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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Lake Superior ~ February 26, 2018

By Larisa, Feb 27, 2018 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    [Kyronix ]: Helllllo Lake Superior!

    [Mesanna]: Good evening everyone

    [Mesanna]: give us a sec and we will begin

    [Mesanna]: Evening

    [Kenzie Mori]: Greetings M'Lady Mesanna and the worker bees, they be well behave?

    [Kenzie Mori]: I know you have see everyone questions about the trade missions

    [Kenzie Mori]: and I like to suggest a Party Trade mission for group events

    [Kenzie Mori]: A party of ten adventures arrive at the trade mission office

    [Kenzie Mori]: demanding to speak to the trade minister, only the party leader

    [Kenzie Mori]: is allowed to speak, and accept the mission. Everyone in the

    [Kenzie Mori]: party gets a chest/box/crate to fill, all going to the same destination

    [Kenzie Mori]: Along the way the party is ambushed (several times) plenty of blood,

    [Kenzie Mori]: mayhem and pure madness. A good time for all!

    [Kenzie Mori]: Rewards would be same as normal single missions for all

    [Kenzie Mori]: Normal Trade mission for the single player would continue as before

    [Kyronix ]: We are definitely are open to expanding the trade missions

    [Kenzie Mori]: smiles

    [Kyronix ]: And party wide missions sounds like a great idea, if you have more specific

    [Kyronix ]: Feel free to send us an email [email protected]

    [Kenzie Mori]: I shall

    [Kyronix ]: Thanks!

    [Kenzie Mori]: I ahve a question also

    [Kenzie Mori]: Its been three years since my returned to Ultima Online

    [Kenzie Mori]: and in those three years I have seen one Tangle drop

    [Kenzie Mori]: At the Navery, on Sonoma. Please look at the ratio of drops for this.

    [Kenzie Mori]: sorry for that repeat of the first line

    [Mesanna]: no problem

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it after this publish

    [Kenzie Mori]: thank you

    [Kenzie Mori]: waves'

    [Mesanna]: welcome have a good evening

    [Stratics Sux]: Good Evening

    [Stratics Sux]: speaking of publish

    [Stratics Sux]: do we have an eta of when the new Forum will be up

    [Mesanna]: Hopefully this week if not next

    [Stratics Sux]: bc the only one we have now is really not good

    [Stratics Sux]: goood

    [Stratics Sux]: also

    [Stratics Sux]: soeaking of EJ

    [Mesanna]: we have not given up on this

    [Stratics Sux]: there is sooo much grief currently on Gen chat

    [Mesanna]: yes and this week the first patch will be on TC1

    [Stratics Sux]: people been mean and all

    [Stratics Sux]: what do we expect when EJ cvomes up

    [Stratics Sux]: to prevent people to be grief

    [Stratics Sux]: with new upcoming players

    [Mesanna]: you mean in chat?

    [Stratics Sux]: i mean general

    [Stratics Sux]: are we going to have more GMs?

    [Mesanna]: that depends on how many players we have return

    [Mesanna]: it is not out of the question

    [Stratics Sux]: hope by the thousands

    [Stratics Sux]: thank you team

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Stratics Sux]: been a wondeful 20 yeras

    [Stratics Sux]: years

    [Mesanna]: yes it has

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Anjou Bari]: 2 plz, when can we redo castles and mite keeps be included ? thats one

    [Anjou Bari]: llama bows

    [Mesanna]: as soon as we get this publish out Bleak will be working on the tool

    [Mesanna]: for building a new castle

    [Anjou Bari]: ooh

    [Anjou Bari]: ty two is for bleaks

    [Anjou Bari]: can u plz plz plz and plz

    [Anjou Bari]: fix trade window cheat?

    [Anjou Bari]: sir

    [Mesanna]: we have not been able to reproduce a cheat

    [Anjou Bari]: oh come to atl sell to skeet skeet and u can

    [Anjou Bari]: ez

    [Mesanna]: there is no cheat its a matter of clicking and unclicking

    [Anjou Bari]: script mam

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Anjou Bari]: i be done

    [Equalis]: good morning

    [Mesanna]: ouch

    [Mesanna]: can't read your text in journal

    [Equalis]: i have 1 request and 2 questions

    [Equalis]: what should i do

    [Mesanna]: change your text color

    [Equalis]: the color?

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: please

    [Equalis]: let me try

    [Equalis]: under which one

    [Mesanna]: options

    [Mesanna]: eye ball on the right

    [Mesanna]: 2nd one

    [Mesanna]: scroll down

    [Mesanna]: change color

    [Mesanna]: thats classic

    [Equalis]: i mean that?

    [Equalis]: that?

    [Mesanna]: just ask your quesxtion

    [Equalis]: k

    [Mesanna]: question

    [Equalis]: first request

    [Equalis]: is it possible to make hunting small pieces of blackrock easier

    [Equalis]: its the hardest food to make for pet

    [Mesanna]: we have no plans to change what we have at this time

    [Equalis]: oh ok

    [Mesanna]: you mean besides mining?

    [Equalis]: question

    [Equalis]: i see some dungeon are practically dead dungeon either because its hard to enter or hard to organ

    [Equalis]: organise a party to kill because the bosses there are much too strong

    [Equalis]: any plan to do something

    [Equalis]: like for the undersea dungeon

    [Equalis]: and the blackton simulated towns

    [Mesanna]: no we have no plans to revamp any dungeons currently

    [Equalis]: oh k that is all

    [Equalis]: thanks

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Sabrina]: Hi Mesanna :>

    [Mesanna]: hi Sabrina

    [Sabrina]: I love the jewelry box it frees up alot of space

    [Sabrina]: think we couldhave something like that for fishing a Tackle box?

    [Mesanna]: oh good idea

    [Sabrina]: ;>

    [Mesanna]: for a future item

    [Sabrina]: then we could store our nets

    [Mesanna]: we should fix bait first =)

    [Sabrina]: for when we have player events
    [Sabrina]: for a net toss

    [Mesanna]: true

    [Mesanna]: good suggestion

    [Sabrina]: thx

    [Sabrina]: thats all I have have a great night :>

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: Greeting Oh Glorious Dark Lady and Her Minions! I have been chosen to speak with

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: you simply because I was on top of the pile of that was holding the little green

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: booger down. She is in such a tizzy I actually heard her tell another attendant

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: to "COME AT ME BRO!" My beautiful horns use to be straight!

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: She is in this state over some statue. When she first got it, she said it was

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: "De Mostest Bootifool Ting in Da Hole Wurld!" That lasted 6 seconds.

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: When she clicked the statue it told her she had to slow down.

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: (I'd rather put baby in the corner than tell Sweetz to slow down!)

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: She threw the statue at Gov Zoogi and then began the world's biggest hissy fit.

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: The last semi coherent thing she screamed was

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: Dis ting iz lik habin tree boogerz in one hand und for bannanaz in yooz ear!"

    [Mesanna]: its something we can look into

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: We believe it to mean 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other!

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: I know you are preparing to take an endless journey soon, but if after all the

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: preparations are complete, if you could look into making the statue and the pole

    [Mesanna]: yes we can look into it

    [Mesanna]: not out of the question

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: 7thank you :)

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: (OCC) I truly do appreciate getting this out before endless journeys and many do

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: love it. It's just poor Sweetz is a lowly bard and needs to be able to run away.

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [Gov Sweetz Rep]: have a good night :)

    [Vanda Minx]: i would like to request...storage boxes for weapons and armor like the jewelry box

    [Mesanna]: Yes someone sent me an email

    [Vanda Minx]: tty

    [Mesanna]: thought it was a good idea

    [Vanda Minx]: ty

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Spot Stealer]: couple questions is all

    [Spot Stealer]: will we ever be able to have a legendary cartographer?

    [Spot Stealer]: 120 skill?

    [Spot Stealer]: or other skills like alchemy

    [Spot Stealer]: bring chest level to a 10?

    [Mesanna]: we would have to add to these to justify going to 120

    [Mesanna]: if you have suggestions please email them to us

    [Spot Stealer]: oh ok

    [Spot Stealer]: i sure will

    [Spot Stealer]: another thing

    [Spot Stealer]: there have been no events here lately?

    [Spot Stealer]: can you bust out yer dice?

    [Mesanna]: Well we should fix the basical problem first

    [Mesanna]: get the EM active

    [Mesanna]: let me see what is going on and I can come play later

    [Spot Stealer]: oh cool that'd be awesome!

    [Spot Stealer]: thank you \

    [Mesanna]: win win all around =)

    [Spot Stealer]: have a good nie

    [Mona Lott]: My Request: Custom flags for our ships(big flags) You'de make this scurvy dog happy. short&sweet

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [Mesanna]: we will have to talk about it

    [Mona Lott]: hello and ty mates

    [Mesanna]: maybe adding a control spot like the cannons

    [Shardissaan]: Greetings, your grace, and distinguished counsellors. I stand humbled before you.

    [Shardissaan]: Elsewhere in this castle, our Agent of the Crown and Minax Artifact Turn-In Officer, Patton, maintains an aging inventory of items which bear our Lord sovereign's crest.

    [Shardissaan]: In the meantime, though we Britannians grow stronger, we increasingly resemble one another.

    [Shardissaan]: Now surely the myriad dyes available do mitigate this dilemma somewhat, but some new garment styles might bring about a more diverse, and comely appearance among us.

    [Shardissaan]: When might Lord Blackthorn see fit to increase Officer Patton's inventory of items bearing the Blackthon crest?

    [Kyronix ]: It's on the radar for something to evaluate but we have no concrete timetable at this time

    [Kyronix ]: But its something we want to address

    [Shardissaan]: thank you, my lord

    [Shardissaan]: And than kyou for the audience, your grace

    [Shardissaan]: You too

    [Deraj]: Hello

    [Deraj]: Looking for clarification on a game mechanic

    [Deraj]: Does jack of all trades penalize parry chance for humans?

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Mesanna]: no it does not penalize humans

    [Mesanna]: why would you think that

    [Deraj]: Because jack of all trades gives you 20 points in every skill

    [Deraj]: Including Bushido

    [Deraj]: 20 bushido could theoretically penalize shield parry

    [Deraj]: I heard some players talking about this and saying elves get higher parry

    [Mesanna]: because you have to have 2 handed weapons

    [Deraj]: I think this needs to be fixed if true

    [Mesanna]: no penality

    [Deraj]: Right but bushido will harm your chance at parryign with a shield

    [Mesanna]: it does not factor into the bushido calculation

    [Deraj]: Okay, that's all I needed to know, thank you

    [Mesanna]: but its not a bug

    [Pandora]: howdy - few things please

    [Pandora]: 2 yes/no questions 1)will EJ folks be allowed in general chat? 2)will EJ folks be allowed at IDOCs

    [Mesanna]: We are currently putting the full list of restrictions on the wiki

    [Pandora]: so this is undecided ?

    [Mesanna]: no but we would rather give a finalized list of all the restrictions

    [Mesanna]: not piece meal them out

    [Pandora]: ok, i will look for that.. next thing.. please..

    [Pandora]: 3) please put auction safes in VS somehow? 4) crystal/corrupted portals work when raised up

    [Pandora]: maybe it is just me, but i can not get the portals to function when they are raised up, like on a

    [Pandora]: table.

    [Mesanna]: 3. we can look into it

    [Mesanna]: 4. We are aware of the height issues

    [Bleak]: Putting Auction items in VS is in our backlog.

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it

    [Pandora]: thans.. and last but not least

    [Crystal] Lady Pandora says: thans.. and last but not least

    [Pandora]: dye the pumpkin in my pack please ?

    [Pandora]: ignore the gum wrappers in there and candy wrappers

    [Pandora]: i have a sugar issue :)

    [Pandora]: thanks

    [Amber Witch]: Good evening All.

    [Amber Witch]: It would be helpful to Governors to know who their citizens are,

    [Amber Witch]: who is doing Trade Missions, donating Gold, supplies etc. Could that be looked at?

    [Mesanna]: we would have to talk about that

    [Mesanna]: before making that big of a task

    [Mesanna]: its a privacy issue

    [Amber Witch]: Aye, I understand the scope

    [Mesanna]: aye

    [Amber Witch]: But at least maybe something basic

    [Amber Witch]: for starting

    [Amber Witch]: Also, would love to see a work station for tinker tools

    [Amber Witch]: I love these work stations, great idea

    [Mesanna]: thanks umm thought we had a tinker station

    [Amber Witch]: I think it just makes golums?

    [Amber Witch]: at least that is what I've gotten from reading on it

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it for tinkering

    [Amber Witch]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Amber Witch]: and a gentle reminder about BOD books

    [Amber Witch]: not being able to add or subtract without having in you pack

    [Amber Witch]: and finally

    [Amber Witch]: Thank you for listening

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Amber Witch]: at the 20th

    [Amber Witch]: about the Holiday tree event

    [Amber Witch]: and lowering the requirements

    [Amber Witch]: You have no idea how people respected that

    [Mesanna]: our pleasure

    [Amber Witch]: thank you, thank you

    [Kyronix ]: Most welcome

    [Amber Witch]: Good night!

    [Mesanna]: night

    [Im Dead]: Hail Lady Mesanna!

    [Im Dead]: So a couple quesetions:

    [Im Dead]: Is there a way or any plan/idea to introduce a non PvP champ area?

    [Im Dead]: Also, will you ever be mulling over the idea of regular housing in Malas

    [Mesanna]: dragon turtle

    [Mesanna]: not at this time

    [Im Dead]: Well, besides dragon turtle :)

    [Mesanna]: they are not hard to do just need ideas =)

    [Im Dead]: I have plenty of those

    [Im Dead]: Also,

    [Mesanna]: so non pvp is possible

    [Im Dead]: Is there any idea/way to use a program like punkbuster (yes i know its old) or some other

    [Im Dead]: 3rd party proggie check before launching UO or allowing them to be launched in session

    [Im Dead]: I love PvP, but since ive been back... its really nasty out there

    [Im Dead]: WILD scripts, least of all some of the interesting Speed ive seen a few places

    [Im Dead]: not all, but ive seen it a few times

    [Im Dead]: just curious

    [Im Dead]: PvP used to be fun

    [Im Dead]: now its just gold/scripter driven

    [Im Dead]: or perhaps, town vs. town wars. similar to old school factions, but a teleporter in the center

    [Im Dead]: between the two towns

    [Im Dead]: winner takes other towns gold reserves

    [Bleak]: We are continuing to update our approved 3rd party programs. We are also looking at our method to

    [Bleak]: deter scriptors

    [Im Dead]: Hmm. very well my Lady!

    [Im Dead]: Thank you for your audience! Enjoy your evening.

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: I am curious to know what can be done about the terribly lopsided player economy

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: Particularly here on LS, the prices are "inflated" from what items are valued at on ATL

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: Oh, and the big ask:

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: Is it possible to retry the "Armageddon Spell" shard wipe type event ;) That was beyond fun

    [Mesanna]: shard wipe?

    [Mesanna]: like the mad mage

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: someone help me out

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: what year was that... 2001?

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: The Armageddon spell, and its followers

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: was a huge shard event

    [Mesanna]: yep

    [Mesanna]: Mad Mage

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: ahhh

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: yes that one...

    [Kyronix ]: We are always looking for new event ideas

    [Kyronix ]: The 20th anniversary one was pretty well received

    [Kyronix ]: And we'd love to do more events like that

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: indeed.

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: OH

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: I have a burning question

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: even if it lands me in jail... can i see what the D20 sapphire in doom really does?

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: *Curiosity has the cat*

    [Mesanna]: we will have to look at it and see

    [Mesanna]: I think it stopped working

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: Well I'd love to find out sometime.. Thank you for taking my questions :)

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: Good evening Lady Mesanna

    [Mesanna]: I think it only fades to black

    [Mesanna]: but we can check it out

    [Azaroz Iao'Kane]: cool

    [Agent Orange]: hello to you 4

    [Agent Orange]: ok

    [Agent Orange]: here we go

    [Agent Orange]: 1st
    [Agent Orange]: i have emailed u 4 ish times on a historical flag please

    [Mesanna]: and when I have time I will get to the list I have

    [Agent Orange]: 2nd

    [Mesanna]: little busy with this publish

    [Agent Orange]: 203 months shouldnt i get a rewaRD by now?

    [Mesanna]: vet rewards?

    [Agent Orange]: yesssum

    [Mesanna]: you have taken 29 so far

    [Agent Orange]: i thought im up now

    [Agent Orange]: ok 3rd

    [Mesanna]: 204 is 17 years

    [Mesanna]: not there yet

    [Agent Orange]: is a throwing dryad bow illeagle to own?

    [Agent Orange]: i know it was stopped

    [Mesanna]: not illegal

    [Agent Orange]: just rare?

    [Mesanna]: just rare since we stopped it

    [Mesanna]: yeppers

    [Agent Orange]: last

    [Agent Orange]: can u dye my mask a glacial color please?

    [Mesanna]: no

    [Agent Orange]: in my pack

    [Mesanna]: nope

    [Agent Orange]: so u dont ye here?

    [Mesanna]: I do not know the hue for the shard but I will not dye it glacial

    [Agent Orange]: ok anyone then please?

    [Mesanna]: only I will dye them

    [Mesanna]: and I do not have the hue they were dyed on this shard

    [Agent Orange]: hmm

    [Mesanna]: I will do it some other time

    [Mesanna]: not now

    [Mesanna]: Have a great evening

    [Agent Orange]: thx

    [Child of Gold]: goodeveinng

    [Child of Gold]: thank you first for the new bods

    [Child of Gold]: i am enjoying them

    [Child of Gold]: but

    [Mesanna]: wonderful

    [Child of Gold]: there is a few issues

    [Child of Gold]: is there a way you can possibly add wooden bowls to the carpentry menu

    [Child of Gold]: i cant eat enough peas to get enough

    [Child of Gold]: and tribal berrys are still veery hard to get

    [Mesanna]: ok so bods are usually only for craftable item

    [Mesanna]: but since its required we can add the wooden bowl

    [Child of Gold]: to make fruit bowls

    [Mesanna]: it makes sense

    [Child of Gold]: you are in need of wooden bowls

    [Mesanna]: we will look into adding wooden bowls

    [Child of Gold]: thank you kindly

    [Child of Gold]: i think i have a idea of what

    [Mesanna]: tribal berries we can look into the drop but we have not changed the rate

    [Child of Gold]: is the "bug" with trade window cheating

    [Child of Gold]: i have had it happen to me

    [Child of Gold]: but caught it

    [Child of Gold]: before i lost my item

    [Child of Gold]: it might have to do with EC

    [Mesanna]: it was a matter of unclicking /changing/reclicking?

    [Mesanna]: right

    [Child of Gold]: then noticed the gold amount on his side was rotating

    [Mesanna]: he unclicked changed the amount and reclicked ok

    [Mesanna]: then you click?

    [Child of Gold]: different amounts

    [Mesanna]: we will look into adding a delay

    [Child of Gold]: this was before i entered ok

    [Mesanna]: so this can not be done fast

    [Child of Gold]: but he had

    [Child of Gold]: it was quite fast on the change

    [Mesanna]: if you put in money and hit ok

    [Child of Gold]: it was flipping amounts veery quickly

    [Mesanna]: you can not change the amount without clicking ok

    [Child of Gold]: had i not seen the gold amount change

    [Child of Gold]: i would have hit ok

    [Mesanna]: we will look into adding a trade delay

    [Mesanna]: to stop this

    [Child of Gold]: might be a good thing

    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [Child of Gold]: glad i could help

    [Child of Gold]: 1 tune

    [Crystal] Child of Gold says: 1 tune

    [Child of Gold]: tiny thing

    [Child of Gold]: can you raise the book to maybe 25 to 1

    [Child of Gold]: instead of 1/4

    [Child of Gold]: i work out of a bank box

    [Child of Gold]: and my bag

    [Child of Gold]: its hard to

    [Child of Gold]: do on some of my crafters

    [Child of Gold]: i cant pyt a home here

    [Mesanna]: we have to be careful of those changes due to EJ

    [Child of Gold]: so i am stuck in a bank and bug

    [Child of Gold]: aye

    [Child of Gold]: i do understand

    [Child of Gold]: perhaps later

    [Mesanna]: maybe

    [Child of Gold]: after it comes in

    [Child of Gold]: im patient

    [Child of Gold]: thank you

    [Child of Gold]: hi guys

    [Child of Gold]: not ignoring u

    [Kyronix ]: waves

    [Child of Gold]: hugs good job by the way

    [Mesanna]: *hugs*

    [Child of Gold]: good night

    [poison]: Thank you for your time everyone, I apologize if this was asked earlier I dc'd

    [poison]: Recently here on LS, some unnatural 2-slot Cu Sidhes were auctioned off.

    [poison]: The seller claimed that these pets were perfectly legal

    [poison]: Cu Sidhe's cannot spawn as 2 slots, so these pets are clearly altered.

    [Mesanna]: it was an exploit and all of them will be reset

    [Mesanna]: We have already found several

    [poison]: So, for clarification

    [Mesanna]: Illegal

    [poison]: 2 slot cus are not legal pets

    [poison]: thank you!

    [poison]: thats what i thought!

    [GET]: Hello

    [GET]: I have a couple PvP related questions

    [GET]: There is a new VvV update coming, correct?

    [Mesanna]: Lady Kalia is the last person that will be seen tonight

    [Bleak]: Yes, we plan to make updates to VvV

    [GET]: Is it in the upcoming patch or later this year?

    [Bleak]: We have not set a date for the update yet

    [GET]: OK, please put it on TC for atleast a week for us to test prior to release

    [GET]: 2nd question is about teleport and invisibility items

    [Mesanna]: it would be on for longer than that

    [Mesanna]: and we will have our forums up and running for feedback

    [GET]: are there plans some sort of balance?

    [GET]: I suggest a 3minute cooldown between uses

    [GET]: and please make it so you cannot toggle a special and use the items

    [Mesanna]: changes have already been made

    [Mesanna]: look for them in the upcoming publishes to tc

    [GET]: are they live? or coming with the next patch

    [GET]: awesome

    [GET]: 3rd

    [GET]: Have you heard about the new client?

    [GET]: that breaks server cap speed?

    [Mesanna]: I have not have you Bleak

    [GET]: people refer to it as the japanese client

    [Mesanna]: oh I have heard that

    [Mesanna]: by that name

    [GET]: they have combined EC's movement with the classic client

    [GET]: and since EC is faster the CC I would suggest putting a cap that reflects CCs on it

    [Mesanna]: ok stop

    [Mesanna]: our GM's are aware of this and you will be banned if caught using it

    [GET]: or that

    [GET]: that works also

    [Mesanna]: we do have a fix that is not published as of yet

    [Mesanna]: it will be on TC1 soon also

    [GET]: last one!

    [GET]: Bring wands back!

    [GET]: give us a movable casting wand again!

    [GET]: with a 3minute cool down

    [GET]: that's all

    [GET]: thanks :)

    [cool story inc]: hi

    [cool story inc]: can you disable dungeon spawn while a harrower is active in that dungeon?

    [cool story inc]: i did a harrower at wrong recently and that ogre really ruined the pvp enjoyment

    [Kyronix ]: It's part of the spawn down there and turning off accessory spawn can be problematic

    [Kyronix ]: So we have no plans to change that at this time

    [cool story inc]: the new spawns are so strong it really ruins the harrower experience

    [cool story inc]: next question i guess

    [Kyronix ]: If you email us a list of specific spawns you are talking about we can take a balance

    [Kyronix ]: Pass

    [Kyronix ]: [email protected]

    [cool story inc]: can you buff vampiric embrace for necro mages so its usuable in pvp siutations on a mage

    [Bleak]: Not at this time

    [cool story inc]: can you reconsider making replicas and artifacts imbueable? i mean most of them suck

    [cool story inc]: atleast if you can imbue them people might find a niche to use them on

    [cool story inc]: like gauntlets of anger anyone can easily get but no one uses.

    [cool story inc]: maybe being able to tweak tehm they might get some use

    [cool story inc]: otherwise why keep these replica's in game?

    [Kyronix ]: It's something we can look at for future content clusters

    [Mesanna]: so we can use them to collect and turn in for better ones

    [cool story inc]: well i kind of like the idea of just being able to tweak them

    [cool story inc]: but whatever works best for you guys.

    [cool story inc]: thanks for the time

    [BLAKE]: Any thoughts on maybe doing some Advertising on Facebook or somewere to try to get more peeps

    [Mesanna]: thats why we are working on EJ

    [BLAKE]: I mean ino the pub is comming but not alot no about UO

    [Mesanna]: anything else

    [BLAKE]: Or merging shards or free tranfers for people that are alone

    [Mesanna]: can't merge shards

    [BLAKE]: k ty

    [Mesanna]: and no to free transfers

    [Mesanna]: Hi

    [Pandora]: another topic to hopefully be fixed...

    [Pandora]: EC client - trammel or fel champs.. there can be 'monster ghosts' which you target but cant kill

    [Mesanna]: we are aware of the issue

    [Pandora]: another 'bug' - life bars on people and pets not updating.

    [Pandora]: again in the EC client.

    [Mesanna]: you should send us a list and give details like what UI you are using etc

    [Mesanna]: email us with more details

    [Pandora]: ok.

    [Mesanna]: it would be really helpful to reproduce these things

    [Sabrina]: its me again, I am a HOARDER, can we plz have something to store gift tokens in

    [Sabrina]: like the jewelry box?

    [Sabrina]: hehehe

    [Mesanna]: not sure about the tokens but we are adding boxes of various types

    [Sabrina]: oh cool

    [Sabrina]: wonderful

    [Sabrina]: and now

    [Sabrina]: for this quuestion

    [Sabrina]: those of us that bought the 2 slot cu's are now going to be screwed?

    [Mesanna]: pretty much

    [Sabrina]: great I just spent slot of money on the dumb thing

    [Sabrina]: oh well

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Lithia Wulf]: hi

    [Crystal] Lithia Wulf says: hi

    [Lithia Wulf]: so first can we bring back harbringers

    [Mesanna]: they never went away

    [Lithia Wulf]: crystal essence to summon them

    [Lithia Wulf]: rather

    [Lithia Wulf]: new ones

    [Mesanna]: no plans currently but we are always open to ideas

    [Lithia Wulf]: ok

    [Lithia Wulf]: and next

    [Lithia Wulf]: bod books take up alot of lockdowns unlike jewelry boxes which only take up one

    [Mesanna]: we are not changing bod books at this time

    [Lithia Wulf]: can we get that fixed so they take up less space

    [Mesanna]: this has been brought up alot

    [Mesanna]: but we have not come up with a good working solution

    [Lithia Wulf]: lasly can i borrow your fragment of messanana

    [Mesanna]: lol no

    [Mesanna]: nice try

    [Lithia Wulf]: ty

    [Hell's Minion]: Hi

    [Hell's Minion]: Thank you for taking your time out to be here tonight

    [Hell's Minion]: I have but 2 meager questions

    [Hell's Minion]: One relates to vendor taxes.

    [Hell's Minion]: Due to the low population i find that i pay more to keep items on the vendors then i can sell

    [Hell's Minion]: I recently started selling potions

    [Hell's Minion]: But i have to sell so many per day just to keep the vendor up

    [Hell's Minion]: Was just curious if this could be looked into .

    [Kyronix ]: We have no plans to change vendor fees at this time

    [Misk]: although, i like adding taxes on top of fees!

    [Hell's Minion]: Second relates to the spawn of items that are used to create Eodon potion recipies

    [Hell's Minion]: I've noticed that i can harvest many blue corn say 50 but when it comes to lava berries. only ten

    [Hell's Minion]: in the same time

    [Hell's Minion]: Any chance to increase the spawn rate for these or lower the required number to create.

    [Hell's Minion]: Thank you and my apologies for not deleting my silly macros
    [Mesanna]: ok question

    [Kyronix ]: It's something we can look at during the bug push to see if the spawning is right for the berries

    [Mesanna]: would you be willing to give up house storage instead of vendor fees?

    [Mesanna]: or have the option of one or the other

    [Hell's Minion]: me personnally.

    [Hell's Minion]: If i could maintain my vendors without losing money to do so i'd gladly suffer house storage.

    [Hell's Minion]: Due to you saying your making boxes to decrease items

    [Mesanna]: well we can put that option in

    [Hell's Minion]: but thats me with 2 accounts lol

    [Mesanna]: but we can not reduce the cost per server

    [Hell's Minion]: If it was an optional thingi by owner

    [Mesanna]: yes it would be a choice

    [Hell's Minion]: Thank you for your time.

    [Hell's Minion]: Good luck with EJ :)

    [Mesanna]: thanks

    [Ziva ]: Evening! I have 2 questions

    [Ziva ]: 1. When I am in war mode, and my guildies are red, I always
    attack them, how do I stop this in EC?

    [Ziva ]: I have turned off war on friendlies

    [Ziva ]: I have turned off attacking reds in the summons menu

    [Ziva ]: and i still attack my guild mates who are red.

    [Ziva ]: help?

    [Bleak]: I will look into this

    [Mesanna]: Hrm reds are free meat, but Bleak can add in a toggle not to attack guild mates

    [Ziva ]: It would be very nice

    [Mesanna]: blue red or purple =)

    [Ziva ]: lol

    [Ziva ]: YEah i tried going into my settings and messing with them and still i end up attacking them

    [Ziva ]: makes it annoying when in battle with other reds.

    [Mesanna]: reds are fresh meat period

    [Ziva ]: well when they are your guildmates, it shouldn't attack them.

    [Ziva ]: 2. Can you fix the lag issue on the DSP island in Fel its terrible.

    [Ziva ]: Instantly lag up and can't move and i client crash

    [Mesanna]: alot going on there

    [Mesanna]: champ spawn, fighting etc

    [Mesanna]: all of which will cause lag

    [Bleak]: What client are you using?

    [Ziva ]: I am in EC but this is happening in 2d. its not client specific

    [Ziva ]: Just look into it please

    [Ziva ]: Its happening a lot in 2d.

    [Bleak]: Gotcha. Will do

    [Ziva ]: I may crash here and there but its more so in 2d

    [Ziva ]: Thats all but it would be great if i didn't attack my red friends who are guilded to me. :)

    [King Nothing]: Greetings most supreme evil overlady.... Dark one

    [King Nothing]: I have a crafting question/request

    [Mesanna]: k

    [King Nothing]: Why are Deer and Bear masks made of cloth like a hat and not leather like a leather cap? So one can craft them with a Barbed kit etc?

    [King Nothing]: And why is the mask not made of wood so we can use a runic saw to craft them... so these things can be dyed with special dyes and given all the benefits of real armor like the real looted ones are?

    [King Nothing]: Can you fix/change that?

    [King Nothing]: I like using the masks as reward items for events...

    [King Nothing]: But I can't use special dyes on them..... and that makes me VERY sad.

    [Misk]: #1, deer and bear masks crafted with special materials are too OP

    [King Nothing]: Um.... how so?

    [King Nothing]: Are leather caps OP?

    [King Nothing]: ARe Helmets OP?

    [Misk]: 24 base resist v. 15 base resist off of leather cap

    [King Nothing]: Can they not be made the same as a leather cap

    [Misk]: caps and hats have more base resistance than standard helms

    [King Nothing]: But I can't dye them

    [King Nothing]: But you can't make anything anywhere near a Looted item anyway

    [Misk]: that is something we can look into

    [King Nothing]: It really sucks.....

    [King Nothing]: Secondly.... I'm tried of being the King of Nothing....

    [King Nothing]: Can I be the King of Vendors and collect all the fees?

    [Kyronix ]: We have a King for that

    [Kyronix ]: This is his castle

    [King Nothing]: Well.... fiddles!

    [Mesanna]: Be the king of your own castle

    [Kyronix ]: And he saved the entire gargoyle race and united a broken and tattered Britannia

    [Kyronix ]: So kinda a big deal

    [Kyronix ]: chuckles

    [King Nothing]: I.... um... am old...

    [King Nothing]: My thanks to you all for all you do...

    [King Nothing]: *bows with respect*

    [King Nothing]: Still think I should be the King of Vendors...

    [Mesanna]: I can make you king of graves

    [Kalia]: hello

    [Mesanna]: looking good Kalia

    [Kalia]: just wanted to shoot you guys but still cant

    [Kalia]: well thanks for all you do

    [Mesanna]: shoot us?

    [Kalia]: i cant wait for the new castle changes

    [Kalia]: with cupids arrows

    [Mesanna]: ahh

    [Kalia]: your to far

    [Kalia]: anyway thanks and enjoy

    [Mesanna]: castles coming soon

    [Kalia]: keep up the great job

    [Mesanna]: we will

    [Kyronix ]: Thanks for coming!

    [Nightwolf]: evening maam

    [Mesanna]: Last one

    [Nightwolf]: 2 questions

    [Nightwolf]: one since the dexxer mastery of disarm chance was removed

    [Nightwolf]: would you consider bring it back as a imbuable property?

    [Bleak]: We may increase the immunity timer

    [Bleak]: As of now we have no plans to make it an item property

    [Nightwolf]: 2nd one kinda a long shot, but would you consider removing guard zone from yew moongate?

    [Mesanna]: no sir

    [Nightwolf]: worth a shot

    [Nightwolf]: thank you

    [Kyronix ]: Thanks Lake Superior!

    [Mesanna]: LS thank you for having us tonight

    [Bleak]: Goodnight Everyone!

    [Mesanna]: Have a good one

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