 item from always the same 2 - 3 guys
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: in atlantic market
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: there is a possibility but remember its all random
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: unerstand
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: so i can get a 14 mod jewel doing shadowguard
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: but its 0.000000000001%?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: not what we are saying
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: because i think im the unluckiest guy in the world
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: random generator is fickle
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: since near august-september i got a 12mod item,
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: since the day a guy got banned in the putrefier
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: trust me, i rly love this game, and nothing will make me stop playing
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: but is so strange to us, we do like 10 shadowguard a day and 0 item over 8 mods
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: then the same 3-4 guys have like 10000 items with 13,14 mods
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: but is its how it work, i will keep doing my pvm to get item to sell the item to buy from our
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: pvp item suplier :(
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *nods*
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: :(
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: anything else?
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: sorry for any inconvenience, that all i want know so is possible get a 14 mod jewel in shadowguard
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: ? or is just rng
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the only sire things are the ones we made, the rest is rng
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and I have no way to guarantee those
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Bleak can look at it closer and give more details
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: in the newsletter
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: understand, its because befor you ban the shady guy i got some 10 mod stuff in putrefier
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: now nothing hehe
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: thanks bleak
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i will wait for that
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: :)
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: let me ask sorryy again
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i have a castle
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: from 2000 i guess
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i can get a memorial like the ones in atl?
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: it have near 19 years :), its no more a teenager hehe
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i do shadowguard with all accounts
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: near 10 times a day
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i have like 5 of each cameo
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: bring some buddies with you
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: and never got a jewel with 9+ mods in shadowguard
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: so i think its a real bad rng that way
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: but thats ok
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i still love this game
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Seems we hit a little hiccup there
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Just a moment while the rest of the team comes back
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: :p
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: oh they come back
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: sorry about that everyone
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: sorry for use so much of your time too
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: just before i go
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: is possible to me get the house memorial ? since its a castle with 18+ years?
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: should i email? or talk with my local em?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you mean the historical sign?
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: ye
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: i forgot the term
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: email me the details
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: ok
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and I will do it
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: thank you so much
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: any time
    : [Crystal] Seppuku says: sorry for any incovenience
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no worries
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: Good Evening!, 2 important this I want to talk about as well!
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: I know has been asked b4 on other M&G, Can we bring the old IDOC system back?
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: to houses fall after 5 hours? or can we change the current system
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: to 2 4 6 houses , instead of 5-10-15?
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: Because 80% of idocs fall at 15 hours,
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: the 33% rate aint working and it
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: is hard to a normal player to stay there 15 hours
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I would rather get rid of them than do that
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: and than up to 2 hours later to replot a house
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: also about Idoc Loot, how do we know if the things we loot in the floor
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: or bag, secret chests are duped or not? do we have to page a GM to find out?
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: i dont want to be penalized to have something in my house that someone else duped
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you can always check it out by trying to put it on a vendor
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: but for now we are not touching idocs again
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: uhm
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we have this whole year planned out
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: ok, i will email you about
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: bc someone duped few years ago
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: tons of secret chests
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: and they are vendorable
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you do that
    : [Crystal] Anonymous says: ok ty
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: and I will laugh all the way to ban town
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greertings Jinx
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: AHOY! Dead man tells no tails!
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: Heheh
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Tis true!
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: Good pirate!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: of course ask Sarah!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: hehe
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: ok
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: The energy/poison/fire/para fields and wall of stone are too tall!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: it is very tricky to drop 2 energy fields behind each others on EC client
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: is there a chance to decrease their height to 1/3 of the actual size?
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: like wildfire for examplke
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: 1x tile height
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: instead of x3
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we have a bug in the system on that
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: you mean wildfire should be tallerr?>
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: the issue you stated before we do have it written up
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: aahh ok nice
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: because
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Some players using 3rd party programs can modify ingame graphics like that
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: on CC client which gives a lot of advantage over EC users
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: ok next question
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Is it feasable to add a search to bar to jewellery boxes, Pinco's UI already has it.
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: We have gotten multiple requests for this feature
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: cool
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Refinements take a lot of space and are not stackable
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: are u able to provide us with a refinement container to store them
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: As we look into other features I will see what can be done in relation to this
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: such as the seed boxes for example?
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: ok
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Last but not least, i love the new repair station, well done!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Looking forward to see some interesting VVV changes to make it more interesting and challenging!
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: ahh last thing
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hope you enjoy the high seas changes also
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: Give EC users the option to filter some effect like Earthquake, Supernova and such
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: its annoying when everyone cast them at the same time
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: at events for example
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: I will look into this
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: thats it
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: thanks for your time
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: and have a nice evening
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you also Jinx
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: ta
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: baja Jinx?
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: baja?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: nm
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: europa
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: i ARE GANDALF
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: the one and only!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: from eu
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: hhee
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: cya
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
    : [Crystal] Jinx says: OUT!
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: hello
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: can we please update the CC char status window to match the EC one
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: like having + stats, the eaters etc
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: We no plans to update the character status window in CC at this time
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: also can we put the actual correct caps for each on both ec and cc
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: this is very confusing for a lot of new players
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: Also my CC was declined on three accounts this month. even though when i re subed it went throu
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: *through
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: this could be a very big problem for people taking long trips
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: or those in the military
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: how about you email me details in private so I can get it looked into
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: any plans to upgrade the account mngment system?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: I hope
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: lastly when the new keep/castles came out some bugs came with it.
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: on private old keeps you can now load the entire keep
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: simply by walking to left of the stairs
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: that is not a bug
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: its part of the castle
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: not castle
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: keep
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: keep then
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: old style
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: so private no longer means private?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you can't go in but you can see inside?
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: yes, this is the only style house you can do this for
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we will look into it
    : [Crystal] A Rat says: ok thanks for your time PS please get rid of 15 hour idocs. they are ridiculous.
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: howdy yall! Dixie here =)
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: ill try to be quick
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: greetings
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: ive come to beg for my greenhouse in person
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: =)
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: plant storage
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: need it badly
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: LOL
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: =)
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: also giant ice serpaents
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: 5 slot plz
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: the ones from green thorns
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: and i just need t hold up my sign
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: it says save the idocs lol
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: its not the idocs that are broke
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: its the people
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a nice evening
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: anyway thank yall
    : [Crystal] Mad Madam Mim says: =)
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: most welcome
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thanks for the laugh
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Greetings
    : [Crystal] Trip says: i like eggs
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: LOL
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: hi again
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: hi
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: long ago you gave us new plants like foxgloves snowdrops
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: new styles in them
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: couldnt you please add those to the ant quest
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: i can get them in black and white but not pink and fire
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: The partial hue ones?
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: maybe
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: like you took the plants off the pots
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Where only the flowers petal?
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: I mean hue
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Only the flower petals hue
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: snowdrops and foxgloves but we can get them in solida white
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: and black
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: not wheelbarrow ones
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Gotcha
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we can look into that
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: and do you pick your 3 castles from top 20 or all
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: yes from the top 20
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: can you pick them from the other ones instead and let us just pick from the top 20
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: lol we have to draw the line somewhere
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: players pick the top 20
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: yes then you guys pick from what is left
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we tried to make it fair
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: that way we dont know who will win
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: right now we are not changing how we do this
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: anyways thanks again for UO and all you do
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: ok
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: most welcome
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: i understand but you shoudl pick one weird one each time
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thought we were =P
    : [Crystal] Ariel says: enjoy
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: *grins*
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: have a good evening
    : [Crystal] praha says: Good Evening everyone
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: good evening
    : [Crystal] praha says: 1quest not for my self
    : [Crystal] praha says: when therer is a event
    : [Crystal] praha says: players join
    : [Crystal] praha says: etc
    : [Crystal] praha says: why is there not sash avaible anoyre
    : [Crystal] praha says: lik I have on
    : [Crystal] praha says: my if give from GM year ago
    : [Crystal] praha says: doing events
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: talk to your EM
    : [Crystal] praha says: who
    : [Crystal] praha says: I do
    : [Crystal] praha says: I think
    : [Crystal] praha says: ah sorry
    : [Crystal] praha says: hi sarah
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: Hi Praha, we will do one sash event on March my friend
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Umm EM Sarah meet Knight
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: If Mesanna allows it of course
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: anything else
    : [Crystal] praha says: will be nice
    : [Crystal] praha says: players do event.. .
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: I will ask her soon :)
    : [Crystal] praha says: and nice to get reward like I get on
    : [Crystal] praha says: :) sopecial
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: Sure I will request a clicky
    : [Crystal] praha says: ones in game life
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: for March, I still did not do a sash
    : [Crystal] praha says: ty
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: no
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: you will not
    : [Crystal] praha says: ?
    : [Crystal] praha says: not follows sec
    : [Crystal] praha says: you will give again or not ?
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: Praha anything else
    : [Crystal] praha says: yes
    : [Crystal] praha says: I bakc from weeks ago
    : [Crystal] praha says: :)
    : [Crystal] praha says: and thnx..
    : [Crystal] praha says: to you all
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Thanks Europa!
    : [Crystal] praha says: game is still on
    : [Crystal] praha says: :)
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: welcome back
    : [Crystal] praha says: so sarah you will give qsoon Sash again
    : [Crystal] Kyronix says: Such a warm welcome!
    : [Crystal] praha says: ty
    : [Crystal] praha says: bleak
    : [Crystal] praha says: oke ty I fine
    : [Crystal] praha says: nice to meet you
    : [Crystal] Bleak says: Thanks for coming out Europa!
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: thank you Europa
    : [Crystal] EM Sarah says: Goodnight friends
    : [Crystal] Lady Mesanna says: we enjoyed spending time with everyone

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