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Developer Meet And Greet On Mizuho 2-27-17

This is a summary of the meeting that was held on February 27, 2017 in Mizuho.
By spin, Feb 27, 2017 | |
  1. This is a summary of the meeting that was held on February 27, 2017 in Mizuho.
    Japanese player ⇔ EM Asiantam (Translation for both) ⇔ Bleak · Kyronix · Mesanna · Misk

    Mesanna: good morning all
    Mesanna: shall we begin

    EM Asiantam: about election
    EM Asiantam: since there are some governors existing who prevents new player
    EM Asiantam: so I am requesting you to place some kind of restriction
    EM Asiantam: for example
    EM Asiantam: they can't vote for 3 months after they becomes a citizen
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?

    Kyronix: It's osmething that has been asked before and we are considering all options

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Player: Good Morning to you all
    Player: My questions is about Doom
    Player: All good and well that the Dark Father has a cool down on the number of times he can teleport
    Player: you to him.
    Player: But the leashed needs to be a bit longer so that we can get one further from the center
    Player: Going in with a full party spawns more DFs and having to face all of them is far to much
    Player: And please bring back the NORMAL spawn of summons the DFs had before this.
    Player: Every time our party of 10 enter to fight the Dfs it was the spawn that would cause the deaths
    Player: of most. Each DF would spawn anywhere from 3 to 5 ancient liches, bloods and other monsters
    Player: that were not a part of the spawn before.
    Player: So far each encounter of our party has been
    Player: score board
    Player: Dfs 10
    Player: Party of ten 0
    Player: We have yet to finish off all the DFs to get to the rooms since this revamp within the one hour
    Player: We plan on trying with a party of ten very soon and hope with
    Player: the changes that are now we can kill off a Df's or two *smiles*
    Player: Thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about 8 virtues
    EM Asiantam: honesty
    EM Asiantam: when we purchase items
    EM Asiantam: we can purchase cheaper if we have virtue of honesty
    EM Asiantam: but can you give us a window to remind that?
    EM Asiantam: because we sometime don't want to use it
    EM Asiantam: select window
    EM Asiantam: I mean
    EM Asiantam: so we can keep the virtue

    Mesanna: we can add it to the backlog of our items
    Mesanna: I believe they were talking about this the other day

    EM Asiantam: so it is in the list :)

    Mesanna: it will be yes

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about newsletter
    EM Asiantam: there was a warining that we need to answer GM in 5 sedconds
    EM Asiantam: but 5 seconds are way too short

    Mesanna: thats correct

    EM Asiantam: how about extending it to 20 seconds
    EM Asiantam: because
    EM Asiantam: if I fight with my wife

    Mesanna: why if you are there you don't need 20 seconds

    EM Asiantam: it is impossible to answer
    EM Asiantam: fighting with his wife....
    EM Asiantam: so he cant answer

    Mesanna: well no offense
    Mesanna: stop killing in game if you have wife aggro

    EM Asiantam: killing?

    Mesanna: yes if you are fighting
    Mesanna: in game and running multi characters
    Mesanna: I told everyone that we can't really do much about multiboxing
    Mesanna: but you better be in game if you run it
    Mesanna: so
    Mesanna: I warned everyone
    Mesanna: its already 20 seconds by the time the GM appears and speaks

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetungs

    EM Asiantam: about house decoration
    EM Asiantam: there are many statues that we have
    EM Asiantam: but they are not turnable.
    EM Asiantam: can you let us turn them by deco tool?

    Mesanna: should be send me a list

    EM Asiantam: she will send you many :)

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about apron
    EM Asiantam: as you can see
    EM Asiantam: full apron comes under Hakama-****a
    EM Asiantam: and skirt

    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: it always has though

    EM Asiantam: so she wants it above those clothes

    Mesanna: hrm we can look at it

    EM Asiantam: thank you!

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about new magincia brokers
    EM Asiantam: how about placing them in our houses
    EM Asiantam: it's a bit inconvenient to go to New magincia

    Mesanna: if we did that then mag would be useless

    EM Asiantam: then how about let us able to place normal vendors in New Magincia
    EM Asiantam: like our own shops
    EM Asiantam: by this method
    EM Asiantam: we can have our own shops in case we dont have houses in that shard
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?

    Mesanna: You can if you have a plot there =)
    Mesanna: there was way to much time put into that system
    Mesanna: to undermine it
    Mesanna: we will have to think and talk about it
    Mesanna: I don't want to put in another system that would destory the current one

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: there are no skill plus accessories for spell weaving
    EM Asiantam: like talisman that you added this time
    EM Asiantam: do you have any future plan to do this?

    Mesanna: because its the only magic system in place you have to do a quest for

    EM Asiantam: imbueing too
    EM Asiantam: she want something to boost the skill
    EM Asiantam: for spell weaving

    Mesanna: we understand

    EM Asiantam: imbueing, accessories
    EM Asiantam: and also
    EM Asiantam: we can't inscript spell weaving scrolls
    EM Asiantam: can you make it happens?

    Mesanna: we will talk about it

    EM Asiantam: only the way we obtain them are monster drops
    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: and Treasure chests yes

    EM Asiantam: yep
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: good evening

    EM Asiantam: about players gate
    EM Asiantam: we sometimes get message
    EM Asiantam: would you like to get in or not
    EM Asiantam: sometimes not
    EM Asiantam: but he is requesting to fix it
    EM Asiantam: so we can always get reminders
    EM Asiantam: to enter the gate or not

    Mesanna: we will look at what might be causing it

    EM Asiantam: so he wont get inside wrongly
    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about newb armors
    EM Asiantam: that we wear very first :)
    EM Asiantam: we can get a few tools as well
    EM Asiantam: but I remember they were all blessed
    EM Asiantam: but now
    EM Asiantam: they are not
    EM Asiantam: what is the reason?

    Mesanna: yes they removed those blessings due to an exploit
    Mesanna: are you speaking of the clothing and weapons
    Mesanna: you got when you made a new character?

    EM Asiantam: right
    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: so you cant bring them back?

    Mesanna: those have not been blessed in a long time
    Mesanna: no not at this time

    EM Asiantam: how about adding bless to one of them?
    EM Asiantam: like a dagger
    EM Asiantam: only one, if possible

    Mesanna: no because now you can enhance and imbue items

    EM Asiantam: or a book?

    Mesanna: where you could not before
    Mesanna: they did not have insurance then either

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: she is a collector of bottles of wines or liquers
    EM Asiantam: how about adding wine cellar to veteran reward?

    Mesanna: we are looking at a wine rack so something like that
    Mesanna: One of the players quested that in a past meet and greet

    EM Asiantam: can we dye it?

    Mesanna: yes it would be dyable

    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about fishing
    EM Asiantam: how about adding "big fish" restricted to Eodon?
    EM Asiantam: something specific to Eodon

    Mesanna: future fish

    EM Asiantam: like golden tuna
    EM Asiantam: in the future? ;)

    Mesanna: we would probably do something like that when we revamp the boats, cannons etc

    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about veteran rewards
    EM Asiantam: there are many statues
    EM Asiantam: please add DOOM boss statues
    EM Asiantam: not only flesh renderer

    Mesanna: we can do that
    Mesanna: be happy to

    EM Asiantam: thank you very much

    Mesanna: you are most welcome

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about tasting skill
    EM Asiantam: as you know it doesn't go higher
    EM Asiantam: 70
    EM Asiantam: max

    Mesanna: unless we add something to make it useful
    Mesanna: there is really no reason to cap it higher
    Mesanna: unless of course you have something

    EM Asiantam: so you are still discussing about it?

    Mesanna: no we are not discussing it

    EM Asiantam: to make it useful?
    EM Asiantam: umm ok

    Mesanna: it is pretty much an outdated skill at this point

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: now we dont need to carry gold coins when we go shopping
    EM Asiantam: but are you realized that we still need to hand gold coins when we learn a new skill?
    EM Asiantam: to NPC?

    Mesanna: you can get gold from a banker
    Mesanna: using the withdrawal command

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about shadow guard
    EM Asiantam: Enchantress Cameo
    EM Asiantam: fey slayer
    EM Asiantam: he means
    EM Asiantam: can you add it?

    Mesanna: not sure about adding it to that but we have talked about adding fey slayers in game

    EM Asiantam: not at this time?
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    Player: I love the Wedding Package
    Player: wondering if the cake and fountain are endless?

    Mesanna: they are

    Player: also was wondering if we can dye Cupids Statue, poppie white color
    Player: would look awesome in wedding chapel

    Mesanna: we will look at it

    Player: ok thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    Player: My request is
    Player: Could you make "TasteID"
    Player: a useful skill again by linking it to the cooking skill
    Player: I know it used to be a skill

    Mesanna: send us your ideas then
    Mesanna: on how to make it useful

    Player: I have written an e-mail
    Player: some time ago
    Player: so I wanted to talk directly
    Player: for eg.
    Player: currently there are no
    Player: HQ

    EM Asiantam: he is asking to combine it with cooking skill

    Player: enchanted food.
    Player: maybe you could make it a pre-requisite
    Player: to make HQ enchanted food
    Player: or just for higher success rate
    Player: in creating food in general
    Player: could you give some thought into it?

    Mesanna: Potions and enhanced foods are a bit risky

    Player: you could then also fix the bug

    Mesanna: and take alot of time to get correct
    Mesanna: which bug?

    Player: the taste ID skill cap bug
    Player: I think you cannot go above 80
    Player: unless you have yourself

    Mesanna: not unless we can come up with a valid reason to use it

    Player: discorded by a satyr

    Mesanna: at this time we do not have it

    Player: That is why I am suggesting taste ID to make a useful skill
    Player: by linking it to the cooking skill
    Player: like you might link
    Player: tactics and anatomy
    Player: to
    Player: weapon skills

    Mesanna: we understand your request but at this time we are not touching that system
    Mesanna: our hands are full for most of this year

    Player: I see

    Mesanna: and what you are asking is a fairly time consuming project to get right

    Player: I am not expecting you to get something done in the near future
    Player: but please give some consideration

    Mesanna: then we will discuss it and see if we can come up with something for a future project
    Mesanna: for tasteid

    Player: thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: hi

    EM Asiantam: about auction box
    EM Asiantam: that is convenient and a good tool I think
    EM Asiantam: I have one request though
    EM Asiantam: currently we can place only one item
    EM Asiantam: but how about let us place something consist of few items

    Mesanna: That complicates it quite a bit
    Mesanna: but you get 3 safes

    EM Asiantam: is that going to happen?

    Mesanna: no we are not changing the way the auction safes work
    Mesanna: at this time

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: she is requesting you to add some old artworks as drops in Kotl city for example

    Kyronix: What kidn of artworks?

    EM Asiantam: dungeons where we don't visit very often
    EM Asiantam: maybe she is thinking about rubbles
    EM Asiantam: something like that
    EM Asiantam: no particular idea though
    EM Asiantam: want her to send you a list?

    Misk: yes, please

    EM Asiantam: ok thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: she wants something that she can trade safely between her chars
    EM Asiantam: because she doesnt have houses on all shards
    EM Asiantam: she wants to transfer items safely
    EM Asiantam: between her chars

    Mesanna: we have the safes
    Mesanna: use a boat

    EM Asiantam: ship is expensive

    Mesanna: well then I guess its back to what we did
    Mesanna: find a wall that you can not se
    Mesanna: nm

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: we actually left the item in the world when we first started
    Mesanna: hidden
    Mesanna: and logged in with another character
    Mesanna: and picked it up

    EM Asiantam: she will try
    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: request about chat channel
    EM Asiantam: if we can see log in situation via chat channel
    EM Asiantam: that would be good
    EM Asiantam: so we can see whether our friends are online or not
    EM Asiantam: I think we used to have it

    Mesanna: I can see something like that useful in the future
    Mesanna: that was the KR client I believe

    EM Asiantam: so in the future?

    Mesanna: its a possibility yes

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Player: Good morning, everyone.
    Player: This is a bug report.
    Player: Warrior's gift property Damage Bonus is not working.
    Player: The increase of HCI, DCI and STR by Warrior's gift is working correctly.
    Player: And the translation displayed on the Warrior's gift icon is incorrect.
    Player: The part to be written as "Damage Bonus" is written as "Weapon Damage Increase(武器ダメージ in Japanese)".

    Mesanna: ok thank you

    Player: thank you too.

    Mesanna: thank you for letting us know

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about foods
    EM Asiantam: I like noodles

    Mesanna: I like cheese

    EM Asiantam: but there are no noodles in UO

    Mesanna: ahh

    EM Asiantam: can you add it?

    Mesanna: we will see what we can do

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: grettings

    EM Asiantam: she loves new dyes
    EM Asiantam: she is enjoying it
    EM Asiantam: one request
    EM Asiantam: she wants to dye noctune earings
    EM Asiantam: with night sight
    EM Asiantam: black one
    EM Asiantam: by metallic dye tubs would be fine too

    Mesanna: we will have to look at it
    Mesanna: I think its set up to not be able to dye them but we will look at it

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    Player: Nice to meet you,Messana.
    Player: I feel drowsy ,
    Player: and then explain simply.
    Player: The house of an Abyss has been corrupted in MZH.
    Player: May I draw lots again?

    Mesanna: no

    Player: Could you please reconsider?

    Mesanna: I have used those in the past we contest rewards
    Mesanna: and will probably do it again

    Player: Hmm
    Player: I'm looking forward to your updates,thank you:)

    Mesanna: thank you

    Player: Cheers!

    Mesanna: Have a good evening

    Player: :)

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about items in real that we used to have more than 10 years ago
    EM Asiantam: we used to have llama printed cleaner cloth
    EM Asiantam: can you sell it again?

    Mesanna: these are items outside of the game?

    EM Asiantam: right

    Mesanna: we can look into selling items from a site
    Mesanna: I think there is one that sells international

    EM Asiantam: how about selling 20th anniv items

    Mesanna: we will see what I can come up with on Zazzle
    Mesanna: can you purchase from there?

    EM Asiantam: from USA?

    Mesanna: yes

    EM Asiantam: yes I think so
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: she is a cooking soldier :)
    EM Asiantam: currently she can cook meat only

    Mesanna: with that character?

    EM Asiantam: but can you add something that we can enjoy camping?
    EM Asiantam: cooking
    EM Asiantam: not this char
    EM Asiantam: she came from other shards

    Mesanna: what type of foods are you talking about?

    EM Asiantam: soup
    EM Asiantam: for example

    Mesanna: we have soups in the game

    EM Asiantam: yes we knoe
    EM Asiantam: we want to cook it outside the house

    Mesanna: sorry little confused as to what she wants

    EM Asiantam: just like a camping

    Mesanna: like roasted marshmellows?
    Mesanna: hot dogs etc?

    EM Asiantam: she wants to get ingredients outside the house and then cook there
    EM Asiantam: right after she gets ingredients
    EM Asiantam: while she is hunting
    EM Asiantam: so how about adding an oven that we can have inside the pack

    Kyronix: That's something we can look into
    Kyronix: Not sure how detailed of a cooking simulation we can get into, but it would be for the far future
    Kyronix: As this year we are very busy with content already

    EM Asiantam: ok she will wait
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    EM Asiantam: all done
    EM Asiantam: thank you for coming devs
    EM Asiantam: :D

    Mesanna: Thank you everyone

    Kyronix: Thank you everyone!

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