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Developer Meet And Greet ~great Lakes~ March 26, 2018

By Larisa, Mar 27, 2018 | |
Average User Rating:
  1. devss.jpg

    [Kyronix]: Glad to see everyone! We will begin momentarily

    [Kyronix]: Alrighty, seems Misk and Mesanna are having some connection issues

    [Kyronix]: So we are going to go ahead and get started

    [Kyronix]: Mal or Bella wanna pull the questioners?

    [EM Elizabella]: *smiles*

    [EM Malachi]: Sure.

    [EM Malachi]: *smiles*

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: girkle

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: AARP Grate und Glorious Hulkin Hummiez!

    [Kyronix]: Good Evening!

    [Bleak]: Hello!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: err und uh flappie

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Furst, meez hab uh list ob spellz dat dun wurk wif da goblin statue but dooz wif

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: da pole und da ring. Dooz meez send to yooz or one ob yooz hummie slabez?

    [Bleak]: This will be addressed in Publish 100

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: okiez :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: so yooz knooz da spellz already?

    [Kyronix]: Probably, but just to make sure we don't miss any you are talking about

    [Kyronix]: Go ahead and forward us an email at [email protected]

    [Kyronix]: So we can make sure we address them!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: okiez girkle

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Sekund, meez wuz gunna axe fur uh mailbox fur da gubnurs, but yooz doozin dat

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: wif da bully boardz fur each town. Girkle fur readin meez mind!

    [Kyronix]: You are most welcome!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Lastlee, aboot da Arti-son Red Fat Man Tree Party.

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Iz itz gunna happen diz year or nerg at all?

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Meez needz to noo iffn meez need to open da donation center fur Bod's or nerg.

    [Kyronix]: We will have another Artisan Festival in 2018!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: YAY

    [Kyronix]: But if you make me think about the Holidays before the
    Summer....I'm going to tear

    [Kyronix]: *grins*

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: laufs

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: sell on ebay - kyroniz cure all :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: yooz hab uh guud nite and girkle :D

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: Pee Ess - meez nerg responsibull fur Zoogi!

    [SweetPeez Meezad]: :D

    [Kyronix]: Thanks! You too!

    [Zoogi]: Aarp!!!

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Zoogi]: Mez Em wanted idez fur da town trades ta b benefishul fur eberywun

    [Zoogi]: Sayz mez shood bring idae here

    [Zoogi]: Mez idea iz ip yoo Split da trade order gold between all townz

    [Zoogi]: So yoo dun hab townz maxed out

    [Zoogi]: N townz dat cant afford da buffz

    [Zoogi]: Dat way muneyz not wazted wen udder townz n cidizenz are geddin shapted

    [Kyronix]: We've talked about other ways to pump revenue into the cities for the trade deals

    [Kyronix]: Although splitting it amongst them doesn't really jive with the idea of loyalty to a single city

    [Kyronix]: It's something we hope to address in a future publish

    [Kyronix]: Especially given how popular the trade deals are overall

    [Zoogi]: Der iz no compertishun wit dat anymur

    [Zoogi]: Mozt hummiez flat out dun care cept da gobenorz dat git yelled at fur not habin fundz

    [Zoogi]: N habing townz wit uh billyun gold n lozing gold while udder gobenorz hab ta pay fur derz iznt rite

    [Zoogi]: Otay anywayz dat wuz myez firzt idea

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Zoogi]: N qwezshun

    [Zoogi]: Mez no we hab kneez dat dun werk wit furnychur

    [Zoogi]: Iz der any planz on makin goblin furnychur dat iz craptable

    [Zoogi]: Er eben makin da kneez werk on current furnychur?

    [Zoogi]: Er eben buyable in store?

    [Kyronix]: Something we would have to look into

    [Zoogi]: lodda goblinz wood lub ta hab stupp ta decorate der homez..

    [Zoogi]: Otay datz all mez hab

    [Zoogi]: Hab uh gewd nite n girkle

    [Zoogi]: *wabes*

    [Michael Scot]: Greetings

    [Kyronix]: Hello!

    [Bleak]: Hi!

    [Michael Scot]: the no kneed one beat me to the artisan Festival question

    [Michael Scot]: so we are gonna ahve one, cool

    [Kyronix]: Yes

    [Michael Scot]: only other thing

    [Kyronix]: This years will be cleaned up when Publish 99 goes live

    [Kyronix]: Well last years

    [Michael Scot]: is there ever gonna be a plan to make PS's available in Trammel rulesets

    [Kyronix]: Other than what is available at this time, we have no additional plans at this time to change the availability of powerscrolls

    [Michael Scot]: *sigh*

    [Michael Scot]: okay thyanks

    [Michael Scot]: have a good eve

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the question!

    [Deraj]: Hello

    [Deraj]: Two Q's

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Deraj]: First, are there any plans to make the britannian stores available in the store dyable?

    [Deraj]: er

    [Deraj]: Britannian robes*

    [Kyronix]: Yes!

    [Deraj]: Nice

    [Kyronix]: That's going through QA now for Pub 99

    [Deraj]: Second, I am looking for clarification on a funny habit a lot of players have

    [Deraj]: There is a long standing tradition of parties breaking up before a boss dies

    [Deraj]: This is supposedly to increase loot or chances at a drop

    [Deraj]: Is this actually true?

    [Deraj]: I'm not talking about EM boss's, but like peerless or the roof and such

    [Kyronix]: One moment

    [Kyronix]: Anything that was part of the loot revamp publish you will get more loot based on party size

    [Deraj]: So if 5 partied people kill something, there will be more loot than if they were 5 unpartied people?

    [Kyronix]: If it is general loot that was part of the loot revamp publish, yes

    [Deraj]: What about artifact drops, such as the roof artifacts or peerless artifacts?

    [Kyronix]: This only applies to general loot, arties and peerless are a separate roll per person

    [Kyronix]: So it doesn't matter

    [Deraj]: Ah okay

    [Deraj]: Then let it be known far and wide

    [Deraj]: All you players


    [Kyronix]: *grins*

    [Velturus Viaxus]: *Grins*

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Vendui'

    [Kyronix]: Good evening!

    [Bleak]: Hello!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We greet you after returning to this Realm,

    [Kyronix]: Welcome home!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: After a Ten Year Absence.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: *Smiles*

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We love what you've done with the place.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We thank you for your continued dedication to our true, "Home."

    [Kyronix]: Tis our pleasure!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: I have One question and Two Requests.

    [Kyronix]: Fire away!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: The first request revolves around a member of ours that was not able to return,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: He dedicated many years to the world, but his soul passed beyond reach,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We would do anything needed to honor him and be reminded of his friendship,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Within the limits of our City.

    [Kyronix]: Like a memorial?

    [Velturus Viaxus]: What may we sacrifice to ask this favor?

    [Velturus Viaxus]: *Nods*

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Xas.

    [Kyronix]: Last I remember the EMs handled this on each shard

    [Kyronix]: Mal/Bella wanna jump in here?

    [Velturus Viaxus]: *Nods*

    [Kyronix]: Is that still the case?

    [EM Elizabella]: Please go to greatlakes.uoem.net

    [Velturus Viaxus]: My apologies if this is common knowledge,

    [EM Malachi]: *nods*

    [EM Elizabella]: There's a link on the right side to memorials.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Thank you.

    [Kyronix]: There you go, and we are very sorry for your loss

    [Velturus Viaxus]: The Gods of this Realm have been amazing.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We have looked forward to the many interactions.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: And we are also thankful for those.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: The next is the question.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: There is a Malas rune in my backpack that leads to a portrait.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: The portrait is one we have tried to burn and curse,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: But its magics are stronger than we know.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We have considered marking all of these locations that we can find,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: But we wanted to ask if these blemishes can be dealt with by your Powers.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: If they can, where may we send the list once we have gathered it,

    [Kyronix]: You'll need to contact a GM and they can have a look at the issue

    [Velturus Viaxus]: It is my belief that these artifacts and blemishes are, "Errors," from the beggining of time.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Roofs several feet away from the Building, or in the case of this rune,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: A portrait that cannot be handled by mortal hands.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We only seek to make our world look as best as possible.

    [Kyronix]: A most noble effort!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: The third I bring forth is a request, but more of a theoretical,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: We are interested in limiting Voting Rights for Governorship in a similar way that Housing is

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Governed,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Once per Material Soul, as opposed to being able to cast decisions of power over all Shards.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: With that being said, the Dynamics of Self Governing and Opportunities in that Realm,

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Have highly caught our interest, and we would be willing to shower the Mythics with,

    [Kyronix]: This is something that has cropped up before, we will investigate to see how we can address the issue you are referring to

    [Velturus Viaxus]: How do you say, "Cold Hard Cash," to increase more functionality of the Governorship and City

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Stewardships/

    [Velturus Viaxus]: *Nods*

    [Velturus Viaxus]: You are most kind.

    [Velturus Viaxus]: I thank you for your time, I know that many seek your Audience.

    [Kyronix]: Thank you for the feedback and welcome back!

    [Velturus Viaxus]: Guards

    [Velturus Viaxus]: With me.

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: Vendui'

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: I have 2 request

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: after our return to the realm it has been difficult to gather the attention of the "youth"

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: I wish to petetion to have the rune that's in my pack placed in new haven

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: to allow new and returning members of the ream that may come with the upcoming events

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: to find us if they so desire

    [Kyronix]: While locking the rune down isn't something we can do, lest the realm become littered with runes

    [Kyronix]: What we can offer is a very robust, newly revamped, 100% fresh Town Cryer

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: *grin*

    [Kyronix]: that will allow guilds, Governors, and EMs to share information to accomplish the very same goal

    [Kyronix]: You are looking to achieve

    [Kyronix]: You should check it out on TC1 if you haven't already!

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: i shall, ok on to my secon request

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: having been a former companion many years past i wish we could have public storage chest

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: in new haven for us to drop things in

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: just one

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: many things i have left instead of claiming my rewards for cleaning have decayed

    [Kyronix]: We have other tools in place now to accomlish a similar goal

    [Kyronix]: Steward deeds can hand stuff out from your home

    [Kyronix]: Of course we still have vendors to sell wares on the cheap if that was your goal

    [Kyronix]: Public containers like that are always tricky to handle

    [Kyronix]: So best left where you can handle it from your home

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: *nods*

    [Kalan'Iim Viaxus]: I thank you and your team for all the years you have given and the many more to come

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the continued support!

    [Kyronix]: Salutations!

    [Moonrush]: hello

    [Moonrush]: guards

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [Moonrush]: is this the time to request a banner

    [Kyronix]: The historical banner?

    [Moonrush]: for my house

    [Kyronix]: You should contact Mesanna directly at [email protected]

    [Moonrush]: sec

    [Moonrush]: ok

    [Moonrush]: next question

    [Moonrush]: if i subscribe for another account say today will i get SA free with it?

    [Kyronix]: When Endless Journey launches

    [Moonrush]: so wait on that then

    [Kyronix]: You can open the account anytime

    [Kyronix]: I encourage you to do that several times

    [Kyronix]: For best results

    [Kyronix]: *grins*

    [Kyronix]: But to get SA you have to wait for EJ to launch

    [Moonrush]: i understand that but i saw that you wil get SA free

    [Moonrush]: looking for a spot i've had my eye for years

    [Moonrush]: k

    [Moonrush]: when i create food it does not stack will the fruit trees

    [Moonrush]: like the peaches

    [Moonrush]: how may i fix it

    [Kyronix]: Likely the magical origins of the peach you create are not in tune with the natural ones from the tree

    [Moonrush]: oh ok

    [Moonrush]: thank you all for speaking with me

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the questions!

    [Moonrush]: have fun stay safe safe travels

    [Kyronix]: You as well!

    [Venus]: thank you for doing these :)

    [Kyronix]: Thank you for attending!

    [Venus]: I have a stackable question and an issue

    [Venus]: will the cocoa butter and cocoa liquor be made stackable in the future?

    [Venus]: they take a lot of lock down room in my house :p

    [Kyronix]: Unfortunately not in the near future

    [Venus]: :( ok

    [Venus]: the issue

    [Kyronix]: I'll take another look as part of the Pub 100 Bug Push

    [Kyronix]: But if memory serves, it wasn't possible last time I looked into it

    [Venus]: when I log in frequently I cast a spell even oh my non magic chars

    [Venus]: which causes my archer to drop her bow

    [Bleak]: Do you know which spell?

    [Venus]: I'm trying to think i am so irratated that I forget lol

    [Venus]: inivis I think but not postitive

    [Kyronix]: We would need more information

    [Kyronix]: If you can send us more details at [email protected]

    [Venus]: I have emailed about it before

    [Kyronix]: We can try to look into it

    [Venus]: ok

    [Venus]: I'm thinkig it is invis

    [Venus]: thank you for your time :)

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for attending!

    [Stylez]: Hail

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Stylez]: First thing i would like to inquire about is will Treasures of Kotl City be repeated so's i can aquire some black moonstone?

    [Kyronix]: Maybe, those are limited time events and never know where they are going to crop up next!

    [Stylez]: That event is the only way to aquire the stone though huh

    [Stylez]: ?

    [Kyronix]: All of the crafting ingredients were added to other systems

    [Kyronix]: like BOD rewards

    [Stylez]: ohhhhh ok i'll have to speak with my crafter on that then lol

    [Kyronix]: *grins*

    [Stylez]: other question i have is, how can i avoid 2-slot jumps in pet training?

    [Bleak]: Are you releasing the pet?

    [Stylez]: no

    [Stylez]: it seems when i add strength and hps on 3-4 it jumped to 5

    [Bleak]: It should only go up one level per training

    [Bleak]: We would have to see the pet you are talking about in this case

    [Stylez]: i was just curious as i was gone for 4 years and came back to the training revamp, and wanted to make sure i didnt do something

    [Stylez]: wrong, i may have released that pet when i first returned, i have CRS

    [Stylez]: can i bring the pet here?

    [Kyronix]: His Majesty forbids pets in the castle

    [Stylez]: how can i show you the pet?

    [Bleak]: If that is the case then I would hold off training until EJ is published

    [Bleak]: Or you can Copy it to TC1

    [Stylez]: so i read on startics that you have to wait till last level to up str and hps..... this isn't true then and caused the jump?

    [Bleak]: Based on what you have stated the issue is with releasing the pet. We can confirm that once we see the pet.

    [Stylez]: ok thats all i needed, thank you for your time

    [Kyronix]: Thanks!

    [Britannic]: Hail

    [Kyronix]: Greetings!

    [Bleak]: Hi

    [Britannic]: So, just a few quick things I'd like to submit for your consideration if I may.

    [Kyronix]: Sure

    [Kyronix]: Fire away!

    [Britannic]: First, can you make the log-out process go to the character selection list instead of all the way out to the account login?

    [Britannic]: So we don't have to log all the way out and log all the way back in just to change a character?

    [Britannic]: Should I keep going or are you cogitating?

    [Bleak]: This is possible but would require a rewrite of the login process

    [Britannic]: Just something to consider to make changing toons a little easier.

    [Britannic]: Next, there seems to be some kind of bug in the EH
    mobile/pet status bars... then come apart and often stop showing health levels

    [Bleak]: It is something that has been requested before and I think it is in the backlog

    [Britannic]: EC, not EH sorry

    [Bleak]: Default?

    [Britannic]: Not sure what you mean? I am using the default UI if that's what you mean

    [Britannic]: No custom code

    [Britannic]: just what you ship it with

    [Britannic]: if you need specific examples I can take screen shots and email them somewhere

    [Britannic]: it happens all the time

    [Bleak]: I will have to look into this again

    [Britannic]: ok, I just have 2 more things... can you add other skills to the vendor search? it's realistically impossible to search for crafting talisman

    [Britannic]: you the ones that boost skills success/exceptional chances

    [Bleak]: We can add this to the backlog

    [Britannic]: and last can unmarked recall runes be made to stack?

    [Kyronix]: They cannot

    [Kyronix]: Sorry

    [Britannic]: may I inquire as to what the problem is?

    [Kyronix]: In order for something to stack all associated data with the object needs to be the same

    [Kyronix]: Recall runes start with a default location based on where they are created

    [Kyronix]: So it's all different

    [Britannic]: but they're unmarked so they have no location

    [Kyronix]: Technically, they are still marked

    [Kyronix]: Just forward facing they are unmarked, as they have not had a new location stamped beyond their creation location

    [Britannic]: can you default them all to the same place?

    [Kyronix]: Without unintended consequences, unlikely

    [Kyronix]: It's a risk vs reward thing

    [Kyronix]: Is the reward of stacking runes worth risking tinkering with teleportation

    [Kyronix]: The answer with teleportation is almost 100% no

    [Kyronix]: *grins*

    [Britannic]: but it would make my scribe's life and lockdown count a lot happier

    [Britannic]: =)

    [Britannic]: thank you for your time that's it for me...thank you and have a wonderful evening

    [Kyronix]: You as well!

    [Zoogi]: *Wiggles Ears*

    [Zoogi]: Aarp ugain!!! Qwik goblin qweschun

    [Zoogi]: When yoo log out on uh goblin. N back in on anudder toon

    [Zoogi]: Uh few minutz pazz n yooz goblin popz bak on screen in hummie furm n scarez da hell ouda yoo

    [Zoogi]: Juzt curious ip anywunz brought dat to yooz uttenshun

    [Zoogi]: Eben friendz ub da houze showup lader n de like wut yoo loggin in az uh humie fur!!

    [Zoogi]: Mez didnt c pozted anyware so datz why mez azkin ip derz uh fix er juzt deal wit id?

    [Kyronix]: Not an apparant one

    [Kyronix]: Please email us with more details

    [Kyronix]: [email protected]

    [Kyronix]: So we can investigate and try and track down the issue

    [Zoogi]: Otay

    [Zoogi]: *Hands Ice Cream Cone*

    [Kyronix]: Good Evening!

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Hello Dears.

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: So... I know I keep asking this and you keep denying me...

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: But if you can't grant me a Bridge to the Yew Far Farm

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Could we at very least get a sparkle teleporter?

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: It's so hard to patrol out there and keep the Citizens safe.

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Having to run all the way around that bay.

    [Kyronix]: Sounds like a request for the Guild of Arcane arts to get their magics in play

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: I will then send a request to the King... yes?

    [Kyronix]: Sounds like a plan!

    [Willa of the Yew-Wood]: Thank you Dears.

    [Kyronix]: Have a good evening!

    [Mr Grinch]: Hello

    [Kyronix]: greetings!

    [Mr Grinch]: i have a few questions about ec and cc

    [Kyronix]: Ok

    [Mr Grinch]: the healthbars in ec, i believe you have 2 options

    [Mr Grinch]: diablo style, and a bar style

    [Mr Grinch]: the colors of the bar style, is red i believe, when full

    [Mr Grinch]: and when you lose health, the missing portion is just slightly different color of a red

    [Bleak]: Currently yes which happened with the UI update

    [Mr Grinch]: is there any way to use 2 different colors in the bar

    [Mr Grinch]: or just use the cc bar wich has 3 colors?

    [Mr Grinch]: its very difficult to see how much health you have missing, due to the contrast

    [Bleak]: Gotcha

    [Mr Grinch]: in cc the bar is blue, and the missing sectino is red

    [Mr Grinch]: just to be clear

    [Bleak]: We can look into improving this experience

    [Mr Grinch]: thank you

    [Mr Grinch]: is there any talks about evening out some of the features of each client

    [Mr Grinch]: specifically item swapping instantly

    [Bleak]: Always

    [Mr Grinch]: how would you rank it on the priority list ?

    [Bleak]: We would like to improve both clients. I can't give you a timeline for just yet

    [Mr Grinch]: ok thank you

    [Mr Grinch]: next i have a couple crafting questions

    [Kyronix]: Let's pick your top one, we want to try to get to as many questioners as possible

    [Kyronix]: Can always email us the rest

    [Mr Grinch]: i returned about a year ago, and there are a lot of skills i intend to work

    [Mr Grinch]: cooking and mining are the top two that this relates to

    [Mr Grinch]: there is no difference in skill gains if i cook 30k fishsteaks, or 1 single

    [Mr Grinch]: same applies to mining, as in smelting

    [Mr Grinch]: can that be changed, similar to imbueing unraveling a whole bag for multiple gains?

    [Kyronix]: We can look into it, we've talked about a crafting publish so this would fit there

    [Mr Grinch]: is it possible to maybe bump up the combine charges on runic tools?

    [Mr Grinch]: same with pof powder kegs

    [Kyronix]: Could you be more specific?

    [Kyronix]: The cap on how many you can combine up to?

    [Mr Grinch]: if i combine 2 new shadow runic hammers, it gives total 90 charges

    [Mr Grinch]: 90 charges is enough maybe 1 useable item, so i tend to store ALOT of these

    [Mr Grinch]: i think 500 may be realistic, or whatever the rest of the community thinks

    [Kyronix]: Not something we would likely change

    [Mr Grinch]: ok

    [Mr Grinch]: last question

    [Mr Grinch]: i chose a few vet rewards in 2000, wich are very underwhelming by todays standards

    [Mr Grinch]: mainly the robes and cloaks. any chance on reworking these

    [Mr Grinch]: or possible to return a pick, for another one?

    [Kyronix]: We have no plans to change that at this time

    [Mr Grinch]: ok, thank you for your responses

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the questions!

    [Sy]: Greetings, Devs, I hope you are well tonight

    [Sy]: i only have 1 question

    [Sy]: *smiles*

    [Sy]: i am wondering why

    [Sy]: since the new publish hit TC1

    [Sy]: things that have been locked down for years are going poof

    [Sy]: i have lost quite a few valuables lately

    [Kyronix]: On production?

    [Kyronix]: Or TC1?

    [Sy]: her

    [Sy]: here

    [Sy]: in my castle

    [Kyronix]: No part of Publish 99 is on Great Lakes

    [Kyronix]: so unrelated to anything on TC1

    [Sy]: but since then

    [Sy]: thigs have been going poof

    [Sy]: locked down for years

    [Sy]: now gone

    [Kyronix]: Sounds like something we would need to investigate, please send an email in

    [Sy]: will do

    [Kyronix]: With as much details and your housing location

    [Sy]: thank you

    [Kyronix]: Thanks!

    [Sy]: have a great evening!

    [Rook]: Hello, thanks for sticking to this scheduled event

    [Kyronix]: Good Evening!

    [Rook]: i dont have questions, just 2 bugs

    [Rook]: one is my tamer...

    [Kyronix]: Before you go into it

    [Kyronix]: If they are bugs

    [Kyronix]: Please email them

    [Kyronix]: So we can get them into our tracking

    [Kyronix]: And provide as much detail as possible

    [Rook]: ah ok, thanks

    [Kyronix]: Bugs are always best in email

    [Kyronix]: Thanks! [email protected]

    [Rook]: ok thanks

    [Kyronix]: Thank you for attending!

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: Helllo!

    [Kyronix]: Good evening!

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: I was wondering if we could get an item added to the shop

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: that would make our pets immune to stat loss for q time

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: so that when they die, they don't loose stats

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: retaming my pets is taking huge amounts of time

    [Kyronix]: Something we would have to evaluate

    [Kyronix]: But we can talk about it

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: I would pay money for a potion to forgo the time.

    [FoFoCuddlyPoops]: Thanks!

    [Kyronix]: Thank you for the feedback!

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: Vendui'

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: i'm not sure if this was brought up already but was wondering if we could get the macros

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: from EC in CC and maybe the hot bar as well

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: EC makes my eyes hurt and love playing in 2d

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: and can you make hooded robes craftable

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: thats all

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Kyronix]: Probably unlikely on the hooded robes

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: *nods*

    [Kyronix]: As far as the macros, we would have to look into it to see what we can port over

    [Kyronix]: but it's certainly possible

    [Kyronix]: If there are specific ones you'd like to see

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: awesome

    [Kyronix]: Send them in via email

    [Kyronix]: [email protected]

    [C'rinzik Viaxus]: Bella Dos

    [Talith Viaxus]: Vendui'

    [Talith Viaxus]: I drew the shortest straw

    [Talith Viaxus]: and my Lord is such a fanboy.

    [Talith Viaxus]: Would you be so kind to write your names in this book,

    [Talith Viaxus]: "Autographs," he said

    [Talith Viaxus]: So I can seal it and go home

    [Kyronix]: Sure

    [Talith Viaxus]: Bel'la dos

    [Talith Viaxus]: You too,

    [Talith Viaxus]: He loves you guys

    [Talith Viaxus]: Such a fanboy.

    [Talith Viaxus]: I'm totally making fun of him in discord right now

    [Bleak]: There you go

    [Talith Viaxus]: Thanks

    [Talith Viaxus]: Bel'la dos

    [Kyronix]: Thanks for coming

    [Kyronix]: And thank you Great Lakes!

    [Talith Viaxus]: Love it here

    [Talith Viaxus]: been awile

    [Kyronix]: For having us! and for asking such great questions

    [Bleak]: Thanks everyone for coming out

    [Kyronix]: Be sure to signup for the newsletter on UO.com

    [EM Elizabella]: Thank you Kyronix and Bleak for visiting Great Lakes :)

    [Kyronix]: and join us for stimulating conversation on the new UO.com Forums

    [Kyronix]: Good night!

    [EM Elizabella]: *claps*

    [EM Malachi]: Good night!

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