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Developer Meet And Greet On Siege Perilous, August 8 2016

By Larisa, Aug 9, 2016 | |
  1. devss.jpg

    [York]: I have a couple of friends that were interested in joining UO until they realized the startup costs

    [York]: . I honestly cannot blame anyone for passing on a game that would have such a start costs and a monthly fee….

    [York]: Again thanks for your time and Have a nice evening.

    [York]: That is all i have.

    Mesanna says: Actually we are kicking around giving all expansions up to SA in the near future

    [York]: It should be something to consider

    Mesanna says: along with a few other things we are working on

    [York]: to help UO stay competative

    [York]: Just consider it is all i ask

    Mesanna says: We have some ideas we are working on

    Mesanna says: that will be released later to everyone

    Mesanna says: nods

    Mesanna says: anything else?

    [York]: That's pretty much all i got.

    Mesanna says: ok thank you

    [York]: thank you too

    [Vixen]: .Greetings Mlady, Sirs Welcome once more to Siege

    Mesanna says: Greetings Vixen

    [Vixen]: 2001, The year that the lands of Ilshenar were born. I am sure you know the history of those

    [Vixen]: lands, but to this date we still cannot mark runes, nor gate to and from those lands,

    [Vixen]: (recalling out is allowed on other shards) Is there any way that this can be fixed, maybe

    [Vixen]: allow us to mark runes, gate in/out.

    Mesanna says: we are not changing the rules of Ilshnear

    [Vixen]: The nexts are/was from Europe players that could not make it due to time zones;

    [Vixen]: Can we have a smiliar crystal portal for illenshar dungeons/towns, too, like we have in eodon?

    Mesanna says: we will discuss it

    [Vixen]: Can we sail in illenshar, too, one time?

    Mesanna says: no boats there to many issues

    [Vixen]: Can we have an update on Guild Menu, so we can see Alliance guilds and members online status, too

    Mesanna says: we can add that to the backlog of tasks

    [Vixen]: Will it be possible one time, that a house plot can be left to north and west side?

    Mesanna says: no because of the spacing of houses

    [Vixen]: Can the bug with the eodon/myrmdex quest been fixed? you have swear alligiance to myrmdex

    [Vixen]: and hand in all items to the tinkerer to get the quest for killing Zipartiotl, but you

    [Vixen]: swear alligiance to the eodon in mean time, then the quest goes "poof" and get lost and

    [Vixen]: even the items you handed in are lost. It should be possible to do both start quest and if

    [Vixen]: you are ready for the "champ" then you should be able to apply for both bosses

    Mesanna says: one sec, trying to understand what you are asking

    Kyronix says: So you want to be able to load up the quest items before hand then pick which boss encounter You get to do?

    [Vixen]: that was thw question they asked

    Mesanna says: you want both at the same time going right

    Kyronix says: The idea is that you pick a side

    Kyronix says: So being able to do them both at the same time is kind of counter productive

    [Vixen]: that was the question

    [Vixen]: Not mine

    Kyronix says: But if we are misunderstanding the request

    Kyronix says: The person can feel free to email us

    [Vixen]: like to have that kind of search engine for my house or account, where i can search for and

    Mesanna says: you mean items inside your house?

    [Vixen]: it would bring up a map, like i got on vendor search. - And with the map i can open that

    [Vixen]: yes search for items in house like vendor search

    Mesanna says: I don't know if that is even possible to be honest

    Mesanna says: if I understood the question correctly

    Mesanna says: let me check

    Mesanna says: you want a map of all the items in your house

    Mesanna says: like an inventory of where the items are?

    [Vixen]: I have two more but I know the others are restless so I will email them as well

    [Vixen]: I thank you for your time

    Mesanna says: ok email me the questions

    Mesanna says: thank you

    [Crunch]: Hi!

    Mesanna says: Greetings Crunch

    [Crunch]: So, this has been voted on on stratics several times, and its always a 50/50 split

    [Crunch]: can we get VvV wearable artifacts reinstated?

    Kyronix says: As I said on stratics, its not something we are going to do without ample feedback from the community here on Siege

    [Crunch]: But there's been more than enough

    Kyronix says: There are passionate positions on both sides of it

    [Crunch]: literally 20 page threads

    [Crunch]: Is this something we can get a focus group for?

    Kyronix says: People should feel free to email us their feedback

    [Crunch]: We've all done that.

    [Crunch]: 8 months ago

    [Crunch]: up until now even

    [Crunch]: I've personally sent at least 3 emails in the past month regarding it

    [Crunch]: I can email again, but I feel like there has been more discusson on this topic than any other

    [Crunch]: and it keeps coming up

    Kyronix says: Where are you sending your feedback email?

    Kyronix says: Just want to be sure they are getting through

    [Crunch]: [email protected]

    Mesanna says: send it to me

    Mesanna says: I will make sure the team gets it

    [Crunch]: Just so you know, a lot of us feel as if this is just going to continue being ignored

    [Crunch]: we need a focus group to revisit this

    [Crunch]: an active discussion with you guys

    [Crunch]: and an answer

    [Crunch]: to finally end it

    [Crunch]: That's all I got

    Kyronix says: We didn't implement them because that's what was asked for when VvV was rolled out

    Mesanna says: we would also like to know that we are hearing from SP players not just anyone with a comment

    [Sara Dale]: hello

    Mesanna says: Greetings Sara

    [Sara Dale]: I dont gate

    [Sara Dale]: so I run around a lot

    [Sara Dale]: I cant get to the lighthouse from the yew Prison

    [Sara Dale]: because the doors are locked

    [Sara Dale]: when will they be unlocked?

    Mesanna says: I can unlock them

    [Sara Dale]: Thank yiou

    [Sara Dale]: soon?

    [Sara Dale]: or can I have a key to the doors?

    Mesanna says: we may have to do a publish to remove the lock completely

    [Sara Dale]: next one please?

    [Sara Dale]: thats all I have

    [Sara Dale]: thank you

    [Nightwolf]: Hail

    Mesanna says: Greetings Nightwolf

    Kyronix says: Hello!

    [Nightwolf]: So I know Siege Perilous is the closest thing to it...

    [Nightwolf]: But has there been any renewed interest in making a classic era (circa 1998) shard? Thank you.

    Mesanna says: To remove all the code

    Mesanna says: to make it classic

    Mesanna says: would be a disaster

    Kyronix says: If you can even get a consensus of what "classic" is

    [Nightwolf]: agreed

    Mesanna says: and would it even be worth it for the number of people

    Mesanna says: see our point?

    [Nightwolf]: I do, shame there is no changelist

    [Nightwolf]: thank you again.

    Mesanna says: thank you

    [Budo]: hi all

    Mesanna says: Greetings Budo

    [Budo]: do you plan to do a welcome back to britanina anytime soon?

    Mesanna says: no we have something else in mind

    Mesanna says: that we will release later this year

    [Budo]: secret

    Mesanna says: err announce not release sorry

    [Budo]: oh ok ty vm

    Mesanna says: welcome

    [Bolt]: hi

    Mesanna says: Greetings Bolt

    [Bolt]: my question relates to the tot type possible events in the future for old arties

    [Bolt]: would uit be only ones collected duuring event or would ones already collected count

    Mesanna says: either

    [Bolt]: cool ty

    Mesanna says: new or old

    Mesanna says: Greetings Freja

    [Freja]: hello

    [Freja]: Can BS promise you are going to help us with our problem replacing suits in PvP

    [Freja]: As it is not young PvP'ers have very hard making it here, also the good ones.

    [Freja]: Crafters and PvM'ers survive fine

    [Freja]: we need help

    [Freja]: one way or the other

    Mesanna says: So I take it you are for the VvV artifacts

    [Freja]: that or better

    [Freja]: improved drop

    [Freja]: fel bonus

    [Freja]: +15% restst on magic loot and craftting

    [Freja]: please just do something

    Mesanna says: As stated we are not against the artifacts but we just did what you guys asked

    Mesanna says: and not put it here

    [Freja]: if all can use them it would be fine

    Mesanna says: so as stated earlier by Kyronix

    Mesanna says: send us your feedback

    Mesanna says: and we will act on it

    [Freja]: then we do not have imbalance between VvV and not

    [Freja]: as all can be attacked here

    Mesanna says: yes its Siege

    [Freja]: also of some using them

    [Freja]: our consern was the balance

    [Freja]: cursed and no owner tag will do

    [Freja]: and useable for all

    [Freja]: add them to collections systems too

    Mesanna says: lol

    Mesanna says: we are not adding these to all shards

    Mesanna says: I can tell you this now

    [Freja]: no

    [Freja]: just Siege

    [Freja]: lets have a focus group

    Mesanna says: we had a focus group for VvV on our internal forums

    [Freja]: but now we know better

    [Freja]: a lot changed their opinion

    Kyronix says: And one way or another someone is going to be disappointed with the outcome of the focus group

    Kyronix says: You can't please everyone

    Kyronix says: Then it turns into an assault that we didn't listen, that feedback was fallen on deaf ears

    Kyronix says: etc etc

    [Freja]: no but at least give us Fel bonus, more luck then

    [Freja]: we had several poll

    [Freja]: on stratics

    [Freja]: we want help

    [Freja]: that we agree about

    Mesanna says: so since you are 50/50 should be turn this into a Mugen =)

    [Freja]: maybe aff the item in a test periode

    [Freja]: I understand about Mugen

    Mesanna]: yes same rules but has a Tram also

    [Freja]: but PvP are dying here

    [Freja]: the not so hardcore ones

    [Freja]: noone fight back, they hide

    Mesanna says: Look we understand you want change, but we can not give you special artifacts for Siege only

    [Freja]: alot want to try fight

    Mesanna says: We either turn on VvV artifacts or we don't that was your choice originally

    Mesanna says: if you want it changed then email us

    Mesanna says: give us the feedback to turn it on here

    [Freja]: I will do, please just try to help us

    [Freja]: thanks

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: Greetings Mossy

    [MOSSY]: Hi, VVV Items must be available on Siege, Town fights will be increased if points are hard to get.

    [MOSSY]: There has to be benefits to PVP on siege

    [MOSSY]: that is what this shard was based on from the get go

    [MOSSY]: PROTECTION from other players or death

    [MOSSY]: Introducing VVV items is important to allow PVP to have a chance

    Mesanna says: ok

    [MOSSY] What benefit do pvpers get for being good at PVP?

    Kyronix says: Not getting killed?

    [MOSSY]: ?

    Kyronix says: You asked what benefit do pvpers get for being good at PvP

    Kyronix says: The answer is they don't get killed

    [MOSSY]: Yes

    Kyronix says: They get the spoils of their victims

    [MOSSY]: But when the victims have an entire map to hide on, its not 1999 anymore

    [MOSSY]: when you could find players in every dungeon

    [MOSSY]: Thats why VVV is important, make town fighting for PVP'ers

    [MOSSY]: make it hard to get the Artifacts unlike other shards

    [MOSSY]: if someone doesnt want to PVP they dont have to

    [MOSSY]: and everyone is satisfied

    [MOSSY]: If you want a trammel setting leave siege

    [MOSSY]: WEll thanks for answering my questions.. with an OK..

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: Hi

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: I have three questions

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: the first is: are you all secretly GiL members?

    Mesanna says: HI Chuck

    Mesanna says: no

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: oh

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: it seems like you are. i come to your event to meet you

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and you have everything disabled, i can't cast

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: can't attack

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: but you didn't turn off stealing

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and someone stole my butcher knife

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and i was't allowed to defend myself

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: I will accept your talisman as payment

    Mesanna says: you are talking about here? we do that on purpose

    Mesanna says: dream on

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: i think you did it on purpose

    Mesanna says: we did

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and now i'm down a butcher knife

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: question 2:

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: as i'm sure you've picked up on, people here are very afraid of PvP

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: when they hunt, they do it on a tamer. they hide, and let their animal just kill stuff

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and go afk

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: can you make it so when pets are fighting, the owner gets revealed

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: like i would if i threw a conflag pot and the invised

    Mesanna says: they should

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: they absolutely do not

    Mesanna says: tell me what areas and I will fix that

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: players in the GiL alliance are ruining the shard

    Mesanna says: we will fix it

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: afk farming with stealth

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: ad stealing my butcher knife at your event

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: third item

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: i would like the town cryers to actually serve a purpose

    Mesanna says: they do

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: if i go up to them and ask them for news, i'd like them to tell me where people are farming

    Mesanna says: they let you know when events are happening

    Mesanna says: rofl

    Mesanna says: thats cute

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: i'll take your laughter as acceptance and agreement

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: thats all that i have, but seriously, i would like my butcher knife back

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: you disabled me from killing the thief

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: and you enabled them to steal without consequence

    [Chuck Norris Jr]: this event is bascially the equivalent of a trump rally

    Mesanna says: ok night

    [Fogsbane]: hi

    Kyronix says: Hello Fogsbane

    Mesanna says: Greetings Fogsbane

    [Fogsbane]: thank you all for your time

    [Fogsbane]: can you add scrolls of transcendence books, other than via holiday 2011 ticket

    Mesanna says: Yes we can

    [Fogsbane]: sweet

    [Fogsbane]: next, I'm not in agreement on VvV, but would each of you comment on when you last died in game, unexpectedly?

    [Fogsbane]: devserv, pvp ,test center or otherwise

    Kyronix says: I die unexpectedly all the time

    Kyronix says: The Automatons killed me

    Mesanna says: last week testing the new stuff

    Kyronix says: And a liche killed me on production and stole a sweet shield Misk crafted for me

    Kyronix says: But I don't like to talk about that

    [Fogsbane]: ok last thing for now

    [Fogsbane]: can i has a magic carpet?

    [Fogsbane]: thanks again

    [Fogsbane]: gnight

    Mesanna says: I can turn you into a carpet

    Mesanna says: and rename you Magic =P

    [Ter Yaap Art]: Good evening

    Mesanna says: Greetings Ter Yaap

    [Ter Yaap Art]: 1st item: Are you aware that city trade deals do not deduct the 2m from treasury?

    Kyronix says: Had not heard about that

    Kyronix says: Did it happen here?

    [Ter Yaap Art]: it happens here

    Kyronix says: Which City?

    [Ter Yaap Art]: every city

    Kyronix says: We will investigate it

    Kyronix says: Thank you for the report

    [Ter Yaap Art]: thank you

    [Ter Yaap Art]: 2nd item

    [Ter Yaap Art]: cheating with the cc is big

    [Ter Yaap Art]: just after a mandatory patch

    [Ter Yaap Art]: no cheating for a day or two

    Mesanna says: yes ( Redacted per Stratics RoC ) has to catch up

    [Ter Yaap Art]: have you thought about making a very little mandatory patch every other day?

    Mesanna says: lol

    [Ter Yaap Art]: or every day?

    [Ter Yaap Art]: just a 1k or 2 k patch?

    Mesanna says: I think its possible but I do not want to speak for the Engineer

    Mesanna says: not to patch but another solution

    Mesanna says: next question?

    [Ter Yaap Art]: last one

    Mesanna says: k

    [Ter Yaap Art]: in vvv would it be possible to make altars active all the time...like all altars active...so it would become a hold the beacon type of thing?

    [Ter Yaap Art]: for an altar that is held by you your control bar increases

    Kyronix says: We tried that early on in testing and what you had was basically 3 people standing on each of Their own altar

    Kyronix says: And not having any reason to fight each other

    Kyronix says: Hard to play king of the mountain when everyone gets their own mountain

    [Ter Yaap Art]: how about making the altar yours

    [Ter Yaap Art]: till someone else claims it

    [Ter Yaap Art]: that way you move around and try to claim more altars

    [Ter Yaap Art]: Well thank you for your time

    Mesanna says: Thank you

    Kyronix says: Thanks for the feedback!

    [Leawyn II]: Hail and welcome to Siege.

    Mesanna says: Greetings Leawyn

    [Leawyn II]: Just wanted to say that

    [Leawyn II]: The ONLY reason the VvV arties are being brought up again

    [Leawyn II]: is because we got a guild from prodo, that openly admits to running every cheat in the book,

    [Leawyn II]: and they are now looking for an easy button to get overpowered gear. Keep them turned off pls

    [Leawyn II]: They affect everyone, not just PvPers. Balance gear in another way if needed please. Thanks.

    [Leawyn II]: takes a bow

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Kyronix says: Thanks for the feedback

    Mesanna says: Greetings Igg

    [Igg A Pie]: hail and well met

    [Igg A Pie]: the doom turn in lanterns

    [Igg A Pie]: and the mesanna event lantern

    [Igg A Pie]: can not be siege blessed

    [Igg A Pie]: is there a reason for that and/or can it be changed?

    Mesanna says: we can fix that

    [Igg A Pie]: sweet, that's all I got

    Mesanna says: actually we are going to fix that across all shards

    [Igg A Pie]: great, thanks for your time

    [Talia]: Howdy

    Mesanna says: Greetings Talia

    [Talia]: I got some questions about resource gathering

    Kyronix says: Sure

    [Talia]: first off, can we be done with the unnamed lobsters and crabs already?

    Kyronix says: Like lobsters and crabs in general?

    [Talia]: well, that wouldn't be all bad, but no just the plain ones

    [Talia]: that aren't needed for the fishing quests

    [Talia]: you get an inordinate amount of them

    [Talia]: they can be donated to the library, but....

    Kyronix says: The special lobsters and crabs aren't really special anymore if they are the only ones that can be caught

    [Talia]: they're kind of a deterent to doing fishing quests, at least for me

    [Talia]: well they're not special per se, I mean, all species of life have classifications

    Kyronix says: This is true

    Kyronix says: I'm partial to lobsters

    [Talia]: but you see what I'm gettin at

    Kyronix says: They're delicious

    [Talia]: I like the crab fishing system

    Kyronix says: But yes, I see what you are saying

    [Talia]: but the return is...meh

    [Talia]: Nextly, has there been ANY discussion about turning off the randomization of resources?

    Mesanna says: nope we have not

    [Talia]: not even a teensy bit of it?

    Mesanna says: not we talked about it but then thought about the reason it was turned on in the first place

    Mesanna says: which was to deter scripters

    [Talia]: I understand, here on siege we take care of them as best we can

    [Mesanna]: I am not arguing it did not stop the scripters

    [Talia]: but I know it wouldn't be a switch just for siege

    Mesanna says: no I would do it for all shards

    [Talia]: okay, thanks for your time

    Mesanna says: its a royal pain to be honest with you

    Mesanna says: we will talk about reverting that though

    [Talia]: oh it is on our end too

    Mesanna says: well as a person that has a miner is it mine also

    [Talia]: frostwood is like, nowhere

    [Talia]: Thanks again!

    Mesanna says: I promise we will make a decision on this soon

    Mesanna says: Greetings Sam

    [Sam]: hail just 3 quick things

    [Sam]: first a stable in Jhelom!!!

    Mesanna says: umm I can add you one we did it on tram on all other shards, I will add one here

    [Sam]: 2nd i think vendor fees are 2 high on Siege

    [Sam]: 3rd i think jewels should not be sold on Siege

    Mesanna says: umm why

    [Sam]: Thanks - it will make my town more stable

    [Sam]: thats it for me, thank you
    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: ok few more questions and we need to call it a night

    Mesanna says: Greetings Zalan

    Kyronix says: Good evening

    [Zalan]: Hail

    [Zalan]: Is it possible to see primitive firearms add to UO in the future?

    Mesanna says: no

    Mesanna says: I would rather not have firearms in UO

    Mesanna says: whips chains no firearms

    [Zalan]: Just curious since it was headed in a steampunk direction

    [Zalan]: Only question Thank You

    Mesanna says: thank you

    [Stanford]: Hi guys!

    Mesanna says: Greetings Stanford

    Kyronix says: Good evening

    [Stanford]: Quick question

    [Stanford]: I know hot air baloons are off the table, but how about blimps? or rocket ships?

    Mesanna says: run

    Mesanna says: run fast

    [Stanford]: hahaha

    Kyronix says: Oh boy! A zeppelin! Whoooooopieeeee!

    [sheila]: Hello

    Mesanna says: Greetings Sheila

    [sheila]: Greetings all, thank you for coming to Seige for this meeting. I want to thank you for some of the upcoming changes, like granite only. I just wanted to say, I am a crafter and I do buy gems, I would not be able to make armor if I had to hunt them because I am not actually a pvper or a hunter so please don't make them unavailable here, thank you.

    Mesanna says: we are not going to remove them

    [sheila]: i also feel vendor fees are high

    Mesanna says: gems are needed for several things

    [sheila]: thank you

    Mesanna says: thank you

    [sheila]: Thank you very much for your time.

    Mesanna says: You are most welcome

    [Freja]: Hello again, 2 short questions

    Mesanna says: 1 question

    [Freja]: Can we do something with unused dirt plot, someone left here as second house?

    [Freja]: when they do not play Siege

    Mesanna says: no second houses here

    [Freja]: some kind of refresh

    Mesanna says: oh oh

    Mesanna says: I see what your saying

    [Freja]: or second house count for all shards

    Mesanna says: they pay for the plots

    [Freja]: next

    [Freja]: Recall, can we allow it here with a delay to not force all to have magery?

    [Freja]: deley to allow to die in PvP

    Mesanna says: no I am not changing that rule, that has been on Siege from the beginning

    Mesanna says: not going to change that

    [Freja]: ok

    [Freja]: thanks, thanks for coming

    Mesanna says: thank you

    Mesanna says: thanks guys

    Mesanna says: Thank you Siege for coming tonight

    Kyronix says: Thanks for the great feedback and questions

    Mesanna says: and we do appreciate the feedback

    Kyronix says: Have a good night everyone!

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