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Developer Meet And Greet ~hokuto~ March 12, 2018

By Larisa, Mar 12, 2018 | |
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  1. devss.jpg
    Mesanna の声: Neko Riccia?

    EM Nekomata の声: yep

    EM Riccia の声: me?

    Mesanna の声: EM Tam is going to be late can either of you help out till she arrives?

    EM Riccia の声: Can I use Google Translate?

    Mesanna の声: yes

    EM Riccia の声: got it

    EM Riccia の声: Start is OK?

    Mesanna の声: thanks Ricxcia

    Mesanna の声: Riccia

    EM Riccia の声: ok

    Mesanna の声: sorry need more coffee

    EM Riccia の声: yes

    Mesanna の声: shall we begin

    EM Riccia の声: okay

    Mesanna の声: good morning

    KEN の声: I would like to increase the storage of small houses. The storage is small and it does not become a game.

    KEN の声: Since there is no interpreter, I will only say what I want to say and it will end.

    Mesanna の声: ok thank you for voicing your opinion

    Mesanna の声: morning

    Ake R Eta の声: Hello.

    Kyronix の声: Hello!

    Ake R Eta の声: I have a request about next Holiday Event in UO.

    Ake R Eta の声: I hope that the next holiday event will be renewed.

    Ake R Eta の声: Not The Artisan Festival.

    Ake R Eta の声: If this same event would be again this year,

    Ake R Eta の声: it would be too heavy for us to enjoy.

    Ake R Eta の声: We expended much amount of bluk order deeds and resources.

    Ake R Eta の声: And we spended very very long timeto work.

    Ake R Eta の声: Players who participated were very exhausted.

    Ake R Eta の声: Please plan new kinds of fun holiday event.

    Ake R Eta の声: That is all.

    Ake R Eta の声: Thanks.

    Mesanna の声: thank you

    Kyronix の声: Thank you for the feedback!

    Mesanna の声: we have plans for something different

    Ake R Eta の声: thanks

    Ake R Eta の声: i see

    Mesanna の声: Any thing else Ake?

    Ake R Eta の声: no

    Mesanna の声: have a nice evening

    Ake R Eta の声: ya

    moegi の声: Hello!

    Mesanna の声: Greetings

    moegi の声: My words are translated by google.

    moegi の声: So, there may be strange parts. I'm sorry

    Mesanna の声: its ok

    moegi の声: There is only one wish of me

    moegi の声: I want to eat honey

    moegi の声: Please make wishes come true

    moegi の声: Please

    Mesanna の声: we can do that

    Mesanna の声: we should put in honey trees with honey combs!!

    Mesanna の声: we have bees

    moegi の声: thx!

    Mesanna の声: most welcome

    Mesanna の声: Greetings

    Mesanna の声: morning here evening there

    EM Riccia の声: Rich form proposal

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: lich

    EM Riccia の声: Lich

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: lich :D

    Mesanna の声: the necro spell?

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: yes

    EM Riccia の声: Lich form adds mana recovery

    Mesanna の声: what would you like to add

    EM Riccia の声: Build Lich form buffs easily with gear

    EM Riccia の声: Lich form is very cheap

    EM Riccia の声: Horrific Beast is also cheap

    EM Riccia の声: want you to make these magicals stronger

    Mesanna の声: are you saying you want lich to be as strong as vamp form?

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: nnn

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: i want mastery like

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: "lich mastery spell"

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: and "beast SpM"

    EM Riccia の声: He asks for a stronger Lich form

    Mesanna の声: we have not talked about altering the spells right now

    Mesanna の声: but we will take your suggestion into consideration when we do

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: hmhm

    EM Riccia の声: He sends the details by feedback

    Mesanna の声: good

    Ethereal-Lantern の声: please look!

    Mesanna の声: that would be great

    Mesanna の声: I will

    Mesanna の声: Greetings Gothic

    Gothic の声: When EM event HINAMATSURI on March, game was too slow. Its difficult to move and see the event.

    Gothic の声: Do you consider any idea for such enviroments.

    EM Riccia の声: He is complaining about lag of EM event

    EM Riccia の声: EM event is very laggy

    Mesanna の声: Riccia are you guys dividing out the groups with multi boss mobs?

    EM Riccia の声: He is using a CC client

    EM Nekomata の声: NO

    EM Riccia の声: This is a lag of BossMobs

    EM Riccia の声: Do you have plans to fix the Lag

    Mesanna の声: we do have them spawn several bosses in different areas

    Mesanna の声: on other shards

    Mesanna の声: maybe we should try it for here also

    Gothic の声: I will come back to my next question again

    Mesanna の声: thank you gothic

    milmil の声: hello

    Mesanna の声: Greetings

    milmil の声: I like sleeping hamsters and heart-shaped containers.

    Mesanna の声: =)

    milmil の声: A similar container, for example a container of big fish moving in tight spots,

    milmil の声: and a container for sleeping of turkey and piglet are added

    Mesanna の声: umm

    Mesanna の声: is she asking for different shaped containers?

    EM Riccia の声: Yes

    milmil の声: gift box

    milmil の声: moving animal contena

    EM Riccia の声: She is requesting a container of animals to animate

    Mesanna の声: ahh oj

    Mesanna の声: ok

    Mesanna の声: like if we made the sleeping dog or cats a container

    Mesanna の声: like that for example?

    milmil の声: good

    EM Riccia の声: Yes, she is requesting something other than a dog or a cat

    Mesanna の声: ahh

    Mesanna の声: we will take that into consideration the next time we come up with a gift

    milmil の声: big fish,turky,pig,etc,,,

    milmil の声: thx

    Mesanna の声: most welcome

    Mesanna の声: thank you

    milmil の声: good evening

    Mesanna の声: evening

    Mesanna の声: Greetings

    Mesanna の声: Hi Noire

    EM Riccia の声: Questions and requests to endless journey

    Mesanna の声: yes?

    EM Riccia の声: Older players are losing email addresses and payment information

    EM Riccia の声: Are there any Help for players who have forgotten old passwords and

    EM Riccia の声: account names?

    Mesanna の声: support asks for many different types of information

    Mesanna の声: going to [email protected] and they will help

    Mesanna の声: sorry lost connection

    Mesanna の声: we have to be careful about just giving out accounts

    EM Riccia の声: ok

    Mesanna の声: there is alot of information we ask for

    Mesanna の声: so we can give accounts back

    Noire の声: :)

    Mesanna の声: we will try to work with the players

    Noire の声: Thank you

    Mesanna の声: as much as possible

    Lord KAZE の声: Hi Mesanna

    Mesanna の声: greetings

    Mesanna の声: hi

    Lord KAZE の声: I have a question

    Mesanna の声: ok

    Lord KAZE の声: You do not come to an event in Japan, are you?

    Lord KAZE の声: why?

    Lord KAZE の声: I want you to come and hold an event more

    Mesanna の声: I have but mostly because the events are in my early morning

    Mesanna の声: early mornings are when we do team meetings etc

    Lord KAZE の声: OK

    Lord KAZE の声: Do you love Japanese people?

    Mesanna の声: I will make a time on a weekend

    Mesanna の声: to do something when its a good time for everyone

    Mesanna の声: maybe play roulette?

    Lord KAZE の声: oh

    Lord KAZE の声: thank you

    Mesanna の声: most welcome

    EM Riccia の声: Roulette is wonderful

    Lord KAZE の声: Please prove!

    Mesanna の声: I will try in the near future

    Lord KAZE の声: Please give me intense love and death!

    Lord KAZE の声: now!

    Mesanna の声: he wants me to kill him right?

    Lord KAZE の声: yes?

    Mesanna の声: ok =)

    Lord KAZE の声: thank you!

    Mesanna の声: like that *hugs*

    EM Riccia の声: hehe

    Lord KAZE の声: We are waiting in Japan!

    Mesanna の声: *smiles*

    Mesanna の声: ok

    EM Riccia の声: End

    Mesanna の声: Thank you Hokuto

    Mesanna の声: we appreciate you having us this morning

    Mesanna の声: evening

    Mesanna の声: If you have any other suggestions please email me

    EM Riccia の声: Thanks Mesanna

    Kyronix の声: Thank you!

    Thanks to Spin for recording this Meet and Greet

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